Is the concept of “money” itself connected to the Spirit of Antichrist?

“The love of money is the root of all evil”.

Most people are familiar with this saying (or paraphrase I suppose it is) of Jesus, even if they don’t know He is the one who originally said it. (apparently even Pink Floyd liked it enough to write a song about it…) We all deal with the realities and strains of living in a society where we need money to buy even the most basic of necessities. We go to work every day in order to be able to “pay the bills”. Politicians and pundits debate endlessly over economic policy. We do things like pay our taxes, watch the values of our homes go up and down, scratch our heads at the stock market, and feel absolutely dumbstruck trying to wrap our heads around the billions, even trillions, of dollars and other currencies that are digitally zipping around the globe every single day.

 Money is everywhere, part of everything, and taken pretty much for granted as a basic, fundamental component of what we call “civilization”. But I have found myself wondering, what exactly IS money? Well, I know Webster defines it as: “Something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment“, and on the surface level, it seems like a pretty simple question with a fairly simple answer.  After all, even small children can understand that you need money in order to buy something at the store.  The thing is, as I have gotten older, (and ever so slightly more aware of how the world “works”), I have begun to see that the realm of money and economics is far more bizarre and convoluted than I used to think it was.

On the day-to-day level, we treat money as the representation of the value of goods or services. We go to work, and expect some degree of financial compensation. When we go to the grocery store, we understand that we have to pay for the food we buy. Etc., etc… Work = monetary value, and “Stuff” = value too. Pretty basic. But of course, the value attached to goods and services are not static, but are in fact relative (enter the good ol’ “Law of Supply and Demand”…) It fluctuates, depending on how much people want some thing or some service, and how much of those goods or services are available. (theoretically……….)

Now, where it starts to get wacky is when you start understanding that all of this “value” that is supposedly tied to tangible goods, and tangible services, is all poured into the same, giant economic stew pot with all of the “intangible value”.  That is, things like money that is made simply by collecting interest on a loan, speculation on the commodities or “futures” market, value attributed to “intellectual property” associated with patents, copyrights, etc., the whole spectrum of the insurance industry, and of course the loathsome prevalence of attaching “fees” to every conceivable type of transaction, (regardless or whether or not there was any real effort put forth by the party collecting the fee…) The list of “intangible” sources of revenue in our modern society is ridiculously long, and I wouldn’t even attempt to name them all here. The simple point is, more and more people are beginning to realize the troubling reality that today it is very easy to see the “value” one has built up through their own real, hard work (sometimes for many years) suddenly vanish into thin air, when say, their investment portfolio falls flat, or even if their bank goes belly up due to reasons completely outside of their control. The troubling fact is, money can just “die”, (poof!), with seemingly no real-world justification. “Back in the olden days”, there was of course always the possibility of your tangible assets meeting a tragic, tangible fate. Your crops could die. Your house could burn down. Your ship full of gold bullion could sink. (you get the idea) There was a time when money and value seemed much less vapid and a lot more substantive. Many people recognize this, some of them pointing to the departure of the dollar from the “gold standard”, as being the “point of no return”, when things took a fatal turn into the abyss of modern economics…

But what about before that? What are the underlying, philosophical assumptions that allow “money” to exist in the first place?

One thing I always find fascinating in studying history, are the moments when a “civilized” nation or empire encounters, and then works to colonize, a region with a “primitive” culture. Whether you’re looking at the expansion of the Greek or Roman empires, or the European acquisition of the Americas, or even the process that the United States went through in order to take over places like the Hawaiian islands, you see this repeating pattern where the colonizers come in and take advantage of the fact that the local populace has no system in place for the legal ownership of land (along with their advanced military strength, of course). The case of Hawaii is appalling, especially since it is a portion of U.S. history that most of us in the United States are taught little to nothing about. Basically, the rich, American plantation-bosses needed a way to enact a law enabling them to actually purchase Hawaiian land, (since under the Hawaiian monarchy system there was no actual provision for the legal ownership of land), so they drummed up a false “riot” in Honolulu which then prompted 200 marines to come in and take over the Hawaiian capital, where they forced the Queen to sign the “bayonet constitution”. Under the details of the new laws, pretty much the only ones who were qualified to purchase land were (big surprise) the American plantation bosses…

