Flat Earth: “The Way Out”…


It is one of the most powerful themes which resonates throughout the tapestry of human experience, it permeates the spectrum of recorded literature, religious attention, political ideology, spiritual reflection…

From ancient mythology and oral traditions, down to present-day pop culture, this broader motif comes back again, and again, and again…

There certainly seems to be something about the human condition which instinctively recognizes an underlying, incessant, pull…

To escape, to surpass, to emerge, to exit…

Not only in the context of individual people’s specific circumstances, whether embedded in real history, or just a work of fiction, but, in the broadest sense. Somehow, our individual experiences which innately reject confinement, resist restriction, abhor oppression, these seem to connect us all to the larger, human story. A larger quest. A deeper need.

And of course, the Flat Earth topic is fascinating in how it serves to bring particular facet of our human nature into such sharper focus.

Is at least part of the reason why so many people have such a violent and repulsive reaction to the idea of an enclosed world? Does it perhaps have to do with even more than just all the propaganda and programming, all the humanistic pride invested in our perceived scientific understanding, and actually connect to soomething on a more sub-conscious, even spiritual level..?

Is it possible that the fraudulent invention of a massive, virtually infinite, deep space cosmology, was ultimately easy enough to pass off, because deep-down, we hate the idea of there being walls of any kind? Hate even the suggestion of limitation?
And how does the recognition of the Earth and cosmos itself being a much more confined, finite thing, relate to all the other forms of restriction, oppression, and control being perpertrated upon humanity by this ever-encroaching system being built all around us…?

What do these “Elite”, really know..?

What are they hiding? What are they seeking to accomplish?
Is it more land? Far off somewhere across an icy, infintie plain?

Is it the Firmament? Do they hope to finally break through to waters above?

Do they intend to use secret technology to create some kind of inter-dimensional portal, effectively hopping the wall by defying the laws of time and space..?
What are they doing? What is going on? And what does it mean for us? Are we trapped? Is there some realistic dream of ascension? Can we too transcend whatever limits exist in the cosmos, and ourselves one day soar into the heavens, whatever that actually means…?

What IS on the other side…..???

These are of course the sorts of questions which are inevitably raised when one comes face to face with the prospect of an enclosed world cosmology. The Question of the Creator, the Builder, the Designer. The Question of what it’s all for, what we’re all “in here” to do…

Some people want to merely focus on the Flat Earth itself, as some kind of unifying principle, some kind of banner under which everyone should be content to find community and common ground, and while I very much appreciate these sentiments to a certain degree, ultimately I find myself reflecting upon the fact that way back in the earlier stages of history, when virtually ALL cultures and peoples believed in an enclosed world, this commonality did not by itself translate into the absence of all the same ills we tire of today. It did not mean the absence of tyranny, the absence of empire, the absence oppression, or war, or plunder. It did not prevent mankind from splitting into endless factions based on the struggle for power and resources. It did not bring peace…

And interestingly enough, in virtually all of these ancient cultures which shared the broader belief in an enclosed cosmology, there was one singular perspective which set itself out as distinct from the rest…

The majority of these ancient kingdoms and cultures held some form of the view that civilization itself was initiated and guided by an array of advanced beings who descended from the heavens above. The Annunaki, the “gods”, the Watchers, the serpent-kings… They were described by many names, but in every case they were revered as the ones who held the keys for mankind to learn the secrets necessary to perfect himself, and one day ascend back to where these magnificent creatures originated from…

But then in the midst of all these traditions, there was one which stood apart.
In the conviction of this small, isolated line of people, the only being worth trusting was the Creator Himself. The Eternal one. The God who made everything, even the host of angelic creatures, in both the heavens, and below.

And this God, this Creator who claimed to stand above all other figures of worship, had a most singularly unique appraisal of the condition of man…

Unlike the teachings of all the other so-called “gods”, this message did not claim that humans could one day climb the ladder of progress to the eventuality of a long-sought quantum leap in consciousness. There was no cyclical wheel of birth, death, and rebirth, no mountain of pious works to hope to accomplish, no secret rituals to learn and unlock the mysteries thereof..

You see, among all these centers of civilization and alleged progress, was a universal sense of longing, a striving, a recognition of the underlying need to break free. To escape… And these false, finite, fallen “gods” provided an endless array of ways by which men and woman sought to enlist the assistence of these beings, in the quest for enlightenment, for ascension.

