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“Everybody’s in a dream, they’re in a reality coming from the military…”

Yes, I am still here, feeling as though the proverbial “rabbit hole” may indeed have a new bottom…

This guy has so many interesting things to say, such as the idea of the globe itself being a “created, religious icon”, and how everything from Evolution to Newtonian/Einsteinian physics to bogus moon landings, etc., being components of this grand conspiracy which has been centuries in the making.

I literally just saw a plane turn it’s chemtrail on/off, on/off…

chemtrail1 - Copy

It’s a rather poor picture, I know, but it’s all I could get before it was over. I have upped the contrast a bit in order to help the two dashes of “stuff” be more visible. I was in the backyard hanging up some clothes to dry, when I looked up to see a plane flying east. Then suddenly a white trail begins emitting from the tail, in two separate, twin-engine streaks. Then it quickly shuts off, as if someone was closing a valve. Then on again quickly, then off once more. Completely on. Completely off. I must admit it was pretty weird to actually witness this, even though I’ve already come to the place of accepting that these lines across the sky are not simply “condensation trails”. I could only shake my head in disbelief really, since the idea that a “con trail” could pop in and out in such a manner would seem to require an explanation from the realm of speculative meteorology that is quite beyond the reaches of my own imagination. Was there some cluster of invisible condensation clouds through which the plain was travelling? In Nevada? (In July, with 105 degree temps and 0% humidity….???)