Maybe you are like me.  Maybe at some point you reached a place where you could no longer ignore the things going on in this world that don’t seem to fit.  You want answers.  You want to know what’s really going on, who is really behind it all, and what to do about it.  I wrestled with these kinds of questions for a long time, even though it wasn’t even on a conscious level for many years.  

But the Truth really is “out there”.  There are answers to be found.  The only real question left is, are you able to humble yourself, and be honest enough about the state of your own heart, to be able to accept it?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.   In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

As most people know by now, The Truman Show conveys this message by depicting a series of fateful events in the life of Truman Burbank, (played by Jim Carrey) who has grown up, and lives, in a fake town full of actors. The town is enclosed in a giant dome decked out with high-tech simulations of sun and sky, in which the rain and wind are courtesy of the special effects department. Truman alone has no idea he is in a giant TV TruMoonstudio, as the rest of humanity watches him go from one staged situation to another in a nonstop telethon of reality programming that lets audiences enjoy a little pathos and vicarious emotion.

But into this ersatz paradise, there inevitably appears a snake. After the crew makes mistakes that cause the seamlessness of the illusion to break down, Truman figures out that his surroundings are full of staged scenes and events. He then tries to make his escape, only to come up against both his own fears, which keep him from leaving, and the obstacles put in his way by the producer-director who has made billions trapping him in a stage set and playing God with his life.

Thus does the movie offer us a metaphor for our own situation. The fake landscape Truman lives in is our own media landscape in which news, politics, advertising and public affairs are increasingly made up of theatrical illusions. Like our media landscape, it is convincing in its realism, with lifelike simulations and story lines, from the high-tech facsimile of a sun that benevolently beams down on Truman to the mock sincerity of the actor he mistakenly believes is his best friend. It is also rewarding and masquerades as something benevolent. And it is seamless — there are almost no flaws that give away the illusion — at least until things start to go wrong.

Truman’s fear of leaving this invented world, once he realizes it is a fraud, is similarly like our own reluctance to break our symbiotic relationship with media. His growing suspicion that what he is seeing is staged for his benefit is our own suspicions as the media-fabricated illusions around us begin to break down. And the producer-director of this stage-set world, who blocks Truman’s effort to escape, is the giant media companies, news organizations, and media-politicians that have a stake in keeping us surrounded by falsehood, and are prepared to lure us with rewards as they block efforts at reforming the system.

What gives this metaphor life is the way the movie depicts two attitudes we routinely take toward media. In one, we are absorbed by it; we accept its rendition of reality because it occupies our view. We are like children whose parents define their world. The lifelikeness and seamlessness of media fabrications and the fact that they are entertaining, help induce this attitude in us. We frequently experience it while reading news stories and watching television and movies.

In the second attitude, we distance ourselves from media. We examine its meaning and try to understand the intentions of its authors. This second attitude is what makes criticism — and freedom — possible.

In life, we frequently switch from one attitude to another and mix them together. In watching television, we may easily become absorbed in the program. Then something will jar us out of our spell, such as a breakdown in the illusion or the expression of ideas we disagree with. As a result, we will suddenly distance ourselves from what we are watching, and perhaps ridicule it or suspect the intentions of its creators. The critics of media have been trying to get us to cultivate this second attitude, so we will see through the falsehood we are offered on a daily basis.

The movie depicts just such a change in attitude as a transformation in the way Truman sees his surroundings and as a physical journey. First, Truman is absorbed by his stage-set world. He is convinced it is real and it occupies his view. Then, as a result of flaws in the seamlessness of the illusion, he begins to question it. He develops a healthy paranoia — are they watching him; can he know what is authentic? As he makes his escape, and the producer of the show blocks him at every turn, that is the creators of the movie telling us that we too have to take a journey — of mind — and distance ourselves from this media landscape, if we want to secure our freedom.

The movie also depicts the critics who invite us to see through media illusions in the form of characters who try to warn Truman he is on television. Most notably, there is the woman who reveals to him that he is on TV, before she is removed from the set. His dream of finding her is also the dream that, at first, he doesn’t know he has, of finding the truth of the outside world, where there are genuine relationship in place of the saccharin marriage he believes is authentic.

