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archangelblurred2This is what posts sound like when written on very, very little sleep.  Seeking to transcend my own body’s somnial needs right now.  Been pretty busy on the homefront lately.  So much is happening in the big wide world right now, Uncle Ben just spoke to Congress, causing quite an uproar apparently, Kent Hovind is set to begin his new trial in a couple of days, the DHS is the latest government uber-structure being used to goad the public into deeper debt, and I’m too out of it to even remember what day of the week it is, let alone provide anything read-worthy of current events.

To the left is a little piece I made many years ago, one of several which I created long before I had any ever heard of things like Nephilim or transhumanism or fallen angels overseeing a technological attempt at usurping God’s throne, yet it’s strange how much I was seemingly drawn to certain concepts before ever having much of an idea as to why. Funny enough, the critics might say that this would suggest that perhaps my beliefs in them now is merely the extrapolation of early, inner desires to believe in the scientastic (I think I just made up that word, writing when you’re beyond exhausted is kind of cool…), but, this is not true.

There are still, many, many days where I simply want to wake up, fry the eggs, scrub the dishes, go through my checklist, and just make it to the end of the day when I get to have a beer and watch some mind-numbing, alpha-wave-inducing tele-picture-box. But even the glowy-box doesn’t lend itself to comatosis the way it used to. The other day I was watching this funny little cartoon with my son called “Clarence”, and right towards the end, Clarence finds himself the only kid in his school not being mind-controlled by the corporate-funded cafeteria food, and he saves his classmates by bursting in on a Eyes-Wide-Shut-type of Illuminati ritual (well, minus the orgy). Alas. Cartoons used to basically be comprised of one animated animal trying to catch another one, over and over again, and failing every time in slapstick glory.

Some people meditate in order to try and transcend the “illusory” world around them, and by this, they don’t mean the matrix of lies and propaganda being thrown at us everywhere we turn, they simply mean the world. All of it. Even their own self, their own conscious awareness of even existing as anything distinct from everything else. I suppose this sounds nice, in a way, sort of like being a baby in the womb I suppose. But then again, no. No it does not. That sounds like being a vegetable to me…

Other people want to transcend the grind of humanity by technological upgrades, Johnny-Depp style. Become a cyborg. Become an uploaded algorithm of all your memories in a computer. Better yet, become a mix of both, like the villain in the upcoming transhumanist propaganda piece, Avengers 2. Again, this does not seem terribly transcendent to me either, simply a more metallic form of vegetable…

No… I know that we are called do a very different kind of transcending. In the midst of the drudgery of paying bills, folding laundry, making your kids eat the vegetables (not the tranced-out meditators, the green plant variety), and watching the world fall apart just a tiny bit more every time we get a glance at it, we are called, to Rejoice. Always.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


Do We Suffer from “A.A.F.S.”…?

Apocalyptic Anticipation Fatigue Syndrome.

So far, that’s the best acronym I could come up with.

It is hard for anyone who believes that we are indeed entering into the “Last Days” to not at times feel overwhelmed by the ceaseless array of warnings, wailings, railings and pronouncements of impending doom. Just yesterday, my mental faculties were presented with no less than four different occasions on which the prospect of an impending EMP attack was being put forth (and they weren’t all coming from “alternative media” sources”)

If you believe in the Bible, (and take it seriously) then you know about what Jesus says regarding the End of Age, and the “birthpangs” and wars and rumors of wars”. You know it will get increasingly unstable and tumultuous as we approach the Return of Christ, and as a result, it’s really not surprising that so many people get so easily fixated on waiting for the next big “cataclysmic thing”, be it a total global economic collapse, World War III, Israel going nuclear on it’s Arab neighbors, an earthquake so massive it changes the very landscape of the continent, “zombie apocalypse”, pandemic outbreak of disease, the next large-scale 9/11-type false flag attack, an alien invasion (real or synthetic), or some resurrected Nephilim horde spewing out of the pit to reek havoc upon mankind…

It’s not just people who believe in bible prophecy either, but it would seem that even the mainstream media is full-on participatory in promoting the idea that we’re gonna get hit with “the next big punch” at any given second. A suitcase nuke going off in NYC, or a secret army of Muslim assassins that has been sneaking across the southern border is suddenly unleashed… The net result is that we are collectively in a constant state of holding our breath, looking around, this way and that, wondering which direction that next big ‘ol punch is going to come from.

