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Upping the Ante…

B6vqW0yCQAEbVGkAs James Corbett recently said, you can’t always assume that every act of terrorism is automatically a false flag, but in the case of today’s attack in Paris, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

It would seem that this latest event does break some “new ground” in the agenda to press the threat of global terrorism, in that for possibly the first time, we have now been able to see the actual hooded villains running through the streets and gunning down the innocent, putting a more personal and frightening spin on the event of mass killings, which some might argue has almost stated to become mundane in the minds of people in the last few years.

Now, we get to actually SEE the likes of the masked ISIS killers in our own Western backyard. Whether or not they will eventually be linked to ISIS, or to some other group, or just a handful of “lone wolf” Islamic extremists is really immaterial, since it will serve the broader agenda regardless, and Kerry has already described the event as being an “attack against Civilization”. That’s how the War on Terror is being framed now. Those thugs are attacking all of us in the “civilized world” because they hate Civilization itself. And lo and behold, this kind of new attack which combines previous elements of blatantly Islamic militancy with other former instances of non-religious “lone wolf” mass shooter events, really takes the cake in creating just the type of thing which mandates the very militarized police presence that is being put into place. We need armies of cops in full body armor, riding around in armored trucks you see, because you never know when a squad of military-trained Islamic extremists might pull up and gun down journalists, police and civilians…

This is indeed an ominous sign, yet unfortunately I think we have to say that it is precisely what we should be expecting to see…

“Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality”…

More and more often these days, I find myself stumbling across commercials which really do seem a lot more like mini sermons for New Age spirituality and Luciferian philosophy than actual advertisements for whatever product or company they are allegedly created for. Saw this one today, and it instantly hit me as having such a clearly spiritual message, so much so that I actually refrained from hitting the “skip ad now” button on Youtube just to finish watching the whole thing. Curious as to what any of your reactions might be….

Why do you suppose the “ISIS flag” is in this picture with the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram…?


I noticed this a couple of nights ago when the TV News was doing a bit talking about how the missing Nigerian girls had still not been found. After a little digging, I learned that this image is a still shot from a video of the captured school girls taken by Boko Haram that surfaced in the middle of May this year. I find this incredibly curious, especially when I went to do a google search for anything discussing the presence of the “ISIS flag” all the way down in Nigeria, and found nothing…

The distance between Nigeria and the northern regions of Syria/Iraq where ISIS is attempting to set up their “caliphate” is approximately 2,500 miles, so they aren’t exactly what you’d call in the same neighborhood, geographically speaking! Furthermore, this picture/video was released in May, whereas most of the Western world didn’t start hearing about the new horror of the fundamentalist muslim world, “ISIS”, until around July. (Of course allegedly they existed for several years prior to this, under the radar of the mainstream media. I wonder if it’s because during that time we were simply referring to it as “Al Qaeda in Iraq” instead?)

But back to the flag itself. We can clearly see that it was printing using some form of professional machinery, it was painted onto a scrap of black fabric or hand-stitched or anything. The meaning behind the Arabic writing on the flag is itself quite universal, the “shahada”, but of course, the specific arrangement of the first line across the top (which means “there is no god but Allah”) and the second phrase of the shahada being put in the white circle in the middle (meaning “and Mohammed is the messenger of god”) isn’t something which goes back centuries along with the Islamic mantra itself.  I am still looking, but so far I haven’t been able to locate a single example of this specific design existing prior to 2014.  Boko Haram now appears to be using this design in earnest, as a befitting backdrop for public beheadings.  Maybe they were using it from the start, in what would be an amazing stroke of coincidence, to have independently adopted the same black, menacing symbol for their terrorist organization, that ISIS would months later.  When ISIS started making headlines, the leader of Boko Haram,  Abubakar Shekau, was quick to voice his support.

Logo_of_Boko_Haram_svg_So what does all this point to? I guess for me, this kind of thing strikes me as the sort of thing I wish more people would stop and take notice of, the people who are still unable to wrap their heads around the concept that countries/alliances like the U.S./NATO would now, and have historically, create all kinds of false flag attacks, false flag groups, and false flag scenarios in order to further their broader goals of military and financial domination of the globe.

