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Did Billy Graham Die…?

Before I took a little “Christmas break” for myself, I made a couple of videos talking about the Mandela Effect, the second being Mandela Effect, Flat Earth, and the Nature of Reality. These videos received a fair amount of attention right away, and I got a lot of very interesting comments as well.

One comment which really floored me however, was one which mentioned the fact that Billy Graham is still quite alive and kicking at the age of 97. Again, if you had asked me, I would’ve been quite ‘certain’ that Graham had died some time ago in his eighties. I distinctly remember hearing about how his family had gone ahead and built a “Billy Graham Museum”, which went so far as to feature an animatronic Billy preaching a sermon, like it was Disneyland or something. I remember thinking how Graham must be rolling in his grave, to have such an edifice erected which brought so adulation to himself, rather than Christ. (this was obviously back when I still assumed that Billy Graham was the stalwart bastion of Evangelical Truth that he is maintained to be by the pseudo-Christian establishment…)

I found the video below this morning, and most interesting is to note that it was uploaded in Aug of 2014, and so we can see that even at that point, over a year ago, people were talking about the Mandela Effect and the Berenstein Bears, etc….

The fact that false teacher Benny Hinn has made such bold “prophecies” about the death of Graham being the sign which will usher in some new era of ‘revival’ is also extremely peculiar, if you ask me.

The Mandela Effect: “Glitches in the Matrix”, or are we all just losing our marbles…?

This is not exactly a brand new, breaking topic here, but it finally caught my attention strongly enough yesterday to make me stop and write about it real quick. I first came across the whole Berenstein/stain issue about a month or two ago, and definitely thought it was weird, but, hey, just another one of those weird internet memes…

But, now that I’ve come to learn about how there are apparently now many more examples of this ‘Mandela Effect’, I have to say… This. Is. WEIRD.

I think a lot of why I do now find this so noteworthy, is that I happen to be from that particular generation who were children/teens during the key period before so many of these alleged changes happened. I was born in 77, and I grew up reading the BerenSTEIN books. I watched, many times, a movie called Interview with A Vampire. And I heard plenty about, (but never did watch) that friggen Sarah Jessica Parker movie/show called Sex IN the City.  I did!

So…. What the heck world. Are we now supposed to all collectively breath a big Keanu-esque “whoa….”? Are they “changing things”? Are they somehow splitting reality off into partial parallel universes (which apparently, some of us can recall, but others can’t)? Or maybe our brains are really just broken, and this is the bizarre way that we get to find that out… 😉


I don’t really buy the “parallel universe” idea, but then, I honestly don’t quite no what to make of it right now. One thing I will say, is that I do find it very interesting to note that the very concepts of “glitches in the Matrix” and “parallel universes” etc. are themselves ideas which have clearly been injected into the cultural zeitgeist already. Quite a bit actually. It would be difficult to overstate just how much movies like the Matrix have actually helped shaped the minds of so many people, particularly in conspiracy circles, and it’s so full of blatantly Gnostic themes and concepts, and has all kinds of “layers” to it, so I wouldn’t want to try and spell out each and every one, but this is a very plain connection to make, I’d say. The cat goes by twice. “Whoa, deja vu…” It means they changed something, bla bla bla (you know the scene…)
Some people are now really seriously looking into the possibility of parallel universes, partially overlapping, somehow connected in a way similar to a “quilt” of realities or something, while others are suggesting the many of these “changes” seemed to have occurred around the time of 9/11, which, of course, is admittedly pretty interesting too…

I’m not making any personal statements or opinions about this here, but just basically making a sort of “online mental note” of all this weirdness (which I suppose is actually what so many of my posts really are!) and from here I’ll be keeping an eye out for any more examples of this ‘Mandela Effect’ that might come to light in the future. That is, if I can remember to do so. Perhaps a year from now I will have no recollection of writing on this blog at all…. 😉

Wait, WHAT!? “I Pet Goat”, CERN, and the Dome of the Rock???

This video starts off kinda slow, but if you watch till the end, it really IS pretty insane! (I didn’t know that if you type “itanimulli” (Illuminati backwards) into any search engine, the first result is the website for the NSA. Go figure…)

The video also mentions some of the symbolism in the famous “I pet Goat II” and androgynous sexuality.

But then WHAT? He shows that if you type “I pet goat” into Google Earth, it takes you to…. CERN(!?!?)

He also says that the second choice Google Earth gave him after CERN was the Dome of the Rock


“Temple of Oculus Anubis” in Oregon…?

