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Frustrations and Joys…

Man… SO many things going on right this very minute, so many things I want to write about, and research, and discuss with all of you, yet, finding myself being forced to take a little break here, at least for the time being. Last week I suddenly found myself dealing with a very severe onset of what would seem to be carpal tunnel in my left wrist/hand/fingers. Even typing this now is difficult, wearing a brace on my wrist, pain shooting through my fingers. Can’t play drums. Can’t play basketball with my kids. Can’t hardly pick up a frying pan to make my family breakfast. I feel like very much the invalid at the moment, yet my mind won’t slow down. I could probably write ten posts a day at this point, if, you know, I was living by myself without an amazing family to love and take care for.

And on THAT note, I suppose I need to step back and listen to HIM probably saying that such a break from intense online investigation and inquiry is what everybody in the “Truth is Stranger household” could use about now. Been seeing some amazing breakthroughs with our autistic son lately, and yet at the same time it of course continues to be a very challenging part of our lives, and it’s honestly been something I’ve been feeling compelled to talk about more here, although at the same time I am of course rather wary about putting too much detailed info about my family on the interwebs. So, as I continue to pray about how to best go about that, I’ll end this by leaving a recommendation for a movie my wife and I saw this weekend that really encouraged us called “The United States of Autism”. Essentially this indie film is about a father of a son with autism who travels the country and meets with 21 different families with autistic kids, giving a very broad scope of what living with autism can be like, and also of the various attitudes and reactions people have towards the autism epidemic as a whole. Here’s the trailer:

And if you’re interested, (and especially if you have Netflix, as all three of these titles are available for streaming) two other similar films we’ve absolutely loved are called “A Mother’s Courage“, and “Dad’s in Heaven with Nixon“.