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Fully Castigated. Thank You…

Indeed, the “measles inquisition” has begun in earnest. Ever since the lands of Disney were blighted by an outbreak of the deadlier-than-ebola measles (isn’t it?), the media and subsequent digital water-coolers have been abuzz with the newest flare up of the “controversy” over these enemies-of-your-children, the vaccine questioners…

People are now rallying to try and abolish laws allowing for voluntarily exemptions in the 20 or so states that still do. Some are even calling for the addresses of families who don’t vaccinate to be made public. It’s borderline insanity. (Remember folks, not a single person has died from this “epidemic”. Rashes, fevers, and coughs, sure, but no deaths.)

And so now we see the shaming effort beginning to hit high gear. Since the reality of the less-than lethal effects of the Measles are statistically quite difficult to hide, the fear-fomenters are having to resort to other examples of “potential” fatal repercussions looming on the horizon. Yesterday I saw this article about a 7-year-old leukemia survivor who was brought to speak before his Californian school board urging them to bar students whose parents have voluntarily exempted themselves from vaccinations. The takeaway? If you aren’t injecting every vaccine the drug companies concoct into your kids, you are killing other poor little children who’ve already suffered through cancer.. Oh the humanity.

But this is by no means the limit of the shaming campaign. You can now buy little t-shirts for your kids to wear saying “Fully Vaccinated. You’re Welcome”. How subtle. How very non group-thinking of you. (This new fashion trend brought to your by your loving friends at Merck…) Seeing such propaganda being touted by other parents (who of course, truly believe they are acting on behalf of their children’s safety) is enough to make me want to pull my hair out. “You’re welcome”…? Really? Yes, you see, because when everybody gets their shots they are helping to make all our children safer, healthier and happier… It’s a simple as that. (Right?)

Please indulge me in my ensuing response to the snarky, self-righteous message of said t-shirt. I will do my best to keep it civil:

You’re Immune System is the real hero. Defenders of vaccines love to hail the fact that vaccines are “sound science”, and yes, they do involve “sound science”, because no is denying that vaccines can indeed help create immunity to disease. But… Is this really due to some incredible innovative element present within the vials of vaccines? Or should the credit really be given to the incredible and astounding abilities of the human auto-immune system itself…? Vaccines don’t create immunity, your own body does, when introduced to any type of microscopic outside invader. Your immune system is the vital actor, not our human efforts to short-cut the process by infecting it with “weakened”, “dead” or “synthetic” versions of the same diseases. If you allow yourself to bear this underlying reality in mind when pondering the question of vaccines, you start to see that it winds up being a matter of weighing the pros and cons of just which outside agents are likely to pose the greater risk to the overall effectiveness of your immune system, since, in the end, without it you are up quite a smelly creek without a paddle. Don’t play the “sound science” card unless you’re ready to also discuss the “sound science” of other harmful elements which are present in vaccines also having the capacity to wreak havoc upon your body, such as neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum. (and yes, they are still in there…) Bam. Critical thinking and knowledge injected into the conversation. You’re welcome.

There is a corporate agenda. At least 5.7 $BILLION was given to vaccine manufactures by the U.S. government in 2011 alone. Corporate profit via taxpayer funding, the holy grail of corporate enterprise. Not quite the altruistic, free-from-conflict-of-interest arena that you thought it was. Pow. You’re welcome.

They are shielded from any meaningful legal recourse. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Vaccine manufacturers (and doctors!) are given complete immunity from any legal liability if your child is harmed by their vaccine(s). No other industry enjoys this level of protection from a product that could injure a child. If anyone does receive compensation from the VICP, they must sign away all their rights to speak a word about any of it publicly. Think about the implications of that, for just a brief second… How could a “compensation program” even exist, and in fact be giving away millions to injured families every year, if the possibility of being injured by a vaccine is so infinitesimally small? It’s called hush money. Freedom of speech bartered away to guard the reputations of companies inflicting true harm. Smack. You’re welcome.

Drug companies lie. (gasp!) They also attack anyone internally who tries to tell the truth on the fraud that they have personally witnessed occurring. Whistleblowers have indeed spoken up about both the realities of injuries from vaccines and the efforts to falsify testing results. In the case of a CDC whistleblower, he was largely ignored by the mass media, and then attempted to be totally discredited, and now is waiting to testify before Congress. A whistleblower trying to speak out from under his experience working for Merck itself was simply threatened with jail time in an attempt to shut him up. Boom. You’re welcome.

I could go on and on, but I think the catharsis is adequate for now. At the end of the day, I want to be able to look my kids in the eye and say to them, “I didn’t just go with the flow because it was easier than experiencing a little social pressure and ignorant judgments, in order to do what was best for your body and health and life in the long run, regardless of what the profiteering corporate medical establishment insisted to be the truth, so… YOU’RE WELCOME!”