The movie wants to play the role of just such a critic for us. It tells us to look around and break the spell that keeps us believing in the media-the-truman-showfabricated illusions of popular culture.

Of course, the movie is also a form of media. As it conveys these ideas to us in dramatic form, we are absorbed by its own take on the meaning of things. Like Truman, we are manipulated and entertained by its lifelike simulations and story line. We identify with Truman and psychologically become a part of his world. So the movie uses the manipulations of media in order to manipulate us into seeing through the manipulations of media.

As with many other forms of media, we are enriched by allowing ourselves to be taken over by its theme. But we also need to create a more critical distance, escape its invented world, and think about its meaning and effect on us, so we can use it to enhance our perceptions instead of allowing it to use us.

What is said here is true of all media — including this site. It too seeks to draw you in; to try to structure your perception of things. It too requires a critical distance, so you can use it to enhance your perceptions and not merely be manipulated by it.

That brings us to another element depicted in the movie — you (and me). The movie isn’t only a satire of television and other forms of media. It aims many of its most pointed barbs at us, the audience. After all, as we watch the characters hanging on Truman’s every expression so they can feel something, that is us we see depicted on the screen. We are the one’s who make this system possible, the movie tells us. The willingness of the audience to exploit Truman so it can enjoy his life as entertainment is our own willingness to exploit an endless parade of human victims of news and reality programming because they have the misfortune to be part of some “newsworthy” event. And both the audience and Truman portray our willingness to experience an easier and more exciting substitute for life, which is what fuels the media machine.

So Truman and the audience depict us. We’re the villains and victims and hero of The Truman Show. And, ultimately, the only illusions we have to escape are the ones we create ourselves. (taken from http://www.transparencynow.com/trusig.htm)trumanmirror

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  1. My friend, take a look at this: http://goodsoldierofjesuschrist.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/pope-benedicts-short-space-is-at-end-is.html#comment-form

    This is some uncanny timing, if you ask me. This man took down his blog literally hours after I came across all the prophecy information on his blog that was written by Seventh Day Adventists. Then Ash sent me down the rabbit hole, again through SDA websites. Now, as you know, we’re all talking about legitimacy of a cult.

    I came across the SDA end times teachings before – which made me think it was a deception – but was lured back when I thought (wrongly and foolishly) that the reformers shared the same interpretation.

    I think the man who runs the blog raises some good points. You might be interested. Exciting times!

    1. In the whole class of people searching, we are in a small group. I too have gone back and forth with some SDA pastors works. I arrived at the same conclusions presented in Aetherial (and other works by this creator) and had never seen them laid out this way except in my own mind. Now I come to visit this site, and am finding others who seem to have found this thread within the threads of interpretation. How can those of us on this vein connect and evolve our understandings is what I want to figure out. I came to the site hoping to find a contact link. Hoping the guy running it was not so popular that I couldn’t get a line out to. I feel like we need a community and effort separate from the other trash ideas out there. A forum where we can cut out those comments and really stay focused on the meat and potatoes. After seeing how many follow the blog and subscribe to the youtube channel, I realized that would be futile. I will put my email out there if any want to share related thoughts and information, share links, etc. I am working on an effort to expose the occult and the quantum science implications to pastors across the country. I would be interested in connecting with any like minded folks. LandonWMoore@ProtonMail.CH

  2. That could certainly be true, but we both know that only God can truly know that 🙂

    The fact is, which I don’t think he believes, that you don’t come to Christ through human wisdom or knowledge. You come to Christ by God. Thus why Paul emphasizes that the greeks – who sort after knowledge – did not attain it, etc. He was trying to reinstate that ‘flesh and blood hath no revealed it’.

    It would be grossly unfair if we came to Jesus only through wisdom and knowledge, because then people like me would never be able to get there. The babes would not understand! The Gospel is spiritually discerned, thus the need for God’s grace.

