Am I still allowed to say, “Florida”…?

Let’s conduct a little experiment here, since I haven’t used the ol’ blog in quite some time indeed. But this seems like a fitting reason. The fact of the matter is, that because of the very nature of this very topic, trying to make a video about would most likely be futile anyhow, since A) using any msm clips would be instantly jumped on for copyright violation, and B) it seems that virtually any video or webpage for that matter that dares to mention the name David, uh, let’s say “rhymes with dogg”, is now apparently in danger of getting instantly flagged, removed, (reported to the authorities for possible psychological health examination?)

Forget jumping the shark… The shark is now daring to jump over the Fonz.

Cooper is straight up takin it to the “right wing conspiracy crazies”. The “ignor and marginalize” strategy seems to have given way to the “let’s acknowledge the allegations and confront them directly” approach. But this whole thing is SOOO pushing the limits of plausibility, on so many fronts, that I’ve literally been hearing about people with family members, who for YEARS have rolled their eyes every time 9/11 inside job came up, etc., now…… they aren’t scoffing.

It’s almost like they are intentionally making it SO blatant, and so bumbled, that they are DARING every truther with any voice, to stick their hand in the proverbial hole in the wall. I went to David H-rhymes-with-dogg’s YT channel only a day ago, and almost every video had only a couple hundred views. Now? After being interviewed by countless reporters, and talking to Anderson Cooper (in the most deadpan, non-traumatized manner imaginable) he’s not surprisingly getting thousands:

And there is just so much weirdness, and plasticity to it all, that it just boggles the mind…

Even in the handful of videos he had up, as part of his “vlog”, before the incident, it smells! Yet, this is just all being doubled down on, tripled down on. Kids are getting on buses directly from the funerals, and going to the Florida courthouse, to lend their voice to the coincidentally unfolding hearings on gun control.

But that’s all crazy conspiracy theory. Just like if H-rhymes-with-dogg had some kind of affiliation with Jon Podesta’s “charity”, or had actually graduated High School in California, in 2015…

So, okay…. Let’s see how long it takes for this post to get removed and labeled as “hate speech”.

The fact that this whole Florida incident happened right around the same time as the insanely laughable “Tesla Roadster in Space” stunt only makes it all seem that much more like the lines are being intentionally drawn, daring folks to either cling to their cognitive dissonance with every fiber of their being, or risk actually being hunted down via social media, as some kind of criminal, simply because you can see what should be painfully obvious to anyone, who isn’t completely brainwashed.

I used to be able to laugh at the deplorable levels of group-think and State worship, in places like North Korea. I can’t anymore…

11 thoughts on “Am I still allowed to say, “Florida”…?”

  1. Wow, you are right. This is so insane.
    It is “in your face” mockery. I too think they are trying to get those who can see the truth to “raise our hands” so they can decide how to contain all the crazies, and be counted as such.

  2. You nailed it. This is what I have been trying to show people. These events are loaded. They make sure we get the crisis actor, the multiple shooter, and the inside job narratives out for each. This is our Hegelian Dialectic. They will make 1 side feel like they are more educated and understand science and history better than their mouth breathing counterparts. To save the country, these people must be neutralized. Then the other side is fed “inside news” and evidence of corruption/ subversion. They are fed the narrative that the left is being manipulated by the revolutionaries, and therefore must be neutralized to save the country. People are smart. Groups can be turned into a mob with very little encouragement. Social media and news article comment threads are the rally points for these new age of flash mobs. It silences one side and emboldens the other. It removes reason and truth from the debate and presents a distorted picture that grossly exaggerates the size of the opposition. I also do not think those kids had a clue this was coming. I think they were positioned. Could be, even the kid’s dad had no idea. You saw Bill Copper wrote about this in Behold a Pale Horse?

  3. I’m right with you Will. Craziness!

    On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 8:53 PM, We see as through a glass darkly wrote:

    > Daring to look… posted: “Let’s conduct a little experiment here, since I > haven’t used the ol’ blog in quite some time indeed. But this seems like a > fitting reason. The fact of the matter is, that because of the very nature > of this very topic, trying to make a video about would ” >

  4. Hi there,

    I have been following you on YT as well as on your website – grand work – well researched and presented – thank you for the efforts and insight.

    My wife and I gave our lives to The Most High God in the Name of Yeshua in 2005 – however discovering the Flat Earth brought a sense of clarity, almost like a weight had been lifted, so much more sense and simplicity in our Creator’s design .

    Which brings me to a concern that I must share with you and I hope that you can perhaps shed some clarity on this issue. Having listened to Skiba’s material – in depth as well – I found myself conducting my own research – the book of Enoch and the book of Jasher – that was enough –

    I found it very necessary to question the authenticity of these Apocryphal documents, or more specifically, the integrity of the authors. Needless to say that the angel Phanuel mentioned in the book of Enoch is referred to as the angel of penance (and salvation?) yet there is no mention of him in Scripture – it’s Yeshua alone who is our redeemer and Saviour.
    This aside there appears to be strong links between the Mormon church and the book of Enoch and the ‘prophet’ Joseph Smith..(he’s the guy that translated the book of Moses?)
    Essentially there are too many sketchy issues pertaining to the book of Enoch to give it any credence in relation to the Word of our One True God.
    Having said this brings another conundrum to the surface – The teaching that Angels (Sons of God) came down to earth and mated with the daughters of men……errr…… it is mankind / believers and keepers of Yahweh’s laws that become sons of God.

