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This is what Worship in the New World Religion looks like…

I was listening to a podcast the other day where my brother Sam was interviewing Carl Teichrib from on various aspects of the Green Movement and the Environmentalist Agenda and how this factors into the broader globalist agenda, and in that interview they touched upon a topic which Carl has spoken about before in other venues, the subject of “Transformational Festivals” and their relationship with the broader message/philosophy of Monism, or “One-ness”. A while back I had listened to Teichrib discuss this in a fascinating interview with Julian Charles of the Mind Renewed podcast, (which I highly, HIGHLY recommend to anyone) and when I was reminded about this topic it really struck a chord in me, perhaps partially due to the fact that we just recently had the “Electric Daisy Carnival” here in Vegas a few weeks ago, which is a perfect example of this growing phenomenon that Teichrib explains.

Honestly, what I’m really feeling compelled to do is be able to sit down and put together some kind of video compilation featuring parts of Teichrib’s presentation, with various video footage, (similar to what I did for the CERN/Anthony Patch material), but I really just haven’t been able to find the time lately, so I’m throwing this post together instead for the time being.

Despite temperatures that were well into the hundreds, only one person died at this year’s EDC, a statistic which organizers call an overall success, and when you actually stop and take in the mind-boggling scope and scale of how many people were attending and raving away all weekend in the desert heat, it is pretty amazing that more didn’t actually die from heat exhaustion or drug overdoses, or combinations of the two…

But seriously, when you look at even just the official video trailer for an event like EDC (above), you quickly start to recognize the prevalence of this message of “One-ness” being trumpeted all over the place, exactly as Teichrib purports. The video below starts with a tune singing “We’re all in this together…” and the constant visual/lyrical theme throughout is all about “Being One”, “Coming together”, “everyone lovingEDC7 each other”, etc. Sure, it’s in the familiar context of taking ecstasy and dancing in psychedelic-imagery-overload sea of people, a veritable sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll 2.0, but don’t be fooled into thinking that there isn’t in fact a very discernable spiritual ethos tracing it’s way through all of it. It’s a party, absolutely, but more than a party, it is worship. It is a tangible embodiment of the New World spiritualism, a high-tech, ear-splitting, sensory-assaulting sanctuary, which in the end can be accurately described as a modern-day, ramped-up version of the same kind of thing that went on so long ago back in Canaan, in groves and around Asherah poles and such.

edc-owl-700x392And on that note, it’s therefore not at all surprising to notice the profuse degree of esoteric/mystic symbolism used in even the decorations for the stage(s) and grounds etc. The main stage at this years EDC featured what was clearly resembling a gothic cathedral type thing (with pipe organ in the middle) with huge owls on either side, and another stage featured a massive animatronic owl in the center which essentially recreated a massive frenzied adoration to a robotic idol of Molech…

Another festival in a similar vein gaining lots of attention and containing all the same elements is the Tomorrowland Festival. Video below:

As Teichrib explains, this whole phenomenon is one that is growing by leaps and bounds, year after year,(Burning Man being the one most people have probably heard of, yet there are now hundreds of them around the globe) and representing an overall spiritual/experiential drive about which the modern Christian Church is in many regards completely out to lunch. On a fairly simplistic level, I believe that even a cursory glance at the sheer magnitude of audio/visual/sexual/emotional stimulation being packed into such events should leave no doubt that it’s laughable to continue trying to “compete” with that. In that light, it’s probably a good thing, because it forces the question to be asked as to what REALLY constitutes the power of Christ and the attractiveness of His Truth and living a life for Him. It’s not about building bigger buildings, creating cooler and more impressive sets and performances and everything else. It’s not about trying to make “Faith-honoring” movies in hopes of “competing” with Hollywood. It’s not about trying to compete with the World in order to appeal to the Flesh in hopes of getting people in the door. That road is empty. That approach to satisfying the desires of the fallen body, and appeasing the self-idolizing inclinations of the fallen mind, still end in death. The “Myth of One-ness”, is still exactly that, a myth. A deadly lie…
For me, what is really crazy to think about when it comes to these massive festivals, with all their massive light shows and animatronic occult figurines and everything else, is how these New World Order Worship gatherings (and let’s face it, that’s what they are), could be foreshadowing even bigger, more occultic, more globally-based versions in the days to come. So much has already been speculated on things like the Mark of Beast, or the Image of the Beast, the Abomination of Desolation, etc., yet I can’t help but wonder if possibly one day the False Prophet and/or the False Messiah might bask in the worship of millions upon millions of people around the globe, as scores of interconnected festivals in cities all over the planet full of tranced-out revelers all lose themselves in the overwhelming manic praise of this “New Era” of love, peace and One-ness they believe is being ushered into history. Perhaps a dazzling holographic image of the Beast Supercomputer’s “face” will fill every pulsating, neon-exploded stage. Perhaps the Beast himself will be hailed as the most amazing DJ ever. Who knows. It does sound a little out there, I admit, but then again, when I think about the dizzying degree of spectacle already in existence right now at these festivals, I’m not sure my mind could even really imagine it if I hadn’t seen the footage myself…