    That’s what I foresee as the problem of Ashvin – especially in his ‘about’ section. He appears to believe that he can persuade people to Christ with rationale arguements and philosophy (love of wisdom) which contradicts Biblical teaching: The Gospel is foolish to those who perish. God uses the foolish things of this would to shame the wise!!! It can’t be much clearer!

    I believe apologetics play a part, but without God there is no conversion, not now, not ever!

    Anyway, my two cents! This Christian walk can be tough! I guess that’s why the Gospel is so simple, it’s just humans that complicate it.

    Believe the Lord Jesus Christ and ye shall be saved!

    1. I agree with you, but my faith was weak and my understanding of scripture was compromised until I engaged “knowledge” to a high enough degree so as to resolve it. No amount of avoiding knowledge and being absorbed in scripture could have made it just go away. I think so long as you accept the standard narratives in science, you have effectively embraced the occult without realizing it. You have reduced God and Jesus to a degree that they really are no longer as characterized in scripture. Back in the day, I don’t think the average person was so terribly brainwashed by the education system. So I think for most, in the west for sure, you are forced to get deep in human wisdom to truly be absolved of it. Just one man’s opinion.

  3. Hey, what has happened to you? You’ve disappeared! I hope everything is okay. I sent you two e-mails a while back – they might have hit your junk folder.

    God bless you,


  4. Thanks for following InterviewwithLucifer.com. If you get a chance, I have another blog at GlobalFlux.wordpress.com you might be interested in.

  5. The Truman Show reminded me of George Orwell’s 1984 but your interpretation is also very true and appropriate for today’s time. Interesting site you’ve got.

  6. Just FY!, thought you’d like to know that a lot of your content is being censored between my Google Searches (random, not searching this blog specific) and choosing a specific result (again not knowing it’s a link to this blog) and when I get THERE IT’S YOUR BLOG WITH THE MESSAGE CONTENT NOT FOUND! This is day four or more. It just happened again when I searched “anti-christ system receives the deadly wound”.

    I interpret this censorship as attributing to the accurate information and TRUTH you expose! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  7. I added a link to your site on mine at InterviewwithLucifer.com. You have so much interesting infrormation here. Hope you don’t mind.
    The Scribe

  8. I also put you on GlobalFlux.wordpress.com. I also changed the theme. The combination of font, font size, font color and background made some things difficult to read. Now it is big and bright.

  9. It just blows my mind that sheeple won’t open their eyes to the truth. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that our government was involved in 9/11.

  10. I confess I have not personally watched Truman. My daughter watched it in a high school media class. She attends a classical Christian homeschool once a week. Her conclusion was that the end of the show was a huge attack at Christians and God. That the real message was against Christians and their teaching about God which keeps people in the delusional false world bubble, and only in breaking through to the truth will they understand the falseness of the foundation of their faith.

    I prefer your interpretation. It will give me a new opportunity to discuss it with her.

    1. If you’re “Round Saturn’s Eye” (you don’t properly identify yourself on this particular site that I can see) you made mention of faith alone being sufficient, and I’m just reminding you that James is in disagreement with Paul on this matter. Not saying anything about your own actions. I’m merely responding to your words.

      1. if you don’t mind me sharing this with you, also, I am in no way saying you don’t know this or that at all, just sharing this with you , God is good.

        Jas 2:20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?
        Jas 2:21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?
        Jas 2:22 Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?
        So what are the works required of us today, not to give our son but,

        Joh 6:28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?
        Joh 6:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

        Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

        Tit 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;
        The work of God is to believe on Jesus, the work we can do, helping our neighbor etc. we will be rewarded for but cannot be saved by

        Isa 64:6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

        1Co 12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

        I do believe that we are chosen, a number of scripture tells us that, he knows our heart. Paul said that only by revelation of the Holy Spirit can one actually believe Jesus is Lord, Jesus said himself that it was by Invitation,

        Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

        Joh 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        Joh 6:65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.
        So we cant get to God unless we go through Jesus but yet we can get to Jesus unless God DRAWS us, as Paul said, only by the H/G. in Mathew 16:13-16 Jesus asked these disciples whom do you say that I am, notice it was Peter who said he was the Son of God Jesus then says flesh and blood did not reveal this but my Father above, so he had just gotten a Revelation of who Jesus was, also Note, Jesus told Peter he would give him the KEYS to the Kingdom of Heaven = the know how and the authority to give it at the appointed time, Peter gave the Jews their key on the day of Pentecost Acts 2:38, the Gentiles Acts 10 through Cornelius the Italian General and his family first, key was given to Peter during the Vision he had while on his rooftop ..

