“Upload to the Heavens”: Cosmism, Transhumanism, and Flat Earth Cosmology

3 thoughts on ““Upload to the Heavens”: Cosmism, Transhumanism, and Flat Earth Cosmology”

  1. I want you to know that your thoughts, research, and videos are some of the best I see. I really appreciate your heart, and your investment of time putting these things together for those who are brought to your site. One thing I struggle with regarding the flat earth info hitting the Internet is that people use it to draw viewers to watch a video, but never mention or tie in the flat earth. They leverage the desire of people to understand this cosmology, drawing people in by putting flat earth in the title for there own interests and desire to get a lot of viewers on YouTube or vain glory or something. I believe sometimes this is disingenuous and at worst deceptive. I am not implying that you have done that but the fact is I was waiting for you to tie in this cosmism into the flat earth cosmology and you never did. Just a gentle poke of encouragement from a brother. God bless you in your life, and may the Father fulfill your purpose in life completely. I genuinely appreciate you and what you do for the Lord and His Kingdom!

    1. Hi John, thank you so much for the comment, and for the encouragement. I know exactly what you mean about people who put Flat Earth into the title of their videos for no other apparent reason than to attract views, and this galls me as well, and I’ve even had people accuse me of employing such “click bait” strategies, which stings, honestly, because that’s the last sort of thing I’d ever intentionally do…

      Not that I hear you saying this, and your gentle “poke” is most well received, because, I admit, in this video, I did not spend a great deal of time or energy explaining how I see this fitting into the questions stemming from a “biblical enclosed cosmology”. I believe I merely mentioned something briefly about how I see it fitting into the broader “why question”, the questions revolving around the whole “conspiratorial motive” of faking a whole ‘space race’, and the entire Copernican system, in the first place…

      I suppose I was merely throwing this documentary and information out there, which I found interesting, and I guess I assumed others would hopefully connect the dots as I did.

      But okay, in a nutshell, here’s how I see “Cosmism” fitting into the Christian’s analysis of FE cosmology:

      First, most people (Christian or not) who research FE and find it’s evidence compelling, quickly realize the implications this has towards the theory of Evolution. Evolution is revealed for the sham that it is. After all, without the ever-expanding, Big Bang universe, Evolutionary theory is a wingless plane that can’t even get off the ground.

      BUT… I also happen to believe that a massive rejection of Darwinian Evolution, materialistic Evolution, is actually part of Satan’s whole scheme. Because Evolution did not originate with Darwin or anyone in the 17th century, but rather all the way back into antiquity, and even all the way to the events in the Garden described in Genesis 3. (“Your eyes will be opened, and you shall be like God…”)

      The doctrine of SPIRITUAL evolution came first, and it is this demonic doctrine of spiritual evolution which I believe is the whole motivation behind the materialist/modernist era of Scientism. Satan knows that humanity innately chafes against the idea that we are nothing more than accidental, meaningless organisms. He knows that staunch materialistic atheism is not a worldview which can hold steadfast for more than a few short generations, before the internal hunger for meaning and spiritual truth pushes against it. And so in this spiritual/philosophical vacuum, is reintroduced mysticism, pantheism, monism, etc., etc. The ancient tenets of Gnosticism and paganism. Occultism. Luciferianism…

      The Bible says that in the Last Days, the antichrist will set up a one-world kindgom, AND a one-world religion, “Mystery Babylon”, and the whole world will unite under this revamped, New Age religion.

      So… this being more or less the “premise” of my approach to prophecy, and so also cosmology, End Times, etc., when you stop and look into the topic of Cosmism (which is just another packaging of ancient mysticism, “evolving towards godhood) it’s AMAZING to see how this mystical philosophical movement really served as that which propelled the desire of people in Russia and the East to want to “travel to the stars” in the first place! In short, “space” is one big huge piece of Luciferian propaganda, and when you look into Russian Cosmism, and then also now modern Cosmism and it’s identification with the Transhumanism movement, this, I believe, becomes all the more apparent.

      Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Hi… Have you seen this? new movie on Netflix… 8/23/18 “The Beyond”.
    Yep… prepping the people. Unbelievable… is stranger than fiction.
    Thank you for all you do. Peace in Yahushua. Disa

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