Anyhow, I bring this up because it would seem that this basic notion of land ownership is actually pretty integral to the aim of setting up a real monetary system in the first place. If we think back, like, waaaay back, to the beginnings of human history and the first examples of city-states being created, both before the Flood and after, then some pretty interesting ideas begin to emerge. After the fall, God charged man with having to work the soil, to live basically a simple, agrarian existence. Man would plant seeds, grow crops, relying on God to provide the sunshine, the rain, and to make things grow. It was a very direct, hands-on way of life where there was almost always a measure of manual labor required, but this would also encourage and attitude of thankfulness towards the Creator when the harvest came in, or when an animal gave birth, or when some wild game was hunted, or whatever. The idea was supposed to be about relying on the provision of God, and the contributions of the entire family or tribe.

In contrast, the act of building a city is a whole different thing. It is premised on the idea of relying on a larger mass of people, gathered together in a strategic place, where a certain segment of the population do things like grow the food, hunt, fish, make clothes, etc., and a different segment handles the administration, or “security”, and whatever else. You have a class structure. There are defined borders of the kingdom or city-state, which are defended. In most cases, the king “owns” everything within those borders, and so, having those pieces in place, a singular system of trade and commerce can be instituted. You can now go from a barter economy to a monetary economy.

I find all of this even more interesting when you start looking at it from a “Genesis 6 point of view”. The Bible indicates that after the flood, the people disobeyed the command of God to spread out and fill the earth, and instead gathered in the plains of Shinar, where they eventually began to build a tower in order to reach the heavens. Much has already been said about Babel/Babylon and the kingdom of the fallen cherub, so I won’t get into all of that. My whole point is that history clearly shows that almost without exception, these ancient cities were extremely pagan and occult-centered, and these demonically-inspired kingdoms/empires to constantly seek to expand. The more laborers, land, animals, trees, minerals, etc., that can be swallowed up by the “machine” of a given empire, the stronger it becomes. That is the nature of empire. As “civilization” expands, it by its own nature works to quantify and monetize everything in its path in order to assimilate it. And so, throughout history, as the “civilized” world has stretched itself further and further around the globe, so does this process of total monetization. Plants and animals become solely sources of food and clothing. Humans become laborers, administrators, rulers, soldiers. Land is regarded for its usefulness for habitation, food production, or placement of strategic military defenses. With boats and ships waterways become food sources, and means of long distance transportation. Through the centuries, the drive to consume the people and resources of the earth never ceases. There is eventually the trading of slaves, sugar, tea, and opium, all on a global scale. The “industrial revolution” brings about new demand for things like oil and various metals. These are things that were just sitting in the ground, for thousands of years, until man got to the place where (because of imperial expansion) they finally have “value”, and so, POOF!, there is “money”, just sitting there in the ground, all you have to do is dig it up.