        John 3 :3,5 Jesus said unless you are born again you cannot see Heaven, verse 5 unless you are born of Water and Spirit you CANNOT enter the kingdom of God , Peters key to the Jew and Gentile was Baptism in Jesus Name in Water and Baptism in the Spirit, Acts 2:38 = Mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:20-21, Titus 3:5 God Bless,

    1. Yes its a passion that the Lord has recently pressed upon me, I hope to become exceedingly more knowledgeable in order to represent God not just in spirit but in truth 🙂

      Your blog touches base with me to because God has recently begun opening my eyes to what your saying, the ginormous satanic influence in the world is so deep and perverted that it twist and turns such a tangled web of deception, which many are often completely unaware of. I really appreciate your mission to bring such bring such deception to the surface and shed some light on it.

      1. I’m glad I can be of assistance 🙂

        I am very interested in 9/11 theories, I believe that building seven’s collapse clearly indicates that something very fishy was going on. Do you have a post where you talk about who actually set it up and why? I would be very interested to know more.

        Also I’m curious what do you make of the theories surrounding Michelle Obama being a man, is this a bunch of nonsense or is their some validity to it?

        1. Very interesting stuff, I’m glad that I came across your blog! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of those podcast and reading some more of your post to get a better understanding on the bigger picture. I think this is all very important stuff for people to learn about, especially understanding it all from a Christian perspective it’s important that we are aware of Satan’s agenda and how it’s unfolding in the world.

          I look forward to discussing these things further with you once I get a little more caught up. I’m sure I’ll be commenting on your post as I’m going through them.

  11. Hey checkout some of these videos and let me know what you think. I just came across them today and found them somewhat interesting.

    Very interesting in that it seems to perfectly line-up with the Shemitah talked about by Johnathan Cahn, I don’t know if your familiar with him and his book on the harbingers but he has a lot of very interesting things to say. It also parallels with Yom Kimpurr and the cycle of the blood moons (next one is Sept. 28th)

    1. Yeah I agree, I have heard all kinds of different speculation on what’s going to transpire in the ensuing months, definitely have to take them with a grain of salt. I found this theory of the comet particularly interesting after contemplating the idea that jade helm seems just as much a bout the troop placement as it does anything else. Which like you noticed, seems to coincide with the radius of the impact zone of this alleged comet, it very well seems like jade helm could be in anticipation of a natural disaster of some sort. Can’t really say for sure but my spirits telling me, one way or another, I should be prepared for the world getting turned upside down pretty soon. I firmly believe by the time I’m old and gray this planet wont even be recognizable from what it is today. Just in general the earth has changed a hundred times over in just the past 200 years.

  12. You have a great blog site! I’m going to be able to spend hours and days going through all you have written. Good stuff. I am extremely new to blogging and your site offers me a lot of inspiration!
    Thank you for the hard work, its definitely not easy!

  13. Just wanted to say that I think you are a great guy. Please, if possible, send me an email to talk. It is very difficult to have others who think the same way as my wife and I. God bless you and your message.

  14. Hey Will
    It’s Paul. We been chatting by email about getting a call together. You said you don’t check your email often and are more easily contacted via Skype but I can’t find you on Skype.

  15. Hey ttistf,
    I started watching “The O A”, a Netflix original. And on episode 5 (I think), the bad guy scientist is in his kitchen listening to the radio and it’s about the flat earth! It’s a really short scene, but thought it was interesting.

