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Outrageous Coincidence Theories…

bcc8bdf6d269f237c278a2e85bdb5623“Coincidence theory”. Oh, how I wish I had come up with that one… I didn’t of course, but was simply enthralled by the term and the inference behind it when reading a recent repost from Orwelliana. I could have just reposted the article once again, for it itself is quite good, focusing mainly on this idea in the context of Charlie Hebdo, but I suppose I simply wanted to ruminate on the rather profound implications of just how much “coincidence theory” is actually promoted and preferred to such an overwhelming degree.

Lots of people have already put forth a good deal of thought-provoking content dealing with this, and I suppose I might just put together a little collage of sorts here centering around the “Coincidence Theory” theme.

glass_pyramidDave Hodges has a rather pithy but intriguing article called “Conspiracy Theorists vs. Coincidence Theorists” in in which he elucidates nine examples of “coincidences” which beleaguer the mind…

All the way back in 2004, Jeff Wells wrote a piece called “The Coincidence Theorist’s Guide to 9/11”, an absolutely fantastic compilation of factoids and links surrounding, of course, the litany of bizarre “coincidences” attached to 9/11.

Much more recently Bernie Suarez wrote “How Coincidence Theorists (Non-Conspiracy) Are Playing Key Role In Destruction Of America”, which does a fairly nice job of describing how the system is undergirded by a basic mentality whereby: “They believe that politicians, government bodies, agencies, and committees accept the end results of daily political 6849817403_1f5a563739events as all due to happenstance. They believe chaos and spoof coincidence is the norm…”

Another fascinating little tidbit I came across whilst searching for “conspiracy-or-coincidence-related stuff”, was the story of the “Deadly Double Dice Game“, which was advertised for in the New Yorker a few weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor, bearing all kinds of rather telling occult symbolism and numerology that seems to predict the attack.

Also, these two vids seemed worthy of inclusion on this topic. The first is “9/11 Coincidence Theory”, an excerpt from a speech by David Ray Griffin:
And here is Alan Watt on Conspiracy vs. Coincidence Theory:

(I certainly don’t necessarily agree with every little thing the guy has to say, but I think he at least creates plenty of decent conversation-kickstarters, and really the last minute of the video is the best part)

Human Shields…


Once again the calendar brings us to “Veteran’s Day”, the day which the government has set aside to “honor” those who have “served our country”.

I pray this post is not unduly offensive to anyone reading it who has lost anyone they love to military conflict. That is not my goal. I only ask that you read this in it’s entirety before offering up a reaction.

Perhaps I should start with the caveat that my own two grandfathers served in WWII. They were both remarkable men, who I respected immensely, and through having a relatively close relationship with two figures who did in fact “serve” in the armed forces in wartime, I believe I can honestly say that my opinions towards the “system” as a whole is not an attack on the individuals themselves who have played an integral part in the various wars, conflicts and “police actions” embarked upon by this government over the past century or so.

The men and women who enlist, and fight, and die, do so largely in part because they sincerely believe they arewarposter fighting for the greater good. Sacrificing their own time, energy, family life, and even lives in order to protect and preserve something of great value. The “American way of life”. “Democracy”. “Freedom”…

But sincerity does not automatically equate to an accurate grasp of history, nor the political machinations behind what really causes wars to happen, nor the true depth and breadth of what is really being accomplished through all these global episodes of death and destruction.

Most folks have heard the abbreviated quote by Major Gen. Smedley Butler saying, “War is a racket.” The quote in it’s entirety reads,

War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

Another quote by this man who “served” is even more scathing:

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

aa-military-industrial-complex-map-of-USIn the “information age” we are living in today, anyone who chooses to do so can easily look into such allegations and discover that this is the sickening reality behind war, behind military build up, behind the stubborn belief that America is really “bringing peace and democracy to the world”. Modern warfare does not exist, cannot occur, without the infamous “military-industrial-complex”, a staggeringly massive infrastructure of companies and government institutions which build weapons, train personnel, and operate bases around the entire globe, and we are told that this massive edifice is an absolute necessity in order to keep us, the “civilians”, safe.