It’s ALL From the SAME Source…

I realize I’ve been a bit sparse on writing my own blog posts as of late, (mostly just been posting videos and reblogs if anything), but I’ve been taking a slight break I suppose, as well as last week I spent a couple of days putting together the “CERN Rock” vid. I’m starting to work on making a ‘part II’ video this week, to focus on the topic of the “adiabatic quantum computer” and it’s connection to CERN, the Mark of Beast, etc., but in the mean time I thought I’d write a little something about an interesting documentary I watched over the weekend.

sourcefamily“The Source Family” tells the story of an L.A.-based cult centered around a man named Jim Baker in the late sixties, early 70’s, a cult which had it’s beginnings in the natural foods restaurant known as the “Source Restaurant which Baker owned, but eventually progressed into a full-on every-hippie-cliché-imaginable, New Age guru/messiah-worshipping, polygamous sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll commune.

Rather than trying to retell the progression of the rise and fall of “Father Yod’s” (as he came to call himself) Aquarian community, (which anyone I’m sure can google/wiki for themselves) I simply wanted to speak to the amazing proliferation of occult symbolism and connections which were prevalent throughout the documentary, and make a simple point about how this connects to the broader topic of NWO-type “Luciferian globalism” and Illuminati-esque occult “stuff”…

Right off the bat, no one could miss the glaring use of the “Great Seal” with the “All-seeing Eye” as the central image on the Source Restaurant’s sign on Sunset Blvd. This alone speaks volumes really. This is in the sixties after all, for a raw-food restaurant full of meditating hippies… Doesn’t get much more “anti-establishment” than that! Interestingly enough though, beyond just the prevalent use of the “Illuminati eye”, there are many shots in the film which also show signs made depicting the other side of the “Great Seal”, the one with the eagle holding the 13 arrows and everything. Apparently “Father Yod” understood these two images to be very powerful occult talismans indeed.

And “Father Yod”, (or “Ya-Ho-Wa” as he also blasphemously named himself), was no amateur dabbler when it came to the occult. One “Aquarian” tells of how the first time he met Father Yod, when he was touched on the shoulder, his “Kundalini” energy shot straight up his spine. Another woman tells of how “Yod” was determined to take all the “best” practices from all sorts of different mystical schools and traditions, and would take his “spiritual children” to learn at the feet of other “masters”, one of whom they mention by name is the famous author and Freemason, Manly P. Hall

0976082292Throughout the film, there is an absolute proliferation of pentagrams and hexagrams, pyramids, eyes and ankhs, often being incorporated into the album cover-art for the rock band that Father Yod and some of the cult-members formed. You see Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah and Freemasonry all being thrown into a big groovy, psychedelic mix. Then, after the “Family” had left the restaurant business altogether, and moved to a more remote residence away from their Manson-family-fearing neighbors, and “Father Yod” had made the move to start taking on dozens of the women as “wives” (basically he was having sex with all of them, even ones very young) they talk about how he really started getting into the “dark stuff” when he began getting into ritual sex magic as taken from the teaching of the “Order of the Golden Dawn”…

Aleister_Crowley_1310Anyone who has studied the figure of Aleister Crowley and the occult orders he created should understand just how truly deep into the “dark side” one is venturing when they start incorporating rituals taught by Crowley. “Crowleyian magik” involves things so debased I wouldn’t begin to try and describe them here. But, it is all a rather poignant example which serves to illustrate just where all these dabblings with trying to “expand the mind” and reach “enlightment” by way of meditation and altered states of consciousness ultimately leads.