What’s amazing to me is just how transparent these agendas can be, and yet so many people can be so oblivious, when for instance, last year, Obama and Kerry and co. were lobbying hardcore to go in and bomb the snot out of Syria, because “we knew for certain that they’re using lethal gases on their own people!” The war-weary public dug in their heals, refusing to put more American military personnel in the line of enemy fire, for reasons that increasingly fuzzy to American political understanding. The “war with Syria” was averted, thanks to the overwhelming voice of the people, to the cheers (and surprise) of many who oppose the ceaseless trend of American militarism.

So what happens next? On no… Look, this massive, well-funded army of blood-thirsty terrorists, who drive American made trucks and like using Facebook and twitter to “recruit”, are taking over, where…? Oh no, northern Iraq and Syria! Shucks, looks like we’re gonna have to start dropping bombs and droning houses, to “save the people”. What a co-inky-dink.

With Nigeria however, I can’t help but wonder if sort of happened the other way around… First, Boko Haram kidnaps all these innocent school girls, prompting the First Lady herself to mount a campaign complete with it’s own catchphrase “Bring Back our Girls“. Perhaps the massive amount of attention received by this very dastardly act wasn’t random, wasn’t as altruistic as we always want to believe either. Perhaps this event was meant to motivate the lethargic populace into turning their eyes toward yet another horizon filled with turmoil and threats of Islamic jihad. But alas, as saturated as we all now are by wars and rumors of wars, images of death and threats of “terror”, it’s no easy task to get the people riled up enough to want to support marching off into yet another forgotten corner of the globe to see it unfold into yet another tragic example of American military quagmires. We had special twitter hashtags and facebook pages, but this didn’t seem to intimidate the terrorists, or appeal to their guilt, nor did it lead to military intervention by the West. A few months and 18 different global crises later, we’ve all but forgotten about Nigeria.

So, just like Syria, you have to go back to the drawing board, get yourself a plan B as it were. I wonder what else we could roll out, that would enable us to put troops into the region of Western Africa…? Hmmm. Maybe if there was some kind of “outbreak”, some super scary contagious disease, that would prompt immediate and decisive global response. We’d need troops to go in and help “secure the area”, keep it from spreading, etc. And then, yeah… Once we get em there, get our foot in the door, it only takes another “incident” to compel those troops to make the short trip over to Nigeria, and then it’s game on…

Just speculating, of course. Just speculating….

Right now, someone, somewhere…


Right now. Someone. Somewhere…

…is being born,
…is waking up and wondering if this will be their last day on Earth,
…is looking for food in a garbage dump,
…is playing tennis,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is mourning the loss of their child,
…is taking their first steps,,
…is swimming among the corrals of the Mediterranean,
…is laying wide-eyed and awake through their first long night in prison,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is getting fired from their job,
…is falling asleep with a needle in their arm,
…is standing in line at the grocery store,
…is tweeting what they had for lunch,

Right now, someone, somewhere…

…is praying that God will deliver them from the nightmare they can’t wake up from,
…is cursing Heaven for the pain that never leaves,
…is interrogating an enemy of the State,
…is eating jello,

Right now, someone, somewhere,

…is in the waiting room at the dentist,
…is bleeding to death in the wreckage on a highway,
…is enjoying a Margarita on a sunny beach,
…is reading this right now.

Oh, the audacity of believing that there is One above who sees, knows, follows, loves and seeks out each and every single story, every life, every thought, dream, scream, hurt, joy, hope and fear.  When you stop, and think about how many countless lives are playing themselves out, every day, every minute, all over the world, it staggers the mind to conceive that the Lord of the Universe would know and love every single one of us, down to knowing the exact number of hairs on our heads.  What a claim.  What an outlandish, amazing, incredible, mind-blowing thing to believe.  Who could dare to dream up such a thing, and who could dare to live without it…

Those Pesky Blue Pills…

Even if it is one of the most overused clichés in the so-called “Truth Movement”, it is of course only so because it so aptly ‘encapsulates’ the whole concept of the choosing to believe the truth, no matter how difficult, vs. choosing to believe simply whatever is most appealing.

“Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill” Cypher cynically pondered…

Why indeed. Why does this loop persist. This regular pattern of questioning whether everything somehow came together in my life under some kind of cosmic, providential plan which allowed me to be able to finally look out from underneath the matrix of meaningless noise, to peak my head above the canopy of trees in hopes of getting a glimpse of what the real sunlight looks like, or whether it’s all just the total reverse, and the reason I finally turned towards embracing such a view of the world is simply because the trajectory of my own personal life has been so less than what I may have desired it to be.

Maybe all this nonsense about apocalyptic notions and eschatological musings is just my own blue pill. The one that eventually replaced all the other ones. The one that seemed to suffice in place of facing up to my own feelings of being a poor husband, or a poor father, or just a piss-poor disciple of Jesus in general. Even if it is all true, it can still be a way of escape, can it not? Another “layer of control”, one that I chose, one that I continue to build around myself with every word I come back and write in this silly blog…

Last night I watched the Scorsese film “Shutter Island” starring Leonardo Dicaprio, a chilling portrayal of how a man who lost his mind and wound up in a mental institution after enduring a horrific episode involving his wife and children, and the entire movie weaves it’s way through the “mystery” of the island, which is really nothing but an intensely elaborate conspiracy hallucination which he has conjured in his own mind, in order to not be faced with the nightmarish reality of what really happened in his own, real, life. A chilling portrayal of how blue pills don’t always have to be “uppers”, that rely on releases of chemicals in the brain that make you feel positive feelings, like ice cream, or zoning out to an afternoon of football on a Sunday, or buying that new something, anything, just purchasing for the sake of the buzz of having something new, only to throw it in your trunk and drive home and never touch it again. Blue pills can be dark rides themselves, their own prerequisite for success is that they replace something you want to experience even less.

I have spent so much of my life judging other people, not for the typical stuff like their stance on abortion or homosexuality or whatever, but essentially for being blue pill poppers. What a joke. I am surely a hypocrite, as my own blue pills are only different in the dispensers they happen to come out of. As it is, I barely speak to anyone in my extended family, and it was that way long before my perspectives on something like 9/11 or global politics or the spiritual realm veered in a radically different direction than theirs. My wife and kids need someone who can inspire and encourage them, and my fallback position has always been to resort to some rambling, semi-coherent diatribe about why this alleged historical account is inaccurate, or why that system is wrong, or why the institutional church is corrupt, or why everything and everyone is somehow stupid in their own special way. Sure, the joy of the Lord just pours out of me… I don’t want this crap anymore God, do You hear me? Plug me back in, stick me back in the power plant, fix me somehow, make me “normal” again, if I ever was in the first place. I am so tired. The bitterness always starts to seep back in, finding some crack, somewhere, and infecting everything. Why can’t I just be a semi-regular person, and let stuff go, and just eat the juicy, delicious steak, and stop asking if it matters whether or not I know it’s not even really there.

There are those who believe that the God Himself is the ultimate blue pill. The conjured escape. The chosen delusion. The matrix supreme.

I think I am quite tired of trying to convince such people to the contrary. I am probably as equally tired of trying to convince those who do believe in God, but then have a total fantasy-level amount of faith in the world around them, as if God really does “bless” the rest of the world through bombing campaigns, and piles of paper money, and Monday Night Football, and Elvis.

When I was sailing around the Caribbean as a younger, thinner person, we once stopped at some island in the eastern edge somewhere, can’t remember if it was St. Vincent or St. Lucia, or where exactly. There was a cliff, not far from where the boat was moored, which curved around part of the island, that I liked walking to, and climbing up onto the tall, smooth, sentinel-like stones which lined the bottom of the cliff. I remember sitting there and watching the sunset, and thinking about how far away everything else I knew to be going on in the world felt in that moment. Thinking about how that picturesque spot had always been there my whole life, and I would’ve never imagined it in a million years, and it was like somehow that place just stuck in my mind as this moment, this place, where for a brief moment I stepped outside of my mindless running, and just sat, and listened, and looked, and saw the world without looking at anything through the eyes of man. Every so often I will think of that place, and wonder if some day I’ll ever just say to heck with it and buy a ticket to the Caribbean in order to go search for that place, but of course I know I never will. Perhaps, one day, I will instead sit on those tall rocks overlooking the calm of the warm ocean waters, and Jesus will sit next to me, and the sunset will last as long as it needs to, as He explains all that my heart has ever wondered about, ever wrestled with, and all the blue pills will have washed away with the tide, and nothing will scream inside again.