In the 2011 film ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’, the dastardly aim of arch-villain Professor Moriarty was eventually revealed to be to start a massive war across Europe, spreading across the rest of the globe, whereby he would fund and arm both sides, profiting immensely from a conflict triggered by the assassination of a single diplomat, a terrorist act of his own design. He describes the psychology behind this nefarious plot as thus:

“You see, hidden within the unconscious, there is an insatiable desire for conflict. So, you’re not fighting me, so much as you are the human condition. All I want to do is own the bullets and the bandages.”

Sadly, ironically, (and almost expectedly for those who have studied the correlations between Hollywood memes and the “deep state”), this is almost a perfection depiction of what has occurred behind the scenes of virtually every major global conflict going back well into the 1800’s, as has been thoroughly documented in examples such as the banking exploits of the Rothschilds in the Battle of Waterloo.Plutocracy

Indeed, The Napoleonic Wars, The War of 1812, The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, The Philippine-American War, the “Great War” or “War to End All Wars” (also now known as WWI), WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The “Cold” War, Gulf War I, Afghanistan, Iraq, (Syria…?) ALL of these spectacles of death have been born out of slightly modified variations this same, calculated equation. Bankers fund the war machines. Corporations build the war machines. Politicians sell the war machines. The blood of people “serving their country” fuels the war machines….

Any time you encounter a discussion/report on the never-ending conflict occurring in Palestine/Israel, you inevitably hear the refrain about how the Palestinian “terrorists” hide like cowards in homes and businesses, using the Palestinian citizens, men, women and children, as “human shields”. It is one of the most oft-cited pieces of propaganda implemented in the debate over Israel’s “right to defend itself”, and it is not something I intend to get into now (for it would merit a post of it’s own to give it the treatment it deserves) but I only mention this because to me, it brings it all home in a way that I had not quite previously considered.

We instinctively balk at the idea of a group of militants and killers hiding behind innocent people like cowards, and yet, this is precisely what is done by the War-Mongers of Washington, or the Financiers of Bloodshed, or the Military-Industrial-Complex or whatever else you want to call them, and we the American people help them do it.

How disgustingly ingenious is it, to have managed to both compel supposedly free-thinking individuals into signing up to “serve” in the military, no draft required, to be used as human fodder for an endless litany of profit-producing wars around the planet, and then turn around and use the veterans of those wars as a type of ideological shield, a human smokescreen of propaganda, a cultural defense mechanism against any true and cutting scrutiny of what is propelling this behemoth from deep underneath!

“Don’t speak ill of those who gave their lives so that YOU could enjoy the freedoms you have!”

Don’t you have any appreciation for the sacrifices made to protect this country!?”

How dare you question the official 9/11 story, don’t you have any respect for all the fire-fighters who died trying to save people trapped in the towers?”

Congressional Medal Of Honor Sirius BridgeThese are the kinds of responses you can expect to hear from those who have drank the Home-of-the-Brave-Kool-Aid, who instantly resort to defend the array of American “heroes”, just as they have been conditioned to do their entire lives.

But just how many innocent, nameless men, women and children have been wiped off the earth, through “surges” and “campaigns” and drone attacks and “smart” bombs and “counter-insurgencies” in the last decade alone, under the banner of “Pax Americana”..? I don’t think we’ll come close to knowing the true number this side of eternity…

And on that note, I conclude. Ignorance is not an excuse. Patriotism is not tantamount to cheering on our sons and daughters as they resign themselves to becoming order-following mechanisms of death, because we choose to believe that this is the price that must be paid in order to “preserve democracy” or the “American way of life”. The elite who constantly engineer and orchestrate these geoLightning-Washington-Monument-political “hot spots” in order to prompt the continuous need for further military intervention do not subscribe to any of these ideals of altruism or self-sacrifice or the “greater good”, as they build their vast financial and industrial empires on the graves of people whom they regard with no greater affinity than any other asset or liability on their books, so really the question is, why should we…?

