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What is UP with these DNA strands on license plates anyhow?


tenn-dnaThis is just a weird, random thing that has been pickin at my brain for almost two years now. I started noticing this on certain NV license plates around town shortly after we moved to Vegas. They don’t all have it, but a lot of them do. Going online, I didn’t find much except for a couple of interesting little forum discussions about this very topic, here and here. Apparently, thmichigan-licenseis little helix design, which looks almost unmistakably like a DNA strand, has been put on license plates from quite a few states, with no apparent official explanation as to why. It’s just such an odd thing to me, every time I see DSC05033one, it just makes me cock my head a little, and wonder. If it’s just a type of “digital watermark”, or something put on there to prevent people from easily counterfeiting license plates, then why the choice of the helix shape? Just one of those things that makes you go, “Hmmmmmmmmm”.

Has Anyone Else Ever Had a WP Post Just Suddenly Disappear…?

Maybe I’m just losing my mind, but a few minutes ago I just noticed that a post I put up yesterday, was totally gone… It wasn’t anything major, just a video from YT I threw up, but it’s just kind of bizarre? Did any of you out there happen to see it yesterday, just to confirm it actually posted? I thought to myself, well, maybe I didn’t actually Publish it, (even though, I remember publishing it, and viewing afterwards as it always shows…) but maybe I only saved it as a draft? Or maybe I accidentally sent it to the trash? Nope. Gone as a draft, and not in the trash (You have to intentionally go in and empty the trash too, just like email)

Cue the Twilight Zone music…

I Won’t Take Your Blood Ponies…


Somtimes, I find encouragement and inspiration coming from the most unexpected of places. Yesterday it was little Lisa Simpson, sticking it to the man, Mr. Burns, and holding to her convictions of resisting the tide of his monopolistic control over the media in Springfield. I wish I could’ve found a video clip of this episode, but searched to no avail. Sigh… Oh well.

Lisa: I’m sorry, Mr. Burns, but my paper is not for sale.
Burns: Maybe a little gift will change your mind. Send in Sugarbell.
Lisa: She’s very pretty. But the answer is still no.
Burns: Honeysuckle, Dewdrop.
Lisa: Oh, no! (NICKERING) They’re so beautiful.
And their breath smells like peppermint.
No! No! I won’t take your blood ponies! Go on, sweeties. Go on. Shoo.
Burns: (HISSING) Very well. You had your chance. I am going to shred you like a Christmas card! Now get out!
Lisa: I can’t! My mom’s not picking me up for an hour!
Burns:(SIGHS) So, what do you think of today’s popular music scene?
Lisa: I think it distracts people from more important social issues.
Burns: My God, are you always on?

It’s kinda hard to explain why I thought this was so profound. It’s kinda corny. But maybe I’m just rather tired, or maybe I just thought the term “Blood Ponies” was itself incredibly catchy. It would make spectacular band name. Oh dear, it appears some bizarre Scandinavian rocker(?) chick already thought it would make a great name for a song. Wouldn’t want to be associated with that production. Yikes…

Anyhow. What are my “blood ponies”? What are yours? What are the things so near and dear to our hearts that they would entice us away from conviction and speaking the Truth?

How often do stop and examine the Faustian chinks in my own armor of God in the midst of my own miniscule crusade against the Enemy of the Kingdom?

I suppose it depends on the time of day you ask! Try me before I’ve had at least two cups of coffee in the morning, and any form of black caffeinated sludge will probably top the list. I really need to get past that. Being dependent on regular doses of any given chemical in order to subsidize my mood isn’t exactly living in freedom from the Flesh. I know that from experience.

I dunno, maybe this topic seems slightly more pertinent than usual just because the “Christ-mass” is rolling around again. Don’t fret, I’m not on any x-mas-is-pagan soapboxes here. Not anymore anyhow. Not because it doesn’t have plenty of pagan elements in it, but it’s just that I don’t feel like the big “danger” of Christmas really has so much to do with unwittingly partaking in some modified ritual rooted somewhere in the foggy pagan histories of ancient Europe. I think the danger is more to do with the “witting” participation, in the obvious, almost year-round onslaught of simply appeasing our collective Flesh with the endless smorgasbord of pretty, shiny things. The Turkish Delight. The Bread and Circuses. The parade of blood ponies.

