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30 Seconds to… Turn It Off!

untitledSo last I’m up a little later than usual, and I plop myself down on the couch and start flipping through the channels to unwind a bit before bed, and I happen to land on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, just as his musical guest “30 Seconds to Mars” is taking the stage.  I couldn’t find a pic of the actual performance from last night, but the first thing that invades my vision is the “band” playing in front of the same triangle/pyramid image shown above.  (I say “band” because it consisted of the singer, Jared Leto, a keyboard player, and some electronic drums.  *sigh*  This is what passes as “rock” music these days…?)  But seriously, after doing my last post on Illuminati/pyramid symbolism in album covers, needless to say such a visual was impossible to ignore.  I confess, until last night I had only heard of the name “30 Seconds to Mars” in passing, and wasn’t at all familiar with the group, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even seen Jared Leto in any of his acting roles since his debut heartofwisdommarstrianglein “My So-Called Life” back in the 90’s… So of course today I couldn’t help but do some quick googling, and for crying out loud.  You really tumblr_moz0yfKM3x1rkdxrwo1_500couldn’t classify this as a case of “hunting for the occult symbolism”, because honestly, if you do a google image search for the band name, for Leto, their albums, symbols, etc., you are faced with a barrage of nothing BUT esoteric and illuminist iconography!  It’s not even a joke.  It would actually be a real challenge to find a single image associated with this band that doesn’t contain occult meaning.  I mean, just the name itself for starters is a little too obvious, if you have even the most vague familiarity with the significance of Mars in mystery school religions.  But then it just goes on and on, like drinking from a veritable fire hose of occult-derived concepts and phrases and images.  You’ve got everything from their primary logo,(prominently tattooed on both of Leto’s forearms) which doubles as Phoenix-Logothe pyramid/capstone and also one of the symbols of the “elements”, and also it would seem tautographhat it correlates to something called the “Heart of Wisdom”, which comes from Kabbalah.  Then you got the phoenix, the X/O symbolism (which has many layers of meanings; such as time/space), the heavy use of “runes”and other magikal symbols (usually portrayed in a more “modern” or almost alien-looking style), a “trinity” of skulls, and on and on it goes…  Apparently even the way they sign autographs is by simply writing their own unique rune symbol. Five-ElementsA quick perusal of Leto’s childhood and rise to both Hollywood and musical stardom was also pretty interesting.  Originally from Louisiana, his parents divorced early on, and so he moved around a lot due to grandfather being in the airforce.  At some point his mother “joined the hippie movement” (even though he wlogo-echelon-30-seconds-to-marsasn’t even born until 1971?) and so he says, “I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater,” (from  an interview with Kerrang!) “Just having the art communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn’t a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn’t try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”  Eventually he winds up going to two different prestigious D.C. prep schools (as most kids with hippie-upbringings do) before going on to study art and film-making in PA and NY, and then etumblr_ludw7eaSnL1qzub73o1_500ventually moving out to California to get serious about making music (and do a little acting on the side…)  Just your typical kid-with-high-ranking-military-family-has-artsy-hippie-childhood-and-East-Coast-blueblood-education-then-goes-on-to-Hollywood-and-music-industry-super-stardom-fame story.  (I say that jokingly, but when you think about other child actors such as River Phoenix (there’s another interesting name) who actually have somewhat similar stories, it’s not as uncommon as we might think).  Guess I might have to shuffle through the youtube results for “Jared Leto illuminati family”..? Overall, I know I’m not “breaking a story” here in any sense.  I suppose it’s just one of those “I can’t believe Inecklace hadn’t even heard of this already” kinds of things.  But then again, I can believe it, because I’m definitely not trying to keep up with the endless waves of corporately-produced “rock bands” they keep churning out who somehow seem oblivious to the fact that everything they’re doing which they think is so hip and young and cool is nothing but a sad rehash of all the neon and pastel colored garbage that came out in the 80’s, albeit infused with a massively increased dose of occult imagery, themes and symbols.  (like, “Hello? 1983 is calling, th8b490cc378791b0c5d53236ab85cf44eey want their spiked hair and sleeveless Tee’s back…)  But I guess that’s sort of the point.  You can’t hope to infect the entire spectrum of youth culture with your Illuminati-themed tripe if you’re only targeting the hip-hop and heavy-metal crowds.  The sexually-marinated likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry won’t appeal to everyone.  I guess you have to go after the kids who think bands like Maroon 5 (uggh!) are where it’s at as well.  I guess I just have to get over my weird compulsion to want to mock the very idea that such “bands” can even be labejared-leto-30-seconds-to-mars-illuminatiled as “rock” music nowadays, and just focus on the fact that the underlying New Age message inherent in them is every bit as dangerous and deceptive and blasphemous as Perry’s songs about copulating with aliens or Jay Z’s Aleister Crowley worship.