Glyphosate: At the Nexus of Our National Health Crisis…

I rarely miss an episode of Julian Charles on the Mind Renewed. They are that good. Julian’s Glyphosate-MonSatanPoster-v1newest episode featuring guest Dr. Stephanie Seneff however, was one of my personal all-time favorites so far. As someone who for years now has already been both a believer in organic, non-GMO foods, and an advocate of doing further research into the dangers of vaccines, I was quite surprised by how much new information I learned from this interview, AND gained a much richer understanding of the things which I did already know about.

I had already known for probably about ten years that Round Up, of which glyphosate is the key active ingredient, is pretty nasty stuff. I actually remember somewhat vividly when I first heard an organic gardener speaking about it on the radio, and making the decision to never use the stuff in my own vegetable garden or flower beds ever again. So yeah, I knew pesticides and GMO crops were bad news, I just didn’t know how bad…

Seneff explains how glyphosate is not only something which is applied topically on GMO staple crops like corn and tofu, but is actually absorbed by the plants themselves, meaning that simply “rinsing your vegetables thoroughly” isn’t necessarily going to do much good! The most interesting part of the interview for was how she explained that glyphosate, which is EXTREMELY toxic, in and of itself, also works “synergistically” with the toxins present in many vaccines, a concept which goes a LONG way in helping explain the “spectrum” of symptoms/disorders which are increasing at an exponential rate in children today. Glyphosate is implicated in everything from increased numbers of asthma and allergy sufferers, auto-immune deficiencies, digestive disorders and “leaky gut” syndrome, autism, and more. In many instances, a closer look at the pervasiveness of glyphosate in our air, food and water reveals an unmistakable correlation between the rise in statistics of all these ailments, and the rise of the use of the Round Up chemical. Essentially, glyphosate accumulates in the body, and most destructively, in the brain, both inflicting long-term damage to the person’s health directly, and also indirectly, by means of altering the individual’s ability wheat-and-glyphosate-medto fend off disease, or detoxify and break down a variety of compounds in the stomach, or bloodstream, etc.

Overall, I one hundred percent recommend listening to this interview to anyone interested in having a more informed approach to their diet and medical choices. If you are not yet making an effort to eliminate glyphosate and other pesticides, as well as GMOs and animal-antibiotics, from your groceries, then I HIGHLY suggest you start! If I can learn to do it, then heck, anybody can!

Frustrations and Joys…

Man… SO many things going on right this very minute, so many things I want to write about, and research, and discuss with all of you, yet, finding myself being forced to take a little break here, at least for the time being. Last week I suddenly found myself dealing with a very severe onset of what would seem to be carpal tunnel in my left wrist/hand/fingers. Even typing this now is difficult, wearing a brace on my wrist, pain shooting through my fingers. Can’t play drums. Can’t play basketball with my kids. Can’t hardly pick up a frying pan to make my family breakfast. I feel like very much the invalid at the moment, yet my mind won’t slow down. I could probably write ten posts a day at this point, if, you know, I was living by myself without an amazing family to love and take care for.

And on THAT note, I suppose I need to step back and listen to HIM probably saying that such a break from intense online investigation and inquiry is what everybody in the “Truth is Stranger household” could use about now. Been seeing some amazing breakthroughs with our autistic son lately, and yet at the same time it of course continues to be a very challenging part of our lives, and it’s honestly been something I’ve been feeling compelled to talk about more here, although at the same time I am of course rather wary about putting too much detailed info about my family on the interwebs. So, as I continue to pray about how to best go about that, I’ll end this by leaving a recommendation for a movie my wife and I saw this weekend that really encouraged us called “The United States of Autism”. Essentially this indie film is about a father of a son with autism who travels the country and meets with 21 different families with autistic kids, giving a very broad scope of what living with autism can be like, and also of the various attitudes and reactions people have towards the autism epidemic as a whole. Here’s the trailer:

And if you’re interested, (and especially if you have Netflix, as all three of these titles are available for streaming) two other similar films we’ve absolutely loved are called “A Mother’s Courage“, and “Dad’s in Heaven with Nixon“.

When the “conspiracy” comes home…


CDC whistleblower William W. Thompson Phd. has recently stepped forward to reveal that yes, the CDC has indeed been involved in covering up the link found in their studies between MMR vaccines and the frequency of autism found in inoculated boys. I tip my hat to the doctor for finally letting his conscience be stronger than his desire to remain professionally viable. He will assuredly pay a dear price for courageously speaking out. The following report from Truth Stream Media tells the story:

This is one of those topics which for me, truly hits close to home.  Many years before I was “waking up” to the litany of nefarious goings-on within our government, this was something that was already affecting our household in a real and devastating way.  Long before I knew about things like “building 7” or “Bohemian Grove” or the globalist machinations of folks like the Rockefellers and Rothchilds and all the rest, there was one topic which I did know the public was most certainly not being told the truth about, and that was autism…

Like so many other families in America and around the world, “autism”, this ambiguous, elusive and mysterious “spectrum disorder” began to manifest itself in our son when he was less than 2 years old.  He was never a particularly “chatty” baby, and then suddenly, the few words that he was beginning to say suddenly stopped.  And he has not spoken since.