The thing is, my family and I have been through quite a bit over the last few years. We’ve experienced the surreal comfort of a six-figure salary, and the taste of almost-expired groceries from the local food bank. We’ve gone from having “everything we thought we wanted”, to selling most of what we owned, moving over a thousand miles away, and having to more or less totally start over. We’ve had the Father show us just how much we had come to take for granted, how much we had got comfy and cozy with the world. We had a nice little corral of blood ponies, and the Lord in His wisdom saw fit to have most of them taken out behind the barn and shot.

And this is the thing I desperately don’t want to lose, to let slowly slip away, as we see Him answer our prayers and provide, and we start to slowly get comfortable again. A year ago we were sweating bullets, praying that God would miraculously provide a way for us to pay the rent, and now I’m already finding myself wishing, Gee, I wish we had a bigger, nicer house, a newer car, maybe a swimming pool for next summer… The blood ponies are so very beautiful, aren’t they, and their breath does smell like peppermint…

But no. I want to remember those hard-learned lessons. I want to remember that my treasure is supposed to be in Heaven. I want to be like little Lisa Simpson, only for Jesus, and shoo away those beautiful blood ponies, every time the Tempter trots them in front of my little eyes. And yes, I even want to be that confounding voice who drives people crazy, the precocious little kid who is “always on”, reminding people that popular music, (and popular everything else) is really just there to distract us from more important social issues… 🙂

I Just Couldn’t Help Myself…

I never do this. I swear I don’t. Ok, I RARELY do it. But today I did, and I didn’t hold anything back. It was because it was something that touched upon a particular nerve that, I confess, really is hard for me not to react to. It shoots to the core of so much of what I have labored in and wrestled with and battled over in my own heart and mind. It’s what you might call a “pet peave”, but then again, “peave” doesn’t really come close to describing how this particular attitude and mindset amongst Christians continues to aggravate me, to an ever-increasing degree, whenever I come across it. I came across it today here:


It reads as follows…

Conspiracy Theories. Don’t.

Should you pay attention to that idea of a conspiracy theory? Let’s dive into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Okay. I know right up that conspiracies do happen. People do try to cover things up and pull them off together. Usually however, we have some idea that this is definitely going on. Eventually, it all comes down on those who do it. For instance, Watergate was a conspiracy of sorts, and frankly, it didn’t really last too long.

The main conspiracies I’m talking about are the kind that are popularized by too many Christians and are also the same mindset found in a number of atheistic circles. For Christians, these often involves “satanic plots” to control our children and indoctrinate them. Much of the time, you know that the Illuminati has to be behind it all!

Because, you know, the main way to send that secret message is to go through the half time show on Super Bowl Sunday. How is it that the Illuminati managed to reach all these dancers and send a secret message to people watching the Super Bowl? Before going off on how it is something you think is part of hidden satanic symbolism, why not just consider something else?

Maybe it’s just a tasteless performance.

Now this is saying nothing about the morality of what goes on in said performances. I am not at all endorsing that. What I am saying is that you need to be on the watch for thinking that there are several conspiracies afoot. For a Christian, this can result in a heightened paranoia and to the rest of the world, you just look ridiculous. We already look ridiculous for believing in Jesus. There’s no reason to add to that.

Atheists don’t always do much better. You can think about plots in Christianity to destroy everything that disagreed with Christianity and then of course, the process of canonization, that was all just a total plot! Very rarely is any actual real historical study done on the topic. Unfortunately in our internet age, too many people find something on the internet and think it’s true. We all laugh at the idea of “I read it on the internet so it must be true”, but too many people have that same mindset.

The thinking also leads to a heightened arrogance. Sure, everyone else misses the main message, but I know what it is. I am not going to be fooled the way everyone else is. If you do not see it, well you just haven’t really reached this level of insight and thinking. Of course, a possibly even worse case could be that you’re part of the conspiracy.

One point to keep in mind when researching these claims is see who is being cited as a source. Too many times conspiracy theorists regularly cite each other and validate one another’s claims. Try to find a source that you think will be as objective as possible. Of course, total objectivity could be impossible, but try to get as close as you can.