In the course of following the various angles and agendas of the “shadow government”, one comes along many, many other like-minded individuals, often doing great research, who get sucked into the New Age themselves. This is no accident really, with the many “Truther”/conspiracy authors and researchers out there such as David Icke, David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, (and many others) who are all communicating with the “other side”, and very much in contact with the SAME entities and powers who were leading and influencing Crowley, “Father Yod”, and yes, the “Luciferian elites” who are so despised by most “freedom-loving Truthers”…

It’s really NOT difficult to piece together friends, how all these esoteric branches are really just growing from the same Luciferian tree. They all make the same empty promises of “enlightenment”, “expanded consciousness”, in essence, becoming a god yourself. But in the end, they all lead to the same dead-end, the same used-up, disillusioned fate. Crowley died a penniless, haunted drug addict. “Father Yod” took a Kamikaze flight off a Hawaiian cliff in a hang-glider, hoping to sever ties with this world after realizing that in fact he was NOT God, but only a man… He landed safely, but still died somewhat mysteriously a few days later.

Jim Baker was truly worshipped by his “family”, not because people are simply horribly stupid and naïve, but because they really are hungry for Love, for a Father, and for a spiritual experience that feels real and alive, and not just dry, dead religion. Satan is good as offering counterfeits which can seem like the real deal. He is the source of countless false forms of spirituality and experience, on BOTH the “establishment” side, (the Bohemian-Grovers, the Vatican crypts, the well-healed secret societies…) AND the free-spirit, “anything goes”, a-la-carte New Age philosophy “Light” side…

Only JESUS can satisfy that inner hunger for Love, meaning, forgiveness, belonging and purpose. Only He can give us true freedom, and true Hope in the face of all the oppression, lies and death going on in the world today. All Satan has in the end are million different empty counterfeits. Only the true Christ, who died for our sins, can bring us back to the TRUE Source of all things….

A Continuation of the “Gradual Revealing of the Illumined”..?

CBYkR_7WoAAQlQ6When you put a group of “artists” together onstage consisting of figures like Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Rinhann, and the princess of the provocative, Madonna, it’s no surprise that there would be an instant “buzz” online about it being akin to some kind of music industry Illuminati gathering/ceremony. What I do find interesting however, is the response Madonna gave about this on her instagram, which reads:

If you refer to Tidal as Illuminati, you are paying us the highest of compliments, As I’ve stated before it is another name for “The Enlightened Ones” a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shaped the world for the better! Do the research and find out for yourself! #knowledge is power #rebelheart

“The highest of compliments”…(?) This is truly fascinating. “Do the research and find out for yourself”? Ok, so she’s not exactly coming out and saying “Yes we are all the Illuminati”, but she is undoubtedly giving praise to the term, and encouraging people to go research it themselves and learn about how the “Enlightened Ones” have changed and shaped the world for the better.

This is all the more interesting, when held up in context next to all the glowing hype Jay Z and his fellow “artist” owners (yes, I’m intentionally putting “artists” in quotes there….) are building around the new platform called “TIDAL”, which they claim is basically going to revolutionize the music industry and the listening experience of every music fan, and more or less change and shape the world for the better

Every one of the artists onstage during the “launch ceremony” took turns signing an absurdly pretentious “Declaration” proclaiming how TIDAL will put the power back in the “artists” hands and change the history of music forever…

So far though, it seems that all that TIDAL has done is make Jay Z that much richer.

But one thing I will say, in my own little addition to the ongoing Jay Z – Illuminati rumor mill that refusesTidallogo to die, (mainly because of the insane amount of symbolism/references he himself uses towards Aleister Crowley, Rockefellers, etc…) is that yet again, we see more blatant occult-related symbolism in the logo of this new venture, “TIDAL”, with the use of an upside triangle, checkered with the black and white squares, an obvious nod to Freemasonic ritual. Jay Z indeed seems incapable of putting out anything which does not in some way or another continue to perpetuate the appearance of him and all of his associations within the music industry as indeed being completely occult-centered at the core.

