A Documentary Series on Biblical Cosmology..??

Hi there, remember me? I have no idea if anyone will still happen along this ol’ blog of mine here, since I have officially treated it like a forgotten sock, lost behind the dryer, but, I do get people asking about it now and again, and I also just finally got around to fixing what was apparently a broken link to here from my YT page, so, looks like I am still the reigning world champion of procrastination. (undefeated!)

But speaking of procrastination… Since I’m here, I might as well take advantage of my dusty little corner of the blogosphere and stop to brain-puke about the current status and development of a project that I’ve been feeling more and more convinced I need to tackle as time has gone on.

It’s been a crazy last year and a half or so, since I first started tumbling down this “cosmology rabbit hole” as it were. The reason my blog wound up so woefully neglected is because it found itself playing third wheel to the youtube channel, which has indeed been a steadily-growing hub for my investigations into all sorts of aspects relating to “Biblical enclosed cosmology” or “original Hebrew cosmology” etc., as I’ve found myself increasingly referring to it as. The deeper we go, the more questions that arise, and the more things really do seem to continue fitting together in a manner which I can still scarcely believe.

Yet now, after putting up around 120 videos, the vast majority of which delve into the issue of the Flat, Enclosed Earth in some way or another, I am feeling ever-more convicted that despite all of the copious and increasing amount of FE material on YT and elsewhere that exists currently, I still don’t see anything out there which dares to try and take all of these revelations from true Biblical Cosmology, and then present it all in the context of the “whole story”, the grandiose cosmic Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, of which we are now presently somewhere in the middle of that last chapter.

My personal desire at this stage, is to see the Cosmology material put together in a way that starts from Creation, weaves through the ante-deluvian age with the Watchers/Nephilim and “Genesis 6 paradigm”, moves onto the post-flood era, with Nimrod and Babel and the “divine council” topic, and then so on and so forth, tracing the progression of this battle between the kingdoms of Light/Darkness, all the way up to our present day, in light of how the Enemy has been very intently working over the centuries to procure increasing control over various heavenly/earthly “principalities”, dominions, etc., and accomplishing this to a large degree by way of DECEIVING humanity about so many of the truths about heaven and earth, about cosmology, about Creation…

Satan has been fighting a war for heaven and earth, by doing what he does best, lying about the realities of heaven and earth, and the more we learn about just how pervasive and vast this complex of lies is, this spiritual stronghold of “Scientism” that we live entrenched in today, the more pressing it becomes (in my view) to put together all this information in a way that works as a cohesive whole, a holistic rebuttal of this monolithic, pseudo-scientific, Lie.

So, simple right? (!!!) The scope and scale of such a project to me is compelling, yet at the same time utterly terrifying. I keep going back and forth as to what the best overall approach to conceiving an outline would even be. Should it be chronological? Topical? Sort of a mix of both? My head hurts just thinking about it. I really must be getting super delusional to be seriously considering a project like this. But then again, the thing is, when I step back now and look over all the videos I’ve put in the last year and a half, if you add it all up, you’re looking at like dozens of hours worth of material now. And it’s for the most part, material which I sat down, researched, wrote out a “manuscript” for, recorded, mixed the audio, collected visual material, and then edited it all together. I’ll admit that overall it’s been kind of a good way to learn and hone that whole process, and it’s probably prepared me (since before I had ZERO video editing experience), but still… This project idea is simultaneously thrilling, yet totally daunting.

Maybe I’m just writing this out, and posting this little “Title screen” I threw together, so as to motivate my procrastinating butt to finally sit down, and just start writing. I know that’s the first step, and it’s probably going to be a fairly long and involved one, but in the end, I know I truly believe in the importance of this topic, and I believe in the need to see it all formulated in a way that perhaps will finally make BFE Cosmology finally “click” for some of those people out there who already understand all the other pieces, but still, somehow, just don’t see how amazingly and perfectly it all fits together within the context of true, original Hebrew cosmology. I think of it like, seeing a story portrayed in it’s final theatrical presentation, with all the background scenery and locations and historical settings, etc., instead of just reading random excerpts of the screenplay.

Anyhow, here’s the little Title Screen I’ve managed to throw together so far:

14 thoughts on “A Documentary Series on Biblical Cosmology..??”

