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Conversation with Sam and Dan on GPR…

After writing my post “Domestic Terrorists of the Paper Kind” on Friday, I had the privilege of joining Sam and Dan of GPR on the end of their recent Coin Toss episode, featuring the phone call between Kent Hovind and Peter Reilly, to discuss the article and the Hovind case as a whole.

One thing than I found to be really pretty cool, was that I hadn’t even listened to the Reilly/Hovind interview when I wrote the piece, and only listened to it afterwards, and was pretty amazed by how Kent actually touched on so many of the same little points I mentioned in the post, even with the persecution in China and the official state churches etc. Crazy weird confirmation from the Lord. Anyhow, the phone call is really quite interesting to listen to, and I think actually served to highlight several open-ended questions which glaringly require some further reflection. As Kent points out, the assertion “Everybody owes taxes and you don’t want to pay your share” is such an immense oversimplification of the issue that is flies in the face of what everyone who themselves has paid taxes knows from personal experience!


In the end, you are NOT, repeat NOT a dangerous individual, or some kind of “radical anarchist”, simply because you are willing to question things that the majority of the population accepts on the assumption of truth. Questions are not a crime. Dialogue is not a crime. Supporting people who’ve been imprisoned, whether rightfully OR wrongfully, is certainly not a crime! Good grief. Supposedly, the reason this country is constantly extolled as the “greatest on earth” is because we are “free” to debate virtually anything and everything without fear of being demonized or declared an “enemy of the State” for asking the wrong questions.

(*as a totally unrelated sidenote, I’m sure, merely an hour after I got off the photumblr_m993v3rq321qi7eg5o1_500ne with Sam and Dan, I was treated to the lovely experience of having my wifi modem at home be completely hacked. Strange things are indeed afoot at the Circle K…)