    I looked up the meaning of bene ha Elohim – and the translation from the Kabbalah is sons of the gods – slightly different. All other references in Scripture (bar Job) to sons of God is directed at man who embraces the Spiritual life and faith in the One True God through Yeshua.

    My apologies if this appears to be a long mumbled up ramble – it has been some time since I have corresponded however I felt the need to transfer some of the thoughts down before I procrastinated too much and did not share my misgivings of the teachings that are being put out there.

    I don’t accept the Angels impregnating the daughters of men resulting in giants – Scripture clearly depicts that the giants were already there. I have been looking into the Nephilim saga for the last five years through Chuck Missler and the gang (LA, the unhinged Steve Quayle et al.) I long ago realised that book sales and worldly credibility are way higher up on their agenda than truth, I thought Rob Skiba was the real thing as well until I started taking a closer gander at the Books of Enoch and Jasher – nope it’s the Scripture alone for me I would really appreciate some feedback and your perspective here as well.

    If you have the time and you can make sense of my ramblings above.

    God bless and thanks again for the hard work



    1. Hi Ruairi, thanks for the question.. First, I’d say that I essentially would treat the Genesis 6 issue and the questions on Enoch as two separate things, (although of course they’re super related, due to the Nephilim issue) But in terms of Genesis 6, I personally have been forced to conclude, that even if we totally set aside the Book of Enoch, the few short verses there in Genesis do not make any logical sense when we attempt to interpret the “sons of God” as humans, especially if we mean Men of Faith. Why would giants result from, or even be mentioned in any connection with, the act of “righteous men” taking wives of the daughters of men? The context of those passages are in the greater theme of the extreme wickedness prevalent before the Flood. If the “daughters of men” were not Faithful to God, then how can it be argued that the men who were marrying them were “Faithful”, and therefore becoming sons of God? And indeed, how do we just dismiss the reference in Job, which you did mention, which definitely uses “sons of God” to refer to angels, not humans..?

      What does Genesis 6 say? verese 4: 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Right there it is directly saying that the Nephilim were the PRODUCT of those sexual unions. So how do wicked giants result from the conventional sexual union of ANY humans, whether “righteous” or unrighteous?

      I first pose these questions, looking only at the canonized scripture, before even bothering to dig into all the nuanced issues/questions of the non-canonical books…

  5. Hey bro, thanks for everything you do to spread the truth. You have no idea how much it has helped me. I was wondering if you could check out some of my latest posts and give me some feedback and or opinions on them. I think i can help some people and spread a little truth if some bigger bloggers leave a comment or even mention one of my posts. But if you don’t agree or feel they aren’t worth it i will be fine with that. All i want is reality and truth, no smoke. If you are to busy i understand. Again thank you for everything you do.

  6. Hi. Im watching 1 of ur vids: AETHEREAL – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary). Im unfamiliar with all of this. Im sure there was an easier way to contact u but this was the best I could find. U mention in ur vid (about 26 mins in) that access to this dimension by demonic forces seems to be limited, but this restriction will be lifted during the end times when the anti-christ comes to power. 1 of the major reasons Christ came to earth was to form the Christian church. The church is such a force for goodness in the world that it restricts Satan’s power. I often wondered why demonic possession seemed to be everywhere during Jesus’s time, and it’s spoken of as occurring during the end times but doesnt seem to be happening now. It’s the presence of the church restricting the power of demonic entities. Christ said, “upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Math 16:18). After the rapture, the church will be removed from earth and Satan will have unrestricted access to assault humanity. I believe the rapture will cause the greatest disaster known until that time, and Satan will immediately put him into play to fix it the very second the church is taken out of his way. There are many other passages backing this up and talking about the restricting and restraining power of the church, and that it will do so til its taken out of the way. I first read the book of revelation about 25 years ago. At that time, I could not imagine the future it was predicting. That believers would be hated and persecuted just for believing in Christ, but I see it being fulfilled day by day before my very eyes. We still have a core of Christian believers in this country but NONE of the new generation believe. What happens when that generation passes away, or is removed by God? I dont have to guess. I know what happens, and its right at our doorstep. God bless you. Enjoying your vid. 🙂

  7. It is indeed surreal. Every incident seems to be more over the top than the last, and plays faster and looser with any credible details. Remember “Lost Wages?” What the heck was that?

    As best as I can figure, they want people to know. I’ve had this sinking feeling for a while now that they won’t stop until even my mom gets it. Like a “what are you going to do about it” attitude. It doesn’t make sense. It’s totally weird.

    In a word? Satanic.

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