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Leonard Ulrich and Rob Skiba Discuss 9/11 and the War on Terror…

Find the podcast here.

Fantastic, epic-length conversation between one of my favorite pairings, Skiba and Ulrich, starting with their own stories of waking up to 9/11 Truth and then tying it all into everything going on right now. If you have heard about this whole “9/11 Truth” thing but never actually looked into it yourself, or even if you have and are following current events with a deeper understanding of false flag events and Deep State shenanigans, this podcast episode is well worth your time.

HOVINDICATION Compilation Album just released…

It’s done. It’s out. My buddy Sam at God’s Property Radio has finally got it up and available for download. This compilation, featuring 25 tracks from a whole host of different artists, was created to support the current legal situation of Dr. Kent Hovind, and I gotta say, I’m pretty blown away by some of the songs on here. It kicks off with an incredible new work by one of my favorites, Destiny Lab (featuring Ark of Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo…), as well as lots of other great “Truth Music” artists such as Dissident Prophet, Ninja Scroll, Blinky D, Gonz Shinmura from Canary Cry Radio, IIISamuel (Sam from GPR..) and many more. (There’s even a little track submitted by yours truly in there…)

HCOMPSo there you have it. Please do go to FREEKENT.COM where you can find the full album available for download, as well as HOVINDICATION t-shirts (a t-shirt order comes with free CD download acHSHIRTtually), all of which goes fully towards supporting Kent in the trial of his life…

Conversation with Sam and Dan on GPR…

After writing my post “Domestic Terrorists of the Paper Kind” on Friday, I had the privilege of joining Sam and Dan of GPR on the end of their recent Coin Toss episode, featuring the phone call between Kent Hovind and Peter Reilly, to discuss the article and the Hovind case as a whole.

One thing than I found to be really pretty cool, was that I hadn’t even listened to the Reilly/Hovind interview when I wrote the piece, and only listened to it afterwards, and was pretty amazed by how Kent actually touched on so many of the same little points I mentioned in the post, even with the persecution in China and the official state churches etc. Crazy weird confirmation from the Lord. Anyhow, the phone call is really quite interesting to listen to, and I think actually served to highlight several open-ended questions which glaringly require some further reflection. As Kent points out, the assertion “Everybody owes taxes and you don’t want to pay your share” is such an immense oversimplification of the issue that is flies in the face of what everyone who themselves has paid taxes knows from personal experience!


In the end, you are NOT, repeat NOT a dangerous individual, or some kind of “radical anarchist”, simply because you are willing to question things that the majority of the population accepts on the assumption of truth. Questions are not a crime. Dialogue is not a crime. Supporting people who’ve been imprisoned, whether rightfully OR wrongfully, is certainly not a crime! Good grief. Supposedly, the reason this country is constantly extolled as the “greatest on earth” is because we are “free” to debate virtually anything and everything without fear of being demonized or declared an “enemy of the State” for asking the wrong questions.

(*as a totally unrelated sidenote, I’m sure, merely an hour after I got off the photumblr_m993v3rq321qi7eg5o1_500ne with Sam and Dan, I was treated to the lovely experience of having my wifi modem at home be completely hacked. Strange things are indeed afoot at the Circle K…)

The “Disney-fication” of the Enemy…

mickey-mouse-david-m-cookRecently I was listened to the latest episode of God’s Property Radio, where they interview Russ Dizdar, and towards the beginning of the conversation, they touched upon what I thought was an extremely interesting and important point. Same, one of the hosts of GPR, mentioned how he had heard Tim Kilkenny of Revelations Radio News (another one of my podcast favorites) talking about the “Disney-fication” of the devil, how it so perfectly described so much of what has happened within “Western Christianity” in regards to the prevalent attitude held towards the existence of things like the demonic realm, spiritual warfare and “radical evil” as a whole.

This really struck a chord with me, because it really gets to the heart of so much of what I have myself personally wrestled with, and also encountered as I’ve tried to engage other people, both Christians and non, in talking about things like the “New World Order” or 9/11 or what-have-you. As I listened to Sam and Dan from GPR talk with Russ about it, it just really made sense. It clicked. This is really the point that first has to be addressed, when trying to get someone else to recognize what it going on in the world today. When you are trying to discuss the effects of radical evil in our culture, government, society as a whole, it is like talking to a brick wall, if that person is coming from a perspective where they don’t believe in “radical evil” in the first place.