For Christians also, please especially avoid conspiracies related to end times madness. I have seen too many times the idea of secretly implanting chips in us that are supposed to be the Mark of the Beast. Honestly, I have reached the point where my eyes just start rolling immediately at this. It’s not just because I’m a preterist. If you’re a futurist, you should avoid this as well.

There are far too many important things to study than the idea of possible conspiracies. If some Christians would seek to interpret their Bible as well as they try to interpret a show at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, we’d all be better off.

In Christ,

Nick Peters

(my response is as follows…)

So, you basically see the apex of “paranoid Christian conspiracy theories” as centering around things like Satanic messaging embedded in Super Bowl half-time shows..?

I guess you can’t be faulted for that. There are after all bajillions of youtube videos which invest themselves in exposing and decoding such things.

However, I must interject as to your overall resistance to Christians being too “paranoid” about Satanic conspiracies in general. Since you clearly seem to be writing from the perspective of a Christian yourself, I am curious as to how exactly you parse this out, in relation to what the Bible actually has to say about Satan and his intentions towards this planet and the entire human race….

You make a rather puzzling statement how even though you’re a preterist, you believe that futurists should avoid getting sucked into “end time madness” as well. Not sure how you can claim to not have a certain amount of bias on that one, but no matter. As a preterist, how exactly DO you see history playing out, might I ask? Are we just going to keep “progressing forward” as things get better and better? Is there no Second Coming of Christ at all in your view?

Anyhow… Your article is more or less built around the typical argument of “Well of course conspiracy happens, but hey, they’re small and easy to spot, and so we should be able to make a distinction between those “realistic” examples of conspiracy, and the full on “crazy” ones…” (is that a fair description?) Yet, there are much bigger “substantiated” examples of massive-scale conspiracies than Watergate, and far more sinister as well…

Hitler and the Nazis “conspired” to eradicate Jews and the “non-desirables” from Europe (and ultimately, the world) through the implementation of a highly organized system whose sole function was to destroy human life with assembly-line efficiency. (I suppose you don’t think there was anything “satanic” going on with any of that…?) The rest of the world allegedly had no knowledge of this massive program (there were rumors, of course, but to believe in them would’ve mean believing a pretty intense “conspiracy theory”)

The Manhattan Project involved thousands upon thousands of people all working on various aspects of a project whose intention was to create the most devastating weapon the world had ever seen. It was as though an entire city was all working together on a singular secret project, yet the rest of the American public was completely unaware the whole time, until later when the project was disclosed.

The Federal Reserve as well was formed in secret, and confessed by the men who created it as something they “conspired” to do, using all sorts of chicanery to put the production of the U.S. dollar into their private control. (The “Federal Reserve” is definitively NOT a Federal institution, but a private bank). This is not “theory”, but open, documented fact.

But as to your question about “How is it that the Illuminati managed to reach all these dancers and send a secret message to people watching the Super Bowl?” The answer to that one is really quite simple, in that you obviously don’t need to brainwash every dancer on a stage for a performance filled with Satanic symbolism. (duh!) Every music video, every stage performance, and for that matter, every film, tv show, news program, etc., is produced, directed, and edited by a comparatively small number of people. Those are the people who can put whatever symbolism, message, meaning, or imagery they choose into anything they produce…. The people dancing and singing and acting and reading the teleprompters are really just living puppets.

But finally, as to your point about our belief in Jesus making us look “ridiculous” to the rest of the world…

You’d better believe the world is going to think you’re “ridiculous” for believing in Him, and if you think that’s something you need to try and mitigate as much as possible, then wow, that frightens me…