Sometimes, this is how I worship….

There are a lot of ways by which we can express our feelings and thoughts towards our Creator and Redeemer, beyond the usual forms of corporate worship (which is a great thing, don’t get me wrong) Gardening can be worship. Writing poetry can be worship. Lending yourself towards helping out others who are in need or hurting, that is probably one of God’s favorite forms of worship of them all.

For me, as a drummer, you’re used to typically playing along with other musicians or tracks, serving as the “backbone” of the rhythm section, the rhythm itself being fairly dictated by how the song was written, and wanting to be played by the rest of the group (tempo, etc.) Anyhow, something I’ve been getting more into over the last couple of years, (instead of just playing along to pre-existing drum parts in songs that I love) has been the exploration of more “fluid” approaches to playing along to music. So far my favorite thing to play along to in this way is the album “Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow” by a group called “Hammock”. What I find so compelling about playing along to this, is that every track on the album has such an ethereal, very dream-like quality. There are no drums, guitars, nothing. Just sort of pure ambient feeling. Half the time it’s almost impossible to discern any rhythm/tempo at all, even though they’re in there, buried deep inside the swells of sound.

What this makes for is almost limitless possibilities when it comes to adding drumbeats to such music as this. I could play along to the same song 20 times, and probably never play the same beat, even if I tried. The beauty of it is that it allows me to just “let go”, and let the feeling of the music sort of take over, lead you where it wants to go. There’s a crazy freedom to it. Sure, there are lots of spots in here where I “mess up” the beat, or might even just suddenly switch over from one rhythm or tempo to another, but it’s ok. The goal isn’t to try and be some human replacement for a drum machine, the point is that we as human beings have been created with innate senses of creativity, passion, even unpredictability, and so when I am “tapping into that”, I very much do feel like I am worshipping my Maker in a way that is quite unique from the rest of my earthly experiences….

What kinds of things do you perhaps do, as “alternative forms of worship”…??

I woke up with this song in my head….

That happens sometimes, but usually it’s one you’ve heard recently. Don’t think I had listened to this song in quite some time however. Nevertheless, there it was, playing clear as anything in my mind. Found this video of it on YT, where somebody took this beautiful song, so haunting and yet full of sober reflection, and set it against the backdrop of a film-footage-montage that makes for quite an interesting pairing. How much pain and suffering has gone on in the world that was ultimately prompted by the cyclical desire for trivial, temporal things…

“Cycling Trivialities”

Too blind to know your best
Hurrying through the forks without regrets
Different now, every step feels like a mile
All the lights seem to flash and pass you by

So how?s it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

But don’t know which way to turn
Every trifle becoming big concerns
All this time you were chasing dreams
Without knowing what you wanted them to mean

So how’s it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities
So how’s it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

Who cares in a hundred years from now
All your small steps, all your shitty clouds
Who cares in a hundred years from now
Who’ll remember all the players
Who’ll remember all the clowns

So how’s it gonna be
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities
So what does this really mean
When it all comes down, cycling trivialities

Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities

Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities
Cycling trivialities

The Truth is stranger than Radio…. (project in the works…)

truthradioOk, so I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some kind of podcast / radio project / “radio” sort of thang / for quite some time now, but still haven’t quite got there, although I am constantly playing around with sounds/music for “intros”, as that seems to be fun to do just for it’s own sake, and so perhaps that is even half my motive for wanting to do such a thing in the first place.  🙂  But anyhow, I’m still in the “brainstorming” phase really, (I suppose I more or less live in the that phase, but no matter…) and really I don’t know exactly where it might go, but all I think I do know at this point is that I’d want it to be something different, something very free and open in it’s format, and honestly I don’t think I’m looking to do another “let’s sit and interview this author/speaker/person” show, not because I don’t like those types of podcasts, because I love em, it’s just that I don’t necessarily think that’s either my “strength” or my cup o’ tea necessarily…

I think I’m more envisioning something more compilation-oriented, in the vein of say, NPR radio-shows such as “This American Life”, or “Radiolab”, if you’re familiar with those. Just more like little collections of “sound vignettes” and more like just random recorded conversations with people, about, well, all the fun/weird/crazy/prophetic stuff that typically finds it’s way onto the blog here, only I think I’d actually be hoping to collaborate with a lot of my fellow YOUs out there, in a project like this, my friends (and just anybody really) out there in the ‘sphere who might want to talk about, well, anything… How’s that sound? I’d love to just get recordings of stuff like, people’s testimonies, views on what’s going on in the world, governments, pop culture, music, art, the Bible, “spirituality”, conspiracies, NWO, movies, books, and of course, TRUTH!