  16. Dear TTISTF (I like that acronym!),

    I’ve become a fan. Love your videos. Cannot wait to see your documentary!

    I became convinced of OHC (Original Hebrew Cosmology) in November 2015 after a friend asked me “How do you know the earth is a globe?” I was so embarrassed for him. I gave immediately gave him three very good reasons why, but decided to search YouTube for more info and became overwhelmed at the evidences for OHC.

    I’m 52 now, been a “Christian” all my life, but only after losing my wife of 21 years to breast cancer did I realize how real God is. I’ve entered a seminary to earn a master’s degree in biblical apologetics in order to defend the Bible as God’s Word. Creation ministries like Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International played a massive role in my awakening, and I still love them, but now that I believe in a flat earth, I’ve lost some respect for CMI in particular as they mock those who take the Bible too literally. How ironic. You’ve helped me work through some of my confusion on how this could be possible, so thanks for that.

    Btw – I’m not embarrassed to share my faith, or my belief in a young earth. But flat earth? I’m not quite ready to come out of the closet on that one. But I think about it every day.

    Sorry for a lengthy message. Thank you for what you do. You’re the only Scripturally-sound flat earther I’ve found. How I wish someday I could hang out with you at a Starbucks and just talk. Any chance you’ll be in the Kansas City area sometime?


    1. I have many similarities to your journey. I don’t hold fast to any cosmology, but certainly cannot blindly accept the globe explanation after so many facts can’t be verified. I’m wondering what your first 3 reasons to support a globe were. I find that people also just think you are crazy for questioning, but don’t have hard factual evidence that support their strongly held believe in a globe.

  17. OK, you might have e covered this topic already, but I’ve been researching relentlessly, and found a more than a few things on a micro scale so to speak, that I believe you could do much more with than I could given your talents. Just a few of many I have been looking into that seem to play a role. Let me know if you guys think I’m warm or cold. I have many opinions and theories, but I’ll save that, I just think if you haven’t thought about how these relate, maybe you just needed someone to forward the info. I found these, go figure, dispelling staged attacks and protocols, and how a firearm actually works, unlike the staged shootings and movies, but what’s the difference. I digress, and sorry for the run on, I just wanted to get a few videos to you quickly before I forget. Thank you and God Bless You All.
    Michael J Waddell

  18. Hello Truth…
    My name is Cyndi. I’ve been researching flat earth for approximately 15 months now. I’m fully on board and share the same Biblical beliefs you have. I’ve done an interview with Jeran, I’m the ex NASA employee who turned FE. I’d really like to talk with you. I’m very impressed with your work.
    Please feel free to email me at
    Thank you for being bold and speaking truth!
    God bless you
    Cyndi Holland

  19. Hey I couldn’t find your email on YT Through my phone, I have been watching your videos for 7 months and agree with the majority, probably 95% of your content and I rather enjoy your work and often look forward to your next video. I was watching Charles Lawson and he was discussing the 9/23/17 astrology signs but then venture into other date setting s and eventually into flat earth. Would you take a moment and look into his 8/6/17 sermon, https://youtu.be/AAGV0f4UB9Q and do a short piece on your thoughts? Thank you
    Respectfully, Steven

  20. Great video on the human heart and the misconceptions of it.
    Also talk about the ‘spirals’ within the heart and nature. Thought u might be interested.

  21. After thousands of hours of Biblical study in the original languages I discovered a conspiracy to hide key components from the general public

    Then I discovered the Globerment deception……which has “raised the stakes,” and enriched my Biblical understanding!

    Truth is Stranger expresses the deepest meanings of our reality better than anyone else on Earth (Imho) – keep up the good work, I’ll continue to follow all your videos and look forward to speaking sometime in the future.

    You are appreciated!