The crazy part is, that the money you and I have right now, in our wallets, bank accounts, whatever, is not disconnected from this entire history of empirical expansion and the monetization of the natural world. It does not exist in a vacuum. There was no point at which modern society hit the reset button and redefined the underlying concepts of “value” and “ownership”. The reason people can “own” their own homes (and the land upon which they sit) in my neighborhood, is because many years ago, this land was “bought” from Spain, (who merely planted their flag on it…), and then the people who were living here first were systematically herded off their traditional lands, and the process of dividing it up and monetizing it began. So, as I see it, the notion that there are all these separate and distinct currencies operating all around the world, actually serves to obfuscate the reality that all of these governments are all ALREADY operating under the same basic set of assumptions, connected to the monetization of goods, services, and the natural world. Back in biblical times, it was at least possible to reject the prospect of living under the reign of a given empire, and try to go find one’s own self-sustained existence somewhere beyond the reaches of “civilization”. Today, such an endeavor would be next to impossible. What’s more, the incredible disparity between the rich and the poor, the fluctuation of values between currencies, the shenanigans going on with countries like Greece and Spain and their problems with the Euro, all of these modern dilemmas really only point to one eventuality. The constant growth of this huge problem with all the “funny money” around the world, (all this craziness due to the issue of “intangible” value intermixing with the “tangible”), can only have one answer that will eventually be accepted as “fair”. After all, the reason a single city-state would install a single currency is to make trading within it’s borders “fair”. When several cities are linked together into a kingdom, a single currency makes things “fair”, and arguably their entire economy stronger. Same thing when kingdoms (countries) band together into an economic group, they have to wrestle with how to make things “fair”. (as we are seeing the debate in Europe happen right now) And when it comes to making things economically “fair” around the entire world? Yeah, you already know the answer….

The point is not necessarily to say that we should try to figure out a way live “off the financial grid” (although, who knows, one day God might just call us to do that…), but really more about trying to maintain a healthy overall perspective. God calls us to remember that HE is the creator, and sustainer, of all life. HE is the one gives us the sun, the rain, the snowpack, the seasons, the soil, the animals and everything else that we get all of our “products” from. “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills”. He is the one really making the whole “engine” go! The monetization of everything around us works to deceive and distract us from this truth. It is not a sin to use money, but it is a sin to put our trust in it, because to trust in money is essentially to trust in the overall system of man, our own ability to harness and subjugate the creation for our own ends.  If we find ourselves reacting with a sense of righteous indignation when our little personal fortunes are attacked by the calloused realities of modern “voodoo economics”, we have to stop and remember that so much of the “wealth” we now have access to only exists in the first place because of the massive amount of exploitation of peoples, places, and things that occurred before we were even born.  The frustrating prospect of seeing our money swallowed up by unfair and unscrupulous business practices has to be balanced out by the realization that the manner by which so much “value” is created (the process of monetizing the natural and intellectual world) is often times no less sinister than the manner by which so much of it is destroyed…

We already live in a global economy, and have been doing so for quite some time now. The fact that there is so much that falls under the category of “economic turmoil” can perhaps be understood to be the unavoidable consequence of the nature of “money” itself (the monetization of everything), and this turmoil certainly feels as though it were actually designed to bring us to that final step of adopting a single currency, a truly one-world system. After all, didn’t Satan offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth (and by extension, all their monetary wealth) when he was tempting Him in the desert?  Doesn’t that go to show that all the money on earth is already his, as a component of his carnal, rebellious, “kingdom of this world”?  But we know that God did not create the earth, the plants, the animals, and humanity with the original intention of having to monetize every aspect of His creation in order for us to live in harmony with it (there was no cash in the garden of Eden!). In the New Jerusalem, I feel pretty confident that there will be no money there either, for why would there be any need?

All in all, reflecting on these matters has really brought a new depth to the words of Jesus when he was asked about paying taxes to Caesar…

Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. “Teacher,” they said, “we know that you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren’t swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are. Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?”

But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?”

“Caesar’s,” they replied.

Then he said to them, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” (Matthew 25:15-21)

Now if Caesar had declared himself to be a god, and demanded to be worshipped as such, does that not make him a type of “antichrist”?  So today, as things continue to unfold, we too must remember Jesus’ command to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”…