I Just Couldn’t Help Myself…

I never do this. I swear I don’t. Ok, I RARELY do it. But today I did, and I didn’t hold anything back. It was because it was something that touched upon a particular nerve that, I confess, really is hard for me not to react to. It shoots to the core of so much of what I have labored in and wrestled with and battled over in my own heart and mind. It’s what you might call a “pet peave”, but then again, “peave” doesn’t really come close to describing how this particular attitude and mindset amongst Christians continues to aggravate me, to an ever-increasing degree, whenever I come across it. I came across it today here:


It reads as follows…

Conspiracy Theories. Don’t.

Should you pay attention to that idea of a conspiracy theory? Let’s dive into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Okay. I know right up that conspiracies do happen. People do try to cover things up and pull them off together. Usually however, we have some idea that this is definitely going on. Eventually, it all comes down on those who do it. For instance, Watergate was a conspiracy of sorts, and frankly, it didn’t really last too long.

The main conspiracies I’m talking about are the kind that are popularized by too many Christians and are also the same mindset found in a number of atheistic circles. For Christians, these often involves “satanic plots” to control our children and indoctrinate them. Much of the time, you know that the Illuminati has to be behind it all!

Because, you know, the main way to send that secret message is to go through the half time show on Super Bowl Sunday. How is it that the Illuminati managed to reach all these dancers and send a secret message to people watching the Super Bowl? Before going off on how it is something you think is part of hidden satanic symbolism, why not just consider something else?

Maybe it’s just a tasteless performance.

Now this is saying nothing about the morality of what goes on in said performances. I am not at all endorsing that. What I am saying is that you need to be on the watch for thinking that there are several conspiracies afoot. For a Christian, this can result in a heightened paranoia and to the rest of the world, you just look ridiculous. We already look ridiculous for believing in Jesus. There’s no reason to add to that.

Atheists don’t always do much better. You can think about plots in Christianity to destroy everything that disagreed with Christianity and then of course, the process of canonization, that was all just a total plot! Very rarely is any actual real historical study done on the topic. Unfortunately in our internet age, too many people find something on the internet and think it’s true. We all laugh at the idea of “I read it on the internet so it must be true”, but too many people have that same mindset.

The thinking also leads to a heightened arrogance. Sure, everyone else misses the main message, but I know what it is. I am not going to be fooled the way everyone else is. If you do not see it, well you just haven’t really reached this level of insight and thinking. Of course, a possibly even worse case could be that you’re part of the conspiracy.

One point to keep in mind when researching these claims is see who is being cited as a source. Too many times conspiracy theorists regularly cite each other and validate one another’s claims. Try to find a source that you think will be as objective as possible. Of course, total objectivity could be impossible, but try to get as close as you can.

For Christians also, please especially avoid conspiracies related to end times madness. I have seen too many times the idea of secretly implanting chips in us that are supposed to be the Mark of the Beast. Honestly, I have reached the point where my eyes just start rolling immediately at this. It’s not just because I’m a preterist. If you’re a futurist, you should avoid this as well.

There are far too many important things to study than the idea of possible conspiracies. If some Christians would seek to interpret their Bible as well as they try to interpret a show at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, we’d all be better off.

In Christ,

Nick Peters

(my response is as follows…)

So, you basically see the apex of “paranoid Christian conspiracy theories” as centering around things like Satanic messaging embedded in Super Bowl half-time shows..?

I guess you can’t be faulted for that. There are after all bajillions of youtube videos which invest themselves in exposing and decoding such things.

However, I must interject as to your overall resistance to Christians being too “paranoid” about Satanic conspiracies in general. Since you clearly seem to be writing from the perspective of a Christian yourself, I am curious as to how exactly you parse this out, in relation to what the Bible actually has to say about Satan and his intentions towards this planet and the entire human race….

You make a rather puzzling statement how even though you’re a preterist, you believe that futurists should avoid getting sucked into “end time madness” as well. Not sure how you can claim to not have a certain amount of bias on that one, but no matter. As a preterist, how exactly DO you see history playing out, might I ask? Are we just going to keep “progressing forward” as things get better and better? Is there no Second Coming of Christ at all in your view?