So the other day I came across a few blogs that were writing about a property in Damascus, OR with some very interesting features indeed. They all seemed to be more or less pulling from an original article published last fall in That Oregon Life called “Temple Oculus Anubis, One of the Creepiest Places in Oregon”. The story cites other online investigations/discussions on the property to be found on reddit and elsewhere, including some very frightened testimony of a young woman living in the area who had visited the entryway seen in the pictures several times, and reported seeing unmarked white vans and being followed and harassed.

Is this just typical “urban legend conspiracy theory” type stuff? Or is there possibly really something rather sinister going on in this place?

If you’re the kind of nerd like me who can find themselves reading through all the various threads and checking the place out on google maps etc., then I’d say there really is evidence to support that this very well might be something more going on here than just a “rich dude who likes weird Egyptian stuff”. There is indeed a business listing online for “Oculus Inc.”, (supposedly some kind of vague medical supplies company) which lists as it’s website, which is amazingly enough the website associated the “Heaven’s Gate” cult famous for the “Haley Bop comet spaceship” suicides in 1997.

1377112355001sFor me, one of the most significant elements of this bizarre looking entryway is the “crest” on top of the gate. If it was just a matter of there being some pyramid-shaped stone markers and an Egyptian statue in the woods, then I might not be so inclined to find it so suspect. That crest alludes to much more than just “rich guy who likes Egyptian stuff”. It bears a rather obvious similarity to the Royal British crest, and other emblems of monarchies, and to me it just reeks of “ancient occult bloodline” connections. I mean, lions, a dragon, and a crown? Come on now…

Digging through the various threads, you read about claims of underground tunnels being built, about how the property is sold regularly to shadowy personages, etc., and again, it does become difficult to separate fact from speculative fiction. But at the same time, one thing that REALLY struck me almost instantly, especially as I was looking at the aerial view on google maps, was the realization that this ornate occult-themed entryway couldn’t possibly be the only entrance. This is a million dollar home we’re talking about after all. There is most certainly a multi-car garage back there somewhere, which would necessitate a driveway, presumably with a formidable gate, presumably on the other side of the property, possibly connecting to Clackamas highway which runs along the backside of the expansive wooded land surrounding the home/”business”…(?)

Of course, it really could just be some eccentric person/family with a taste for landscaping that is almost cliché in it’s Illuminati connotations…

oculus-damascus-or-1But especially whenever the calendar starts coming around to one the various occult holidays such as the one approaching tomorrow, and we know that on these “high days” of the Druidian and occult calendars ritual sacrifices ARE performed all over the world, while the majority of us go along with our merry little lives without noticing anything unusual, these sorts of head-scratchers really give me pause. Actually, they give me real chills. Because the reality is that there ARE properties and buildings, all over the place, which we probably drive by and see from the outside all the time, and never imagine the kinds of ritualistic horrors that take place inside them while we’re doing the laundry, or falling asleep to reruns of Seinfeld. They do “hide in plain sight”, relying more than anything else on the fact that most people simply can’t imagine that such organized evil really does exist, or that people really DO worship ancient “gods” in the modern technological world we live in today.

“Free Range Parenting”, Here’s My Rant…

I’m only learning about this situation with this family in Maryland for the first time yesterday. You’d think that by now, there would little left going on out there in the world that would shock me anymore. This whole thing though? I’m like… Are you? Is this? What the? Is this a joke!?!?

So… Where did this term “free range parenting” even come from? Suddenly we have this one insane case of a couple of kids being taken into custody by Protective Services, FOR WALKING IN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD A FEW BLOCKS FROM THEIR HOME, more than once now!?!?

I mean, if it had simply happened one time, it would be a crazy story, but you could regard it as a bizarre singular event, a misunderstanding, an overly-concerned neighbor calling the police or whatever. But it’s not some fluke thing anymore, it’s sparked an entire “nationwide debate” about something which I can hardly believe I’m hearing… “Free range parenting”? This is a “thing” now? This is a concept that many parents out there are actually accepting as something that is some kind of truly dangerous, neglectful act?

The thing is, as a parent myself, it’s been a very bizarre thing to realize just how much we ourselves are so much more leery and protective of our kids being out in public “unsupervised” than our own parents ever were about us at the same age. We really do live in an age where people are so much more conscious of real dangers like sex offenders, so it’s not like I’m at ALL the kind of person who feels very comfortable with my kids being out where anyone could just come up and grab them and throw them in a van. But at the same time… Protective Services?? Two blocks away from home??? This is insanity people! The “Nanny State” is truly going too far here. I mean, I just don’t get it… Do people in Maryland not even let their kids walk themselves to school anymore??? Is that considered “neglect” nowadays?