Movie Ramble: “Ethos”…

Well, I know I just wrote about the issue of how much focus on “conspiracy” matters is too much. Then I go and watch the documentary film “Ethos”, and, well, let’s just say that Ethos is not the sort of movie you should watch if you’re trying to rid your mind of all that is awry in the world today. (Netflix has now finally decided that I would appreciate suggestions from the sub-genre category of “cerebral conspiracy movies”, so thank you Netflix…) Anyhow, after hearing Sharon Gilbert give it a positive recommendation, I decided to go for it and found it quite well put together, and I must admit I did learn some new things, alongside a lot of otherwise familiar information.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t end up going in the same New Age direction as films like Zeitgeist, even though I still didn’t really resonate with the final conclusions of the film, (In fact, it was really only the ending that I didn’t agree with, the “what should we do about it” part, but I suppose that’s to be expected) and overall it serves as a pretty decent “Conspiracy 101” type of piece, the kind of thing that’s designed to introduce people to many aspects of the “NWO” agenda for the time.

The film covers important topics like the origins and practical workings of the Federal Reserve Bank, the “military industrial complex”, the concept of “manufactured consent”, the merging of corporate and government interests, media manipulation, and even the way that events like 9-11 have been used to incite mass fear in order to drum up support for unnecessary foreign wars and convice people to passively accept the increase of government surveilliance on it’s own citizens. Of course, the film never goes quite so far as to directly assert that 9-11 was itself instigated by the power-elites, following the typical path of people like Noam Chomsky (who is featured quite a bit in the film). But for me, the surprising crescendo of the entire production was when they got to talking about the eventual stage of giving everyone on the planet an rfid chip implant(!) They even included a clip of Aaron Russo talking about all the things that his former friend Nick Rockefeller had told him would happen, which included an “event”, which would precipitate wars in Iraq and Afghanastan, and a bogus war on terror searching for enemies that don’t really exist (which the media would “report” on over and over until the public believes it). When asked Russo asked him what the ultimate goal of it all was, then Rockefeller is said to have responded by talking about how the plan is to implant everyone with an rfid chip, and if anyone gets out of line, you just “turn off the chip”….

Unfortunately (but again, not surprisingly) the film then takes a turn for the anemic, and suggests that ultimately the way that ordinary citizens can re-assert their democratic potency and preven this distopian future is simply by using their own powers of consumption. “If we don’t buy their stuff, then the corporations will have to change” is the basic idea. Of course, they don’t bother trying to actually explain how changes in the consumption patterns of “ordinary people” could actually work to begin reversing things like the monetary power of the Federal Reserve, or the massive military defense budget, but I suppose that’s about as much of a “solution” as we could expect from people who on the hand are able to (quite accurately) trace many of the outward, tangible activities of the New World Order elites, but then unable to imagine the real magnitude of the “problem”, because they do not understand the spiritual underpinnings of it all…

I suppose this is part of what I find interesting, because it serves to show that even if individuals are able to open their eyes and minds beyond the lines that most citizens confine themselves to, they are still only seeing like 50% of the picture, because in the end they still chalk it all up to being the net result of simple societal problems such as “greed” or “consumerism”. Without the Bible, there is still no understanding of the true sinfulness of mankind, the reality of sinister spirits who work to deceive fallen people, and the fact that it is through the occult that the latter preys upon the former, driving it all towards an ultimate end which did NOT originate in the minds of human beings…

But maybe the naive appeal to resist the globalist puppet-masters simply by making “smarter consumption choices” is still preferable to ones that actually try to turn around and suck people right back into the occult (a la “Zeitgeist”). There is the definite possibly that a film like this could serve as a comparatively safer introduction to these issues for those who haven’t yet stopped to consider them. In fact, I pray that God might use this film for just such a purpose, to perhaps kickstart the process of asking the uncomfortable questions, so that they can ultimately find the Truth in Him… At the same time tho, as I watched the last few minutes of the film I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps one of the “layers of deception” being employed here is that approach of “partial disclosure”. I found myself thinking about the fact that as we get closer and closer to seeing all the pieces “come together”, there is an increasing amount of evidence about the whole agenda that is harder and harder to conceal outright. The more this stuff becomes “externalized”, (and the longer we have people talking about it on the internet, and in films, etc…) the more we should expect to see the tactic of “hiding in plain sight”. (heck, even the Bilderberg meeting has an “official” website now, and I’m sure that alone is probably enough to convince a lot of people that it’s completely benign…)

