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As If Political Correctness Wasn’t Confusing Enough Already…


I know they say context is everything, but I must admit I’m still a little perplexed here…

Had this sort of “disciplinary parental intervention” occurred on some random, normal day, in say a Walmart parking lot, or the mother’s own backyard, and people had captured it on video, then she’d probably be hearing accusations of child abuse, or even be in jail already and at risk at losing custody, rather than having people talk about her as a candidate for Mother of the Year.

Sooo, I guess this calls for a small addendum to our “bully-free America” policy when it comes to zero tolerance for things like spanking/discipline, etc.. If it helps further the narrative of why we need the State to be ready to intervene and put boots on the streets in order to keep us safe from backpack-wielding terrorists, or crazy right-wingers, or bored and angry black teenagers with ski masks on, well… SMACK AWAY!