I’m Surrounded by Nanobots…


My family and I have lived in Las Vegas for a year and a half now. For the first year, we lived in a different house on the other side of the city, where the entire outdoors was infested with lizards, scorpions, and cockroaches. Lots of cockroaches. Not just during the night, or in dark, food-encrusted corners, but everywhere outside, even in the middle of the day. Big ones. Quite nasty.

In our new house, we don’t seem to have hardly any of those critters running around, but what we do have is ants. Lots, and lots, of ants… You walk outside onto the back patio, and if you look down at the ground without moving your head for a second, you notice that the ground itself appears to be in motion. They are busily scampering about in every direction, on little “scouting missions”, and even constantly entering our home through the countless cracks which are all but invisible to me, scouring the floors and walls and even counters searching for food. I’ve got little poison traps set, and for a while I was really annoyed by these things. If you find yourself standing in one place for too long outside, they eventually start crawling up your ankles. And yes, they bite.

But maybe it was just because we just watched the movie “Transcendence” the other day, (which was really quite disappointing actually) where Johnny Depp uploads himself as a quasi-A.I. man-turned-computer-god, who of course, becomes so exponentially intelligent that he quickly invents his own nanobots which can repair human cells and rebuild whatever physical matter he wishes. Maybe that not-so-profound exploration of the perils of human/technological intersection was what prompted me to take a second look at these tiny little creatures who previously only irritated me. Whatever the reason was, I suddenly found myself marveling at how this vast, microscopic kingdom of little ants was busily canvasing my yard, and the neighbor’s as well, and really doing us all a fairly laudable service, quietly and constantly recycling the dead bugs and rodents and everything else, as they diligently carry tiny pieces of whatever they find back to their interconnected tunnels, which poke out of the ground in these incredible concentric circles of dirt (see photo above). Humans didn’t conceive of this idea of “nanobots”. God did. And so, for the first time in probably too long, I was reminded of just how elaborate and often overlooked the greatness of God’s creation is. I spend so much time being fixated on the various workings of fallen humans in the world at large, that I rarely stop to appreciate the beauty and wonder of things as mundane-yet-incredible as the art colonies in my yard. As I watch them busily going to and fro, oblivious to the latest fear-mongering news reports on CNN, they testify to the fact that even in a place like Las Vegas, where at a glance all would seem dried up and dead if not for our sprinkler systems and a/c units and imported palms, the world is indeed teeming with life and activity which is still not factored into our artificial constructs of “economy”.

Even in the desert, God shows us how he can provide for even the smallest of creatures, and He can surely provide for us as well, through whatever deserts of life we might find ourselves in. Thank you Lord for giving me something as simple as those ants, to remind me that you are still God, and that your “eye is on the sparrow”, and the ants, and all of us…

Surprisingly Astute Assessment of the Institutional Church from

State-Run Churches Caught Red-Handed

Many 501c3 pastors promote government viewpoints rather than liberty081114pews

State-Run Churches Caught Red-Handed
Image Credits: Michael D Beckwith / Flickr

by Chuck Baldwin | | August 11, 2014

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George Barna is the foremost researcher of modern Christianity in the country.

He recently spoke about a two-year research project studying why modern-day pastors and churches are so silent regarding political issues. The result of his research only confirms what I have been trying to tell people for years. But there was one thing his research uncovered that did somewhat surprise me. covered the story:

“On Thursday, George Barna–research expert and founder of The Barna Group–shared with American Family Radio’s ‘Today’s Issues’ about new information he’s compiling at American Culture and Faith Institute over the last two years, gauging where theologically conservative pastors are at politically.

“‘What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues. Then we ask them: Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?–and the numbers drop…to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.’

“When researchers ask those pastors what else they are willing to do to get their people active in the political process, Barna said ‘it’s almost nothing.’

“‘So the thing that struck me has been that when we talk about the separation of church and state, it’s that churches have separated themselves from the activities of the state–and that’s to the detriment of the state and its people,’ stated the researcher.”