In the end we know that the Enemy doesn’t really care if people start to see the seperate, unsavory elements of his global empire. They can get upset about the destruction of the environment, or protest the loss of their constitutional rights, or bemoan the unfairness of the “1%” all they want, so long as they don’t find Jesus. In the end we are all first and foremost slaves to sin, a fate no one can escape without coming to the cross…  My prayer is not just that more people are awakened to the problems of our out-of-control society, or even the wicked schemes that propell it further down it’s present collision course, but that people would see all these developments and finally come to see that the only peace to be found in it all is in Jesus Christ.  He is where we need to put all our hope and trust.  We can’t try and find some mixed bag solution, that tries to incorporate faith in Jesus with some kind of plan to save “the system”.  We simply aren’t going to be able to turn around all that the adherents of Luciferian globalism have put into place over the last however many centuries.  We aren’t going to change who currently rules the kingdom of this world by buying organic milk or boycotting the local mall.  (“Who’s face is on the coin…?”)  We have to be willing to let prophecy be fulfilled.  Scripture tells us that many of the things decried in the film “Ethos” will come to pass, sooner or later.  But we have to remember that He told us ahead of time, and that, praise God, those days will be short… 

Anyhow, overall I thought it was worth watching, and to use a great Dr. Future term, there was much we can find to be “instructive” in it…

How much is too much….?

Recently I have found myself going back and forth, wanting to sit down and write about various things, but then stopping myself before actually “publishing” anything.  I keep hesitating, because I have really been wrestling with this broader issue of not becoming too “obsessed” with the entire topic of “conspiracy”…

It’s something that I’ve been hearing mentioned a fair bit lately, whether it be from Chris White, or plenty of other sources.  For those of us who have come to a place where we realize that something is “going on” behind the scenes, but also understand that all these evil machinations are nothing more than what the Bible describes as being “the spirit of antichrist at work”, this is certainly a tough issue.  I mean, really, how much is “too much”?  At what point does a sincere desire to expose and understand the bizarre and spiritually-charged times we are living in become an unhealthy obsession?  Exactly when could we say that a follower of Jesus has strayed into dangerous waters and put too much emphasis on talking about the agenda of the demonic realm rather than simply proclaiming the amazing news of the Kingdom of God?

I have heard these types of warnings for some time now from various Christian prophecy teachers (who talk about various aspects of what would collectively be called “conspiracy” material), but as of yet, I haven’t really ever heard someone sit down and try to really break down where that line of demarcation should be.   I guess the challenge with something like that would have a lot to do with the fact that different people seem to gravitate towards focusing on a particular “branch” of the broader scheme of things.  For some, they are really into looking into the UFO phenomenon.  For others, it might be secret societies and esoteric fraternal orders.   It could be anything from 9/11, to the New Age movement, a coming police-state, the hocus-pocus economics of the modern banking system, or just the occult in general.  Too much focus on any of this stuff, to the point where Jesus and the plain and simple gospel of Salvation gets all but forgotten, is obviously not good. 

Now, I certainly understand that God has raised up many different individuals who have wound up having some sort of “ministry” where they focus in on a particular element of the “Dark Side”, to expose it’s fallacies and bring people to the Truth.  Most of them probably never set out to have such a ministry, and many of them were actually Saved from one of those arenas of deception.   It only makes sense that God would use them, and their testimony, to help shine the light of Life into places where they have a bit of a “specialty”, so-to-speak…  But then what about people like myself?  I was already a “Christian”, but perhaps a rather disillusioned and bewildered one, who then eventually came to understand that the spiritual realm is all too real, that there really is such a thing as “conspiracy”, and that all these various strains of deception and social manipulation are actually all interrelated.  They are essentially all bricks in the metaphorical “pyramid” that has been under construction since basically the dawn of history, a pyramid which will only be complete when the “capstone” is finally placed on top for the world to see.  The “Man of Lawlessness” spoken of in scripture.