I already have several of you specifically in mind, so be prepared to start getting some emails peeps, and please, do take the time to let me know what kinds of things YOU’D be interested in talking about, listening to, and just seeing tried overall. It’s not intended to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard in terms of “production value” or anything, nor is it hoped to be something that would garner some massive audience. It’s just, like this blog, another small outlet, a way of hopefully being able connect in a slightly “deeper” way with lots of other people out there, collaborate, get creative, and actually be able to hear the tones in each other’s voices…. Here’s one of the “intros” I’ve come up with:

“We’re the Blood in your Machines”….

After my having just wrote my recent iParody, wherein I jokingly referred to Apple CEO Time Cook as “worshipful master”, I almost fell out of my chair today when I heard Bono call Cook “zen master” during their awkward onstage presentation of the new U2 album “Songs of Innocence”, which was (oh so altruistically) “given away free” (or conversely, spammed to, without wanting it) half a billion iTunes subscribers yesterday, in what ultimately has to be one of the lamest corporate/celebrity stunts yet. (I suppose the similar release of the “U2 iPod” ten years ago would still be in the top ten…)

But ok. Since Bono & Co. apparently have absolutely no shame in their willingness to be used as props of propaganda by the iLITES, I can’t feel much shame either about jumping on the bandwagon and pointing out not only the overall hokeyness and tone of desperation such a move conveys, but also of course the deeper, spiritual messages embedded in all of it. Sure, Bono is being “playful” when he bows to Cook and calls him “Zen master”, and makes the comment about “we are the blood in your machines”, but the joking merely a way of glazing over the incredible degree to which all involved parties really believe such concepts to be true. That’s when these kinds of statements can be recognized to be quite prophetic, or creepy, or both.

U2’s monistic spiritual themes aren’t particularly hard to flesh out, but I suppose that’s part of why it’s so disconcerting when you think about the fact that they have long been one of those few, rare groups who have managed to pass themselves off to a good many Christian music fan as being vaguely in line with a Biblical message. In some ways they have been some of the most central icons for the “Emergent Church” generation, who have very much embraced the idea of being “relevant” through social action, enthusiastically embracing/trusting technology, and “inclusive” spirituality.

u2sunsymbol But is it just a message of run-of-the-mill, worldly relativism, or is there perhaps something more going on? What’s up with all the sun worship symbolism? This new microphone gimmick of Bono’s is quite interesting, to say the least. This new album is supposed to contain songs which by and large talk about significant moments from the band member’s pasts and childhoods, yet much of the lyrics (like most of their material) leaves plenty of room for many levels of interpretation. The song “This is where you can reach me” is supposed to inspired by the time the band saw the Clash play back in 1977, yet I was hard-pressed to find any lines in the song that really made any logical connection to that topic at all, but instead contains lines like:

We come from an ancient place
Beyond what we can see
We’ve come to colonise your night
And steal your poetry


I dunno. I honestly can’t figure out if Bono/U2’s obsession with trying to associate themselves with 70’s punk bands like the Clash and the Ramones is really just them being nostalgic about their own rock ‘n roll idols as teenagers, or if there’s something more to it than just that. Maybe it’s just a way of trying to re-inject some edginess back into a band brand that is still trying to do all it can in it’s role as prophets for the New World Order. Bono doesn’t seem ready to retire his sunglasses just yet. (Perhaps he thinks he’s gonna need them for when the sun-god finally rises again…?) Either way, all I know for sure is that I don’t want their “blood” in my “machines”…

Laurel Canyon: The serene Illuminist suburb which sprang forth the largest “counter-culture” psy-op in history…