Countless generations in times past devoted themselves to the worship of these idols, in the hope of finding that elusive way out, through magical arts, through arduous pilgrimages, through the building of elaborate temples and monolithic structures, even through the sacrifice of their own children. Yet the longing endured, the key to this prison of humanity never being attained…

Mankind could never escape his own self, his own internal nature, and this is what sets the God of Abraham apart from all others. The God of the Bible, in contrast, tells us the unwelcome news that no matter what mystical secrets we might try to seek out, no matter what spiritual disciplines we might apply, no matter what towers we build, no matter what machines we might construct, there is simply, no way out.

No way out, on our own, because ultimately that which imprisons us is not the lack of some secret knowledge, or third-eye activation, or our “ego”, or even the physical universe itself, but rather, our own rebellious souls.

The reality of the sinful condition of man, as taught in the Bible, is unlike anything else, in any other philosophy, theology, or cosmology. It is the prison which we are by far most hesitant to acknowledge, and as such we prefer to instead pound against ever other type of wall imaginable, in our ceaseless quest to break free from the feeling of bondage. We continue turning to idols, appealing to dreams of progress, of eventually conquering the universe, whether in the context of materialistic space-travel, or transcending the physical altogether and achieving “pure consciousness”…

But Jesus…

Jesus, as the central figure of the Bible, (in both the Old and New Testament..) stands alone. As the pivotal piece of the Biblical message, which proclaims first a finite, fixed, enclosed, immovable Earth, and then us, fallen humanity, finite, enclosed, imprisoned in our sin, only Jesus provides a way of escape. A way out…
There is an irony in the comparison of both enclosed, Flat Earth cosmology, and Big-Bang Copernican cosmology, in the sense that in BOTH paradigms, one can set out to study and understand everything in the cosmos from the Earth, to the Sun, moon and stars, and yet, never take the time to intently study the reality of their own heart. Never stop and take stock of their own life, their own state, their own innermost being…

This is what I challenge EVERYONE to do, above all else. Before seeking to comprehend the amazing reality of the earth, or the heavens, to simply get honest with yourself. To ask yourself if perhaps indeed this prison of sin in your own life, as the Bible describes, might indeed be some of the most powerful evidence of all that what the Bible says is really true.

Because the most beautiful news in the entire World, is that Jesus broke down the prison door. He laid down His own life, in order to become the Door, the Gate, the Portal, to Everything that humanity has hungered to get back to since the Beginning… He is the only way out. The only bridge between Heaven and Earth, between death and life, the only opening the impervious Firmament seperating us from the Creator Himself, through which we can freely walk through and enter into the Kingdom of the Father.

Many people out there are under the impression that the Bible is simply another tool of control by the lying, murderous, “Elites”, but yet, if you dare to open up the Bible yourself, and read what it itself says, I am convinced that you will quickly begin to see how utterly false this claim really is. Those who seek to control humanity and break through the barriers apart from God, are only kidding themselves. In their futility they insist upon creating their own door, to eternity, to godhood. But you and I can make that same mistake.

I pray that there are at least a small few of you out there, who hear this, and recongize that there is something resoundingly true about what I am saying, and if so, that you would seek the One who holds the Key. That you would seek Jesus. Ask Him. Cry out to Him. He will hear you. He always does. He’s right there waiting.

15 thoughts on “Flat Earth: “The Way Out”…”

  1. I love your writing. Magnificent. But may I say this kindly, that yes, people need to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, but they need to recognize their own sinnership before a holy God, Who sent His Son to die in their place on the Cross. You might want to give out the Gospel more, because that is the only way God will accept the sinner into His Heaven. Jesus shed His Blood for all mankind, yet He knew from before time began that He would be rejected and only a few saved. It is these few that we as Christian believers must reach. THEY are also out there, Daring, and they cannot come to the Cross if we do not show them the way. I know you know this, and I totally agree with you about the Flat Earth, but Jesus is the One to be exalted because He is the Creator of it. I am not against you, I am with you, but let us do what Jesus commissioned us to do, to go ye into all the world and spread the Gospel to every creature. I am speaking to myself as well, because we all have the tendency to go off on tangents. I thank God for the Flat Earth, I thank God for the enclosure and confinement, because it tells me that I MUST go to HIM for my needs, and I know many reject that. But they are sadly missing out on the most abundant and joyful life that can be lived by us sinners on earth. I realize that God is my Sustainer and Provider, as well as Savior and King. It is our selfish pride that gets us in trouble with God. May He forgive us and allow us to enjoy this beautiful creation called earth, our home, and help us not to take it for granted. I’m done. God bless your efforts, brother, and thank you for the powerful posts. KJW

    1. I guess I thought that was basically what I was setting out to do in this video/post, preach the Gospel!! (did I not boil it down to the reality of being imprisoned by sin?)