  1. I love it and I’m quite sure YHWY will guide you through it. Your videos touch my heart more than any other channel, by far. And it’s not because of the brilliant way you edit pictures and add music (which is awesome by the way), but it’s the content and the truth of what you’re saying that always blows me away. If only preachers and pastors would say what you say, I think more people would wake up. I posted one of your videos on twitter recently when someone asked me about proof that God exists…I posted the one about forging the fingerprint of God. the golden ratio…I prayed over it and that the truth of it would blow this guy’s mind. I haven’t heard or seen him post anything about it, but I’m trusting that sooner or later that video will be stuck in his mind and he’ll start to see the only way through Yeshua…
    Anyway, I’ll be very excited to see such a monumental documentary from you…💕

      1. Lol…well, Will, to be honest I hadn’t looked at the blog in a long time, but always watch your videos. I got the email from your blog which prompted me to reply…but if you blog more, I’ll check it out more often 🙂

  2. I just found you and watched 2 videos on you tube. I feel like I’m finally home. Can’t wait to catch up on your wonderful work. I have been searching for exactly 12 years for something that makes sense and here it is. Whew!

  3. Good Lord, you’re alive 🙂 Is your exile over? Haven’t kept up with your YT videos unfortunately – mostly because I’m not much of a You Tube watcher: but will try to do better. The few videos I did see were thoroughly engaging and beautifully put together.

    1. Yes, I’m alive! And I’m very glad to see that you are too, and still active on WordPress yourself. I’ve been pretty busy with the videos, but I think it’s been progressing fairly well. Just broke 15k subscribers the other day, which is cool, but also kinda weird. Writing is still so much more natural to me than the whole idea of putting my voice/”self” out there. But I still try and make it make it focused on the research/information (but of course, I have to insert some good music in there as well when the occasion calls for it…) 😉 I’m actually uploading a new one right now, talking about Simulation Theory, Cosmology, Hollywood programming, Occult roots of Scientism, bla bla bla. I think it turned out alright. Would love to hear your feedback on it.

  4. Hey Will. The frist time on your site. Like the others above your work is inspired, (the Holy Spirit). Watched many of your videos. Really digging in on the flat earth. I’m a pastor and being faithful to Scripture is foundational to truth about everything for me. Are you going to do anything on the southern stars or did I just miss it. Been watching other videos that debunk the FE to hear their arguments and logic. It really seems to be a blind or sight issue with the true Gospel and “… did God really say” delusion.

    Continued blessings on your work.

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for the comment, but ya know I don’t think I really have ever talked much specifically on the Southern Stars question (probably because I’ve been continuing to explore it myself. Thanks so much and very cool to hear about a pastor who is open to reading what the Scripture plainly says about the Creation…

  5. Hey bro! I just came across your channel,and blog. The Lord delivered me from deep within the pit just over 5 years ago. About a week ago, the Lord opened my eyes to the truth of the flat earth with a short 5 minute youtube that showed a flat horizon all the up. No curvature means no globe. It’s like a switch went on in my mind, and since then many Scripture passages have lit up.May I encourage you in the name of the Lord to go ahead with this project.

    1. PS Have you considered in any of your videos Stephen’s speech in Acts 7, especially the end of the passage: and when Stephen looked up, verse 55 ” and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. 56“Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”- that is when the Jews killed him

      This passage really comes to life now.

      1. Hi Jeff. A week into FE eh? Nice… Thanks for your comments. I’m trying to think through all the videos I’ve done, if I’ve ever mentioned that verse in Acts regarding Stephen, etc., but even if I haven’t mentioned it that one specifically, I’ve definitely come to realize that all over the NT, and lots of times in the Gospels, it says things like “Jesus lifted his eyes to Heaven and prayed”… Just like that verse in Acts, it’s definitely inferring than when looking UP at the sky, they were looking UP at heaven, (i.e., the spiritual realm, not just the blue atmospheric sky) It’s amazingly apparent, once you stop and think about it! I sort of talked about this whole topic in a video I did a bit ago on 1 Corinthians 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKA7rbbj2mg Not sure if you saw that one. Thanks again for saying hello, do keep in touch. – Will

        1. Hey bro!

          Has your interest gone to the underworld direction yet? The Egyptian Amduat is a really interesting text:


          Once the FE snaps into focus, everything changes. Like you say in one of your videos, where God in the heliocentric model is out there- somewhere- once your mind starts seeing in terms of FE, God is right there, right above. It is a truly amazing shift.

          Blessings in Christ,



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