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A Net Built With The “Power of the Air (Ether)”….

This is one crazy little montage! It’s insane the kinds of things that are being depicted in movies/shows/commercials, just constantly now.

Flat Earth and the Occult

If you got two hours to kill, there are some interesting thoughts kicked around in this roundtable conversation. (also some iffy stuff, but hey, it’s like five people talking, so there’s bound to be some bones to pick through)

DOMES: Flat Earth Symbolism in Architecture…?

This video explores some questions that have been poking at my brain for a few weeks now, and interestingly enough, the dome/oculus symbolism was something that seemed to keep popping up on my radar even before I had started looking into FE at all. Please remember that when it comes to the concept of portals, “stargates” etc., we are essentially speaking of dimensional realities, and not necessarily a literal, physical “door in the heavens” (although I would say it is still a “literal” door, just not a physical one that can necessarily be accessed from our own current dimensional existence…)

Still putting the pieces together of course, still pondering lots of avenues and angles. I did want to include this video from R$E as well, and I think you can easily see how there is definitely a confluence of ideas going on here.

(and he touches upon it again towards the middle of the video below as well:)

And amazingly, we see the same dome/oculus symbolism yet AGAIN in more commercials/media:

True Identity of “R.C. Christian”, founder of the Georgia Guidestones, Finally Revealed…

Yep, apparently they have pretty irrefutable proof as to who the main guy behind the infamous Guidestones actually was. Having not forked over the 25 bucks for the actual documentary, I can’t tell you just who it is at this point, but, it’s not Ted Turner… I did manage to listen to the Conspirinormal interview with Dr. Future the other day, where Doc “breaks the story”, and pretty much tells you the entire scoop, without actually telling you the dude’s name. Well worth the listen.

Wait, WHAT!? “I Pet Goat”, CERN, and the Dome of the Rock???

This video starts off kinda slow, but if you watch till the end, it really IS pretty insane! (I didn’t know that if you type “itanimulli” (Illuminati backwards) into any search engine, the first result is the website for the NSA. Go figure…)

The video also mentions some of the symbolism in the famous “I pet Goat II” and androgynous sexuality.

But then WHAT? He shows that if you type “I pet goat” into Google Earth, it takes you to…. CERN(!?!?)

He also says that the second choice Google Earth gave him after CERN was the Dome of the Rock


Happy Exploiting-Childhood-Nostalgia-In-Order-To-Teach-Gnostic-Philosophy Day…

Apparently today is international “Star Wars Day”…

The above items are all that remains of my once embarrassingly large collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Like many other “X-ers” whose elementary years took place in the 80’s, I was captured by the SW bug.

Then after being too cool for it in Junior High and High School, the nostalgic flame was rekindled within me in my college days when wandering through a kitschy shop I came a came across a life-size cardboard cutout of Boba Fett that I absolutely had to have. Before the remakes had come out, it still felt like a somewhat “retro” little thing, and I began to find myself slipping in VHS tapes of the trilogy in order to help me fall asleep at night, the hum of lightsabers and artoo’s beeps providing a surprisingly effective white noise of nostalgic soundscape.

But soon my fondness for stiff-appendaged action figures and wookie growls started to wane, as George Lucas began releasing his “re-mastered” versions of the first three films. Brighter explosions and deleted scenes with CGI Jabba weren’t all that impressive from my perspective, but they still could not have prepared me for the wake-up moment right around the corner known as “Episode I”…

Instead of experiencing anything remotely similar to the suped up 70’s space flashback I had been hoping for, I sat in my seat at the Cinerama feeling like I was watching something made for six-year-olds, which of course, I was. The “epic backstory” everyone awaited turned out to be nothing more than redesigned Stormtrooper outfits, and some bizarre bits about midi-chlorians and a virgin birth of the “prophesied one”.

The nostalgia was dead, and it didn’t matter how many new colors or combinations the lightsabers kept coming out in. The gritty, realistic feel of shooting on real film, with miniature models and intricate puppets was replaced with overly-saturated hues of green-screen backdrops and CGI characters that left you shaking your head at how Ewan McGregor had to overact so badly while talking to thin air on the set.

