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“Danger, Danger”: New Atheism, 9/11, and the Developing Political Climate…

1458“Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” ― Primo Levi

The past few weeks I have rather unexpectedly found myself engaged within a significant number of “discussions” with various atheist bloggers. I am typically not one to be turned off by rigorous debate, or even a fair amount of internet snark, as I know how prone I am to using it myself, but after a while, sigh….. It just gets downright exhausting. Then recently I find myself listening to Like Flint Radio, as the hosts are interviewing Graham Veale, author of the book, “New Atheism: A Survival Guide”.

Graham begins the interview with this synopsis of “New Atheism”:
After 9/11, New Atheism really came into it’s own with the book “the God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins, joined by the other “Horsemen” of Sam Harris, who wrote “Latter-Day Christian Nation”, American philosopher Daniel Dennet, and Christopher Hitchens, author of “God is not Great”.

They essentially believe that Faith is always irrational, that it’s always blind, that it always disregards reason and evidence, and therefore Faith is dangerous, because it can become fanaticism as easily as it can become Quakerism. So, faith is always blind, so faith is therefore dangerous, and really needs to be opposed, and if possible, eradicated. Not through violent means, as they would see this being achieved through education, but also through aggressive political action, which is why we see various court cases and such, and also through aggressive rhetoric, and the thinking being that because Faith is irrational, you cannot reason with religious people, so therefore what you have to do is mock and ridicule religious people, you have to make them feel the pressure, to make them feel that they need to change to be accepted by an educated society, and mainly this strategy is used to not only knock religious people off their stride, but make anyone who would consider becoming religious, step away from their religion, so it’s used to almost embarrass those people in the middle. And then finally there would be what I would call dogmatic scientism, which is a particular attitude towards science. So that would really characterize the “New Atheism”, the online communities, the attitude towards Faith, and this rhetorical strategy of using ridicule and mockery instead of rigorous argument… (mostly word for word there, bit of paraphrasing)

Let me just tell you, this describes the tone of almost every single exchange I have participated in recently to a tee. And honestly, I think it is this specific point about religion (particularly the evangelical Christian variety…) being “dangerous” which has really captivated me so, kept me jumping back into the fray. Maybe it’s because, if you spend any time at all perusing the typical topics I delve into here on the blog, you’ll see that I spend a GOOD deal of energy and time talking about “danger, danger!” myself. I too see 9/11 as a very real touchstone in the shift of thinking of our society as a whole. I too believe that blind allegiances and lack of cognitive examination are what sets us up for disastrous manifestations of totalitarianism down the road. I too find that false beliefs, in false narratives, can indeed be “dangerous”.

So oddly enough, there are actually a lot of commonalities, a lot of areas in which I can genuinely empathize with the “New Atheist”, although getting one to see this at all is no small feat. The fact that I believe in God or the Bible at all is grounds to immediately chide me as being “indoctrinated” and “brainwashed”, (which I find hilariously ironic as they themselves parrot sayings and slanderings from the mouth of their Prophet-of-New-Atheism Richard Dawkins. But no matter..) In any case, the fact that my own perceptions and views on things like institutional religion, or using political avenues to “influence the morality of the culture”, do not fit their pre-configured stereotypes AT ALL, doesn’t seem to make much difference. They are convinced. I, am “dangerous”. 🙂

And so as this theme continues to repeatedly float to the surface in the course of these debates, I almost feel myself being compelled to FIRST formulate a staunch apologetic as to why this assumption/assertion is patently, demonstrably FALSE. I am no danger to you, as an Atheist. (nor as a Buddhist, or a Muslim, or a Wiccan, or whatever else you might be/not be…) What to me is also quite worthy of noting, is that YOU are not viewed as a danger to ME! I do not believe in fighting some “culture war”. I do not believe in trying to pass laws to tell you what kind of sex is right or wrong. I do not believe, at all, in trying to preserve even a hint of some “Christian heritage of America”. I really don’t. For every “new Atheist” I have spent time76938104797169bd3b9b12deb43406b7 with, (trying to at least demonstrate that Faith in God IS in fact something that many people DO arrive at after years of questioning, research, contemplation, and religious criticism), I spend probably twice as much engaging with fellow Christians, pointing out, again and again, that indeed the things taught by Jesus and every one of His followers in the Bible in fact do not square up with the Ameri-centric, wave-the-Flag, fight-the-Commies, bomb-the-Terrorists, support-Israel-no-matter-how-many-innocents-they-kill, “God, Guns and Gold” narrative.