    CJ Wiley
    ESPN World Billiards Champion

  22. Hello TTISTF,

    I came across your YouTube videos and it is exactly what I have been looking for and agree 100%. You have so beautifully articulated what I have been thinking, observing, and experiencing since 2010. I too went down the rabbit hole in 2010 and got fucked up really bad by New Age spiritualism. I was living in sin and searching for a spiritual experience and got sucked in. In January of of 2011 I actually attempted third eye mediation for a maximum of like 90secs and it fucked me up for years to come. Never fully opened but it shattered my soul. It led to a total, immediate, and unconditional surrendering to Jesus Christ. I have been a true believer in Christ since then. Jesus restored me and truly blessed my life. Since then I have led several other people to Christ and opened their eyes to great deception. Please do not stop. Keep up the good work. I have a feeling things are only going to get worse. People need to know the truth, no matter how crazy it sounds. Jesus is my savior and I’m ready for what is to come.

  23. My thoughts on SCIENTISM today:

    SCIENTISM is the Religion Called Modern Science

    Contrary to popular belief, modern Quantum Physics, an even Classical Newtonian Physics, is essentially built upon philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions that are entirely unproven. Basically, Modern Quantum Physics, in particular, is a set of philosophic assumptions which are then injected by endless circular and unprovable mathematical equations, leading to endless circularities of labyrinthine and intentionally convoluted mazes of unfounded hypotheses, assertions, and postulates. This leads to a modern religion masquerading as science called, SCIENTISM.

    What is SCIENTISM?

    SCIENTISM is the effort to make a religion of science, as I said essentially built upon philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions that are entirely unproven. On the other hand, Science, the tool of inquiry based on the scientific method, must be distinguished from those fanatical adherents, worshipping philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions. Similarly, Islam, the religion, is not necessarily most accurately represented by its most fanatical adherents, regardless of how much noise said adherents may make or how much attention they may receive.

    As pioneering physicist Tom Campbell puts it, science has become the “fundamental religion, if you will, of Western culture”, in the sense that “the priests of old used to tell the people what to believe, what was right, how did it work…”, just as now the “high priests of science” have reached the holy position of having the ability to “tell us in Western culture what to believe”, which “most of the people won’t think about” anymore, because “they’ve gotten the word from the people who know”.

    The belief that science holds all the answers is no different from the belief that any other particular religion holds all the answers. Like any religion, Scientism holds a number of fundamental dogmas — i.e. beliefs its adherents take on faith, rather than logic and reason.

    An example of some of the presuppositions and dogmas of this religion called SCIENTISM are:

    1. The assumption that Gravity actually exists when it is merely a theory, not believed by Einstein or any top modern physicist.
    2. The assumption that Dark Matter and Dark Energy are real, when they are only science fiction reactions to science fiction Gravity.
    3. The assumption that science already understands the nature of reality, leaving only the details to be filled in
    4. The assumption that matter is unconscious, insentient, dead
    5. The assumption that the laws of nature are fixed (physical constants like the speed of light)
    6. The assumption that nature (and evolution) is purposeless, blind, random
    7. The assumption that memory must be stored somewhere, somehow, materially, in the brain
    8. The assumption that the mind exists only inside the head
    9. The assumption that anything outside the paradigm (“paranormal” phenomena) must be illusory
    10. The assumption that mechanistic (materialist) medicine is the only healing paradigm that works
    11. The assumption that time is linear and not (significantly) influenced by higher dimensions
    12. The assumption that any current scientific models of the universe are even remotely accurate (i.e. Big Bang, Big Bounce, Multiverse, etc…)
    13. The assumption that The Copernican, Helio-Centric Theory of The Universe is true and beyond questioning.

    It must be noted SCIENTISM is the most pernicious and most occult (Hidden) religion of all, in that it does not recognize itself as a religion, thereby making it the most deceptive and dangerous of any religion in the world.

    Its adherents, including most of the known world at this point, are completely oblivious to it’s even being a Faith-based dogmatic religion. The more accurate description of their fundamental (unconscious) beliefs have been given shape and form by adherents to SCIENTISM, and the ruthless dogmatic nature of these beliefs goes deftly under the radar, even though these beliefs are neither rational, provable, nor even plausible given the body of evidence from actual real experimental science (As Nicolai Tesla repeatedly pointed out).

