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TRANCE-Formational Festivals and the MYTH of One-ness…

It’s finished… (!) Just uploaded the completed video, an idea I had mentioned a couple weeks ago when I wrote about this same topic.

Once again, here is the original “source interview” for the narration in the above vid.

WeAreOneBoomFestivalPortugalAll in all, I will simply say that even though I had already felt rather familiar with the concepts that Teichrib speaks about from listening to him in several different podcasts, it was really another thing to then go and spend a fair amount of time perusing the actual footage of these festivals themselves. Even though you might well enough grasp the things being described well enough, you almost can’t really envision it fully until you see it. So much of what goes into these experiential events is quite visually-based after all, so I tried to find a decent array of shots which depict the broader spectrum involved, from the more “hippie-ish” festivals, to the ultra-modern D.J.-and-light-show spectacles of Tomorrowland, etc.

(also kinda cool that this is my 300th post, yay…)