Our culture at large essentially equates the term “apocalyptic” with meaning massive, earth-shattering destruction. If an event is being described as “apocalyptic”, it more or less means it’s one of the most devastating floods, or earthquakes, or wars or whatever that humans have ever seen before. In the Bible however, “apocalypsis” in the Greek just means “unveiling” or “revealing”. Now, I’m not trying to get into a big debate on pre-Trib vs. pre-Wrath, but I will say that if Jesus’ return is what coincides with, and actually kicks off the brunt of God’s true unleashing of wrath upon the world (wrath being truly cataclysmic, not just “difficult” or a time of persecution, but where the elements are actually “destroyed by fire” 2 Peter 3:10) then this is the only sense in which “apocalyptic” can be accurately used to describe both the “Revealing” and “utter destruction”.

Anyhow… My point in all this, is that even though yes, we have absolutely seen an unprecedented number of “fantastic events” in our lifetimes, I would still have to say that when you step back and look at it all, the vast majority of how things have progressed towards a one-world government, one-world economy and one-world religion have not been via huge, massive cataclysmic events, but through a slow, steady progression that most people scarcely notice. I saw a piece on this show called “Brain Games” the other day, talking about how we are wired to notice sudden changes, but not so much gradual ones. They showed a painting of a town on the screen for about ten seconds, then ask if you could identify how many things in the painting changed. There were a few that were obvious, because they suddenly appeared/disappeared. But the rest were slow. From the beginning of the time to the end, the entire color of the sky actually changed, but you don’t even notice it, because your eyes are busily darting around the picture looking for rapid, sudden changes, and so the gradual color shift unfolds right in front of you and you don’t even realize it…

Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

I grew up in a church environment where basically the prevailing mindset regarding the “End Times” was that sure, things in the world today are “evil” and getting further away from God, BUT, overall, we’re going to more or less keep trucking along in our comfortable middle-class American church-going lifestyle until Jesus suddenly beams us all up one unexpected moment, and the world is left without a clue, and then the “tribulation” will begin, and that’s when stuff get’s crazy.

I don’t believe that anymore. I guess now, I’m just at the place where I understand that being “sober-minded” doesn’t just entail being able to look at all the “birthpang events” and know that it means that Christ’s return is getting closer. Being “awake and sober” also means remembering what the scriptures also say about how people will be saying “peace and security”, all the way up until Jesus returns, until that final Day, that final moment when EVERYTHING in the world is baptized with fire, and God goes all the way with making a new heaven, and a new earth…

In the meantime, I am ever-increasingly feeling convicted that it’s not just the “big scary events” that we as Christians should so concerned with being prepared for, with all manner of things like food storage and guns and shelters and whatnot. It’s the “peace and security” that almost poses a more dangerous threat. The gradual, almost imperceptible change. The whole “boiling a frog” metaphor. We have now for decades been debating and discussing topics such as just what the “Mark of thedoomsday_wrist_watch Beast” will be. Will it be a chip? An implant? A code? Some kind of genetic “enhancement”? Every year the debate goes on, we all baby-step a little closer to that system. We all hold our breath, convinced that at any given day, the market could crash, the sky will fall, and then the need will arise for the Mark to be issued, but in the meantime, we’re still using our debit cards, and smart-phone apps, and digitized bank accounts, etc…

But what if it doesn’t actually happen like that. What if humanity, those who don’t believe in the Bible at all, and those who say they do, all of us, are all kept peering at the sky, glued to our screens, waiting for the market to drop, for the bomb to go off, for martial law to be declared… Waiting for that “doomsday clock” to finally, FINALLY “strike midnight”… And after decades of our groggy, droopy-eyed “apocalyptic anticipation”, we finally look down, and realize that somewhere in the midst of our planning and preparing and prognosticating, we somehow numbly went right ahead and took the Mark ourselves, and didn’t even realize it…

My Dream…

Back in 1997, a few months after I had turned 19, I had a dream.