The following years consisted of endless trips to “specialists”.  Doctors, speech therapists, behavioral therapists, “special needs educators”, and so on.  We were introduced to the often unseen but amazingly massive subset of medical practice that arisen around the diagnosis and “treatment” of children who land somewhere along the “spectrum”.  We learned about this “silent pandemic”, as it has been called, which at that point was touching the lives of approximately 1 out of about 400 children (at least that was the figure the “studies” claimed at the time…)  A few years ago it was down to 1 out of every 220 kids being diagnose.  Then 1 out of 100 or so.  Then last year I heard an “official” statistic of 1 in 84.

The video above quotes a statistic of it now being 1 in every 68 children…  (mostly boys of course)

By now, there is hardly a citizen of this country who isn’t familiar with the issue, as there are few people left anymore now who don’t actually have, or  know someone who has, a “diagnosed” child.

And so, as someone whose own life, and the lives of my family, has been directly affected, it’s probably the thing which infuriates me more than anything else, the way that lies are constantly and continually shoved down our throats, and well-meaning but utterly naïve parents continue to flock to the institutions of allopathic medicine in order to be injected with dozens upon dozens of chemical cocktails they are told are meant to keep them “safe”…

Of course, the cover-up is real, and on-going, and quite effective, not because the evidence to break through the lies isn’t sufficient to tell that something is majorly wrong, but because of the simple, underlying psychological component which undergirds virtually every lie that people are compelled to believe about the nature of their world, and the government.  The truth is simply too ugly and too horrible for them to even contemplate.  So they don’t.  They won’t.

Of all the psychologically paradigm-shattering notions which most people are still resistant to (false flag attacks against one’s “own” country, the fact that the media is bought and paid for, etc.) nothing is probably more horrific to the conscience than the idea that this magic little shot that the doctors tell you is to protect your child, is actually harming them.  Poisoning them…  Doctors are typically trusted by parents more than any figure.  Picture 14Nothing frightens a parent more than seeing their little child sick or injured, and so the pediatrician is understandably the superhero of the parenting world, the one you would sell everything you have to pay them to cure you baby (and wow,  how many of us are almost doing just that…)

But if you are still one of these folks, one of these parents who oh-so-badly wants to believe that nothing so sinister could be going on, that a scandal and cover-up could not possibly be true, because it’s implications would be so massive as to rock your entire sense of the society you live in, then I’m sorry to say, yeah, I know it is, but you have to be willing to stop and look at the evidence anyhow…

1 in 68…           ONE IN SIXTY-EIGHT!!!!!!             Do we have any CLUE how crazy that is!?     Is it not beyond ridiculous that the media will hype up to no end the “pandemic” going on with Ebola, which so far has touched some 2,000 or so people?  (and please, I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of a disease such as Ebola, I am simply comparing numbers…)  “Autism” has now affected millions upon millions of lives, and anyone with a fourth grade education can clearly see that the constant spiking of these numbers can in no way be explained away by “genetics” or vague answers referring to “a combination of genetic and environmental factors”…  (Which is what they tell you…)  I mean, wow, REALLY?  Um, excuse me, but that kind of “explanation” would actually apply to every known disease and malady and condition on the face of the earth.  What sickness or mental condition isn’t a “combination of genetic and environmental factors”…???  It’s the kind of answer doctors and medical professionals give that I honestly find truly insulting,both as a parent and as someone who would presume themselves to be a moderately educated citizen capable of the most basic level of critical thinking.

I mean, if you took your child to a doctor with a cold or flu or fever, and all they could tell you was “Well, it’s due to some combination of genetic and environmental factors”, would you be very impressed with their diagnosis??   Wouldn’t you want to know what “environmental factors” those might be?  Was it a virus?  Bacteria?  Infection?  Ingestion of some kind of poison?  Would you bother listening to whatever they had to say after that, if they openly admitted they had no idea what was causing the problem in the first place?  Yet this is precisely what millions of parents of autistic children do, as the doctor just shrugs his shoulders, and refers you to a “specialist” who will get paid to sit with your child for umpteen hours a day and try to “help” them by engaging them with simple games and an array of toys designed to stimulate the tactile and visual senses…

Okay…  I could rant on and on about this but that would probably not be of much benefit to anyone.  What I would suggest instead would be to start investigating this issue for yourself.  Start digging, and don’t stop.  This “conspiracy” is quite real, and unquestionably evil.  It goes beyond even the simplistic machinations of corporate greed and putting “profit before people”.  It’s about eugenics.  If you want a couple of suggestions on where to perhaps start looking into the deeper aspects of all of this, I would recommend Andrew Hoffman and his work on eugenics, and the work of Dr. Tenpenny, who was interviewed by the beloved “Dr. Future” from Aug 21 to Sept 4 of 2009.   For a broader look at the history of the modern medical industry and it’s roots in Rockefeller-funded “allopathic” (i.e. chemical/petroleum based) medicine, check out James Corbett’s aptly-named documentary “Rockefeller Medicine”.

And please, PLEASE reconsider vaccinating your children until you have sufficiently looked into these matters for yourself and weighed the evidence, which honestly, you will not find within the confines of the monolithic medical technocracy.  Just ask Dr. Thompson…