For generations now, Christians HAVE indeed been guilty of giving allegiance to a host of agendas which in the end have now become the fuel for the New Atheism fire. It makes it quite easy for a guy like Dawkins or Hitchens to come along, and declare that belief in God is tantamount to being clinically insane and that such beliefs really are what provide the impetus for things like perpetual war and American neo-colonialism. (Neo-wha…? Colonialism? Today? Indeed, most American Christians still scoff at this, oblivious…)

There is so much sad irony in all of this, all these different confused and twisted plot lines, all tangled up together like the huge ball of Christmas lights Clark Griswold pulls out of his garage…

The “Evangelicals” of America, having been convinced over the past decades to relegate themselves to being no more than just another voting block instead being salt and light as the Body of Christ, have helped write significant chapters of this religion-fosters-division-and-hostility narrative, sold by New Atheism, by doing things like rally around the “conservative Christian” George W. Bush, buying up his book during his first Presidential bid and hailing his “testimony” as proof-positive that he was going to get into that oval office and “bring Christian values back to America”…

That, as we all know, is not at all what happened…

“Born-again-Bonesman Bush” just happens to be the one at the helm when “ex”-CIA asset Bin Laden (whose family is also long-time friends of the Bushes…) finally decides to penetrate the most heavily armed and guarded military power ever to have existed in world history, using less than a dozen coke-sniffing student-pilots who navigate passenger aircraft (which they’ve never flown before) with stunning, limit-pushing maneuvers into World Trade Center complex buildings, whose security was provided by Securacom, where the POTUS’s little brother Marvin P. Bush, just so happened to be a principal owner. (There were sure a lot of those “just-so-happened’s on 9/11, weren’t there..?)

Drone11111111-156150-165663-166189-172588-640x480So instead of some “return to Christian values”, the son of pedophile-partying, Bohemian-grooving, Central-intelligencing Daddy-Bush only brought us further down the path towards the Luciferian “New Atlantis” rather than the Garden of Eden, complete with Draconian legislation such as the Patriot Act, invasions of multiple sovereign nations under false premises, drones which now fly around the entire globe striking targets without repercussion, and, oh yes, the NSA is now admittedly recording everything you say online, everywhere you go, everything you buy, etc., and storing it all in some idiotically massive database somewhere in Utah or Maryland or wherever else…cops3

So, yes, my friends from the “New Atheism” movement, you are not altogether incorrect in ascribing a certain label of “dangerous” towards certain segments of people with a “religious persuasion”. There are a good many points where I will be amongst the first to stand up beside you and denounce the use of “Faith-based patriotic fervor” to propel one political agenda or another. At the same time, however, I will say that you as well need to be willing to stop, and look deeper into the “subtle nuances” between the alleged “danger” of the family down the street who prays before every meal and thanks God or their food, and the REAL dangers of men and women in positions of extreme power, whose “religion” in fact involves the precise OPPOSITE of what Jesus of Nazareth taught.  The Constitution has all but been put through the shredder, but you don’t realize that this is not the work of those darned “fundamentalist Christians”!   These other folks, (many of whom parade and pose as “Christians” in the daytime…) however, do not believe in “turning the other cheek”, or “loving your neighbor as yourself”. They DO believe in a manifestation of “Evolution” as well, but when you start to actually look at it through their Lucierian, globalist lens, you will start to realize that in fact they see YOU and I as equally being the mosquito, while they are the T-Rex.