Laurel_CanyonThis whole thing is has so many pieces, so many tangents, so many points which branch off, and then circle around to reconnect again, it’s just hard to even know where to begin. The other day, I came across the research of a guy named David McGowan, where he gets deep in the weeds of all the various bizarre and beyond-coincidental connections between this supposedly “organic” group of people/musicians who came together in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles and suddenly proceeded to manifest into many of the most famous bands in the history of Rock ‘n Roll…

So, ok, “spoiler alert”, the basic preposition here is that the “hippie movement” wasn’t a spontaneous creation of the youth, but in fact a calculated move on behalf of the folks starting all fake wars and injecting occultism into

Weird_Scenes1SOCIALdsdsdsthe government/culture, in order to supplant what was originally a quite articulate, clean-cut and educated anti-war movement which began on college campuses, into a drugged-out, long-haired, free-loving mess, to be written-off by the majority of “average America” and woefully embraced by the rebellious youth.

In other words, the suit-wearing “stiffs” of the NWO actually created the music culture, the drug culture, and the “sexual revolution” that we all associate with the 1960’s today…

After all, if you are trying to create your masonic New World Order, you have to find some means by which to redirect the angst-filled scrutiny of the few young, educated people who might actually piece together the crimes you are committing in the name of “freedom and democracy”.

How fascinating it is to see McGowan trace out just how many of these famous artists were actually the children of people working deep within the military/intelligence community?

What are the odds that Jim Morrison’s father would actually be the Admiral in charge of the fleet which was claimed to have been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin incident? (the false-flag event which prompted the U.S. to jump into full-fledged “police action in Vietnam…)

Frank Zappa’s daddy was a military intelligence insider, having classified involvement in secret chemical weapons programs before moving out to California.

Overall, the absolute complexity and irony of the characters involved in the stories of Laurel Canyon are hard to exaggerate. You got Charles Manson, you got Harry Houdini (tho supposedly he only owned a mansion there, but never lived in it…) You’ve got virtually every rock name you


could think of to have come out of the 60’s spending time there at some point, from the Monkees to Alice Cooper to Jerry Garcia to the aforementioned Jim Morrison and the Doors. (the name of that band coming from Aldous Huxley’s book “Doors of Perception”…) You’ve got all these military bases and complexes, including the property which served as the U.S. military’s nuclear program film studio. You’ve got Frank Zappa’s “log cabin” house, as well as dozens of other properties, which are reported to have networks of interconnecting tunnels, and caves, and “grottos”..(!)

It’s just the stuff that could really only come out of the nexus of generational occult families living and working in black-op military programs, near bases and secret facilities with all the typical Monarch and MK Ultra mind-control stuff that was going on in that “first generation” of Project Paperclip’s “Mengele’s kids”…jim__s___lizard___poster_by_doorofperceptionqs-d4jwf7a

I’m still researching here, but am definitely blown away by the vast amount of evidence which points to the fact that the occultists working through intelligence and military channels for so many years, may in fact have been the ones responsible for creating the gospel of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll”. Perhaps all those preachers back in the day who ranted and raved about the dangers of the “devil’s music” weren’t all that far off after all….