Most people like myself who experienced childhood prior to the mass hysteria of the war-on-terror, everyone-outside-your-door-could-potentially-be-a-terrorist-or-child-molestor era that we live in today, can probably remember being afforded a level of outdoor freedom that would be largely unthinkable in today’s climate. In the summertime, we’d be out riding our bikes around the neighborhood until the sun went down, having “adventures” in the woods, building forts, making little trips to 7-11, playing football at the nearby school, etc. Parents would simply tell you to “go outside and play!”, and so we did. People would’ve laughed their asses off at any sort of term such as “free range parenting”, (particularly in the pejorative sense that it is being applied), as if was even something worthy of debate.

Maybe part of the reason this story is just so bizarre to me, is that the neighborhood I live in currently is a far cry from whatever mindset is apparently the norm now in a place like Silver Springs MD. We actually live right by a park, and so if I were to be calling the police every time I saw kids walking around without parental supervision, I’d be clogging up the entire 9-11 dispatch. It’s almost funny, because whenever we do take our kids to the park, the other kids usually look at us as the weird ones, for being the only parents around. Even though we don’t necessarily feel comfortable ourselves with letting our children “roam free” the way we did as kids, we certainly aren’t going to call CPS on anyone else simply because they’re outside trying to play…

Insanity. Absolute insanity…


archangelblurred2This is what posts sound like when written on very, very little sleep.  Seeking to transcend my own body’s somnial needs right now.  Been pretty busy on the homefront lately.  So much is happening in the big wide world right now, Uncle Ben just spoke to Congress, causing quite an uproar apparently, Kent Hovind is set to begin his new trial in a couple of days, the DHS is the latest government uber-structure being used to goad the public into deeper debt, and I’m too out of it to even remember what day of the week it is, let alone provide anything read-worthy of current events.

To the left is a little piece I made many years ago, one of several which I created long before I had any ever heard of things like Nephilim or transhumanism or fallen angels overseeing a technological attempt at usurping God’s throne, yet it’s strange how much I was seemingly drawn to certain concepts before ever having much of an idea as to why. Funny enough, the critics might say that this would suggest that perhaps my beliefs in them now is merely the extrapolation of early, inner desires to believe in the scientastic (I think I just made up that word, writing when you’re beyond exhausted is kind of cool…), but, this is not true.

There are still, many, many days where I simply want to wake up, fry the eggs, scrub the dishes, go through my checklist, and just make it to the end of the day when I get to have a beer and watch some mind-numbing, alpha-wave-inducing tele-picture-box. But even the glowy-box doesn’t lend itself to comatosis the way it used to. The other day I was watching this funny little cartoon with my son called “Clarence”, and right towards the end, Clarence finds himself the only kid in his school not being mind-controlled by the corporate-funded cafeteria food, and he saves his classmates by bursting in on a Eyes-Wide-Shut-type of Illuminati ritual (well, minus the orgy). Alas. Cartoons used to basically be comprised of one animated animal trying to catch another one, over and over again, and failing every time in slapstick glory.

Some people meditate in order to try and transcend the “illusory” world around them, and by this, they don’t mean the matrix of lies and propaganda being thrown at us everywhere we turn, they simply mean the world. All of it. Even their own self, their own conscious awareness of even existing as anything distinct from everything else. I suppose this sounds nice, in a way, sort of like being a baby in the womb I suppose. But then again, no. No it does not. That sounds like being a vegetable to me…

Other people want to transcend the grind of humanity by technological upgrades, Johnny-Depp style. Become a cyborg. Become an uploaded algorithm of all your memories in a computer. Better yet, become a mix of both, like the villain in the upcoming transhumanist propaganda piece, Avengers 2. Again, this does not seem terribly transcendent to me either, simply a more metallic form of vegetable…

No… I know that we are called do a very different kind of transcending. In the midst of the drudgery of paying bills, folding laundry, making your kids eat the vegetables (not the tranced-out meditators, the green plant variety), and watching the world fall apart just a tiny bit more every time we get a glance at it, we are called, to Rejoice. Always.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

