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“Sounds like a case of the Mondays”….

I talk about the various things going on in the world right now, and how through all of it I continue to feel as though we are getting even that much closer to something “big”, and just reflect on the overall increase of propaganda being pumped through the mainstream media…


Into The Electric Cloud of Unknowing…

Ok, so about five years ago or so I had this “great idea” for a sort of sci-fi novel set in the not-so-distant-future. It was around the time when things like Facebook and smartphones were starting to catch on, and in the midst of all of that I started envisioning a type of dystopian scenario that looked something like this….

The “story” opens with floating over scenes of steamy rainforests and majestic mountain peaks. Soothing music plays in the background. A person is heard snoring… Then, the serene imagery is suddenly interrupted by the beeping of an alarm clock. Suddenly, a little alarm clock icon pops up, and the relaxing dream sequence of floating over nature blips away. The person opens their eyes, stares at the ceiling, and their field of vision comes alive with a cacophony of digital readouts. An email inbox pops up on the left. A weather report emerges on the right. A news anchor starts reading their morning report in a video feed in another corner. News bytes and random information scroll across the bottom of the “screen”. But the screen is not a screen, it is the person’s own view. The figure crawls out of bed and mumbles “start coffee”, and the coffee machine in the next room starts to percolate. He answers emails, makes a few phone calls, checks on his latest order from Amazon, all without lifting a finger. His eyes and voice do all the “clicking”. The desktop is in his own head…

I was so mesmerized by this chilling idea of everyone walking around, not with smartphones in their pockets, but smartphones in their heads! How much further into the technological abyss would that take our society? Can you imagine being able to walk down the street, get directions for anywhere or anything, keep track of the locations of all your “friends” simultaneously, make purchases without touching your wallet, or even be able to google search anyone you came across simply by looking at them and using some facial-recognition app?

It’s a good thing I never got too serious about writing the book, because in reality Ray Kurzweil had conceived of the idea, along with so much more, far before I ever did, and he wasn’t thinking in terms of writing amateur science fiction…

I finally got around to watching the documentary “Transcendent Man” the other day, and it really helped me to get a much fuller appreciation of what his vision about things like “The Singularity” is all about, not to mention that it really blows your mind that the guy who is making all these bold, fantastic projections is now working for Google, and has in fact been given the resources to try and actually create “AI”! Anyways, the documentary is something I would recommend to anyone who is alive right now and has ever used a computer.

Here is a video of Kurzweil being interviewed about what he’s up to at Google:

and here are some interesting vids about “Google glass” and “augmented reality”:

Finally, a preview of another documentary called “The Singularity”:

DIY Transhumanism…?


This is simply fascinating.  The entirety of the “transhumanism gospel” is contained in this 13 minute clip.  Proof positive that such “far-fetched” ideas are indeed taking root in the minds of down-to-earth people, and not just something being taken seriously by a few well-funded “big thinkers” out there…

Here’s an incredibly telling quote from an accompanying article for the video on

“The boys from Grindhouse Wetwares both sucked down Parliament menthols the whole time we talked. There was no irony for them in dreaming of the possibilities for one’s body and willfully destroying it. “For me, the end game is my brain and spinal column in a jar, and a robot body out in the world doing my bidding,” said Sarver. “I would really prefer not to have to rely on an inefficient four-valve pump that sends liquid through these fragile hoses. Fuck cheetahs. I want to punch through walls.”

Flesh and blood are easily shed in grinder circles, at least theoretically speaking. “People recoil from the idea of tampering inside the body,” said Tim. “I am lost when it comes to people’s unhealthy connections to your body. This is just a decaying lump of flesh that gets old, it’s leaking fluid all the time, it’s obscene to think this is me. I am my ideas and the sum of my experiences.” As far as the biohackers are concerned, we are the best argument against intelligent design.

Neither man has any illusions about how fringe biohacking is now. But technology marches on. “People say nobody is going to want to get surgery for this stuff,” admits Cannon. But he believes that will change. “They will or they will be left behind. They have no choice. It’s going to be weird and uncomfortable and scary. But you can do that, or you can become obsolete.”

We came back into the kitchen for dinner. As I wolfed down steak and potatoes, Cannon broke into a nervous grin. “I want to show you something. It’s not quite ready, but this is what we’re working on.” He disappeared down into the basement lab and returned with a small device the size of a cigarette lighter, a simple circuit board with a display attached. This was the HELEDD, the next step in the Grindhouse Wetwares plan to unite man and machine. “This is just a prototype, but when we get it small enough, the idea is to have this beneath my skin,” he said, holding it up against his inner forearm.

The smartphone in your pocket would act as the brain for this implant, communicating via bluetooth with the HELEDD, which would use a series of LED lights to display the time, a text message, or the user’s heart rate. “We’re looking to get sensors in there for the big three,” said Tim. “Heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Because then you are looking at this incredible data. Most people don’t know the effect on a man’s heart when he finds out his wife is cheating on him.”

Cannon hopes to have the operation in the next few months. A big part of what drives the duo to move so fast is the idea that there is no hierarchy established in this space. “We want to be doing this before the FDA gets involved and starts telling us what we can and cannot do. Someday this will be commercially feasible and Apple will design an implant which will sync with your phone, but that is not going to be for us. We like to open things up and break them.”

I point out that Steve Jobs may have died in large part because he was reluctant to get surgery, afraid that if doctors opened him up, they might not be able to put him back together good as new. “We’re grinders,” said Cannon. “I view it as kind of taking the pain for the people who are going to come after me. We’re paying now so that it will become socially acceptable later.”