30 Seconds to… Turn It Off!

untitledSo last I’m up a little later than usual, and I plop myself down on the couch and start flipping through the channels to unwind a bit before bed, and I happen to land on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, just as his musical guest “30 Seconds to Mars” is taking the stage.  I couldn’t find a pic of the actual performance from last night, but the first thing that invades my vision is the “band” playing in front of the same triangle/pyramid image shown above.  (I say “band” because it consisted of the singer, Jared Leto, a keyboard player, and some electronic drums.  *sigh*  This is what passes as “rock” music these days…?)  But seriously, after doing my last post on Illuminati/pyramid symbolism in album covers, needless to say such a visual was impossible to ignore.  I confess, until last night I had only heard of the name “30 Seconds to Mars” in passing, and wasn’t at all familiar with the group, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even seen Jared Leto in any of his acting roles since his debut heartofwisdommarstrianglein “My So-Called Life” back in the 90’s… So of course today I couldn’t help but do some quick googling, and for crying out loud.  You really tumblr_moz0yfKM3x1rkdxrwo1_500couldn’t classify this as a case of “hunting for the occult symbolism”, because honestly, if you do a google image search for the band name, for Leto, their albums, symbols, etc., you are faced with a barrage of nothing BUT esoteric and illuminist iconography!  It’s not even a joke.  It would actually be a real challenge to find a single image associated with this band that doesn’t contain occult meaning.  I mean, just the name itself for starters is a little too obvious, if you have even the most vague familiarity with the significance of Mars in mystery school religions.  But then it just goes on and on, like drinking from a veritable fire hose of occult-derived concepts and phrases and images.  You’ve got everything from their primary logo,(prominently tattooed on both of Leto’s forearms) which doubles as Phoenix-Logothe pyramid/capstone and also one of the symbols of the “elements”, and also it would seem tautographhat it correlates to something called the “Heart of Wisdom”, which comes from Kabbalah.  Then you got the phoenix, the X/O symbolism (which has many layers of meanings; such as time/space), the heavy use of “runes”and other magikal symbols (usually portrayed in a more “modern” or almost alien-looking style), a “trinity” of skulls, and on and on it goes…  Apparently even the way they sign autographs is by simply writing their own unique rune symbol. Five-ElementsA quick perusal of Leto’s childhood and rise to both Hollywood and musical stardom was also pretty interesting.  Originally from Louisiana, his parents divorced early on, and so he moved around a lot due to grandfather being in the airforce.  At some point his mother “joined the hippie movement” (even though he wlogo-echelon-30-seconds-to-marsasn’t even born until 1971?) and so he says, “I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater,” (from  an interview with Kerrang!) “Just having the art communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn’t a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn’t try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”  Eventually he winds up going to two different prestigious D.C. prep schools (as most kids with hippie-upbringings do) before going on to study art and film-making in PA and NY, and then etumblr_ludw7eaSnL1qzub73o1_500ventually moving out to California to get serious about making music (and do a little acting on the side…)  Just your typical kid-with-high-ranking-military-family-has-artsy-hippie-childhood-and-East-Coast-blueblood-education-then-goes-on-to-Hollywood-and-music-industry-super-stardom-fame story.  (I say that jokingly, but when you think about other child actors such as River Phoenix (there’s another interesting name) who actually have somewhat similar stories, it’s not as uncommon as we might think).  Guess I might have to shuffle through the youtube results for “Jared Leto illuminati family”..? Overall, I know I’m not “breaking a story” here in any sense.  I suppose it’s just one of those “I can’t believe Inecklace hadn’t even heard of this already” kinds of things.  But then again, I can believe it, because I’m definitely not trying to keep up with the endless waves of corporately-produced “rock bands” they keep churning out who somehow seem oblivious to the fact that everything they’re doing which they think is so hip and young and cool is nothing but a sad rehash of all the neon and pastel colored garbage that came out in the 80’s, albeit infused with a massively increased dose of occult imagery, themes and symbols.  (like, “Hello? 1983 is calling, th8b490cc378791b0c5d53236ab85cf44eey want their spiked hair and sleeveless Tee’s back…)  But I guess that’s sort of the point.  You can’t hope to infect the entire spectrum of youth culture with your Illuminati-themed tripe if you’re only targeting the hip-hop and heavy-metal crowds.  The sexually-marinated likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry won’t appeal to everyone.  I guess you have to go after the kids who think bands like Maroon 5 (uggh!) are where it’s at as well.  I guess I just have to get over my weird compulsion to want to mock the very idea that such “bands” can even be labejared-leto-30-seconds-to-mars-illuminatiled as “rock” music nowadays, and just focus on the fact that the underlying New Age message inherent in them is every bit as dangerous and deceptive and blasphemous as Perry’s songs about copulating with aliens or Jay Z’s Aleister Crowley worship.

