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Goin’ Looney…

Wow, what a past week or so it’s been. All the things we’ve been keeping our eyes fixed on, all the developments and/or non-developments and blood moons and shmeetas (yes I spelled that wrong on purpose) and everything else. I have barely written anything of consequence in the midst of it all, and I have made time for art/creativity even less, I’m afraid. I did manage to sit down one day however and sketch out the rather directionless image above the other day, whilst in the midst of making a video on the idea of the “Hyper-moon”, which is now done.

Now, being that we are on the other side of the “super-blood-final-tetrad-eclipse-shmita-moon spectacular”, (which, ironically enough I was unable to see with any clarity, because the Nevada skies were obscured by clouds for only about the second time in six months), I have to say that the more this concept simmers in my little brain, the more I really become more and more convinced that:

A) the Moon is NOT orbiting around the Earth

B) the Moon is almost certainly self-luminous, and NOT reflecting the light of the Sun,

C) I do also think that it is very likely that there is some kind of hyperdimensional quality to the moon (and probably all of the “luminaries” for that matter).

Even though the Eclipse is now over, the Moon was still looking pretty darn “super” last night, even in it’s almost full state. Very bright. So bright it was casting rather strong shadows, and when I went to take the trash out last night, I found myself once again standing in my driveway, just staring up at it, as I have done so many times in the past few weeks, just marveling at it, at just how tangible and accessible it all is, while at the same time taking on so much more “mystical” qualities, all of which in the end just makes me that much more in awe of my Creator, of the massive, complex world that he made…

Anyhow, lots of people have been goin’ “Looney for the Lune” lately, and Rob Skiba is of course one of em, putting up this short vid about the eclipse, and how the shadow being cast over the moon, eclipsing it (which is supposedly caused by the Earth) doesn’t come from the correct direction that it should, if that shadow was being caused by the Earth coming between the Sun and Moon.

So I got to see the Lunar Eclipse last night…


Thanks to my son’s ever-so-fun bout of casein-related sleeplessness, I was up until about five o’clock this morning, which gave me the chance to check out the “blood moon”. I was actually pretty surprised by how cool it turned out to be to get to witness something like that, particular when the last sliver of white was swallowed up, and the pink and red hues began to take over. The pictures I took with my old digital camera are pretty awful, and certainly don’t do it justice, but yes, it did turn a reddish pinkish tone. Was I found most astonishing was how once the eclipse was in full effect, suddenly the colors really “danced”, somewhat like how a star waxes and wanes in brilliance. I wouldn’t say it “twinkled”, but more like “surged”, where the red and white would go back and forth, as if trying to compete, making the whole moon look quite alive and rather eerie.

Even though I don’t necessarily buy into the whole “blood moon theory” as proposed by that Mark Biltz guy, I was still glad I got to see one of the “tetrad” in person….