It was the only dream of it’s kind I had ever experienced, before or since. For a long time now, I have been pondering putting something together to “document” this dream, share it, for whatever it’s worth. So, here it goes…

I had been living in the Caribbean, on a missionary ship, for a few months. I would spend two years aboard it, sailing around Central/South America and the Caribbean, before coming back home to the Pacific Northwest. One night, I laid down in my cabin to get some sleep after a long day working on deck. Some time later that night, my dream began.

As soon as the dream started, I was instantly struck by how different it all felt from the kind of dreams I usually had. Typically, my dreams felt very similar to “daydreams”, in the sense that they were hazy, more outlines than anything, and often times streams of “experience” where I felt I had some measure of control over my own thoughts/actions within them. But this was completely different. It was as though I was very much “there” in the place I suddenly found myself. It was completely vivid, and very bright. To start off, I was more or less “floating” somewhat high up, in this massive, elongated room, having a bird’s eye view of what was going on below me.

The room I saw was gigantic, very bright, and extremely “modern” in it’s appearance and construction. Lots of glass and chrome. In the moment, it felt like it was maybe the entrance or lobby to some massive office building or skyscraper, only it seemed unlike any I had ever been in before, because it was so long, I couldn’t see the end as it stretched off into the distance. On my right hand side, was a wall made completely of windows, letting in light from the outside, where all these people in white robes were quietly filing in. I watched them calmly standing in single-file lines, coming in from the right, walking to the left. This sight of the white-robed masses startled me, because even as the dream was occurring, the significance of what a “white-robed throng” meant, in terms of what it says in the book of Revelation, was not lost on me…
Suddenly, I found myself standing in the middle of one of the lines. I looked down, and saw that I too was wearing a white robe. There were armed guards monitoring the lines of people, but they did not seem to be needing to use force or coercion to keep the people moving. I was amazed at the amount of calm present in the whole scene. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, moving willingly into this building. Eventually, as I moved with the line myself, I saw what we were approaching. Each line terminated at a massive, steel, box-shaped machine. Each machine had a little step ladder, leading up to a hatch in the front. One by one, the people in white robes would walk up the ladder, and crawl inside. When I reached the front of the line, I was astonished to find myself calmly and willingly walking up the ladder, just as all the others had done! I was awake, and aware of myself, and yet, in the dream, I was in this sense doing something without understanding why. I had a deep sense of foreboding about the entire scenario, about the steel machines, and yet, at the same time, I was not fighting, not trying to run, not making a sound. I walked up the ladder, the hatch was opened, and I crawled inside…

Inside the hatch on the front of the machine, I found myself on my hands and knees in a very narrow passage way. The walls, ceiling and floor were all made of what looked like stainless steel. Other than that, it was featureless. I began crawling forward, and then saw that the tunnel opened up a bit into a small room, where it was a little bigger, but still not big enough to stand.

In the chamber at the end, I was surprised to see another person from the ship I was living/working on. What surprised me even more (especially after the dream was over, and I was thinking about it all) was that this guy from the ship was actually someone who really got on my nerves. Not one of the guys I would’ve necessarily wanted to hang out with too much, and certainly not someone I would’ve expected to see popping up in any of my dreams. He wasn’t a bad guy or anything, I was just 19 and still “too cool” for certain people I guess… (There is no picture of the shipmate in the machine with me)

Shortly after seeing this other guy, my attention was turned away from him, and back to my own situation. Suddenly, I could sense that something new was “going on”. I couldn’t hear anything, or see anything change, or even feel anything, but there was a sense somehow that the machine had been “turned on”. I held up my hands in front of my face, and watched as the flesh on my hands and arms started to bubble, and melt, and fall off the bones as if it were cheese in a microwave. I was absolutely horrified at the sight of my own body looking like it was being microwaved before my eyes, even though I couldn’t feel any pain.


