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“Maple Resolve”, Canadian Component to Jade Helm…?

Somehow I’m only just now hearing about the massive military exercises slated to occur in Canada dubbed “Maple Resolve”, in step with the much-discussed Jade Helm drills. It truly does appear to be shaping up to possibly be a truly continent-wide event getting ready to go down. Apparently, scores of Target stores have been inexplicably closed across Canada, just like how people have been connecting the Walmart closures in the Southern U.S. to Jade Helm.

Honestly folks, I wish I could say I wasn’t truly worried about this. After having now having had my ear to the “alternative” news arena for over five years now, I can’t say I’ve ever seen so much attention being given to any particular development, which is saying something, considering how much has gone on in the world during that time.

From Ferguson now on to Baltimore, these protest/riot events are clearly not purely accidental, but themselves part of the developing narrative. The media is constantly hyping the tension between police and citizenry. There are the reports about supposed “ISIS cells” just over the Texas border in Mexico. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the recent shooting in Garland Texas.

The more all the pieces come together, it really does appear to be setting the stage for what appears to be possibly the most massive false flag attack in all of history…

“Todos Somos Americanos”….

NAU-ContinentI just listened to Obama announce his new direction for relations with Cuba.  Now, Sen. Rubio of Florida is currently speaking out against these announcements, calling them nothing but “concessions for oppression”.   I can’t argue with him, and think his words about the rights afforded us by the founding documents were quite stirring.  Like so many others, his family came to the United States in order to flee the harsh rule of the Castro regime, and many Cuban Americans who have a grasp of what life was like under communism are understandably not going to be too happy about the fact that suddenly it seems like U.S. is dismissing all the years of fighting and resisting that system.

Overall, I think this represents a watershed moment for sure, but perhaps not the type of one that many people might think.  I believe in the end this move was inevitable, and really only a single step in the larger push towards creating a “unified” North America, which of course is itself only a step towards creating a one-world governmental system.

It was Obama’s attempt to “connect with the audience” by speaking the phrase in Spanish, “Todos Somos Americanos” that most caught my attention.

The POTUS, who let’s remember has been leaving the southern border of the country wide open and inviting immigrants to come on in, today faces the people of Cuba and the rest of the western hemisphere and says, “We are all Americans”.  Now what do you think is being implied there….

Double-Speak and Paper Fences…

Barack Obama

I guess right now the POTUS is on Air Force One on his way to Las Vegas. Apparently he’s going to speak at a high school or something, and probably talk about his newly announced executive order on immigration. There are a lot of folks around here pretty stoked about it actually. I probably shouldn’t say much more on that though…. (!)

I don’t tend to stoop to the point of picking on poor Barack. Not cuz I don’t think he’s got a lot of stuff wrong, it’s more just the feeling you get from a super boring sport. What’s the point. It’s like getting mad at the pimple-faced assistant manager who is constantly sent downstairs by the CEO’s upstairs, constantly tasked with the undesirable job of telling the working stiffs yet more news that will only infuriate them, sooner or later…

Yet yesterday, I admit I found myself watching the “telly” and feeling sincerely agitated as I watched snippets of Bomb-ah saying stuff that is just patently, horrifically, demonstrably, false.

Did I actually hear him say that there are less people trying to cross the border illegally today than since the 1970’s…?

Almost don’t even know what to say anymore. I basically just stood there and shook my head. It’s harder to decide which is more astounding, the fact that he is now standing before the whole nation and seriously trying to defend his right to make unilateral executive decisions because the “congress won’t act”, or the fact that most Americans actually believe that this is really the first time he’s actually done such a thing.

But rest assured ‘Merica, Obama has promised that if illegal immigrants are found to be “criminals”, they will indeed be exported. What exactly that means is beyond me. You mean, if you actually catch them in the act of committing a crime, you will deport them (so they can turn around and walk back into the country and commit another crime…?), or if you find them to be in “the system” listed as a “criminal”..? How does THAT work exactly, if they are already illegal and thus have no records in the first place?

I suppose I shouldn’t gripe too much. After all, this little “current event” piece provided an excellent opportunity to explain to my kids how the Constitution spells out the three branches of government, and how this is supposed to create a balance. It also provided an opportunity to explain how this has all been completely thrown into the trash bin of history, and actually has been for many years, and they are now only starting to come out and admit it openly.

It’s almost as if all that remains to be seen is if the 1 Amero bills will feature the ol’ pyramid and all-seeing-eye as well…

Here an Op, There an Op….

(everywhere an “op op”…?)

This video is rather well done.  The clips pretty much speak for themselves.  For a long time I thought ideas like the formation of a “North American Union” were still probably are bit to much to really believe, but now, I really don’t…

The open border, the “refugee” illegal immigrants, the escalating police state, the total surveillance technology, trade agreements, scares of pandemic disease outbreaks, “terrorists” infiltrating and crossing meaningless, undefended borders…  All of it really does coalesce into achieving this broader goal, part of the “regionalization” of the globe, eventually leading to a singular, solitary government…

I was going to next post a video which breaks down the evidence that the images in the Foley execution video were photoshopped, but alas, it has been removed.  In fact, it would seem that there is a large scale effort going on right now to deter anyone from reposting or reviewing the video of Foley’s alleged demise.  Needless to say, I have become increasingly skeptical, as have millions of others, because of the long list of oddities about the whole affair.  But since it’s been taken down, I’ll just end with this lovely vid of John Hagee introing PM Netanyahu.  I mean, this sort of just puts the whole Christian Zionism piece of the puzzle in a nice little nutshell…