Anyhow… Your article is more or less built around the typical argument of “Well of course conspiracy happens, but hey, they’re small and easy to spot, and so we should be able to make a distinction between those “realistic” examples of conspiracy, and the full on “crazy” ones…” (is that a fair description?) Yet, there are much bigger “substantiated” examples of massive-scale conspiracies than Watergate, and far more sinister as well…

Hitler and the Nazis “conspired” to eradicate Jews and the “non-desirables” from Europe (and ultimately, the world) through the implementation of a highly organized system whose sole function was to destroy human life with assembly-line efficiency. (I suppose you don’t think there was anything “satanic” going on with any of that…?) The rest of the world allegedly had no knowledge of this massive program (there were rumors, of course, but to believe in them would’ve mean believing a pretty intense “conspiracy theory”)

The Manhattan Project involved thousands upon thousands of people all working on various aspects of a project whose intention was to create the most devastating weapon the world had ever seen. It was as though an entire city was all working together on a singular secret project, yet the rest of the American public was completely unaware the whole time, until later when the project was disclosed.

The Federal Reserve as well was formed in secret, and confessed by the men who created it as something they “conspired” to do, using all sorts of chicanery to put the production of the U.S. dollar into their private control. (The “Federal Reserve” is definitively NOT a Federal institution, but a private bank). This is not “theory”, but open, documented fact.

But as to your question about “How is it that the Illuminati managed to reach all these dancers and send a secret message to people watching the Super Bowl?” The answer to that one is really quite simple, in that you obviously don’t need to brainwash every dancer on a stage for a performance filled with Satanic symbolism. (duh!) Every music video, every stage performance, and for that matter, every film, tv show, news program, etc., is produced, directed, and edited by a comparatively small number of people. Those are the people who can put whatever symbolism, message, meaning, or imagery they choose into anything they produce…. The people dancing and singing and acting and reading the teleprompters are really just living puppets.

But finally, as to your point about our belief in Jesus making us look “ridiculous” to the rest of the world…

You’d better believe the world is going to think you’re “ridiculous” for believing in Him, and if you think that’s something you need to try and mitigate as much as possible, then wow, that frightens me…

Think about it. You lament how Christians need to better interpret their Bibles, but when we pick up the Bible and actually read it, it is full of the most “fantastic” stories and ideas and claims you could imagine. It claims that God made man and woman, put em in a garden, then some serpent/devil creature comes along and tells them to eat it, and if they do, they’ll become like God, become “enlightened”, so they do it, but they don’t become gods, only trapped by sin, and then they realize they’re nude, get kicked out of the garden, etc., etc., God later floods the whole earth yet saves eight people. He raises up a people to be His own, saving them through plagues and miracles and seas that split in two and water that pours out of rocks. He smashes cities with parades and trumpets. He kills giants with pebbles. He turns kings into beasts, and makes other beasts speak. He closes the mouths of hungry lions, keeps people singe-free in fiery pits, and takes people on underwater ocean cruises inside the stomach of aquatic wildlife. Then this “Jesus guy” comes along, and whoa baby, does HE ever do some weird stuff. Making the blind see, the lame walk, casting out these invisible spirit things who apparently were taking control of people all over the place… He even was killed, and then was claimed to have risen from the DEAD and could walk through walls and teleport and such. Then they say He floated up into the sky, back to “heaven”, after which His followers stayed here and told everyone about it, and cast out these invisible evil things that are supposedly flying around everywhere, but we can’t see or hear them, and this Jesus guy is supposedly still alive and even “coming back” one day, yet, in this totally crazy book at the end, it talks about this “dragon” character and how he’s totally been fighting against this Jesus dude the whole time, and is going to try and kill everyone who loves him, and is even at some point going to gather “all the kinds of the earth” to make war against Him……

Yet… You don’t at all see the Bible itself that fully encompasses the “fantastic” and even the “conspiratorial”……?
(end of my original comment)

