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A Media Clinic on Vilification…

Wanna see how to get the most “anti-anti-government” bang for your news-propaganda buck? Check out this story that I happened to catch this morning on the local Vegas news.

The piece I saw on tv today featured a young woman who supposedly had gone to this guy, after being referred to him by someone at a grocery store (?), and apparently she thought he was just some kind of wholeistic medicine dude, doing herbal remedies, etc. She described how “horrified” she was when she got there and discovered that his “clinic” was being done out of a trailer on his property, and how there were bags full of blood lying around on the floor, the place was filthy, and son on. The anchor goes on to explain how Rick Van Thiel was not a licensed physician, but was performing all kinds of procedures, such as abortions, “cancer cure treatments” and so on. The interviewee even mentions how shocked she was when the man’s girlfriend walked into the room topless, and at that point she just wanted to run out of there…

Topless girlfriend, perfect segue into sharing the juicy tidbit that apparently before Thiel was a non-licensed doctor, he was a porn star and director. Quite a zinger…

The tv news story also mentions how his website featured a “nude” picture of himself, (which actually only featured his bare upper body) wherein he apparently was claiming to have been able to cure a skin condition which he had contracted after the military had exposed him to harmful chemicals.

In this article, is says that his procedures included “everything from circumcisions and tooth extractions to cancer and HIV treatment. Authorities also found two firearms and ammunition in a safe inside the trailer.”

Another excerpt says, “A notice at the bottom of one site hints at an anti-establishment mindset: “For the purposes of this website the term ‘doctor’ or ‘Doctor Rick’ is a nick name and not intended to infer state sanction or Rockefeller drug pushing training. The purpose of this site is not to beg for FDA endorsement or to diagnose or treat disease, it is to help you make informed decisions necessary to take control of your own life and health, and now to care for it in in the manor you decide is best for you.”

And in this ‘full interview’, we discover that not only did Rick learn how to perform surgeries from watching Youtube, but he is also a part of a the much-maligned ‘sovereign-citizen’ movement, with connections the notorious ‘Bundy Ranch’ and also apparently to some plot against the life of a police officer. It says, “On his website, Van Theil offered “Sovereign Babies” delivering children in his trailer without a birth certificate. Telling parents that when the child is 18 they would have the choice to be a “free being or to become a slave”

I mean, wow…

You really gotta hand it to em, because they sure recognize that when an individual like Van Thiel finally gets brought out into the public eye, they’re gonna milk it for all it’s worth.

So hey, let’s do a little run-down of all the memes they managed to cram into this one story.

You are basically being are put into the same category as a “sex-crazed, backwards, baby-killing, nut-job” IF:

*You dare question the medical establishment, or would ever consider alternative/wholistic options.
*You dare to think that just MAYBE there ARE some ways that cancer could be treated or cured, which didn’t involve chemo/radiation.
*You would ever think that the military would expose it’s own soldiers to harmful substances.
*You dare have any misgivings about the “Rockefeller drug cartel”.
*You dare entertain the idea that somehow birth certificates and/or social security numbers could somehow be linked to a form of financial slavery.
*You own guns.
*You dare to entertain such “dangerous” questions about the ways in which ordinary citizens might be able to take more responsibility and informed ownership over their own health, and lives in general.

So yes, well done, dutiful propaganda establishment. While this specific individual may very well deserve to be prevented from doing various things that might indeed be a health and safety hazard, you have done a splendid job in not letting the story go to waste, and fear-porning it to the Nth degree so that the rest of the citizenry can be reminded to associate any and all notions of questioning the monolithic medical/drug empire, or the ever-increasing system of total government control, with “crazy” shirtless guys with leaky blood-bag-filled trailers in their backyards…


Ok, so I figured I should probably take a quick break from posting on all the world-is-falling-apart stuff, and just do a boring personal life thing for a second.  We are all still trying to just “live life” after all.

My wife and I are currently on day 8 of our ten day juice fast, and so far it is actually going pretty well. It is surprising how filling juiced fruits and vegetables can be, and honestly I do feel like I have been experiencing a level of energy which is above what I typically feel. I’m hoping to personally lose more weight than is realistic within a ten-day period, but this juice binge is more or less intended to function as a sort of kick start to what I hope to be a regular habit of eating way healthier, less carbs, etc.

We’ve already been eating probably around 95-98% organic anyways, but of course the calorie intake is still a huge factor if your still eating breads and pastas and such. I haven’t had a beer in over two months, and that is something I hope to continue indefinitely. (not because I believe drinking beer is a sin or anything, I just got to the point where I couldn’t rationalize all those empty calories)

Getting older is such a weird thing. In your twenties you think it’s eons away. Then somewhere in your thirties you start to realize that you can’t just keep eating whatever you want and lying on the couch and then go play a game of pick-up basketball without feeling like you’re going to keel over. You only get one body, and yeah, if you don’t take care of it you will really feel the consequences over time.

We’ve also been trying to educate ourselves on ways to understand and use nutrition/supplements/herbs more in order to be healthier as well. Manuka honey as a sweetener in tea or other things is actually an amazingly effective natural anti-biotic. I’m starting to do apple cider vinegar “shots” as well in the morning, as it supposedly is good for clearing out your lymphatic system and such. Eating raw nuts as a snack instead of potato chips.

Confronting my serious coffee addiction will probably be the hardest piece of the health puzzle to try and overcome. Hard to believe that once upon a time in my early twenties, (when I either thought I was invincible or just too “punk rawk” to care), I would actually have a coke and a cigarette for “breakfast”. Oh, stupid young me, if I could only go back in time and wring your stupid, arrogant neck… 🙂