Think about it. You lament how Christians need to better interpret their Bibles, but when we pick up the Bible and actually read it, it is full of the most “fantastic” stories and ideas and claims you could imagine. It claims that God made man and woman, put em in a garden, then some serpent/devil creature comes along and tells them to eat it, and if they do, they’ll become like God, become “enlightened”, so they do it, but they don’t become gods, only trapped by sin, and then they realize they’re nude, get kicked out of the garden, etc., etc., God later floods the whole earth yet saves eight people. He raises up a people to be His own, saving them through plagues and miracles and seas that split in two and water that pours out of rocks. He smashes cities with parades and trumpets. He kills giants with pebbles. He turns kings into beasts, and makes other beasts speak. He closes the mouths of hungry lions, keeps people singe-free in fiery pits, and takes people on underwater ocean cruises inside the stomach of aquatic wildlife. Then this “Jesus guy” comes along, and whoa baby, does HE ever do some weird stuff. Making the blind see, the lame walk, casting out these invisible spirit things who apparently were taking control of people all over the place… He even was killed, and then was claimed to have risen from the DEAD and could walk through walls and teleport and such. Then they say He floated up into the sky, back to “heaven”, after which His followers stayed here and told everyone about it, and cast out these invisible evil things that are supposedly flying around everywhere, but we can’t see or hear them, and this Jesus guy is supposedly still alive and even “coming back” one day, yet, in this totally crazy book at the end, it talks about this “dragon” character and how he’s totally been fighting against this Jesus dude the whole time, and is going to try and kill everyone who loves him, and is even at some point going to gather “all the kinds of the earth” to make war against Him……

Yet… You don’t at all see the Bible itself that fully encompasses the “fantastic” and even the “conspiratorial”……?
(end of my original comment)

Now, there are only a couple other points I’d want to add to my already ridiculously long retort to this article.  First, to the pred-purple-jellyfish-crossota-millsae_10670_600x450oint insinuating that “conspiracy theorists” are guilty of the mindset “I read it on the internet so it must be true”.  You hear this all the time, and it’s really a sucker-punch, a pathetic attempt to discredit information or ideas by pointing to the fact that the internet played a part in the exchange of this information and ideas.  It’s really quite a tired and poor argument, honestly.  Never mind the irony that this accusation is itself being put forth in a blog post, on the internet (so should we disregard the author altogether as total nonsense because he’s sharing his thoughts online?) but the underlying implication going on here is that of course the people looney enough to believe in grandiose “conspiracy theories” or in such nonsense as the “illuminati” couldn’t actually have done their due diligence and looked for a weighty compilation of independent yet agreeing sources, or well-examined and authenticated evidence, no, they must have simply watched some youtube video made by some unemployed, anti-social middle-aged bum living in their parent’s basement.  It’s just substituting insult for argument.  Such accusations and ad hominem attacks come from people who have never even heard of, let alone looked into themselves, such vast compositions of true, bona fide research and data-analysis as found in things like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  (oh wait, sorry, that’s a link for a website, and if it’s on the internet, it must be baloney…) 😉  I guess that’s why corporations, governments, media outlets, etc. all have chosen to eschew putting their information online as well, because it would only serve to discredit them….(!?)

deep-sea-creatures-002Secondly, there is the other common claim that “this thinking also leads to a heightened arrogance”.  It’s funny, because this is exactly the SAME sort of thing you hear on a regular basis from atheists and other non-Christians who find your claim that the Jesus is the only way to God, that heaven and hell are real, and that all the other religions are false and deceptive to be the absolute epitome of arrogance!  All the belief systems are wrong, and deceived, and leading people to hell?  Why, what narcissism!  What gall!  As though the people who have come to put their faith in Christ and His word have done so simply as a function of their own internal desire to be above everyone else, to condemn them, and have some sort of self-created sense of exclusivity in the world…  Yes, atheists can be pretty adept at smacking Christians around with this one, and yet Christians will then turn right around and use the exact same logic to try and silence their brothers and sisters who they find to be totally off the deep end…fish

But alas, I AM off the “deep end”, learning to embrace the tides of life and let the currents take me, instead of hiding in my own little cove and pretending that entire roaring ocean doesn’t exist.  And the further I go into those “Deeper Waters” Mr. Peters, the deeper they seem to get.  The weirder, and crazier and more amazing and beautiful and scary and awesome and almost unbelievable they become.  Only HE can plumb the depths of all that is and has been and will be in this vast and incredible universe that He has made, but He has promised to be with us, always, as we swim through even the darkest, and deepest, and most shark-infested of waters…


The Z Factor…

So I seem to be having zombies on the brain lately. Maybe it’s cuz of the recent Canary Cry zombie episode, or maybe because my wife and I watched the 2009 flick “Zombieland” the other day when there wasn’t anything else on tv…  Zombie movies/shows really aren’tguns our thing, but the fact that Woody Harrelson was in it made it moderately entertaining, so, there it was, the rare moment we engage in anything zombie-themed, yet it did make me stop and think a little more about this whole pop cultural phenomenon which surprisingly has shown little sign of slowing down, and what it all might really mean…