I confess that it’s sort of sad that I’m so slow to realize the depth of something like this, when I myself took SO long to really come to such an understanding myself, but I suppose that is also why coming to an understanding of Genesis 6 or the “Satanic underground” was really so ground-breaking in terms of my own worldview. Suddenly, through the perspective of realizing that not only is the Devil “real”, but has been so intricately involved in interfering with the affairs of mankind since the beginning, I found myself looking at the Bible itself in a whole different way. It became more “alive” in a sense, more “life and death”, the description of a cosmic battle for the eternal destinies of the souls of men and women… Suddenly, the Bible was anything but a dry, boring book on Theology, but the most mind-blowing and fantastic account of the history of everything disneydevil2I had ever heard. Truly, I suddenly found myself realizing that when one takes the Bible totally at face value, the Truth is most definitely stranger than any piece of human fiction…. 😉

You hear all kinds of knee-jerk responses to the idea of “Conspiracy”. It’s the stuff of loons. Paranoid misfits. People who can’t deal with reality.

Interestingly enough, I have come to accept the reality that if one claims to believe in the reality of the Bible, then one is faced with the most massive “conspiracy” portrayal of all time. Jesus says of Satan, “He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44) Think about that statement… The father of all lies! From the beginning of human history, in the Garden of Eden, we see the serpent, infiltrating the perfect Creation and using deceit to lure Adam and Eve away from their intended place. After the Fall, God prophesies about the one who would crush the serpents head. From this account in Genesis, through to the end of scripture, where God reveals to the apostle John how the Beast will rise at the end of the Age, we see this “conspiracy” at work, the Rebellion, led by a fallen angel, pulling as many hearts away from the Redeemer as he can.

When speaking with Christians today on the topic of Satan, or the occult, or demonically-related things, the kind of response you so often hear is “Let’s not give the Devil more attention that he deserves”, or “God doesn’t want to fixate on so much negativity, I like to focus on the positive”, or better yet “We shouldn’t have an unhealthy interest in such things, it’s borderline idolatry”… (At least, these are all examples of stuff I’ve heard myself)
We have indeed “Disney-fied” the devil, to the point where he is little more than an generic yucky idea, a concept, a myth even. He might as well be the villain in a Disney cartoon, someone who is part of the “story”, but isn’t something we believe we’d ever have to personally face, and certainly not a literal being who has shaped the nature and formation of a “Christian” country like the United States!

For me, growing up in the church, my concept of the demonic realm, and spiritual warfare, basically consisted of the idea that if Satan/demons tumblr_m2a7ulcFAX1qjszcdo1_5001were to “engage” in influencing people, it more or less just consisted of them somehow hovering over person a making them feel “bad” or “negative” or maybe tempting them to sin. Sort of the “Frank Peretti school of the spiritual realm.” Now, I’m not saying there isn’t a large degree of validity ot that sort of thing (the “flaming arrows” of the Evil One), but just that this is where my concept of what was possible came to a stop. There was really no room to consider the possibility of things like “portals” and “gateways”, ley-lines and spiritual “power-grids” which encompass the globe, thumbantediluvian structures with demonic hybrid connections, or even the basic concept of angelic beings having DNA themselves. Like so many others, I would read passages referring to things like the “Prince of Persia” and go “Huh… Wonder what that’s all about”, and then move right along, having no framework through which to truly understand the idea of territorial angelic beings, i.e. “tribal gods”…

Anyhow, the point is that I have become ever so thoroughly convinced that we are not “elevating” Satan or giving him “undue attention” by speaking out about the reality of his rule over this fallen, temporal world.  One needs only to look at the teaching of Jesus Himself to see just how much the Messiah actually spoke about Satan, about hell, and about how this invisible reality is waging war against us all the time.  We cannot fight an enemy by pretending that he is some cartoonish figure, instead of the Father of all Lies.  The problem with those who object to calling out the Enemy for who he is, and what he is doing, is that they falsely assume that the danger is in making Satan out to be “too big”, rather than the danger being in actually making God too small….