That 90% of America’s pastors are not addressing any of the salient issues affecting Christian people’s political or societal lives should surprise no one–especially the readers of this column. It has been decades since even a sizeable minority of pastors have bothered to educate and inform their congregations as to the Biblical principles relating to America’s political, cultural, and societal lives. But the part of the research that did somewhat surprise me was this statement by Barna: “What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues. Then we ask them: Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?–and the numbers drop…to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.”

Did you get that? Ninety-percent of America’s pastors say they KNOW that the Bible speaks to all of these issues, but they are deliberately determined to NOT teach these Biblical principles. That is an amazing admission!

It would have been one thing if the pastors had said that these political issues were not relevant to scripture, and, therefore, they didn’t feel called to address them. But the pastors are admitting that, yes, they KNOW that the scriptures DO relate to our current political issues, but they are deliberately choosing to NOT teach those scriptural principles. Holy heads-in-the-sand, Batman!

I confess: this statistic caught me off-guard. So, we can forever dismiss ignorance as justification for pastors remaining silent.

Now, all of the church members out there who have been forgiving of their ministers for not speaking out on the issues by saying things like, “He really doesn’t understand what’s going on,” need to reevaluate their leniency–if they are intellectually honest, that is–and if they truly care about the future of their country.

Church member, admit it: that pastor of yours who refuses to speak out on the issues KNOWS the Bible speaks to these issues, and he is DELIBERATELY refusing to teach those Biblical principles to you and your family.

So, we are not dealing with IGNORANT pastors; we are dealing with DELIBERATELY DISOBEDIENT pastors. They are PURPOSELY CHOOSING to remain silent. Will that make any difference to the Christians in the pews who say they want their pastor to take a stand but are willing to overlook his “ignorance?” Probably not. But, at least, we now know what the real issue is, don’t we?

The report goes on: “Why the disconnect? According to Barna, the answer is simple. He suggests asking pastors how someone would know if their church is ‘successful’–which he did.”

“‘There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to [when asked that question],’ he explained. ‘Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.’”

There you have it: pastors are more concerned about being “successful” than they are being truthful. They believe if they tell their congregations the truth, their churches will not be “successful.” And it is so refreshing to see Barna directly ask pastors what “success” means to them. So, now we know (as if we didn’t know before; but, at least now there is definitive research to back it up). The vast majority of pastors believe church success lies in:


*Giving (money)

*Number of programs

*Number of staff

*Square footage (of facilities)

Shazam! Where did pastors come up with this definition of “success?” You know where: from men such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, et al.

The megachurch phenomenon of the last several decades transformed how pastors think and behave. Pastors read the “successful church” books and publications; they attend the “successful church” conferences; they watch the “successful church” videos, etc. They, then, try to mimic the tactics and strategies they have been taught. And if there is one constant theme promulgated by the likes of Osteen, Warren, and Hybels, it is pastors must avoid controversy like the plague. Again, one must realize that the goal is NOT being faithful to Biblical principles; the goal is building a “successful” church as noted above.

It is time for Christians to acknowledge that these ministers are not pastors; they are CEOs. They are not Bible teachers; they are performers. They are not shepherds; they are hirelings. It is also time for Christians to be honest with themselves: do they want a pastor who desires to be faithful to the scriptures, or do they want a pastor who is simply trying to be “successful?” BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, CHRISTIAN FRIEND.

Barna’s research blows the “ignorance” excuse out of the water. Again, it is not ignorance; it is deliberate disobedience.

Barna goes on to say, “Now all of those things [the five points of success listed above] are good measures, except for one tiny fact: Jesus didn’t die for any of them.” Wow! You nailed it, George!

See the report here:

Barna: Many Pastors Wary Of Raising ‘Controversy’

Where do you find anything in the New Testament that measures a pastor’s success by the number of people attending his church? Or by how large his offerings are? Or by how many programs his church has? Or by how many staff members he has? Or by how large his facilities are? In fact, the early New Testament church didn’t even own property or buildings.

When the Apostle Paul listed his ministerial pedigree, here is what it looked like (II Cor. 11):

*Stripes above measure

*In prisons frequently

*In deaths often

*Beaten with rods





*Hunger and thirst

*Cold and nakedness

I don’t see attendance, offerings, programs, staff, or square footage in that list at all, do you?