Do I think the prospect of a true, literal “zombie apocalypse” is super likely? No. Not really. I mean, sure, stranger things have happened, and stranger yet are probably yet to happen, but still, I honestly don’t see the full-on “Dawn of the Dead” scenario taking full global effect as in the movie “World War Z” (which, ok, I confess I saw that one too…) So what is the zombie meme really all about then? Is it jzombie_apocalypse_motorcycle_3ust some kind of media reflection of a darker side to our collective psyche, some kind of statement about our suppressed inner desires to unload copious amounts of buckshot into bipedal creatures with no moral repercussions? Is it just about senseless violence and an immature fascination with gore? Does it somehow tie into perpetrating the whole theme of “pandemic” which is fleshing itself out in the contZombie-Bikeext of Ebola right now…? Perhaps…

One thing that really struck me as I reflected on the undercurrent of thought that is prevalent in virtually every zombie piece, is just the basic concept of how “zombification” basically takes people, human beings who were once sacred and valuable creatures, imbued with inherent rights and moral realities, and reduces them to essentially being quasi-human garbage, rendering them essentially useless for anything other than filling a screen-play with a hundred different creative ways of dispatching them.

Now, the question of whether zombies are a “real thing” is certainly an interesting conversation, and I’m not dismissing it, I’m simply finding myself at the point where I can’t help but also wonder, “What if the ‘zombie concept’ is just more of a Hollywood portrayal of a frighteningly real lego-zombie-apocalypsemanner in which certain people actually view the world right now…?” What I mean is, we watch these films and shows, and everyone assumes that the “non-zombies” are just representing us, the regular people who haven’t yet been bitten and contracted the “zombie virus”. The assumption always inherent in the perspective of the protagonists in the zombie apocalypse genre, is that it’s come down to a question of outright survival, and surviving is going to mean having to stomach some rather unpleasant sights, sounds and actions. In order for your own brains to not wind up on the dinner plate, you’re going to have to get over your sentimental attachments and pull that trigger when a drooling Aunt Beatrice comes trying to break down your door. If there is one thing that is virtually ubiquitous in all zombie fare, it is the notion that there is no saving these “people”, if in fact you could even call them that anymore. They are indeed now less than people, and more like a horde of roaches that has infested a building, with no remedy other than to 1e4a83cterminate every last one of them with extreme prejudice.

Ok. I realize I’m stating the obvious here, but just wait. But the thing I don’t hear anyone asking about yet is this:

What if “zombies” are really just a metaphor for the way we are already regarded by the “elites” right now, as we speak…?

What if the “meme” exists, more than we realize, only without the need for viruses and pandemics, no brain feasting, nor any of the Hollywood make-up showing rotting flesh and moaning undead… What if it’s just a metaphor for the “solution” to be eventually carried out on us? What if we are the “zombies”, in the eyes of certain individuals who sincerely believe they have transcended our mindless existence, and thus the non-stop fascination with the zombie theme is really just a twisted way of getting us to accept this on a subliminal level?zombie_00272224

To be honest, I almost find this idea more terrifying than the conventional prospect of a “zombie apocalypse”, yet I must say I also find it much more realistic. How many times, and in how many ways now, have we seen one new meme after another sweep through the media, through entertainment and “news”, and work to somehow convince us all to accept things and ideas which ultimately serve to make us agree to our own societal imprisonment, accept the surveillance of our own citizenry, embrace the poisoning of our food and water, and eventually, zombie_apocalypse_demotivatorultimately, acquiesce to the perceived need to cull a large percentage of “undesirables” from our midst.

I have to say, ever since I started pondering this whole idea, every time I see anything zombie-related, I just think eugenics, and it gives me the creeps. People today look back at Auschwitz and Buchenwald and shudder at the horror of how millions of people were systematically eradicated, without remorse, and yet we turn around and watch countless movies and tv shows portraying the same thing going on, (only usually on a global scale), and it’s accepted as being simultaneously logical, and entertaining!

The lies of occult-based Nazi Aryanism once convinced the Germans that the Jews were “sub-human”, the scourge that needed to be cleansed from the earth.  Perhaps today we should be cognizant of whatever new means of defining a classification of “sub-humans” might arise, or already be arising, as well.