So, yeah, I suppose it is understandable that such a paradigm-shattering realization could make it difficult to think about much else.  I know that for me, once I crossed this bizarre prophetic threshold and had my entire outlook on the world turned upside-down, I was suddenly terribly disinterested in so many of the issues which had before seemed so important.  All of a sudden, you find yourself re-evaluating everything, and to make the whole experience that much more surreal, you are still surrounded by people going along their merry little lives, taking kids to little league, going to work, paying the bills, watching Dancing with the Stars or maybe going to church on Sunday, all with the underlying assumption that everything is happening just as it would seem on the surface level.  You live in a world filled with people who scoff at the idea that anything “nefarious” could be at foot with things like the “War on Terror”, the hijinx on Wall Street,  a global religious ecumenical movement, or that funny little picture on the back of the dollar bill… 

It makes me wonder, is it that feeling of alienation, that sense that you feel surrounded by people who are totally (and for the most part, willingly) clueless, that compells so many who have dared to take the prospect of “conspiracy” seriously to indulge in an unhealthy fixation with it?  Is it mainly an attempt to deal with feeling like a total weirdo?  (Or maybe that’s where it just starts?)   I know that the Enemy has succeeded in snaring and deceiving many people, by using the whole conspiracy realm to actually suck people into the occult, and that completely sucks.  I also have heard many people talk about how pride is the main tool that Satan uses to hook you, using that feeling of “I know stuff that most people don’t”, and convincing you that it makes you special, that you are “enlightened”, that you somehow have a leg up on the rest of all those ignorant fools out there.  I gotta say, that actually makes a lot of sense, because that is essentially the same bait used by every and all “esoteric” cliques. 

So, what then?  Where do you truly find “the balance”?  What exactly does it look like to be in a “sensible” place on the spectrum, landing somewhere in the middle between “Veggie Tales Christianity” (i.e. “Jesus loves me, so please don’t talk about anything weird, scary or yucky!”) and “Apocalypse Now Christianity” (“The horror, the horror…!!!”).   On the one side it’s pretty much “hear no evil, see no evil,  speak no evil“, with the idea being that if you simply don’t talk about Satan, he will simply fade out into irrelevance like a fairy nobody bothers to clap for.  At the other extreme is where you start looking for the “hidden hand” of the demonic in everything, from deciphering the subliminal messages embedded in a show like Teletubbies, to wondering if the government might be spying on you through your coffee machine .  But seriously, it’s tougher than it might seem to get it right.  Personally, (if I’m completely honest) I find myself ping-ponging back and forth between moments of super heavy thoughts like, “Holy cow, the entire global financial system really is just one ridiculously huge ponzi scheme…  I wonder if it’s all gonna crash today?”, and then five minutes later I’m wondering what to make for dinner and wishing I lived closer to a Taco Bell…

But maybe all this internal wrestling that simultaneously deals with issues of cosmic forces battling it out for the souls of mankind, and my own pea-brained perspective on reality, is what following Jesus is actually supposed to be like?  My old “Christian worldview” was really so, so small.  When you grow up in Sunday school, stories like “Noah and the Ark” are often portrayed as this cartoonish scene of a smiley-faced bearded guy going sailing with a bunch of his cute little animal friends.  It’s basically viewed as one of those “kid-friendly” bible tales that makes a nice decorative theme for a nursery. (Cute little animals and rainbows, can’t get much cuddlier than that!)  What a far cry from understanding the “Days of Noah” as being an age where fallen angels had monstrous offspring, founded demonic, idolotrous civilizations, teaching humans all kinds unspeakable evil and forcing God to wipe out all but eight people on the planet.  No wonder the Bible tells us that we are to live like “aliens and strangers in this world”.  No wonder the Christians of the Early Church were seen as weirdos and troublemakers.  They understood that when the scriptures spoke of “powers and principalities” that it wasn’t just some religious figure of speach.  They went around the Roman Empire spreading the news of a risen Christ, passing temples erected to those ancient benefactors of humanity, those “gods” who traced their origins to the antediluvian past.  The church today has largely swallowed the idea that all of that was “myth”, forgetting that real people were indeed making real sacrifices to what they believed we real gods and goddesses…  