When Paul wrote his own epitaph, it read, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” (II Timothy 4:7). He didn’t say, “I had a large congregation, we had big offerings, we had a lot of programs, I had a large staff, and we had large facilities.”

In the world of Osteen, Warren, and Hybels (and 90% of America’s pastors), the Apostle Paul’s ministry must have been a dismal failure. And how many church pulpit committees would even consider the pastoral résumé such as the Apostle Paul wrote above?

Please understand this: America’s malaise is directly due to the deliberate disobedience of America’s pastors–and the willingness of the Christians in the pews to tolerate the disobedience of their pastor. Nothing more! Nothing less!

Oh, and get this: according to the survey conducted by Barna, guess what the number one reason is why pastors choose to be “successful” and not “controversial?” You guessed it: fear of the IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Who would have thought it? (Yes, that question is deliberately facetious.)

The release of this research by George Barna could not have come at a more opportune time. I announced just last week that we have officially launched the Liberty Church Project, whereby we will be helping people around the country to establish non-501c3 churches. I invite folks (pastors or laymen) who are serious about starting new non-501c3 churches–or helping to resurrect patriot pulpits within existing churches–to fill out our online application. We already have several groups that we intend to help and are looking for others. If you are someone who is serious about such an endeavor, and seeks our assistance, please fill out the online application here:

Liberty Church Project

And, in case you missed it, here is my column announcing the launch of the Liberty Church Project:

We Are Launching!

I want to commend George Barna for his research. I suspect that the vast majority of pastors and churches will ignore it, but, at least now we know the painful truth of the matter: by in large, pastors are deliberately choosing to not teach Biblical truth to their congregations for the selfish goal of being “successful.” But as we come to grips with this reality, we must also acknowledge that pastors are simply (and shamelessly) putting their fingers to the wind and finding that the people in the pews are more interested in their churches being “successful” than faithful to the teaching of Holy Scripture. As Barna noted, it is the churches, themselves, that have chosen to separate from the political affairs of their country.

In the end, it always comes down to We the People, doesn’t it? If you want a church where the pastor is willing to teach the Biblical principles that relate to our everyday lives–including our political lives–you might have to vote with your feet and go find one. That is, if that kind of thing is truly important to you.

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Dear Mr. Snail…

Dear Mr. Snail,

I wanted to write you a letter to apologize for almost stepping on you this morning.  I know you were not trying to get in my way, but probably only looking for some more leaves to munch on.  I actually would like to thank you, because before I came across you on my patio, I was feeling pretty down.  It happens fairly often with us humanoids, we get depressed or frustrated about all kinds of humanoid problems, most of which probably seem quite silly to you.  But when I finally stopped and took the time to notice you, slowly oozing past me on your way to greener environs, I found myself quite fascinated by your spiraled exterior.  You are probably the first snail I have ever seen who looks as though they have racing stripes on their back.  I found myself wondering just how exactly the DNA sequence must work, how intricate the code must be, in order to make your shell grow in a perfect Fibonacci sequence like that.  Have you heard of this guy, Fibonacci?  I suspect not…  Nevertheless, you and your striped protective armor changed my whole attitude this morning.  You helped remind me that Fibonacci sequences do not randomly implant themselves into the natural world, that everything that is alive and growing all around me is not the result of millions upon billions of aimless mutations.  You see, I so easily get sidetracked by all of my mundane worries, or even completely depressed when I think about the state of affairs in humanoid society, that I totally forget that I am surrounded by countless examples which all point to there being a reality that is far more incredible than the tiny bubble I usually put myself in.  I actually somehow forget that there is Someone ever so much bigger, smarter, and more powerful than all the junk I get so worked up about.  Sometimes I even have a hard time believing that He could possibly be concerned with someone as slow and seemingly insignificant as myself.  I suppose in that sense, I feel a lot like you much of the time.  Going about my business, feeling more or less ignored by the big, busy world around me, (and typically, usually looking for something to munch on as well….)  But then, I see you, cruising along on your one, gooey foot, and was forced to realize that God does indeed put a great deal of care and intention into things that are seemingly insignificant…  So again, thank you, for helping me get a little perspective on this wet, grey morning.  Now, I only wish you could read…


the guy with the big feet


How much is too much….?