If you want to understand who and what the REAL “dangerous” believers are, you need to look a little further than the explanations already pre-packaged for you by guys like Richard Dawkins, do a full investigation of the matter on your OWN, and eventually realize that this demonization of Christians (which is really who is primarily meant by the term “religion”) is in fact part of a larger agenda being pushed by people who believe in the “nonsensical magic” you constantly mock and despise! Get acquainted with their “god”, their creeds, their rituals, and perhaps you might start to think the little church down the street, where everything they believe and do is all open for all to see, ain’t that bad or “oppressive” after all.
The irony is, “New Atheism” mirrors precisely the same hatred for God that the ancient, gnostic narrative has always held, elevates man to the same position of seeking divinity for himself, puts the same faith in our own ability to become masters of our own universe. It essentially IS Gnosticism, only on the level that it doesn’t even recognize it’s own origins. Like some introductory level of a “mystery school”, they are still in the stage of holding firmly to the tenets of scientific materialism. Eventually, this adherence to materialism is left behind (if you are so “initiated”), while the “dogmatic scientism” remains, only to be re-applied towards a broader scope of natural and mystical reality. All wizards consider themselves “scientists”, after all, and all are very much striving to Evolve in every sense of the word. Ask yourself, do you really want to be the unsuspecting dupe of propaganda being applied by people who embrace belief in the very spiritual realm you find laughable?

When one puts achieving god-hood at the center of their purpose in life, then there becomes no dark path they will not be willing to follow to achieve it, for who, in the end, is going to stop them, or judge them, when all is said and done, if they are the ones sitting on the throne…?

“Bent creatures are full of fears” ― C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

How did I get started down this path anyhow? Because the proof was as strong as STEEL

cut3Not long ago, while discussing the issue of the benefits/perils of modern technology in the context of whether or not GMO’s were actually bad for your health, someone left me this comment:

“I don’t trust the EPA particularly but I trust their scientific conclusions far more than I trust yours based on your endorsement of connections between Star Trek, Kabbalah, Freemasonry and the Council of Nine, which suggests you have a penchant for conspiracy theories: https://weseeasthroughaglassdarkly.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/vetting-the-vulcan-connections-between-star-trek-kabbalah-freemasonry-and-the-council-of-nine/

I get this sort of thing a lot. It’s not their fault, really. Quite to be expected I suppose. There you are, discussing something relatively cut-and-dry in terms of factual evidence, and when someone who is still quite intellectually/emotionally wedded to the official narrative wants to peak at my own blog, well, poof, they suddenly have all the material they need to quickly dismiss me and what point I was making, since I am clearly one of those “conspiracy nuts”. 🙂 “Penchant for conspiracies”, is a very interesting and telling phrase, actually, because it infers that basically I am researching and writing about such topics because I am some hair-brained individual who grew up reading too many comic books or something, and I actually prefer an explanation of the world that is so troubling, and full of deception and evil.

Nothing, however, could be further from the Truth…

I grew up a pretty “regular dude”, overall. Football, and apple pie, and fireworks on the Fourth of July and all that sort of thing. My grandpappies both flew planes in dubya dubya two. Summer roadtrips in the family car to go camping at National Parks. Sing-a-longs in the backseat to Credence Clearwater Revival and Fats Domino and Elvis. Little league baseball with pizza parties after the game. Ok you get the idea.

Another thing I eventually wound up having a fair amount of experience with was the substance of steel. First I lived for two years on an “ocean-fairing vessel”, which of course is basically one giant steel box with a rounded bottom. I worked in the engine room for most of that time, where almost everything surrounding you; pipes, tanks, walls, etc., is made out of steel. A couple of years later, I worked in a steel fabrication shop. I cut steel. Bent steel. Welded steel. Handled it all day long. Large loads of steel would be constantly floating over my head, held up by steel cables, attached to a ceiling-mounted crane, which ran along tracks of (you guessed it) steel…