Now, there are only a couple other points I’d want to add to my already ridiculously long retort to this article.  First, to the pred-purple-jellyfish-crossota-millsae_10670_600x450oint insinuating that “conspiracy theorists” are guilty of the mindset “I read it on the internet so it must be true”.  You hear this all the time, and it’s really a sucker-punch, a pathetic attempt to discredit information or ideas by pointing to the fact that the internet played a part in the exchange of this information and ideas.  It’s really quite a tired and poor argument, honestly.  Never mind the irony that this accusation is itself being put forth in a blog post, on the internet (so should we disregard the author altogether as total nonsense because he’s sharing his thoughts online?) but the underlying implication going on here is that of course the people looney enough to believe in grandiose “conspiracy theories” or in such nonsense as the “illuminati” couldn’t actually have done their due diligence and looked for a weighty compilation of independent yet agreeing sources, or well-examined and authenticated evidence, no, they must have simply watched some youtube video made by some unemployed, anti-social middle-aged bum living in their parent’s basement.  It’s just substituting insult for argument.  Such accusations and ad hominem attacks come from people who have never even heard of, let alone looked into themselves, such vast compositions of true, bona fide research and data-analysis as found in things like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  (oh wait, sorry, that’s a link for a website, and if it’s on the internet, it must be baloney…) 😉  I guess that’s why corporations, governments, media outlets, etc. all have chosen to eschew putting their information online as well, because it would only serve to discredit them….(!?)

deep-sea-creatures-002Secondly, there is the other common claim that “this thinking also leads to a heightened arrogance”.  It’s funny, because this is exactly the SAME sort of thing you hear on a regular basis from atheists and other non-Christians who find your claim that the Jesus is the only way to God, that heaven and hell are real, and that all the other religions are false and deceptive to be the absolute epitome of arrogance!  All the belief systems are wrong, and deceived, and leading people to hell?  Why, what narcissism!  What gall!  As though the people who have come to put their faith in Christ and His word have done so simply as a function of their own internal desire to be above everyone else, to condemn them, and have some sort of self-created sense of exclusivity in the world…  Yes, atheists can be pretty adept at smacking Christians around with this one, and yet Christians will then turn right around and use the exact same logic to try and silence their brothers and sisters who they find to be totally off the deep end…fish

But alas, I AM off the “deep end”, learning to embrace the tides of life and let the currents take me, instead of hiding in my own little cove and pretending that entire roaring ocean doesn’t exist.  And the further I go into those “Deeper Waters” Mr. Peters, the deeper they seem to get.  The weirder, and crazier and more amazing and beautiful and scary and awesome and almost unbelievable they become.  Only HE can plumb the depths of all that is and has been and will be in this vast and incredible universe that He has made, but He has promised to be with us, always, as we swim through even the darkest, and deepest, and most shark-infested of waters…


Thank You, Dr. Stan…

drstanJust found out this morning that Dr. Stanley Monteith went to be with Jesus yesterday. It would be hard to fully encapsulate all that this man has done in service to the Lord and to the Truth regarding the Days that we are all living in today. The man was a pioneer, a servant, an intellectual, and a true example to all the Saints who have been destined by God to live in the Last Days. This man was researching and revealing the constructs of the New World Order before I was born, and I only discovered his show, Radio Liberty, a couple years ago, but in that time I have listened to countless hours of amazing interviews and discussions on all sorts of pressing international and spiritual topics. He has my utmost respect and thanks, and if anyone deserves to finally go and be able rest from his labors for the Lord in the last century, it is this man.

James Corbett, who was regularly featured as a guest on Radio Liberty, has written a stirring tribute, In Memoriam Stan Monteith.
Even Alex Jones (who I am often not a fan of his style/rhetoric) had some laudable words for this man who paved the way for so many now speaking out on these things today.

Color Me Terrified….

A coloring book to teach kids about ISIS and the threat of terrorism? What a fantastic idea. After all, we now have a whole generation of children out there who were either not born yet, or too young to be fully impacted by the psychological trauma inflicted by 9/11, so what a great way to teach them about the scary Muslims out there who want to kill us all….