But anyhow, that’s not the point. The magnificent let-down of the prequels was in fact a blessing in disguise for me, because it served to finally cut the Lucasfilm cord in my dorky fan-boy heart, and enabled me to finally be able to step back and eventually comprehend how the whole ridiculous franchise was about so much more than just the most massive toy/cross-promotion scam in entertainment history. What Star Wars effectively did make the precepts of occultism and gnostic wizardry cool, and embedded them in a pop-culture language that could be absorbed by the masses…

This is hardly news to some people, but for many others is still something I don’t think is very well comprehended. To get into all the embedded symbolism and Luciferian allegory would be far beyond the scope of this post, but there are scores of researchers who have dedicated themselves to exploring these topics in great depth out there, so it’s certainly not a difficult thing to look into for oneself.

Lots of great symbolism to be found, and of course now with the new movies about to start coming out, speculations about what kinds of new subliminal content and memes could be coming next. For me, I think probably one of the most basic and fundamental elements which pertains to gnostic eschatology and the whole “New World Order vs. Truthers” paradigm, is the concept of the “dark anti-Christ” figure/empire being defeated by the “Light” hero/rebels. In the first video above you even see them equating the Sith Lords and the Empire with guys like George Dubbya and the NWO. I personally believe this is the exact intention.

“Only Sith Lords deal in absolutes”… Younger Obi-Wan says this to Anakin just before their duel over a river of lava in Episode III, and it serves as about as perfect a summation of the New Age gnostic belief system being propagated in these movies as you could find. The net takeaway? If you believe in “moral absolutes”, you are actually following the “dark side”, the side of religious intolerance and Imperialistic war-mongering oppressors like the Bushes and Rockefellers and Clintons etc. Unless you have a more “evolved” consciousness, then you are a slave to the “Sith lords”.


This type of dark/light conflation is at the heart of the Great Deception which will compel the world to embrace the “Man of Lawlessness”, as a perceived liberator, rather than some dictator. I too find it quite amazing that the name of the next Star Wars film is “The Force Awakens”, since a “grand awakening” or a “consciousness shift” is in fact the very thing that so many people who have bought into this whole Zeitgeistesque, New Age, Gnostic “truth movement” are constantly claiming is what the world needs to experience in order to throw off the shackles of the “evil empire”, the New World Order. They long for the day when there will be a mass awakening into some kind of “new humanity”, but in reality it will be the very opposite of what they are hoping for…


It’s Us…”: The Esoteric Messages of Interstellar…

adamtouchingadaminterstellar A large amount of retrospection has already been given to the many memes and concepts present within the movie “Interstellar”, one of the best I’ve read being the one done over on Jay’s Analysis, so I’m not sure just how much fresh insight I might have to add to the conversation, but then again, I believe that much like “2001: A Space Odyssey” which has already been compared/contrasted a great against Interstellar (and deservedly so I would say), this movie is one that will be dissected and pondered for many years to come. Insert prerequisite spoiler alert here. (but honestly, if you haven’t seen Interstellar by now, I’m guessing you probably weren’t planning to…) Rather than going down all the “wormholes” of discussing the many specific scientific questions touched upon in the film, such as relativity, interdimensional travel, quantum theory, transcending space/time, artificial intelligence, etc. (all of which are super fun, but probably already covered elsewhere far better than I can here) I simply wanted to step back and see if I could distill a fairly simplistic concept which I honestly felt was a rather new one, or at least one articulated in a new or more blatant fashion. One of the best reviews/”decryptions” of this film I’ve yet read is from Jay’s Analysis, where he asserts that the main point of the film is that defeating death and transcending the material world will ultimately be accomplished by way of man working symbiotically with A.I. He says:

The end of the universe and entrance to the Tesseract appears to have a lattice structure which TARS explains was “created” by “them” to give a fixed point in space and time to reveal these truths. In other words, the matrix-like structure of the universe is meant to be transcended (so the film’s worldview is saying) through an evolved, emergent deus ex machina. Readers may disagree, but I believe this is the best analysis of the worldview presented, as the film consistently upholds the Darwinian perspective. On this view, it is only natural to expect the means by which man might transcend his final frontiers is artificial intelligence and transhumanism.