    The variations of organizations complicit in this hundred of year old scientific fraud range from, but are not limited to, everywhere from NASA to CERN’s Linear Accelerator Research Institutes, University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Tokyo, University of Chicago, Cambridge University, Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Colorado Boulder, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on…all complicit in physics fraud and the propagation of lies and deceptions called, SCIENTISM, the religion of the Luciferian Hermetic Occult.

    In a nutshell, modern physics can be construed to be an amalgamation of the Luciferian New Age religion called, Theosophy, as well, but that’s another essay…

    Some of them know it, some of them don’t, and some of them don’t care, either way. They just do what they are told by other scientist or lose their tenure or job. It’s that cut and dried…much like any fundamentalist religion. If you question the dogmatic consensus of the scientific priesthood around you, you will be excommunicated from the religious order…or even murdered, as Nicolai Tesla was.

    Additionally, virtually everything that came out of the mouths of Carl Sagan, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Neil de Grasse, Morgan Freeman, and counting, are nothing more than dog and pony show ramblings, architected to razzle-dazzle the unknowing masses and lull them into a gradual submission of this ancient Hermetic Occult SCIENTISM religion.

    Also, Scientism was instrumental in spawning a veritable cornucopia of daft and trite Antitheist pundits such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, both excellent examples of lost, uninformed, deluded reactionary thinkers, reacting to religions far less dogmatic to their own SCIENTISM. This alone illustrates the lethal power of SCIENTISM. It was the chosen religion of Adolph Hitler, Charles Darwin, and Mao Se Tung, as well as Dawkins and Hitchens, all leading to a brand of Nihilistic Atheism that claimed the lives of over 100 million in just the last century.

    Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory was a direct offshoot of SCIENTISM, and Evolutionary Theory quickly and swiftly translates to SOCIAL DARWINISM where all the great mass murderer leaders conduct bloodbaths in the name of SCIENTISM.

    Adherents to SOCIAL DARWINISM and SCIENTISM include Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Se Tung, Lenin and currently the NEOCON Generals and Politicians and their genocide of The Middle East, The Israeli genocide of The Palestinians, and the United Nations with their Global Warming based Depopulation Campaign.

    Notice that all these people and organizations are strictly NON-Christian. Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness absolutely do not fit into the SCIENTISM Dogma of a cold, Godless, random, chaotic, and meaningless universe.

    Further, for over 50 years, the masses have been fully indoctrinated into pseudo-science SCIENTISM through Hollywood’s science fiction film onslaughts, not to mention NASA’s science fiction film onslaughts.

    The idea was and still is that if you baffle the audience with as many huge numbers, with trillions and trillions of miles, trillions and trillions of particles, and trillions and trillions of dollars of tax payer’s money, nobody will really question what you are saying, doing, or spending.
    It worked.

    Question the White Lab Coat Priests of Scientism and see how far you get. You will get ridicule, the threat to ostracize you, and condemnation only, and yet they called themselves free-thinking scientists? They are not. They are devotees of an ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian religion called, SCIENTISM, with all the rigid dogmas, unprovable beliefs, and punishments that any fundamentalist religion possesses.

    Many great physicists have pointed this out, including Richard Feynman and Nicolai Tesla, but the delusion goes on, and the layman masses believe all the fairytale-based math from these physicists because they condemn and mock any who disagree with their religion called SCIENTISM.

    Nicolai Tesla, the greatest scientists and inventor of the 20th century put forth particular opposition to this SCIENTISM CULT of Modern Quantum Physics, and he ended up dead for it, and all his patents stolen, and his contributions virtually erased from the history books. They require you march in lock boot step with their dogmatic religion, or it will not go well for you if you are playing at the Tesla level of genius.

    1. Hi Gregory
      I really hope you get this comment. I read your comment above this morning by chance and am absolutely blown away by your concise, yet comprehensive explanation of science and scientism. I am especially appreciative of your analysis of the hectic physics theories and their foundation. I am a Christian truth seeker. I have seen a fair amount of information on CERN, dark matter, quantum physics, etc. but confess I cannot grasp the topics fully. Your explanation is profound. So often if we are not ‘super intelligent’ we conclude ‘the smart people know what they are talking about.’ But in so many other areas that I have investigated, such as vaccine safety science, health, nutrition, and medical practice, the smartest people can be the most deceived. Your long, thorough explanation hit me profoundly – like a breath of fresh wind.