When I was growing up in the church, going to sunday school and youth group and everything else, the big thing was trying to show that Christians were “normal” people, just like everybody else.  Well, maybe not just normal, but “cool” too.  (“See? Christians can be famous atheletes too!  And play in rock bands and eat pizza and surf!”)  I guess the idea was that nobody was going to want to follow Jesus if they thought becoming a Christian meant becoming some lame, church-going nerd… 

All of that seems so ridiculous now, but how much of it is still going on?  How much does the desire to not be a freak prevent those who go to church every week, and maybe bible studies and such as well (if you’re “hardcore”…), from actually reading and believing all that the Bible has to say?  How much of the Bible would we have to just throw away, if we cut out all the parts that speak and warn about Satan, warfare, the spirit of antichrist, and the signs of the End of the Age?  Why are Christians so afraid to take prophecy seriously?  Maybe we just tend to prefer the version that is all cuddly animals and rainbows.  Maybe we’ve just drank too much of the “America is a Christian Nation” kool-aid.  Maybe the prince of the power of the air has actually been more successful at seducing the Bride of Christ than many would like to admit.  Maybe it’s all that and more. 

In the end, I still don’t pretend to know exactly how much attention on discussing things like the progression of globalism and the End of Days is “too much”.  Maybe it just depends on one’s perspective.  That is, if you don’t think that we’re anywhere near “The End”, then I suppose it would seem like a whole lot of distraction and frivolous talk.  But if like me, you look around and see the “leaves of the fig tree budding” almost everywhere you turn, then it tends to be kind of hard not to think about it… 

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)

And now for something completely different…

So in Seattle a couple of days ago a man walks into a cafe and starts shooting people.  Sadly, we’ve seen that before.  The police start a manhunt, driving around neighborhoods in armored vehicles wielding shotguns and automatic weapons.   Yep, seen that before.  The man shoots himself after being discovered by police.  We’ve seen that before too.    The “community” is grief-stricken and looks for ways to deal with their sorrow, trying to find meaning in it all.  When don’t we see that when something terrible happens?

What I hadn’t ever seen before is people holding a parade as part of a memorial service for the victims of the shooting, and in that parade some people dressing up as strange characters as though from some Alice in Wonderland type world…

Turns out they were costumed members from a theatrical production called “Lullaby Moon“, a ” large-scale, site-specific public performance celebrating the new moon”…

Don’t really have much to say about it, other than “THIS IS WEIRD”.   And not much strikes me as being all that weird anymore….  The country is still scratching it’s head over a guy in Miami who a week ago was eating a homeless man’s face in zombie-like fashion, yet I still find this even weirder.  Go figure.  I guess it goes to show that I actually find any sort of pantomime performance even creepier than zombies…. 

Here is more footage of an actual “performace”. Like I said. Weird…..

Invasion of the Memes…?

Just how many movies can be made about aliens and alien invasions….?   If there was any doubt before that this is a primary “meme” present in the media and entertainment industry, then 2012 seems poised to drive the point home even further.  Recently I went and saw the comic book inspired movie “The Avengers”, which of course itself features an invasion of alienish monsters who come from a distant part of the universe through some kind of interdimensional portal to attack the Earth.  But not only that, this movie was preceeded by no less than 3 previews (in fact there may have been more than that) for other films featuring aliens attacking our planet.  The upcoming blockbusters “Battleship”, the comical “MIB 3”, and the alien prequel “Prometheus” are all about alien races which threaten the existence of humanity. 