So I got to see the Lunar Eclipse last night…


Thanks to my son’s ever-so-fun bout of casein-related sleeplessness, I was up until about five o’clock this morning, which gave me the chance to check out the “blood moon”. I was actually pretty surprised by how cool it turned out to be to get to witness something like that, particular when the last sliver of white was swallowed up, and the pink and red hues began to take over. The pictures I took with my old digital camera are pretty awful, and certainly don’t do it justice, but yes, it did turn a reddish pinkish tone. Was I found most astonishing was how once the eclipse was in full effect, suddenly the colors really “danced”, somewhat like how a star waxes and wanes in brilliance. I wouldn’t say it “twinkled”, but more like “surged”, where the red and white would go back and forth, as if trying to compete, making the whole moon look quite alive and rather eerie.

Even though I don’t necessarily buy into the whole “blood moon theory” as proposed by that Mark Biltz guy, I was still glad I got to see one of the “tetrad” in person….

Color Me Terrified….

A coloring book to teach kids about ISIS and the threat of terrorism? What a fantastic idea. After all, we now have a whole generation of children out there who were either not born yet, or too young to be fully impacted by the psychological trauma inflicted by 9/11, so what a great way to teach them about the scary Muslims out there who want to kill us all….

I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. Every day I feel like we really are that much closer to living in pre-war Germany….
anti-terrorism-coloring-bookWhat will you do when they come for YOU kids…?
11Look at Osama, that coward, hiding behind a woman……
451You see Billy?  The terrorists kill people by crucifying them.  Can you say “crucify”…?
"Tell the Truth - Tell it Often - Tell the Children" anti-terrorism colouring book, America - 28 Aug 2013
People in uniforms keep us safe, so always do whatever they tell you!
"Tell the Truth - Tell it Often - Tell the Children" anti-terrorism colouring book, America - 28 Aug 2013Hatred and killing is A-OK, as long as you hate the “bad guys”!!

“Daddy, can you help me find another red crayon so I can finish coloring all the blood..?

I Gotta Say, “Mass Ritual” Makes A Lot of Sense…

We’ve all heard of this “ALS bucket challenge” by now, and now this concept of it being some kind of cloaked illuminati ritual is being increasingly suggested. But as I step back and reflect on just how very remarkable it is that so many different people are willingly participating in this, and taking part in this kind of “tag-you’re-it” social media phenomenon, doing something that admittedly DOES seem incredibly suggestive of the symbolism of baptism, I can’t dismiss the idea that this very well could be something deeper and darker than what it might appear to be on the surface.

I had never heard of this Anita Fuentes gal before, but I have to say I don’t hear anything in her presentation here that does resonate with the Spirit in my heart.

Who knows exactly how the specific details might be “on the mark”, but I think the overall idea is definitely something that at least bears some consideration. Like she says, it’s all about “followership”, submission to social pressure, a “viral” idea… People today unknowingly participate in rituals all the time nowadays, when they watch Superbowl half-time shows, opening ceremonies at the Olympics, in tv commercials, movies, etc., and so I think the notion that people could be unknowingly participating in some kind of ritualistic thing through a “viral challenge” shouldn’t really sound that far-fetched to us at all…

