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Oh You Don’t Like Central Banking? Well Then You Must Be a Terrorist…

That is basically what I glean from the latest “slick” production from the CIA, err, “ISIS”. People who are opposed to the world-wide Central Banking Cabal are fundamentalist crazies like that of the “Islamic State”. Yep, makes perfect sense to me. Demonize the desire to move back to a currency that is actually backed by something. Demonize people who make any connections whatsoever with the IMF central banks and the Rothschilds or Zionism. It’s so ridiculously transparent at this point, I almost feel like it’s pointless to keep posting about it. Like the guy in the video below says, they’re shoving their masonic logos right in our faces, using the same white-skinned actor to hand out coins, and it’s just beyond the pale. The agenda is about as blatant as it could be. Yes, they are using ISIS as a pretext to invade Syria. Yes, they will continue bombing and sending in “support” to combat ISIS, and yet somehow, this ragtag group of “Islamic mercenaries” driving U.S. made pickup trucks will only continue getting stronger, and yes, they will most likely keep expanding all the way to Israel’s doorstep, at which point the spark will truly have hit the powder keg…

2015, The War Game Summer…

I already reblogged this video earlier today, but decided to go ahead and dig around for whatever additional material I could find on the European military exercises mentioned in the video. Here’s what I came up with, and my only added commentary to it all will be in noting that in every single instance it seems you hear a phrase like “largest exercise of it’s kind ever….”

Hedgehog 2015 – Estonia

“Hedgehog 2015, which will last from May 4 to 15 throughout Estonia and culminate in Virumaa, is the biggest exercise in the history of the Defence Forces. Hedgehog is taking the place of the annual Spring Storm exercise, and over 13,000 Estonian and allied reservists, defence league members, conscripts and active military members will participate. The success of the exercise depends largely on reservists, who make up more than half of the participants.

The purpose of the exercise is to check the supplementary compiling of units that are in permanent readiness and formation of rapid response readiness units. That means a lot of emphasis on the formation of entities, including practicing the reception of the mobilized persons. In addition, the 1st Infantry Brigade will practise battle operations, and tactical and operational level management.

Hedgehog consists of three phases: during phase I between 4th and 8th May, the formation and training of the units is practiced; in the second phase, from 9th to12th May, the 1st Infantry Brigade tactical exercise and battle exercise will take place and during phase III (13th-15th May), completion of the exercise and primary care of equipment will take place.

Estonia’s allies will also participate in the exercise, including an infantry company from the UK and U.S. units who are already in Estonia. Belgium and Germany will also be represented by air defence systems; in addition to Polish pilots, who will be present at Ämari airbase. Dutch forces will also participate. Latvia and Lithuania will also represented, but this time will not have separate units…”

These exercises in Estonia appear to be in conjunction with Operation Atlantic Resolve, which involves similar training exercises in countries all across Eastern Europe.

“The US is keen to expand the operation from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Romania and Bulgaria have already joined to create a ‘southern’ flank, while Hungary, the Czech Republic and Georgia could also agree to take part, according to a US Army official spearheading the effort.

“So by the end of the summer, you could very well see an operation that stretches from the Baltics all the way down to the Black Sea,” said Colonel Michael Foster, of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, which is based in Italy. “As you connect countries, there is almost a line of US troops,” as cited by Defense News on March 2…”

Operation Lightning Strike – Lithuania

“The Lithuanian Army is holding its own maneuvers as part of the largest national drills called Zaibo Kirtis (Lightning Strike). The training involves over 3,000 troops. It is focused on joint action by the army and civilian authorities against so-called hybrid threats combining both military and non-military methods of fighting, according to Army Commander Major-General Jonas Vytautas Zukas.

In a statement cited by TASS, the major-general said: “The exercises will simulate situations when the Interior Ministry’s forces and resources are insufficient to neutralize various extreme situations unrelated to the direct repulsion of an imaginary enemy’s attack and the army should be involved.”

Lightning Strike will also be testing the country’s mobilization system and cyber security works, according to the Defense Ministry’s press release…”

Dynamic Mongoose – Norway

“Anti-submarine warfare exercises started in Norway on May 4 with military forces from ten NATO member countries and Sweden taking part in the maneuvers.

The exercises are expected to last until May 13 and involve more than a dozen warships and submarines, as well as planes and helicopters. Photos of the first maneuvers were released on the Facebook page of NATO Maritime Command…”

Joint Sea 2015 – Russian/Chinese naval exercises in the Mediterranean:

“The main aim of the exercises is to further deepen friendly and practical interaction between the two countries and strengthen joint efforts for countering naval security threats at sea,” the ministry said.

The Russia-China naval drills “are not aimed against any third country and have no relation to the political situation in the region,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Joint Sea 2015 exercises will involve about 10 warships from the Russian and Chinese navies, Russia’s Defense Ministry said…”

Also, Varuna 2015 has just concluded, a joint Indo-French Naval exercise the scope of which included “the entire gamut of maritime operations ranging from Aircraft Carrier Operations, Anti Submarines Warfare Exercises, Maritime Interdiction Operations to multi-ship replenishment exercises…”