So what?  It’s just Hollywood.  It’s just mindless entertainment.  But after my last trip to the cinema, I honestly could not shake the question as to WHY this topic is reaching near obsession levels in modern movies…   Haven’t we already exhausted this concept?  Hasn’t there already been countless movies made about aliens coming to earth to wreak havoc and destruction?  I guess what I find incredibly interesting is that not only is the theme of alien invasion not going away, but it seems to be increasingly cross-pollinated with other concepts of occultism and New Age deception.  The yet to be released “Prometheus” takes the ancient aliens concept a la Von Daniken and makes it a key plot element.  In the movie “Avengers”, we see Norse “mythology” (what is actually ancient European paganism) being seemlessly interwoven with more modern types of superheroes.  The antagonist “Loki” opens a portal using a magical object called the “Tesseract” (a new age term/concept) to open an interdimensional portal, allowing an army of demonic-looking aliens to come through and attack the pitifully helpless humans. 

Every year, more and more films seem to come out repeating this same, tired sequence.  A race of hostile, technologically-advanced beings decides to suddenly attack the Earth.  Somehow, an individual or group of people, whether ordinary folks or super-powered heroes, fights and defeats the onslaught.  Humanity, after surviving the prospect of annihilation, realizes how petty our differences are and a new era of peace and global cooperation is born.  Basically, this is the “message” that virtually every alien invasion movie delivers.  Sure, sometimes the bad aliens are defeated with the help of good aliens.  Some the bad aliens aren’t that bad after all, and they’re here to save us from destroying ourselves.  Sometimes human civilization has to ultimately start over and go back to being tribes of hunter/gatherers.  In any case, there is ALWAYS the spectacle of the “unveiling”, that first moment where both ordinary citizens and governments are smacked with the realization that “we are not alone”.  That always seems to be the most titilating moment of any alien movie, the moment where the viewer first gets to see…  What do they look like?  What is inside their massive ship?  Are they evil or benevolent?  What do they plan to do? 

Maybe that is really the whole point (if indeed there is a “point”…)  Maybe it’s just about constantly wetting the appetite, constantly rekindling the interest in whatever else is “out there”.  I used to think that the concept of “memes” and this ubiquitous presence of alien invasions in film was maybe too ridiculous to seriously think that people are being mentally “prepped” for something.  But, the more I see these types of movies coming out again, and again, and again, it becomes harder and harder to keep dismissing it. 

A few upcoming titles that should be coming out later this year (which don’t seem to have trailers for them yet) are movies like:

“The Grays” – A triumvirate of Grays, known as the Three Thieves, has occupied a small Kentucky town for decades–abducting its residents and manipulating fates and bloodlines in hopes of creating an ultra-intelligent human being. Nine-year-old Conner Callahan will face the ultimate terror as he struggles to understand who he has been bred to be and what he must do to save humanity.

“Extraterrestial” – A man wakes in a strange apartment after a long night of drinking. When his unfamiliar bedmate tries to usher him out, they both discover that spaceships are hovering over Madrid.

“Space Invaders” – (no synopsis given) Based on the 1978 video game.  (based on the title, seems pretty safe to assume it has something to do with invaders from space…)

Also, an upcoming release that seems worth mentioning (although it’s not strictly an alien invasion movie) is “The Traveler” – Traveler is set in a U.S. society run by a secret organization seeking to control the population via constant observation. Seeking to rebel against these constraints are an almost extinct group of people called Travelers, who can project their spirit into other dimensions, and their protectors, called Harlequins.  (!!)

Memes, memes and more memes.  Obviously, this is only a tiny slice of the vast amount of content one could point to in this discussion, but it’s a start I guess.  Is the world population actually being psychologically prepared to “react” to some future invasion-type event (whether real or fabricated)..?  Time will tell I suppose…

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