30 Seconds to… Turn It Off!

untitledSo last I’m up a little later than usual, and I plop myself down on the couch and start flipping through the channels to unwind a bit before bed, and I happen to land on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, just as his musical guest “30 Seconds to Mars” is taking the stage.  I couldn’t find a pic of the actual performance from last night, but the first thing that invades my vision is the “band” playing in front of the same triangle/pyramid image shown above.  (I say “band” because it consisted of the singer, Jared Leto, a keyboard player, and some electronic drums.  *sigh*  This is what passes as “rock” music these days…?)  But seriously, after doing my last post on Illuminati/pyramid symbolism in album covers, needless to say such a visual was impossible to ignore.  I confess, until last night I had only heard of the name “30 Seconds to Mars” in passing, and wasn’t at all familiar with the group, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even seen Jared Leto in any of his acting roles since his debut heartofwisdommarstrianglein “My So-Called Life” back in the 90’s… So of course today I couldn’t help but do some quick googling, and for crying out loud.  You really tumblr_moz0yfKM3x1rkdxrwo1_500couldn’t classify this as a case of “hunting for the occult symbolism”, because honestly, if you do a google image search for the band name, for Leto, their albums, symbols, etc., you are faced with a barrage of nothing BUT esoteric and illuminist iconography!  It’s not even a joke.  It would actually be a real challenge to find a single image associated with this band that doesn’t contain occult meaning.  I mean, just the name itself for starters is a little too obvious, if you have even the most vague familiarity with the significance of Mars in mystery school religions.  But then it just goes on and on, like drinking from a veritable fire hose of occult-derived concepts and phrases and images.  You’ve got everything from their primary logo,(prominently tattooed on both of Leto’s forearms) which doubles as Phoenix-Logothe pyramid/capstone and also one of the symbols of the “elements”, and also it would seem tautographhat it correlates to something called the “Heart of Wisdom”, which comes from Kabbalah.  Then you got the phoenix, the X/O symbolism (which has many layers of meanings; such as time/space), the heavy use of “runes”and other magikal symbols (usually portrayed in a more “modern” or almost alien-looking style), a “trinity” of skulls, and on and on it goes…  Apparently even the way they sign autographs is by simply writing their own unique rune symbol. Five-ElementsA quick perusal of Leto’s childhood and rise to both Hollywood and musical stardom was also pretty interesting.  Originally from Louisiana, his parents divorced early on, and so he moved around a lot due to grandfather being in the airforce.  At some point his mother “joined the hippie movement” (even though he wlogo-echelon-30-seconds-to-marsasn’t even born until 1971?) and so he says, “I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater,” (from  an interview with Kerrang!) “Just having the art communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn’t a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn’t try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”  Eventually he winds up going to two different prestigious D.C. prep schools (as most kids with hippie-upbringings do) before going on to study art and film-making in PA and NY, and then etumblr_ludw7eaSnL1qzub73o1_500ventually moving out to California to get serious about making music (and do a little acting on the side…)  Just your typical kid-with-high-ranking-military-family-has-artsy-hippie-childhood-and-East-Coast-blueblood-education-then-goes-on-to-Hollywood-and-music-industry-super-stardom-fame story.  (I say that jokingly, but when you think about other child actors such as River Phoenix (there’s another interesting name) who actually have somewhat similar stories, it’s not as uncommon as we might think).  Guess I might have to shuffle through the youtube results for “Jared Leto illuminati family”..? Overall, I know I’m not “breaking a story” here in any sense.  I suppose it’s just one of those “I can’t believe Inecklace hadn’t even heard of this already” kinds of things.  But then again, I can believe it, because I’m definitely not trying to keep up with the endless waves of corporately-produced “rock bands” they keep churning out who somehow seem oblivious to the fact that everything they’re doing which they think is so hip and young and cool is nothing but a sad rehash of all the neon and pastel colored garbage that came out in the 80’s, albeit infused with a massively increased dose of occult imagery, themes and symbols.  (like, “Hello? 1983 is calling, th8b490cc378791b0c5d53236ab85cf44eey want their spiked hair and sleeveless Tee’s back…)  But I guess that’s sort of the point.  You can’t hope to infect the entire spectrum of youth culture with your Illuminati-themed tripe if you’re only targeting the hip-hop and heavy-metal crowds.  The sexually-marinated likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry won’t appeal to everyone.  I guess you have to go after the kids who think bands like Maroon 5 (uggh!) are where it’s at as well.  I guess I just have to get over my weird compulsion to want to mock the very idea that such “bands” can even be labejared-leto-30-seconds-to-mars-illuminatiled as “rock” music nowadays, and just focus on the fact that the underlying New Age message inherent in them is every bit as dangerous and deceptive and blasphemous as Perry’s songs about copulating with aliens or Jay Z’s Aleister Crowley worship.