The Truth is stranger than Radio…. (project in the works…)

truthradioOk, so I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some kind of podcast / radio project / “radio” sort of thang / for quite some time now, but still haven’t quite got there, although I am constantly playing around with sounds/music for “intros”, as that seems to be fun to do just for it’s own sake, and so perhaps that is even half my motive for wanting to do such a thing in the first place.  🙂  But anyhow, I’m still in the “brainstorming” phase really, (I suppose I more or less live in the that phase, but no matter…) and really I don’t know exactly where it might go, but all I think I do know at this point is that I’d want it to be something different, something very free and open in it’s format, and honestly I don’t think I’m looking to do another “let’s sit and interview this author/speaker/person” show, not because I don’t like those types of podcasts, because I love em, it’s just that I don’t necessarily think that’s either my “strength” or my cup o’ tea necessarily…

I think I’m more envisioning something more compilation-oriented, in the vein of say, NPR radio-shows such as “This American Life”, or “Radiolab”, if you’re familiar with those. Just more like little collections of “sound vignettes” and more like just random recorded conversations with people, about, well, all the fun/weird/crazy/prophetic stuff that typically finds it’s way onto the blog here, only I think I’d actually be hoping to collaborate with a lot of my fellow YOUs out there, in a project like this, my friends (and just anybody really) out there in the ‘sphere who might want to talk about, well, anything… How’s that sound? I’d love to just get recordings of stuff like, people’s testimonies, views on what’s going on in the world, governments, pop culture, music, art, the Bible, “spirituality”, conspiracies, NWO, movies, books, and of course, TRUTH!

I already have several of you specifically in mind, so be prepared to start getting some emails peeps, and please, do take the time to let me know what kinds of things YOU’D be interested in talking about, listening to, and just seeing tried overall. It’s not intended to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard in terms of “production value” or anything, nor is it hoped to be something that would garner some massive audience. It’s just, like this blog, another small outlet, a way of hopefully being able connect in a slightly “deeper” way with lots of other people out there, collaborate, get creative, and actually be able to hear the tones in each other’s voices…. Here’s one of the “intros” I’ve come up with:


Thinking-Man-inverseSeems like every few months or so, I go through this same cycle of suddenly asking myself why I’m even continuing the blog. Is there a point? Do I even have anything truly worthwhile to bring to “the discussion”? Am I feeling frustrated because I’ve slipped back into pursuing my own little internal agendas, instead of whatever the Lord might have for me?

If there is a “theme” to this blog, it certainly centers around the “paradigm shift” which I underwent around five years ago now, and I suppose that theme is what continues to both propel it along, yet also causes me to constantly wonder if I’m not failing overall at helping truly open other people’s eyes to things the way mine were. How do I always seem to wind up back in this place, wondering if it really matters if people ever “wake up” to the various dystopian realities going on all around us..? Isn’t it just enough to believe the Truth about the Son of God? To know where you’re going when you die? Does it really matter if the majority of the Christians in America still believe we are “blessed” by God, and part of this special, divinely orchestrated “Great Experiment”, and not Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis….?

Honestly, all too often I feel like I’m just writing things, either in posts or in comments elsewhere, which just miss the mark, again and again, and I desperately am feeling like I just want to find that “entry way”, that chink in the armor that will help pierce the veils of perception…. It’s just, so, hard. And even as I write this, I can’t help but beware of how ridiculous pretentious I sound, talking about “waking people up”, as if I’m some genius or something! I’m not. I so am not…

I feel like Moses or something, standing before God saying “I just don’t have the words”. I can ramble on and on and on, but it doesn’t seem to helping anyone. There are the people who see, and they already were there. Already were “awake”. It’s almost like I feel like, if I could just help one person get to that place, ya know? Maybe not even help them get there, but maybe just help them get through it, once they’ve gone there themselves…. Why is that? Is that pretentious? I don’t know. Maybe I just want to help people who are going through the same thing I did. It was not easy. I really struggled for a couple years actually with wondering if maybe I WAS in fact starting to really go crazy….

And that too, is something I often stop and wonder about with this blog. Am I just “embracing the fringyness”, because on some level you just expect people to respond with their familiar tin-foil jokes and dismissive comments anyhow, so you might as well just “own it” and know people are going to think you’re crazy anyways…?

And the worst question that haunts me at times:

Does this blog actually just serve as my little cathartic, “digital tree house” that I climb up to, where I can talk about all the weird stuff that nobody in my real life wants to go near…??

I think about that, and get pretty depressed. Full grown man, hiding in his blogger treehouse, reading his comic books, talking through tin cans and string, etc. Childishness. At times it feels like some porn addiction or something, not because I feel guilty of committing some sin, but because it’s almost hidden in that same way, merely due to the fact that no one “imrl” wants to go there anymore. Maybe it is just “obsession”. Maybe it is unhealthy. Maybe. Maybe…. I don’t know. I am crazy after all…