      1. Yes you’re fine, I wasn’t bashing on you. I can get carried away sometimes. Sorry.

      2. Let me explain. When I say preach the Gospel, I’m talking about the blood, the agony Jesus endured, the sacrifice He made for us: not saying you didn’t allude to those things: but you made your point. I guess I better be careful about how I say things. I’m sorry if I was off base, but I’m not sorry for presenting the Gospel. Souls are dying every day and we need to reach them with the Word of God. Please keep it up.

        1. i think that this video is perfect to present to a house group as well as to the questioning unsaved. i agree will could have discussed Jesus’ sacrifice in more detail but he does that in plenty other videos, i love this video and will definitely be sharing

          1. Sir I no longer adhere to this subject. As for the Lord Jesus, I believe He came to save people from their sins. The way the earth was created by God to be very good. I was a follower of this author a couple years ago but no longer. As a Christian believer it is my responsibility to preach the Gospel. All else is secondary.

    2. Pls consider for a moment.

      Right or wrong, I see Jesus as master shaman, master of all the masters.

      Bear with me a sec.

      If you had the choice between dying on a cross to save even 1,000 people, verses dying for ex in a car accident 12 hrs after impact, a suffering horrendously before your last breath? Which way would you chose to die?

      Do you see my point? It would be so magnanimous and mystically noble to die for a reason, than none at all like everyone must.

      So, how is that a sacrifice in the face of a common mordant death. See?

      This casts doubt on the entire story imo.

      Peace in ONE!

      1. Sorry if I offended anyone here. I should have read further before posting. I didn’t realize such strong beliefs were held here or I wouldn’t have posted that. I fully respect your belief and your inalienable right to it!

      2. your logic contains nil logic, your unconfessed sins seperate you from our God, repent my friend. Jesus loves you and died for you

  2. MORE:

    I think the videos and images of the FIRMAMENT that are on the Net
    are inaccurate and I’d like to contribute what I believe is more accurate:

    The Firmament (God’s Holy Mountain) is a 4 sided pyramid.

    These pictures explain some of the details of the Firmament. It might be helpful for people in trying to discern the physical structure of the Heavens. The Firmament was given the Work of Heaven on Day 2 of the Creation. That means it was given the Job of recorded all our works, use of particles, our thoughts, our words that we have spoken and done. For as the Lord says in John 12:48 we are to be judged in these days by the Words of God (God’s Words that enable the Works of Truth – John 17:17-19, John 15:7, Isaiah 55:11, Psalm 119:160, 142, 130, 9.) that He was sent into the world to bear witness to (See John 8:37, Deuteronomy 18:18-19, John 17:17-19, John 3:26-36, John 15:3-7, Luke 24:44-45, etc.).

    It is important to understand that the Walls of the Firmament are called “the North”, and I think that the reason is that they come to a point just under the foot of the throne of God. And the North Star always points the Way to that spot. all the stars rotate around this North Star. And there is like the likeness of a tunnel that goes up from the center of the earth through the Heavens, directly to this Throne of God. Angels usually escort those who go there, for they pass through the 2nd Heaven which was satan’s domain in the heavens (However, he was cast to the earth right before the very beginning of the Day of the Lord as it testifies in Revelation 12).

    I believe that it is this tunnel, that has been seen by so many who have died and went up as far as the 3rd Heaven of Paradise, and then were sent back. I have personally heard a few such people, and they tell of being in likened to a long tunnel that they flew through and at the end was a great Light. That is the Light of the Word of God and His Spirit. And often the Lord is in that Light when they arrive to this 3rd Heaven that is called Paradise. That is the Heaven that is likened to that of earth only it is perfect and the colors are brilliant. That is where the elect who have been found worthy and who have went on before us are to be found. A few actually go back and forth to the 4th Heaven and see God’s Judgment Throne where He has been setting in Judgment since 2002 as best as I can discern from Scriptures and Prophesy. But, those in Paradise are being refined in the knowledge of Truth – the Knowledge of His Sacred Words – for without that, as it is made clear in Ephesians 5:25-27 they will also not be ready for the event known as the Rapture. Then all of those who are refined will rise will and enter into the 4th Heaven and stand on the Crystal Sea.

    Also see Floyd Taylor’s book titled “A Testimony of Numbers” – especially page 75 to 100.

    Click to access atestimonyofnumbersvers7a-2a.pdf

    If you have any questions, let me know.


  3. Well done! I think you conveyed the gospel very appropriately.

    I find it interesting how people react to the flat earth almost the same way as to the gospel. Both seem to strike some kind of nerve within. People can get extremely defensive and/or offensive.

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