Total Saturation…

covers The above is an assortment of album covers all of which contain some type of illuminati eye/pyramid symbolism.  While a few of them date back to the 60’s – 90’s, the vast majority of them are found on albums released in the 2000’s and beyond (i.e., post 9-11…), a little factoid which I find quite interesting and rather telling.  I compiled this little montage after some conversations I’ve been having with a friend lately, talking about music (a passion we both share) and all the various occult elements and symbolism that can be found and just the whole broader topic of how the Enemy has influenced the music industry and used it for his agenda.  Always a fun topic.  Finding cd covers with artwork containing occult symbolism somewhere in them is of course incredibly easy to do nowadays, and I suppose that is the overall point.  In fact, the site where I discovered a lot of these ones on also included a ton of covers which simply feature a photograph of a single eye on them, as in maybe you could only see half the person’s face, or something like that.  Certainly there are quite obvious examples involving things like Lady Gaga or someone like that covering one eye, or the pictures we’ve all seen of entertainers doing the pyramid/finger thing around an eye, but does that mean every album cover featuring a single eye was doing it on purpose?  I wouldn’t think so, but anyhow, the more you stop and look into things, the more you start to realize just how heavily saturated not just the music industry is, but all of pop culture with all these layers upon layers of both overt and quite subliminal messaging and symbolism…

So shortly after the album cover search, another friend reposts some excellent videos from a blog called Round Saturn’s Eye, where wouldn’t you know it, he’s talking all about this kind of stuff.  And not just from the perspective of someone like myself who is learning about it all from the “outside”, but a guy who came to believe in the true Jesus after personally navigating the marshes of the occult and spiritualist realms himself.  The video below is one of the first one’s I watched:
Latitude Festival 2010 - Saturday
Now… About 2 1/2 minutes into the video, he starts talking about all this 9-11/”ixxi”/gate symbolism, which was something I really hadn’t heard much about before, and how the “xx” represents the gate to Hades in between the masonic pillars and so on… I’m going to have to lthexxook into the “ixxi” thing a little more, because the one thing that did ring a bell was the fact that I know there is actually a band called “The XX”….xxxx All this time, I figured the “XX” was just another attempt to come up with a cool-sounding alt-rock sort of name, and never would have imagined that something like that could potentially have any sort of esoteric meaning attributed to it. You don’t look at the band overall and see any of the common blatant Satanic stuff found in so many of the well-known examples like Madonna and whatnot. It really DOES make me start to wonder just how much of the time I’m having occult symbolism shoved in my face without even having a clue? It’s one thing to see pyramids and devils horns and the like and react to it, but that is really just the beginning. The vast majority of it fills our ears and fields of vision daily without us ever noticing. It’s everywhere. In everything…

Even recently, I was unpleasantly surprised by a discovery I made about a video game that my kids are now super into called Minecraft. In case you don’t know, it’s a game that involves being able to dig/mine materials from an interactive world in order to build virtually anything you could think of. You can build little houses and castles for yourself, and in this sense it is very much just like a huge virtual game of digital legos, and since my kids are legofanatics, how could they NOT like a game like that? Okay, but then you can also play the game to where you build your fortresses/kingdom during the day, and then at night, all these creatures come out and try to get ya. Zombies and wolves and “Creepers” who blow up, etc. K big wup, that’s video games. The thing that made me stop and go “WHA…?”, was when I saw that one of the night-monsters was this creature called “Enderman”, which is clearly in both name and appearance a slapdash spin-off of the now infamous out-of-control internet meme known as “Slenderman”, the fan-fiction based demon figure whose crowd-sourced fictional mythology led to two very real murder cases.ender-slender

I mean, really??  I can’t even try to buy a simple and comparatively “safe” game for my kids to play without them having this kind of junk being pushed into their consciousness?  (I know, I know, some of you are possibly going “Well that’s what you get for letting your kid’s play video games”…)  Anyways.  Even though my family is fairly “sheltered” compared to most folks in terms of imbibing the flows of pop culture, the amount that still reaches us is significant, because the degree to which our society has become so totally saturated with not just “worldliness” and sin and so forth, but with outright occult programming, is simply off the charts.  For ages, these kinds of symbols and concepts and rituals were closely guarded secrets of the initiated few, cloaking them in secrecy in order to keep the public at large completely unaware of their existence.  But now it’s being puked into psyches like a tidal wave of Luciferic indoctrination, and the question almost becomes one of wondering what content out there, what music, what tv show, what movie, even what physical product sitting on the store shelf,  ISN’T infused with some layer of demonic iconography, rather than what is…