Total Saturation…

covers The above is an assortment of album covers all of which contain some type of illuminati eye/pyramid symbolism.  While a few of them date back to the 60’s – 90’s, the vast majority of them are found on albums released in the 2000’s and beyond (i.e., post 9-11…), a little factoid which I find quite interesting and rather telling.  I compiled this little montage after some conversations I’ve been having with a friend lately, talking about music (a passion we both share) and all the various occult elements and symbolism that can be found and just the whole broader topic of how the Enemy has influenced the music industry and used it for his agenda.  Always a fun topic.  Finding cd covers with artwork containing occult symbolism somewhere in them is of course incredibly easy to do nowadays, and I suppose that is the overall point.  In fact, the site where I discovered a lot of these ones on also included a ton of covers which simply feature a photograph of a single eye on them, as in maybe you could only see half the person’s face, or something like that.  Certainly there are quite obvious examples involving things like Lady Gaga or someone like that covering one eye, or the pictures we’ve all seen of entertainers doing the pyramid/finger thing around an eye, but does that mean every album cover featuring a single eye was doing it on purpose?  I wouldn’t think so, but anyhow, the more you stop and look into things, the more you start to realize just how heavily saturated not just the music industry is, but all of pop culture with all these layers upon layers of both overt and quite subliminal messaging and symbolism…

So shortly after the album cover search, another friend reposts some excellent videos from a blog called Round Saturn’s Eye, where wouldn’t you know it, he’s talking all about this kind of stuff.  And not just from the perspective of someone like myself who is learning about it all from the “outside”, but a guy who came to believe in the true Jesus after personally navigating the marshes of the occult and spiritualist realms himself.  The video below is one of the first one’s I watched:
Latitude Festival 2010 - Saturday
Now… About 2 1/2 minutes into the video, he starts talking about all this 9-11/”ixxi”/gate symbolism, which was something I really hadn’t heard much about before, and how the “xx” represents the gate to Hades in between the masonic pillars and so on… I’m going to have to lthexxook into the “ixxi” thing a little more, because the one thing that did ring a bell was the fact that I know there is actually a band called “The XX”….xxxx All this time, I figured the “XX” was just another attempt to come up with a cool-sounding alt-rock sort of name, and never would have imagined that something like that could potentially have any sort of esoteric meaning attributed to it. You don’t look at the band overall and see any of the common blatant Satanic stuff found in so many of the well-known examples like Madonna and whatnot. It really DOES make me start to wonder just how much of the time I’m having occult symbolism shoved in my face without even having a clue? It’s one thing to see pyramids and devils horns and the like and react to it, but that is really just the beginning. The vast majority of it fills our ears and fields of vision daily without us ever noticing. It’s everywhere. In everything…

Even recently, I was unpleasantly surprised by a discovery I made about a video game that my kids are now super into called Minecraft. In case you don’t know, it’s a game that involves being able to dig/mine materials from an interactive world in order to build virtually anything you could think of. You can build little houses and castles for yourself, and in this sense it is very much just like a huge virtual game of digital legos, and since my kids are legofanatics, how could they NOT like a game like that? Okay, but then you can also play the game to where you build your fortresses/kingdom during the day, and then at night, all these creatures come out and try to get ya. Zombies and wolves and “Creepers” who blow up, etc. K big wup, that’s video games. The thing that made me stop and go “WHA…?”, was when I saw that one of the night-monsters was this creature called “Enderman”, which is clearly in both name and appearance a slapdash spin-off of the now infamous out-of-control internet meme known as “Slenderman”, the fan-fiction based demon figure whose crowd-sourced fictional mythology led to two very real murder cases.ender-slender

I mean, really??  I can’t even try to buy a simple and comparatively “safe” game for my kids to play without them having this kind of junk being pushed into their consciousness?  (I know, I know, some of you are possibly going “Well that’s what you get for letting your kid’s play video games”…)  Anyways.  Even though my family is fairly “sheltered” compared to most folks in terms of imbibing the flows of pop culture, the amount that still reaches us is significant, because the degree to which our society has become so totally saturated with not just “worldliness” and sin and so forth, but with outright occult programming, is simply off the charts.  For ages, these kinds of symbols and concepts and rituals were closely guarded secrets of the initiated few, cloaking them in secrecy in order to keep the public at large completely unaware of their existence.  But now it’s being puked into psyches like a tidal wave of Luciferic indoctrination, and the question almost becomes one of wondering what content out there, what music, what tv show, what movie, even what physical product sitting on the store shelf,  ISN’T infused with some layer of demonic iconography, rather than what is…