Recently I have found myself going back and forth, wanting to sit down and write about various things, but then stopping myself before actually “publishing” anything.  I keep hesitating, because I have really been wrestling with this broader issue of not becoming too “obsessed” with the entire topic of “conspiracy”…

It’s something that I’ve been hearing mentioned a fair bit lately, whether it be from Chris White, or plenty of other sources.  For those of us who have come to a place where we realize that something is “going on” behind the scenes, but also understand that all these evil machinations are nothing more than what the Bible describes as being “the spirit of antichrist at work”, this is certainly a tough issue.  I mean, really, how much is “too much”?  At what point does a sincere desire to expose and understand the bizarre and spiritually-charged times we are living in become an unhealthy obsession?  Exactly when could we say that a follower of Jesus has strayed into dangerous waters and put too much emphasis on talking about the agenda of the demonic realm rather than simply proclaiming the amazing news of the Kingdom of God?

I have heard these types of warnings for some time now from various Christian prophecy teachers (who talk about various aspects of what would collectively be called “conspiracy” material), but as of yet, I haven’t really ever heard someone sit down and try to really break down where that line of demarcation should be.   I guess the challenge with something like that would have a lot to do with the fact that different people seem to gravitate towards focusing on a particular “branch” of the broader scheme of things.  For some, they are really into looking into the UFO phenomenon.  For others, it might be secret societies and esoteric fraternal orders.   It could be anything from 9/11, to the New Age movement, a coming police-state, the hocus-pocus economics of the modern banking system, or just the occult in general.  Too much focus on any of this stuff, to the point where Jesus and the plain and simple gospel of Salvation gets all but forgotten, is obviously not good. 

Now, I certainly understand that God has raised up many different individuals who have wound up having some sort of “ministry” where they focus in on a particular element of the “Dark Side”, to expose it’s fallacies and bring people to the Truth.  Most of them probably never set out to have such a ministry, and many of them were actually Saved from one of those arenas of deception.   It only makes sense that God would use them, and their testimony, to help shine the light of Life into places where they have a bit of a “specialty”, so-to-speak…  But then what about people like myself?  I was already a “Christian”, but perhaps a rather disillusioned and bewildered one, who then eventually came to understand that the spiritual realm is all too real, that there really is such a thing as “conspiracy”, and that all these various strains of deception and social manipulation are actually all interrelated.  They are essentially all bricks in the metaphorical “pyramid” that has been under construction since basically the dawn of history, a pyramid which will only be complete when the “capstone” is finally placed on top for the world to see.  The “Man of Lawlessness” spoken of in scripture.

So, yeah, I suppose it is understandable that such a paradigm-shattering realization could make it difficult to think about much else.  I know that for me, once I crossed this bizarre prophetic threshold and had my entire outlook on the world turned upside-down, I was suddenly terribly disinterested in so many of the issues which had before seemed so important.  All of a sudden, you find yourself re-evaluating everything, and to make the whole experience that much more surreal, you are still surrounded by people going along their merry little lives, taking kids to little league, going to work, paying the bills, watching Dancing with the Stars or maybe going to church on Sunday, all with the underlying assumption that everything is happening just as it would seem on the surface level.  You live in a world filled with people who scoff at the idea that anything “nefarious” could be at foot with things like the “War on Terror”, the hijinx on Wall Street,  a global religious ecumenical movement, or that funny little picture on the back of the dollar bill… 

It makes me wonder, is it that feeling of alienation, that sense that you feel surrounded by people who are totally (and for the most part, willingly) clueless, that compells so many who have dared to take the prospect of “conspiracy” seriously to indulge in an unhealthy fixation with it?  Is it mainly an attempt to deal with feeling like a total weirdo?  (Or maybe that’s where it just starts?)   I know that the Enemy has succeeded in snaring and deceiving many people, by using the whole conspiracy realm to actually suck people into the occult, and that completely sucks.  I also have heard many people talk about how pride is the main tool that Satan uses to hook you, using that feeling of “I know stuff that most people don’t”, and convincing you that it makes you special, that you are “enlightened”, that you somehow have a leg up on the rest of all those ignorant fools out there.  I gotta say, that actually makes a lot of sense, because that is essentially the same bait used by every and all “esoteric” cliques. 

