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No wonder they singled him out in Ferguson, MO…

If you actually take the time to watch the entirety of this video which has “surfaced” about Sgt. Major Dan Page, shortly after he supposedly “shoved” a reporter during the tensions in Ferguson, MO., you can start to understand why the PTSB would want to demonize this individual.  It also becomes clear (to anyone with a minimum capacity for critical thinking) that the allegations thrown at him regarding things like “boasting about being killer” and “promoting domestic violence” etc., are both ludicrous and examples of his tongue-in-cheek no-nonsense military personality making comments which are taken out of context and twisted around.  Of course, when he stands up and calls homosexuals “sodomites” (repeatedly), it comes as no surprise that he would be completely and utterly painted as a bigot and guilty of “hate speech”.  Few people would dare even use the “s-word” in public these days.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what they’re pointing to in trying to call him “racist”…

But I find this whole thing rather fascinating, firstly because I find it amazing that of all the police “behavior issues” that went on during the protests in Ferguson, the reporter and accompanying cameraman were quite fixated on filming Sgt. Maj. Page in particular (even though there were all the other officers aiming guns at people, hitting with nightsticks, etc…)  Coincidence?  After watching this video myself (of him giving the presentation at the “Oath Keeper’s” meeting), which apparently has now prompted Page’s boss at the police department to give him a leave of absence, I really don’t think so.  Consider the list of things that this veteran of the military very boldly proclaims is coming upon this country, in his view probably by the time 2015 rolls around…

1) The replacement of the Constitution with a newly written one.

2) Removal of the 1st, 2nd, and 8th Amendments.

3) Martial Law being imposed on the populace.

4 The globe being divided into ten regions of global governance.  The U.S. being divided into ten regions as well.

5) A collapse of the U.S. economy.

6) The eradication of Posse Comitatus and the coming use of military troops within the United States on civilians.

7) The illegitimacy of the President’s claim to U.S. citizenship.

8) The use of FEMA camps and “education barracks” for children.

9) The purging of the military.

10) That Bible-believing Christians will be labeled “domestic terrorists”.

11) The use of psy-ops to distract the population and give false pretext for war and martial law.

12) That certain people in the military had prior knowledge of the attacks on 9/11.

13) That the government of the United States will be brought to a swift and violent end and quickly incorporated into a system of global governance.

Now…  I’m not much of a “salute the troops” kinda guy.  I usually have a hard time listening to men like this, who have been hardened by years of serving in the military hierarchy and the memories of having killed people they never knew.  I’m still kinda shocked that I’m finding myself watching this, and going, “Yeah…  He knows he’s got a ‘target on his back’, and he’s right”.  (49:30)  But he spoke out anyway.  He knew the risk he was taking.  But he also knows what’s coming.  How many people on the “inside” have to stand up and speak out before we start to listen?  29942

I guess I just find it so ironic…  I mean, these are kind of the men you have to have, leading your forces, when you send them into countries all over the world and enact genocide upon innocent peoples in order to further your imperialist aims.  These are the sort of dudes you see being heralded and celebrated in all those WWII movies, guys who sacrificed, and fought, and obeyed orders, and killed…

But clearly Page has convictions and conscience that go above and beyond the indoctrination and the fear of opposing these people.  He says “what are they gonna do, kill me?”  And really, that’s an attitude we all need to be reminded of.  I’m not one who believes in trying to physically resist whatever might come, but I do think we need to take very seriously such warnings about contractor soldiers being used on the populace to remove the “incorrigibles”…  I believe that day is indeed coming soon, and it will indeed call for “patient endurance on behalf of the Saints…”