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Did Billy Graham Die…?

Before I took a little “Christmas break” for myself, I made a couple of videos talking about the Mandela Effect, the second being Mandela Effect, Flat Earth, and the Nature of Reality. These videos received a fair amount of attention right away, and I got a lot of very interesting comments as well.

One comment which really floored me however, was one which mentioned the fact that Billy Graham is still quite alive and kicking at the age of 97. Again, if you had asked me, I would’ve been quite ‘certain’ that Graham had died some time ago in his eighties. I distinctly remember hearing about how his family had gone ahead and built a “Billy Graham Museum”, which went so far as to feature an animatronic Billy preaching a sermon, like it was Disneyland or something. I remember thinking how Graham must be rolling in his grave, to have such an edifice erected which brought so adulation to himself, rather than Christ. (this was obviously back when I still assumed that Billy Graham was the stalwart bastion of Evangelical Truth that he is maintained to be by the pseudo-Christian establishment…)

I found the video below this morning, and most interesting is to note that it was uploaded in Aug of 2014, and so we can see that even at that point, over a year ago, people were talking about the Mandela Effect and the Berenstein Bears, etc….

The fact that false teacher Benny Hinn has made such bold “prophecies” about the death of Graham being the sign which will usher in some new era of ‘revival’ is also extremely peculiar, if you ask me.

The Mandela Effect: “Glitches in the Matrix”, or are we all just losing our marbles…?

This is not exactly a brand new, breaking topic here, but it finally caught my attention strongly enough yesterday to make me stop and write about it real quick. I first came across the whole Berenstein/stain issue about a month or two ago, and definitely thought it was weird, but, hey, just another one of those weird internet memes…

But, now that I’ve come to learn about how there are apparently now many more examples of this ‘Mandela Effect’, I have to say… This. Is. WEIRD.

I think a lot of why I do now find this so noteworthy, is that I happen to be from that particular generation who were children/teens during the key period before so many of these alleged changes happened. I was born in 77, and I grew up reading the BerenSTEIN books. I watched, many times, a movie called Interview with A Vampire. And I heard plenty about, (but never did watch) that friggen Sarah Jessica Parker movie/show called Sex IN the City.  I did!

So…. What the heck world. Are we now supposed to all collectively breath a big Keanu-esque “whoa….”? Are they “changing things”? Are they somehow splitting reality off into partial parallel universes (which apparently, some of us can recall, but others can’t)? Or maybe our brains are really just broken, and this is the bizarre way that we get to find that out… 😉


I don’t really buy the “parallel universe” idea, but then, I honestly don’t quite no what to make of it right now. One thing I will say, is that I do find it very interesting to note that the very concepts of “glitches in the Matrix” and “parallel universes” etc. are themselves ideas which have clearly been injected into the cultural zeitgeist already. Quite a bit actually. It would be difficult to overstate just how much movies like the Matrix have actually helped shaped the minds of so many people, particularly in conspiracy circles, and it’s so full of blatantly Gnostic themes and concepts, and has all kinds of “layers” to it, so I wouldn’t want to try and spell out each and every one, but this is a very plain connection to make, I’d say. The cat goes by twice. “Whoa, deja vu…” It means they changed something, bla bla bla (you know the scene…)
Some people are now really seriously looking into the possibility of parallel universes, partially overlapping, somehow connected in a way similar to a “quilt” of realities or something, while others are suggesting the many of these “changes” seemed to have occurred around the time of 9/11, which, of course, is admittedly pretty interesting too…

I’m not making any personal statements or opinions about this here, but just basically making a sort of “online mental note” of all this weirdness (which I suppose is actually what so many of my posts really are!) and from here I’ll be keeping an eye out for any more examples of this ‘Mandela Effect’ that might come to light in the future. That is, if I can remember to do so. Perhaps a year from now I will have no recollection of writing on this blog at all…. 😉