      I am curious. Did you just write this piece just to post this comment, or is it something you are working on elsewhere? Have you published it? I would really like to publish it on my blog, with your permission, and with credit going to you. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss further. becky@journeyboost.com

  24. How can someone get ahold of you? I know you’re probably busy, really busy but I’ve got some questions on some things that I think maybe you could help me with. If possible would you mind reaching out to me for short conversation? It’s specifically in regards to these photos that I have that I cannot seem to understand what it all means and what these things are that are in them that are very clearly there in the photos but are not and we’re not there to the physical hi it’s specifically in regards to these photos that I have that I cannot seem to understand what it all means and what these things are that are in them that are very clearly there in the photos but are not and we’re not there to the physical eye. I’d like to be able to send them to you and have you analyze them because I cannot for the life of me understand whether or not they are there or if it’s just showing up on my phone like this scryinng mirror type situation. These creatures are in such a multitude it’s not even fathom the w these creatures are in such multitude it’s not even fathomable, Those that have the eyes to see are just as creeped out as I am And I don’t know why I was shown these things on these photos but it is pretty intense. I’m not talking about things that could be miss interpreted I’m talking about perfectly formed creatures and entities that have such crisp lifelike Perfection that it is downright jaw dropping And a lot of these photos include orbs, creatures of every kind especially little gra and a lot of these photos include orbs, creatures of every kind especially little grays, Which I have come to believe are simply your garden-variety demon because there’s so many of them but it’s the other entities, the ones that look like Aztec goddesses, almost cartoonist renderings of demons in one photo that clearly looks like Beelzebub himself coming out of a portal with thousands of demons behind him as well as the photo of what looks like what Many have told me is what is termed a “watcher quote, which looks to be like a very robust lizard man pointing at me In the photo that has me concerned. I am advertently caught this on the photos I was taking on November 9, 2017 and it hasn’t stopped since. I know all of this sounds really crazy and yes, I thought I was losing my mind to the point that it creeps me out so much that I Had to put it away because I just couldn’t make sense of it… I don’t even know what to think as you can tell from this rant but I would like someone else to see it and I feel like you’d be the right person to look at these photos and maybe help make sense of them. I don’t know if God is putting this in front of me for a reason or if in all of my truth seeking I have a had to put it away because I just couldn’t make sense of it… I don’t even know what to think as you can tell from this rant but I would like someone else to see it and I feel like you’d be the right person to look at these photos and maybe help make sense of them. I don’t know if God is putting this in front of me for a reason or if in all of my truth seeking I have inadvertently allowed something in my world that I shouldn’t have.

    I truly appreciate Any thoughts or time put towards helping me with this and if you contact me directly or here I’d be more than happy to forward you all of the photos that I’ve taken from two different smart phone platforms iPhone 7 and Samsung note 5… If I had a real camera I would’ve use that but I don’t and I really wish I had some answers.

    Any thoughts or time put towards helping me with this and if you contact me directly or here I’d be more than happy to forward you all the photos that I’ve taken from two different smart phone platforms iPhone 7 and Samsung note 5… If I had a real camera I would’ve use that but I don’t and I really wish I had some answers.

    Last thing said, I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to the truth but most importantly the truth of who Jesus Christ is keeping him the center of all of it because that’s what’s most important as you well know.

    With your success in mind,

    – Cal

  25. Hi, i love your style of speaking truth, as i am a born again, God loving, Jesus Christ Christian. I have been trying to figure out who you are, i think you are special, unique, maybe a brother or monk with speciality in psy or sociology. your youtubes are right on with Gods Holy Bible, your faith is obvious and compelling and i know your words lead many to assurance in Christ, including me, thank you & God Speed to You.

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