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It Is Time to Rise Up Together and Demand HOVINDICATION…

220px-Kent_Hovind_mug_shot Starting yesterday, the Father has taken hold of my heart and mind and lit a fire in my spirit, and I feel compelled to write the first in what is certainly going to be an ongoing series of posts about the current plight of Dr. Kent Hovind. This fire was first kindled after listening to this very recent phone interview – Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo: Interview with Kent Hovind from Prison.  Immediately after listening, I quickly emailed my good friend Sam from God’s Property Radio (who is mentioned in the podcast) and he filled me in on more details, and directed me to this short interview, and podcast, which also gives information on the recent arrest of Paul J. Hansen as well: God’s Property Radio Coin Toss: Free Kent Hovind / Free Paul J. Hansen. I not only recommend everyone listen to these two audio files, I URGE you to, I plead with everyone reading this to start by downloading these programs, get informed on all that has transpired in the past surrounding this preacher of the Gospel, and what is now unfolding as we speak.

Essentially, what is happening right now is that Hovind, only months before he was scheduled to be released from prison, is now being slapped with a laughably bogus charge involving mailing a notice of pending litigation in regards to a property that the government confiscated and sold anyhow… This new charge carries a sentence of up to 20 years.

Even after almost nine years, perhaps the majority of people who are familiar with Kent Hovind’s arrest and incarceration are under the false belief that he was tried and convicted of tax evasion. Simply do a google image search for Hovind and you will be treated to dozens upon dozens of pictures totally mocking him and his predicament. For the most part, the Church as a whole in America has turned a blind eye to this horrific injustice and chosen to be swayed by the smear tactics, but what has happened to Kent Hovind is not only a complete and utter abuse of the IRS and the justice system, but it is a case which has ramifications for every one of us living in this country. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, and yes, we are lacking indeed….

If you take any time to examine the details of Hovind’s case, I promise you be shocked and dismayed, and you should realize that what is being done is an undeniable example of modern-day political persecution, the implementation of fraudulent and frivolous litigation against an individual who is guilty of nothing, other than courageously speaking unpopular truths, and defrocking the lies being embedded into our society and propagated by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be…

There is so much that could be said, yet I simply want to get this ongoing conversation started here, and continued on, and get the word out to as many as possible. I will conclude this particular post by including a video of Hovind’s presentation at the Prophecy Club, talking about the New World Order, which is EXCELLENT. In this speech he covers a whole array of topics such as the Federal Reserve system, the education system, politics, etc., but throughout them all, he weaves them altogether by looking at them all through the lens of Evolution, which he reveals as being a philosophy in itself, and demonstrates how it basically functions of as one of the foundational tenets of global luciferianism, without people even realizing it…

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