I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. Every day I feel like we really are that much closer to living in pre-war Germany….
anti-terrorism-coloring-bookWhat will you do when they come for YOU kids…?
11Look at Osama, that coward, hiding behind a woman……
451You see Billy?  The terrorists kill people by crucifying them.  Can you say “crucify”…?
"Tell the Truth - Tell it Often - Tell the Children" anti-terrorism colouring book, America - 28 Aug 2013
People in uniforms keep us safe, so always do whatever they tell you!
"Tell the Truth - Tell it Often - Tell the Children" anti-terrorism colouring book, America - 28 Aug 2013Hatred and killing is A-OK, as long as you hate the “bad guys”!!

“Daddy, can you help me find another red crayon so I can finish coloring all the blood..?


paradigmsI would have to think that by now, most people have at least heard of the idea “9/11 was an inside job”. I don’t know. Maybe not. There are after all plenty of other important info-bytes constantly vying for people’s attention, such as NFL fisticuffs in elevators and such. Even if most people have at least heard of the concept by now, I would still assume that most Americans have still not actually taken any time to take any serious look into the topic themselves, although I do believe this is something that is continuing to slowly, steadily change…

Paradigms are a funny thing. It would seem quite possible to live one’s entire life without even realizing that one even HAD a “paradigm” in the first place, until that paradigm was actually challenged, cracked, or even destroyed.

When I first encountered the claims about building 7 being a clear instance of controlled demolition, I was soon completely amazed to discover just how many intelligent, professional individuals had contributed mountains of research into the investigation of 9/11, men like Richard Gage, who brought many years of experience with them as architects and structural engineers, etc. If you haven’t yet looked into the findings of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, then you haven’t even begun to seriously examine what exactly did happen on that fateful day.

But the thing that most astounded me as I began to learn about all the, shall we say, “anomalous” facts surrounding 9/11, wasn’t even the realization that this was in fact carried out by people who are clearly operating within our own government and military, (in short, a mother of a “conspiracy”), but it was the revelation that all the massive amounts of damning evidence to the fact it was in fact an inside job were just so readily available, for anyone to see it they merely bothered to look.

I started to realize how it wasn’t the issue of accessibility to evidence that was the key factor in what people chose to believe, it was the fundamental question of their willingness to question their over-arching paradigm…

Some might think of a “paradigm” as being akin to a “worldview”, but I think I’m inclined to see them as not quite the same. Though very similar concepts, a “worldview” might be described as what a person consciously thinks of themselves as believing, while “paradigm” encapsulates everything, the conscious and subconscious. Both the articulated, propositional-truth kinds of beliefs, and all the internalized, schemata-based, associations and emotions and nostalgic constructs which influence us daily on levels that we rarely recognize.

The amount of energy, money, time, and effort that go into the elaborate constructions of our paradigms, (particularly as they relate to our identities as citizens of what we are told since birth as being “the greatest country on Earth”), is almost impossible to fully measure. Since our earliest moments as children born into a world with TV screens and movie theaters and top 40 hits, to now the kids who crawl around in their diapers and learn to count on touch-screens, we are bombarded with a bajillion different little icons and messages and stories and songs, coming from a bajillion different angles and places, all of which contribute to what is essentially a singular and fairly simple message: “You are blessed to be here. You have freedoms that others fought and died for. You have opportunity. You have rights. You have privilege. You are lucky to be a part of America, because America is “#1” and so and so forth…. 🙂

The thing which prevents most Americans from even giving the slightest bit of serious thought to the possibility that people within their own government could actually be responsible for the murder of thousands of their own citizens, is this: It is simply too horrific and too destructive to their entire notion of reality to contemplate.

It is our beloved paradigms, (or more specifically, our deep and devout attachments to them), which allow virtually all of these false flag events and staged mock trials and faux revolutions and everything else to continually occur. It is really just idolatry, idolatry in the form of buying into this massive tapestry of American dreams, that blinds us to what is going on right in front of our own faces. It is the idolatry of believing in our own privileged place in the world, our beacon of “democratic light”, which fuzzies our vision and keeps us from recognizing that the United States is anything BUT a force for “democracy” around the world, and that our cities and capitols are strewn with ancient occult symbols and edifices, quietly screaming their Pagan ideologies on a daily basis for anyone bothering to listen…

So, on this 13th anniversary of the day that “forever changed America and the World”, my question would simply be: “Are we willing to seek the Truth, regardless of how uncomfortable or disturbing or bizarre it might become along the way…?”