Now, I find these observations fascinating, and I’m quite inclined to agree with him, but for me, what was most significant about the film’s message as a whole, regardless of whatever combination of specific technologies/theories are portrayed as making this possible, was in the simple fact that they actually reveal who “They” are! This was a drastic difference in my view, from say, the premise of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, whereTARS & CASE the infamous “obelisk” (which many have astutely pointed out is alluded to in Interstellar by the shapes of the A.I. robots…) is found by humanity, but the builders of the Obelisk remain a mystery. We never learn exactly who “They” are. Some advanced alien race, we are left to assume. Similarly, the movie “Contact” (which also starred Mathew McConaughey, interestingly enough) ended with the scientist (Jodie Foster) traveling through space through a network of wormholes, (which “They” built), but again, we never see “Them”, or learn much about them, beyond that they are looking out for humanity and trying to give their little brothers in the universe a helping hand in catching up with them… Interstellar I thought was quite unique in that it starts out by incorporating several instances of what would typically be categorized as “paranormal activity”, and then weaves the storyline along until we learn that Cooper (the Dad) is the one causing these phenomena, in his attempts to communicate with his daughter from his own vantage point in the “fifth dimensional matrix” after falling into the black hole. So essentially, what you wind up with at the end is a form of scientifically-garbed Necromancy…(!) Under the premise that gravity itself is a force which transcends all the dimensions, the idea is that what might be perceived as “ghosts” or “spirits” from our own 3-dimensional plane, are simply just “intelligences” existing within a higher dimensional framework. Okay, nothing really new there. But when added to the expanded concepts of relativity, and the inherent assumptions of the Evolutionist’s underlying philosophical belief in “progress”, all the pieces are put into place towards which a new lens for interpreting who “They” could be, is provided. 12085859_f520“They” are “Us”. This is portrayed in many ways, on many levels, throughout the film, but one of the most central is shown by way of a “being” that Dr. Brand (Anne Hathaway) sees as the crew first flies through the wormhole on their way across the universe. Time and space are bending/whirling, and everyone is having their little “acid trip moment”, and in the middle of this Dr. Brand turns her head and sees a strange “hand” reaching out towards here, a person-shaped “ripple” in the fabric of space/time. She reaches out and touches it, saying “first contact” (or something like that) just before they pop out on the other side of the wormhole. Of course, later in the movie we see that this “being” is really Cooper, on his way back through the wormhole, after falling into the black hole “Gargantua” and have his whole interdimensional poltergeist “conversation” with his daughter in the bookshelf tesseract “place”. The “transcendended” Cooper was the “ghost”. This whole sequence, I believe, really encapsulates so much of what could be referred to as “speculative Luciferianism”. Occultism essentially is a belief system which opens itself to the idea of interacting with beings of a higher dimensional existence with the hopes of that interaction being that which gives us the keys to “unlock” our next stage of development, or conquer whatever existential problems we are facing, or whatever. As in the film, embracing the “paranormal” and the intelligences trying to communicate from the “other side” is viewed as ultimately profitable, and something not to be feared, for in the end, the only “beings” out there who might communicate us are really just some more highly-evolved versions of our own selves. In this type of cosmology, concepts like “angels” and “demons” are antiquated and silly, because it is believed that of course human beings are both good and bad, (as represented by characters like Dr. Mann in the film) and so naturally, there are going to be “bumps along the way” in the broader progression of human evolution. Sure, there might be “scary” moments or “confrontational” individuals, but hey, that’s just human history unfolding. One of the messages of the film is that by pressing onward, and being willing to personally cross over the “event horizon”, we will eventually learn the secrets behind all these “weird” anomalies, we will “solve gravity”, transcend 3-dimensional space/time, and even defeat death, with a great cry of “Eureka”! In essence, we will become “gods”, and this quite possibly with the help of our own god-like selves from the future, or advanced A.I.’s who have somehow “uploaded” into the ether of the universe itself, digital “spirits” who can navigate through higher dimensions the same way people can, and all whom have most likely figured out ways of communicating through time/space by manipulating things like gravity…(!) Interstellar-02-GQ-30Oct14_pr_b_1083x658 So…. Who (according to this Gnostic storyline) are “They”? “They” are US! We are the angels. We are the demons. We are the “aliens”. We are gods. We, as both a species and as individuals, don’t just survive, but we evolve, destined for an existence that goes beyond “this little patch of dirt we call Earth”… This is just, fascinating. A very robust cohesion of ancient Gnostic/occult philosophy, and 21st-century scientism and Evolutionary theory. It really is all a part of the same big Lie, which goes all the way back to the serpent in the Garden.