So, what then?  Where do you truly find “the balance”?  What exactly does it look like to be in a “sensible” place on the spectrum, landing somewhere in the middle between “Veggie Tales Christianity” (i.e. “Jesus loves me, so please don’t talk about anything weird, scary or yucky!”) and “Apocalypse Now Christianity” (“The horror, the horror…!!!”).   On the one side it’s pretty much “hear no evil, see no evil,  speak no evil“, with the idea being that if you simply don’t talk about Satan, he will simply fade out into irrelevance like a fairy nobody bothers to clap for.  At the other extreme is where you start looking for the “hidden hand” of the demonic in everything, from deciphering the subliminal messages embedded in a show like Teletubbies, to wondering if the government might be spying on you through your coffee machine .  But seriously, it’s tougher than it might seem to get it right.  Personally, (if I’m completely honest) I find myself ping-ponging back and forth between moments of super heavy thoughts like, “Holy cow, the entire global financial system really is just one ridiculously huge ponzi scheme…  I wonder if it’s all gonna crash today?”, and then five minutes later I’m wondering what to make for dinner and wishing I lived closer to a Taco Bell…

But maybe all this internal wrestling that simultaneously deals with issues of cosmic forces battling it out for the souls of mankind, and my own pea-brained perspective on reality, is what following Jesus is actually supposed to be like?  My old “Christian worldview” was really so, so small.  When you grow up in Sunday school, stories like “Noah and the Ark” are often portrayed as this cartoonish scene of a smiley-faced bearded guy going sailing with a bunch of his cute little animal friends.  It’s basically viewed as one of those “kid-friendly” bible tales that makes a nice decorative theme for a nursery. (Cute little animals and rainbows, can’t get much cuddlier than that!)  What a far cry from understanding the “Days of Noah” as being an age where fallen angels had monstrous offspring, founded demonic, idolotrous civilizations, teaching humans all kinds unspeakable evil and forcing God to wipe out all but eight people on the planet.  No wonder the Bible tells us that we are to live like “aliens and strangers in this world”.  No wonder the Christians of the Early Church were seen as weirdos and troublemakers.  They understood that when the scriptures spoke of “powers and principalities” that it wasn’t just some religious figure of speach.  They went around the Roman Empire spreading the news of a risen Christ, passing temples erected to those ancient benefactors of humanity, those “gods” who traced their origins to the antediluvian past.  The church today has largely swallowed the idea that all of that was “myth”, forgetting that real people were indeed making real sacrifices to what they believed we real gods and goddesses…  

When I was growing up in the church, going to sunday school and youth group and everything else, the big thing was trying to show that Christians were “normal” people, just like everybody else.  Well, maybe not just normal, but “cool” too.  (“See? Christians can be famous atheletes too!  And play in rock bands and eat pizza and surf!”)  I guess the idea was that nobody was going to want to follow Jesus if they thought becoming a Christian meant becoming some lame, church-going nerd… 

All of that seems so ridiculous now, but how much of it is still going on?  How much does the desire to not be a freak prevent those who go to church every week, and maybe bible studies and such as well (if you’re “hardcore”…), from actually reading and believing all that the Bible has to say?  How much of the Bible would we have to just throw away, if we cut out all the parts that speak and warn about Satan, warfare, the spirit of antichrist, and the signs of the End of the Age?  Why are Christians so afraid to take prophecy seriously?  Maybe we just tend to prefer the version that is all cuddly animals and rainbows.  Maybe we’ve just drank too much of the “America is a Christian Nation” kool-aid.  Maybe the prince of the power of the air has actually been more successful at seducing the Bride of Christ than many would like to admit.  Maybe it’s all that and more. 

In the end, I still don’t pretend to know exactly how much attention on discussing things like the progression of globalism and the End of Days is “too much”.  Maybe it just depends on one’s perspective.  That is, if you don’t think that we’re anywhere near “The End”, then I suppose it would seem like a whole lot of distraction and frivolous talk.  But if like me, you look around and see the “leaves of the fig tree budding” almost everywhere you turn, then it tends to be kind of hard not to think about it… 

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)