It is not an exaggeration to say that so much of the modern society that we live in today is immensely dependent upon the use of steel. It allows the building of skyscrapers, trans-ocean container ships, bridges, freeways, car chassis, etc., etc… The fact that I understood this, and that so many millions of other men and women who live in the world and work with steel on a regular basis know this too, is perhaps why it was absolutely mind-boggling to me when I was first presented with the matter of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, and then subsequently, towers 1 and 2 as well…

The entire official explanation of these collapses revolves around ignoring the fundamental aspects of this ubiquitous alloy that we have known about now for a long time, and even entrust our lives to on an almost daily basis, whether we realize it or not. Steel is truly a wonder of a creation. It’s strength is awe-inspiring, yet it can flex and bend without breaking. That is why it is used to make the skeletons of towers built to endure gale-force winds, and bridges built to withstand major earthquakes.

When I first say the footage of Building 7 coming down, I thought it had to be a joke. An extremely distasteful prank, using video dubaitowerof some other building, from some other day, being destroyed with detonators. But no… When I kept looking into it, and learned that this really WAS a third building that fell into it’s own footprint in a matter of about six seconds, hours after the first two towers, suddenly it felt like I was in the middle of some bizarre dream, being presented with information that simply did not, could not, fit in with that which for my life had been what I had considered possible or even conceivable for reality. It made no sense. What I was seeing was withoutdubaitower2 a doubt, being question, only possible through the use of hundreds of precisely-placed explosives, detonated with expert timing, requiring at minimum weeks of preparation before the demolition event. That could only mean one thing. That whoever was responsible, it certainly wasn’t a group of Saudi/Middle Eastern dudes planning the whole thing in between flying lessons…

Was this something I had a “penchant” for accepting…? Absolutely, unequivocally, no. The very thought made me want to tfig3hrow up actually, an urge that would revisit me many times afterward as I began to venture onward and navigate through the morass of online information surrounding the issue, a sphere which previously I hardly had any idea even existed. I had never heard of the so-called “Truth Movement”. Never heard of concepts like a “false flag event” or “inside job”. Never given a second thought to “secret societies” or clandestine cabals or globalist agendas. This was all new to me, and quite ridiculous to my own sensibilities, I assure you. I never would have imagined that I’d ever wind up learning about such things, letting alone eventually affirming my belief in the notion that they were in fact all real, and all infig4terconnected, in a way that stretches the imagination. But the steel… Time and time again, I would come back to that point. That irrefutable nexus between what is substantiated, scientific fact, and what is claimed to have happened to those buildings on that fateful day.

Interestingly enough, there have been many high-rise buildings since September of 2001 that have experienced fires, most of them much more extensive than what was documented as occurring in Building 7. Every single time, the flammable materials burn, sometimes for days, yet the steel infrastructure is virtually unaffected. Most recently, a building in Dubai burned on 15 different floors, yet predictably, the steel remained fully intact, and the relevance to how this further contradicts the official narrative of 9/11 is outlined in an article on ae911truth.org.

The following video shows a montage of all the buildings which experience massive internal fires over the past few decades, yet not a single one of them collapsed or imploded the way all three of the World Trade Center towers did in one single day:

This was all just the beginning. The spark which eventually led to a long, slow-burning internal fire whose embers relentlessly demanded answers, an explanation which could shed light on a world that suddenly I didn’t feel anywhere near as familiar with than I did only the day before.

Ironically, the answers were ultimately grounded in that which had been right in front of me all along, the explanation for all that IS which most of us are already somewhat familiar with, yet we either have become dulled to the full scope and depth of it, or have written it off as being the outdated myths of a more primitive age…

If Dr. Seuss spoke Stranger Truth…

tripleslingjiggerEach morning as I wake up I turn on my TV set
To see if the daily dose of terrorism’s happened yet

A habit most unusual I guess I must agree
wondering if today’s the day they’ll finally kick off World War Three

or if the DOW will plummet to the basement like a rock
sending global markets reeling and economies to shock

If you ask me how I came to such a cynical perspective
Then just humor me a moment while I get a bit reflective