These folks are ready, they’re hungry, they’re envisioning the all very things that they see someday becoming the norm, the integration of man and machine, and I believe they are right in that respect.  Sadly, they are right… 

I saw this, and almost pooped my pants…

Over the last couple of years, as I have found myself trying to take a deeper look at all that has been developing within the government, and across the globe, there have been a couple crucial moments, which pushed me into a state of “What?  No…. WHAT?  Really?  This can’t be right…  No way…  SERIOUSLY!??   I think I need to just get up right now and go have an ice cream cone or something, and try to think happy thoughts”…  The first of those moments was probably when I first watched the video footage of “building 7” falling down, over and over again, as I tried to wrap my head around how that could have possibly happened without explosives being used… 

Another moment was when I first saw the logo pictured above.

What you see is the logo for what was called the “Information Awareness Office” (you probably could’ve gathered that much yourself by reading the logo…), a subdivision of D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  Of course, the I.A.O. is now supposedly “defunct” after Senator Feingold spearheaded a congressional inquiry against the department in 2003 over privacy concerns.  But the reality is that even the “office” itself has been dissolved, the “core technologies” have unquestioningly been retained, which essentially means that the original reasons for concern remain as intact as ever.  The broader goal of “T.I.A.” (Total Information Awareness) strives on, (even involving things as seemingly benign as Facebook)  first under the moniker of “ARDA” (Advanced Research and Development Activity) , which later was absorbed by the “Disruptive Technology Office“.  So basically, the “Information Awareness Office” never went away, it was merely redistributed within the massive “military/industrial complex”, sort of like when you flip over a big rock at the beach, and all the little crabs go scurrying off in different directions, only to find other big rocks to crawl under…

 But for me, even scarier than the actual agenda of the I.A.O (as insane as it is), was the simple bone-chilling fact that someone, somewhere actually picked THAT to be the image to represent a government agency charged with “Total Information Awareness”.  Of ALL the things they could’ve come up with, that’s what they chose?  I mean, seriously!!  I dunno, maybe such a thing is of particular interest to me since I studied Graphic Design back in the day…  I know enough to understand that when you’re tasked with coming up with a logo for a company, or product, or a heavily-funded government agency, you don’t just pull something out of thin air and go present it to whoever is charged with making the final decision.  I just have such a hard time believing that some random guy somewhere, working in a government graphics department or whatever, just thought to himself, “Let’s see, what’s my next assignment here…  The ‘Information Awareness Office’….  Hmmmm…  Total information awareness…  Ubiquitous covert technological surveillance of our country’s own citizens…  How do we go about representing that visually…?  I know!  What about that weird picture on the back on the one dollar bill?  That has an eye on it, right?” (quick google search…)  “Whoa..  Looks like it’s called the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, yeah, that’s perfect!”

Hmmmm.  Maybe…  Maybe such a thing was actually used as the logo for one of the most disturbing governmental operations in all of history, and nobody happened to notice that they were slapping a notorious occult symbol on their front door.  Who knows, maybe there are people working in the U.S. government who are really so turned around that they think a pyramid with a big glaring eye over the top of it is just as much an iconic symbol of “American ideals” as apple pie…  (Then again, if it’s on our own money, then it couldn’t really have any “evil” meaning behind it, right?)  It’s really hard to say what might have gone on behind the scenes.  All I know is that I still have to pinch myself almost every time I look at the thing, to remind myself that no, that is not just a cheesy graphic taken from some corny, Orwellian B-movie, and yes, it was really used, by the real governement, with real technology, who are really, truly, still spending untold millions and billions of dollars on the goal of achieving “Total Information Awareness”…    (Wait, did I mention that it’s real…?)

Part of me so wants to laugh about it, because it just seems pretty ridiculous on the one hand.  I mean, for crying out loud, I had to read “1984” when I was in like 7th grade.  I became familiar with the phrase “Big Brother is Watching You”, and understood the basic message, and the point of the book as a whole, before I hardly knew that much about how the REAL government worked…  (ironically though, turns out the book served as a pretty good primer for the real world, didn’t it?)  The phrase “Big Brother is Watching You” certainly isn’t some obscure literary reference, it’s practically part of the vernacular, part of the “cultural zeitgeist”…  Yet despite ALL of that, somebody, somewhere thought to themself, “Well, we sure can’t call ourselves ‘Big Brother’, cuz that wouldn’t go down very well…  But what about a big eye over a pyramid that is watching the whole earth?  THAT will make people feel safe!” (!?!?) 

So remember folks, you can rest easy, feeling safe, because your government is doing everything they can to protect you from the “bad guys” that are out there, everywhere, plotting amd scheming to destroy our American way of life.  The I.A.O. may not exist in the form that it once did, but rest assured; 


And now for something completely different…

So in Seattle a couple of days ago a man walks into a cafe and starts shooting people.  Sadly, we’ve seen that before.  The police start a manhunt, driving around neighborhoods in armored vehicles wielding shotguns and automatic weapons.   Yep, seen that before.  The man shoots himself after being discovered by police.  We’ve seen that before too.    The “community” is grief-stricken and looks for ways to deal with their sorrow, trying to find meaning in it all.  When don’t we see that when something terrible happens?

What I hadn’t ever seen before is people holding a parade as part of a memorial service for the victims of the shooting, and in that parade some people dressing up as strange characters as though from some Alice in Wonderland type world…

Turns out they were costumed members from a theatrical production called “Lullaby Moon“, a ” large-scale, site-specific public performance celebrating the new moon”…

Don’t really have much to say about it, other than “THIS IS WEIRD”.   And not much strikes me as being all that weird anymore….  The country is still scratching it’s head over a guy in Miami who a week ago was eating a homeless man’s face in zombie-like fashion, yet I still find this even weirder.  Go figure.  I guess it goes to show that I actually find any sort of pantomime performance even creepier than zombies…. 

Here is more footage of an actual “performace”. Like I said. Weird…..