No wonder they singled him out in Ferguson, MO…

If you actually take the time to watch the entirety of this video which has “surfaced” about Sgt. Major Dan Page, shortly after he supposedly “shoved” a reporter during the tensions in Ferguson, MO., you can start to understand why the PTSB would want to demonize this individual.  It also becomes clear (to anyone with a minimum capacity for critical thinking) that the allegations thrown at him regarding things like “boasting about being killer” and “promoting domestic violence” etc., are both ludicrous and examples of his tongue-in-cheek no-nonsense military personality making comments which are taken out of context and twisted around.  Of course, when he stands up and calls homosexuals “sodomites” (repeatedly), it comes as no surprise that he would be completely and utterly painted as a bigot and guilty of “hate speech”.  Few people would dare even use the “s-word” in public these days.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what they’re pointing to in trying to call him “racist”…

But I find this whole thing rather fascinating, firstly because I find it amazing that of all the police “behavior issues” that went on during the protests in Ferguson, the reporter and accompanying cameraman were quite fixated on filming Sgt. Maj. Page in particular (even though there were all the other officers aiming guns at people, hitting with nightsticks, etc…)  Coincidence?  After watching this video myself (of him giving the presentation at the “Oath Keeper’s” meeting), which apparently has now prompted Page’s boss at the police department to give him a leave of absence, I really don’t think so.  Consider the list of things that this veteran of the military very boldly proclaims is coming upon this country, in his view probably by the time 2015 rolls around…

1) The replacement of the Constitution with a newly written one.

2) Removal of the 1st, 2nd, and 8th Amendments.

3) Martial Law being imposed on the populace.

4 The globe being divided into ten regions of global governance.  The U.S. being divided into ten regions as well.

5) A collapse of the U.S. economy.

6) The eradication of Posse Comitatus and the coming use of military troops within the United States on civilians.

7) The illegitimacy of the President’s claim to U.S. citizenship.

8) The use of FEMA camps and “education barracks” for children.

9) The purging of the military.

10) That Bible-believing Christians will be labeled “domestic terrorists”.

11) The use of psy-ops to distract the population and give false pretext for war and martial law.

12) That certain people in the military had prior knowledge of the attacks on 9/11.

13) That the government of the United States will be brought to a swift and violent end and quickly incorporated into a system of global governance.

Now…  I’m not much of a “salute the troops” kinda guy.  I usually have a hard time listening to men like this, who have been hardened by years of serving in the military hierarchy and the memories of having killed people they never knew.  I’m still kinda shocked that I’m finding myself watching this, and going, “Yeah…  He knows he’s got a ‘target on his back’, and he’s right”.  (49:30)  But he spoke out anyway.  He knew the risk he was taking.  But he also knows what’s coming.  How many people on the “inside” have to stand up and speak out before we start to listen?  29942

I guess I just find it so ironic…  I mean, these are kind of the men you have to have, leading your forces, when you send them into countries all over the world and enact genocide upon innocent peoples in order to further your imperialist aims.  These are the sort of dudes you see being heralded and celebrated in all those WWII movies, guys who sacrificed, and fought, and obeyed orders, and killed…

But clearly Page has convictions and conscience that go above and beyond the indoctrination and the fear of opposing these people.  He says “what are they gonna do, kill me?”  And really, that’s an attitude we all need to be reminded of.  I’m not one who believes in trying to physically resist whatever might come, but I do think we need to take very seriously such warnings about contractor soldiers being used on the populace to remove the “incorrigibles”…  I believe that day is indeed coming soon, and it will indeed call for “patient endurance on behalf of the Saints…”

Kirk to Bridge: Stop Fighting…

The sad thing is that in some ways, it really is this simple. If people simply refused to fight in armies and wars against people they’ve never met, then it would actually be impossible for an elite cabal to consolidate power across the globe, regardless of how much they “owned” or how much fake money they printed.