The world we know today did not just suddenly turn sour
the problems going on right now began way back in that first hour

When fruits forbidden tasted sweet but led to an eviction
and serpent seeds were planted in the garden’s dereliction

Thus through the many centuries which followed this in time
were gods, who were not gods, yet being worshipped in their prime

Teaching men so many things of which they surely ought not know
False histories, dark mysteries, all coming from below

And so this tragic partnership endured down through the ages
Secrets guarded jealously by mystics, cults and sages

On to this very hour now in which we all are living
This quest to turn men into gods, it’s dead gifts keep on giving

So this is why we all can look around and plainly see
a planet quite beset with copious iniquity

The rivers flow with toxins and the oceans foam with bane
the soil is radioactive and there’s acid in the rain

The atmosphere is criss-crossed after jets going flying by
(but I swear there never used to be plaid clouds up in the sky)

The factory foods don’t even breakdown in your stomach’s bile
and there’s chemicals in water just to polish up your smile

plus injections, pills a plenty, good for all your sniffs and sneezes
only problem is the cure is often worse than the diseases

Yet allopathic medicine is only just the start
warfare treats the deaths of millions as almost a form of art

17o8hdxg9niabjpgFirst there came the Nazis and the fascists and the Japs
all united in their zealous drive to wipe us off their maps

after that the Commies suddenly became endowed
with the power to destroy us in a massive mushroom cloud

As decades passed both arsenals increasingly inflated
as Hollywood made sure to keep the Soviets all hated

And after we all thought atomic doom’s specter had lifted
A morning in September forced our gazes to be shifted

this time to Arab enemies all hiding in their caves
who now must all be bombed into their dirty mountain graves

and so it is that Evil’s Axis constantly is turning
lest the Pentagon’s war engines all seize up and stop their churning

So many things were set in motion on that fateful day
when three steel towers fell as though made of paper mache

Each year now since, it so would seem, that flags keep flying falsely
events designed no doubt to increase our collective palsy

the next in line was Syria, invade them in their crisis
they called for war, at which we balked, and now, look, here comes ISIS…

knottyproblemBut could it be?  The very thought…  Our own leaders implicated?
Just pause my friend and please consider all they’ve now dictated

Greener lights for budgets black, when safety is the goal
airport fondlers have to search for “contraband-in-hole”

the cops now look like soldiers, and our soldiers are the best
if you don’t cower as expected then you do deserve arrest

The NSA is listening, always digitally aware
Everything you’ve ever done online in data files, somewhere…

But it gets even weirder, as you looks behind the scenes
and study harder these elites who say the ends warrant the means

If it’s just a bunch of rich folks wanting to be richer still
then why these other strange pursuits which go beyond that bill?

Why do they pray to owls of stone and act out divinations?
Why frolic where the Redwoods hide their sordid recreations…?

Why do so many men of stature, prominence and brass?
All hail from the same frat house where a skull’s a drinking glass?

And please would someone tell me what exactly’s going on
with that phalus made of stone shadowing the White House lawn…

Our holy-days all point to ancient pagan gods of old
and our favorite ritual now is one we call the “Super Bowl”

But if you’re getting weary of my ugly rants and rambles
and get tempted to believe that I think all the world’s a shambles

I’ll end by saying even though this all is sad but true
to realize that everything’s under demonic coup

It might be nasty as we look around us in this day
but there WILL come a moment when at last, with no delay

as just when it might seem that no real Faith could still be found
He’ll come as lightning fills the sky, and heaven’s mighty trumpets sound….

Lady Serpentine…

ladyserpentineSketched this out a few days ago.  For other examples of some work I’ve done, you can check out my online portfolio here.

I am “launching” a simple graphic design brand with the intentions of using my artistic endeavors towards helping spread the Truth in whatever simple, pro bono ways that I can.  I am not attempting to make money in this, however I would simply ask that none of the images be used without consent.  Thank you very much.

If anyone is looking to get some assistance with design/graphic/layout/whatever work, let me know and I’ll see what I might be able to do for ya…