“You will not certainly die, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God”… (from Genesis 3:4,5)

30 Seconds to… Turn It Off!

untitledSo last I’m up a little later than usual, and I plop myself down on the couch and start flipping through the channels to unwind a bit before bed, and I happen to land on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, just as his musical guest “30 Seconds to Mars” is taking the stage.  I couldn’t find a pic of the actual performance from last night, but the first thing that invades my vision is the “band” playing in front of the same triangle/pyramid image shown above.  (I say “band” because it consisted of the singer, Jared Leto, a keyboard player, and some electronic drums.  *sigh*  This is what passes as “rock” music these days…?)  But seriously, after doing my last post on Illuminati/pyramid symbolism in album covers, needless to say such a visual was impossible to ignore.  I confess, until last night I had only heard of the name “30 Seconds to Mars” in passing, and wasn’t at all familiar with the group, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even seen Jared Leto in any of his acting roles since his debut heartofwisdommarstrianglein “My So-Called Life” back in the 90’s… So of course today I couldn’t help but do some quick googling, and for crying out loud.  You really tumblr_moz0yfKM3x1rkdxrwo1_500couldn’t classify this as a case of “hunting for the occult symbolism”, because honestly, if you do a google image search for the band name, for Leto, their albums, symbols, etc., you are faced with a barrage of nothing BUT esoteric and illuminist iconography!  It’s not even a joke.  It would actually be a real challenge to find a single image associated with this band that doesn’t contain occult meaning.  I mean, just the name itself for starters is a little too obvious, if you have even the most vague familiarity with the significance of Mars in mystery school religions.  But then it just goes on and on, like drinking from a veritable fire hose of occult-derived concepts and phrases and images.  You’ve got everything from their primary logo,(prominently tattooed on both of Leto’s forearms) which doubles as Phoenix-Logothe pyramid/capstone and also one of the symbols of the “elements”, and also it would seem tautographhat it correlates to something called the “Heart of Wisdom”, which comes from Kabbalah.  Then you got the phoenix, the X/O symbolism (which has many layers of meanings; such as time/space), the heavy use of “runes”and other magikal symbols (usually portrayed in a more “modern” or almost alien-looking style), a “trinity” of skulls, and on and on it goes…  Apparently even the way they sign autographs is by simply writing their own unique rune symbol. Five-ElementsA quick perusal of Leto’s childhood and rise to both Hollywood and musical stardom was also pretty interesting.  Originally from Louisiana, his parents divorced early on, and so he moved around a lot due to grandfather being in the airforce.  At some point his mother “joined the hippie movement” (even though he wlogo-echelon-30-seconds-to-marsasn’t even born until 1971?) and so he says, “I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater,” (from  an interview with Kerrang!) “Just having the art communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn’t a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn’t try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”  Eventually he winds up going to two different prestigious D.C. prep schools (as most kids with hippie-upbringings do) before going on to study art and film-making in PA and NY, and then etumblr_ludw7eaSnL1qzub73o1_500ventually moving out to California to get serious about making music (and do a little acting on the side…)  Just your typical kid-with-high-ranking-military-family-has-artsy-hippie-childhood-and-East-Coast-blueblood-education-then-goes-on-to-Hollywood-and-music-industry-super-stardom-fame story.  (I say that jokingly, but when you think about other child actors such as River Phoenix (there’s another interesting name) who actually have somewhat similar stories, it’s not as uncommon as we might think).  Guess I might have to shuffle through the youtube results for “Jared Leto illuminati family”..? Overall, I know I’m not “breaking a story” here in any sense.  I suppose it’s just one of those “I can’t believe Inecklace hadn’t even heard of this already” kinds of things.  But then again, I can believe it, because I’m definitely not trying to keep up with the endless waves of corporately-produced “rock bands” they keep churning out who somehow seem oblivious to the fact that everything they’re doing which they think is so hip and young and cool is nothing but a sad rehash of all the neon and pastel colored garbage that came out in the 80’s, albeit infused with a massively increased dose of occult imagery, themes and symbols.  (like, “Hello? 1983 is calling, th8b490cc378791b0c5d53236ab85cf44eey want their spiked hair and sleeveless Tee’s back…)  But I guess that’s sort of the point.  You can’t hope to infect the entire spectrum of youth culture with your Illuminati-themed tripe if you’re only targeting the hip-hop and heavy-metal crowds.  The sexually-marinated likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry won’t appeal to everyone.  I guess you have to go after the kids who think bands like Maroon 5 (uggh!) are where it’s at as well.  I guess I just have to get over my weird compulsion to want to mock the very idea that such “bands” can even be labejared-leto-30-seconds-to-mars-illuminatiled as “rock” music nowadays, and just focus on the fact that the underlying New Age message inherent in them is every bit as dangerous and deceptive and blasphemous as Perry’s songs about copulating with aliens or Jay Z’s Aleister Crowley worship.