Tough Questions…

HT_james_wright_foley_jef_140819_16x9_992By now everyone has heard the latest news regarding the journalist James Foley.  I flipped on the tube last night while preparing dinner as the story was breaking.  I’m not exactly sure just how readily available the actual video of his beheading still is on the internet (it’s at least been removed from Youtube), but I admit, I searched for it for a few minutes to no avail.  Not for some macabre fascination with seeing brutal killings, but this is just one of those things, where for those of us who understand the truly Machiavellian methods employed by the PTSB, this is exactly the kind of thing which cannot simply be taken at face value and assumed to be all that it appears on the surface, simply because it is so horrific and sensitive in nature, and crosses certain lines of perception and international intrigue never quite before experienced, or because it appeals to our preconditioned reactions to the traumatic and unsavory.  So for those reasons, I confess, if I had the chance, I’d be interested in seeing the actual video.  Maybe that’s not a super politically-correct thing to say, I don’t know, but the reality is that this death, and the intended media spectacle created by it, fits perfectly and obviously into the broader “script”.

Supposedly the video shows Foley speaking before his beheading saying “”I call on my friends, family members and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the U.S. government.’” I don’t know if this is indeed true, since as I said I haven’t seen the actual video yet, and who knows if I ever will.  If he did say that, then who knows if that was just something he was forced to say, or if it came from his own freewill.  Perhaps that could be one of the reasons why the government would want it removed from public view, to remove that element from the conversation completely.  Maybe they just don’t want the masses picking apart the video for any clues/inconsistencies in the videography or location or clothing or whatever.  (you would think though that by now there are already millions of copies of the original video floating around, but anyways…)

Obama just delivered a message to the world, talking about how “a just God would never tolerate this” (wow…) and vowing to do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe (and of course, as another captured journalist waits in the wings, needing rescue by the globalist Western forces…)  Anyhow, what I DID manage to just see (maybe ten minutes ago now) was the interview of Foley’s parents, available for viewing here.  (sorry, it’s FOX News, but it’s where I could find it…)  Maybe I’m crossing boundaries here, maybe I’m letting my caution give way to borderline “paranoia”, but honestly, after going back over myriads of interview videos of the parents/family of victims of things like Sandy Hook and others, I can’t help but watch such interviews now with a massive degree of skepticism and scrutiny, especially when they turn out to so blatantly reinforce the party line…

As I watched the parents of James Foley speak, I was instantly struck by the very surprising composure maintained especially by the mom, who let’s remember only just yesterday found out her son was decapitated, and done so publicly for the world to watch.  It was her demeanor more than anything which came across to me as more than a little odd, especially as the interview went on.  There was even a fleeting moment where someone asks her about her other sons, and she says “We have four sons, no, three sons…”   (you don’t know how many sons you have…?)  The Dad breaks down a few times, yet the mom almost inexplicably continues to spout off highlights of her son’s career, and enumerate various factoids and anecdotal praise for her son with astonishing calm.  Maybe some would say that since their son was captured around two years ago, they’ve already undergone most of their grieving and so were more or less prepared for such an event…  Maybe they really do have a sincere faith in God and that is what is giving them the strength to speak to the media at such length, only hours after the globally-broadcast execution of their child, with a casualness and comfortability most people would not have in speaking to reporters under any circumstance…  Maybe Foley is really nothing more than an innocent reporter, who fell into the hands of some really bad folks (and interestingly enough, this was apparently his second kidnapping, not his first…)  Maybe it’s actually just extremely uncouth and in bad form to question the parents of a man who just died so horrifically.

Or maybe that’s precisely the kind of psychological barrier we are expected not to cross, in order not to question the amazingly-fortuitous manner which an event as ugly and jarring as this actually fits right into the overall agenda of fomenting the American public and the world at large into buying into the never-ending, ever-increasing, “Big-Brother-please-save-me-from-the-bad-guys” agenda of the Luciferian “war on terror”…