Then, I woke up. Drenched in sweat.

I talked to a few people on the ship about it the day, trying to understand what it was, what it could have meant. Had I seen some movie, or read something in a book, about “End Times stuff” or dystopian future scenarios..? No, nothing. It seemingly came out of nowhere. It totally unhinged me, it had just felt so, REAL. Eventually however, I went on with things, finished my time on the ship, and then came home, started art school, and as time went on, I more or less forgot all about the dream….

Fast forward about 14 years. Now having a wife and kids, a house in the suburbs of Seattle, things going on the world start getting my attention. There are fires, earthquakes, massive fish/bird die offs, and I’m really starting to wonder what the heck is going on with it all! Finally, it culminates with the injection of another dream, this time, it involves a missionary friend of ours who was living and working in Haiti. Without going into tons of detail, it basically involved me waking up and going, “What the heck was THAT? Is she ok? We haven’t heard from her in a while…” I told my wife about it, we thought it was weird, and then, ok, have a good day at work…

A week later the earthquake hit Port au Prince, and God finally had my full attention.

I went online and started randomly searching for stuff on Bible prophecy, and anyone who might be talking about the connections between the “birth pangs” I was seeing happening around the world and what it says in the scripture. One of the first things I came across was this weird dude who was talking about “stargates” and DNA and the weird symbol on the back of the dollar bill, and how Jude in the Bible references this thing called the “Book of Enoch”… I’m like, whoa, I’ve never come across someone quite as loco as this guy, but ended up researching what he was talking about anyhow, and instead of debunking it as nonsense (like I had assumed I would) I ended up learning more and more of the truth about things like 9/11, Genesis 6, and the “New World Order”. I found out about things like “D.U.M.B.s” and tunnel-boring machines and FEMA camps and the “Office of Total Information Awareness”. What started as curiosity and fascination, began giving way to extreme bouts of anxiety and fear. When I got to the point of learning about the Denver International Airport specifically, I really started to almost panic. Was this what I had seen? I started to recall the details of my dream from fourteen years prior, and really wondering what it could have meant, had it really been from God, and if so, what was He trying to tell me…? What was I supposed to do with it all? What did it mean???

Well, the answer to all of that has comprised the last five years of my life, and there’s really no “nutshell version” at of yet. There was no singular moment where God stepped in and magically took away all the fear and anxiety, but rather it has been a long series of small steps, of waking up each morning, and being taught slowly but surely that He is in control, no matter how much we as frail human beings might feel like the world is spinning out of control. I still don’t know if the dream was 100% from God, some kind of “prophetic message” or not, but I am inclined to believe that it indeed was. I struggled with that for a long time, wondering why if it was from God, would He give me a dream that seemed to do nothing but scare the crap out of me. But it’s funny, because somehow, at this phase in my “journey”, the thought of dying for the sake of Christ doesn’t frighten me at all anymore. Living without Him is the thing that frightens me, turning my back on Him. I have learned that He is so much more faithful to us, than we are to Him, and that all eternity is not long enough to explore the boundaries of His love, because there are none. His grace is sufficient for us, and to die in the hands of the Lord is to truly gain. Now, when I think about the dream, I still don’t know if it was depicting something specific, something literal, or if stands as more of a metaphor or description of a broader future reality, but either way, I am encouraged when I think about how many countless people there were, who were all unafraid to die for the sake of Jesus. They loved not this world. I had never considered that element before, only myself. But today, I have now encountered enough brothers and sisters around the world who also “see” what is happening today, how it is all truly foretold in the scriptures, thousands of years ago, and I know that I am indeed surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, who will stand bold, and fearless, in the face of world-wide rebellion against Christ. We will not only see the Great Falling Away in these Last Days, but a great Revival too… We have so much to be thankful for, to Praise Him for, to rejoice about. He has already won. The Resurrection will come. His Kingdom will have no end… Peace.