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Who’s the Catcher, Who’s the Fox….

dupontilluminatieyeSometimes my wife absolutely hates watching movies with me. This is not her fault, of course, and I have been making a conscious effort over the last couple of years to curtail my internal reactions to things on the screen which to me seem like a perfectly good rabbit trail on which to go off on some rant about the “deep state” or “black ops” or whatever else. Fellas, your lady doesn’t want to spend date night listening to you talk about the New World Order. Somehow, this does not seem relevant her desire to cultivate intimacy with you.

And so, this is why when watching “Foxcatcher” last night, which largely takes place on the estate of John E. Dupont, I think I managed to only make onelittle comment about the Duponts being a major Illuminati-bloodline family. There was a scene where Steve Carrell (who plays John Dupont) is standing on the property telling his new wrestling recruit about the grounds, how certain battles of the Revolutionary War were fought right across the field, and there is this shot where they are standing there looking across this picturesque New England landscape, standing beside an Egyptian obelisk. A veritable mini-Washington monument, in all it’s American-blue-blood, phallic glory. It was just too perfect of a picture not to point it out… 🙂

The film itself was admittedly quite well made. The acting was unarguably top notch, Carrell putting in a performance which really demonstrated how committed to a role he can be, exuding a subtle creepiness in a character that truly did not feel like it was rehashing anything I’d ever seen before in a villain. The entire film maintains a very eerie, brooding tone, from start to finish, with a character-driven realism that is indeed rare in movie-making these days. Mark Ruffalo gave an equally stellar performance as Dave Schultz, creating a perfect contrast to Carrell’s portrayal of Dupont. You can’t help but start to like the character of big brother Dave from the start. Mentor, father-figure, training partner to Mark, family man with his priorities in order, a down-to-Earth guy who’s ego doesn’t ever get the best of him. The longer the movie goes on, the more you feel yourself dreading the eventual conclusion. Dupont, on the other hand, isn’t terribly likeable from the get-go, and as things progress his character only becomes more pathetic and tragic.

The widow of Dave Schultz has gone on record saying that the movie is incredibly accurate in it’s depiction of the events, and I don’t doubt that in most ways it is, from a certain perspective. Apparently younger brother Mark has expressed strong objections to being portrayed as having had illicit relations with Dupont, as is inferred in the movie with things like a scene of the rich benefactor knocking on his window in the middle of the night, and calling him to the mansion for a one-on-one “wrestling workout” under the watchful eyes of old Dupont family portraits. It’s hard to say exactly what the nature of that relationship was, but it seems reasonable to leave such dynamics as being quite open to possibility. Even if it was true, I can appreciate why the real Mark Schultz wouldn’t relish the idea of having such a thing recreated in cinematic form. They movie actually does a remarkable job of subtly portraying the inner pain and guilt that Mark increasingly carries, even though he never really uses words to tell anyone, even his brother Dave. However true-to-life that aspect of the film was, it was definitely a very emotionally moving arc to travel alongside of, and seeing the way that Dave never stopped loving and supporting his brother through it all, even though you’re never quite sure how much of Dupont’s unhealthy control over Mark he’s able to piece together. Perhaps if he had, he wouldn’t have stayed on at Foxcatcher Farms as a wrestling coach even after Mark had to leave…

On the other hand… Every time I watch anything anymore, I am constantly asking myself “What are the underlying narratives going on here? What lies behind the more obvious story, and connects to something deeper?”

Well, if the testimony of Jay Parker is in fact true, there is indeed a whole lot more to the story.

The film portrays John Dupont as an aging silver-spooned narcissist who turns to the sport of wrestling as a means of trying to free himself from his personal dynastic demons, using his financial sway to create a fictional, self-deluded identity as a “mentor” and “leader of men” to young, physical athletes. That much is almost certainly not made-up, but in the video below, starting at about the 22:30 mark, Jay explains that as a member of an Illuminati family himself, his mother was actually recruited as a mind-control programmer to construct a certain manner of Monarch programming on John Dupont, one of her students, in order to eventually trigger him into committing an act that would land him in a psychiatric hospital, and give them access to the massive family inheritance that was his.

The whole interview is actually pretty interesting, if you want to listen to the whole thing where he talks about everything from eugenics to satanic ritual abuse, then I’d say it’s pretty interesting, and quite relevant, but the part specifically dealing with John Dupont is about ten minutes, from about 22:30 to 32:00.

If this is true, then a film such a Foxcatcher immediately starts to take on a radically different tone. As Jay says in the interview, “those who are raised being exposed to pedophilia and human sacrifice, are quite likely to grow up being pedophiles and human-sacrificers themselves”… Of course, the claims of a person like Parker are not iron-clad proof, and we should not treat it as such, but I do whole-heartedly believe that they should not be laughed-off either.

The more you listen to testimonies such as his, the more you will slowly hear a continuity to the kinds of things he is describing, a cohesion to these kinds of accounts alleging that there are indeed rich, powerful families who practice generational Satanism on a scale that most ordinary citizens could scarcely imagine. When you start to really grasp just how massive in scope it is, and how deeply entrenched families like the Duponts are within the military-industrial complex and “Dynastic American Luciferianism”, then you can start to see how a figure like John E. Dupont could really have been a “scared little fox” himself, running through the woods from a “hunting party” the likes of which the film itself doesn’t even begin to so hint about. Perhaps that was the real point.

Whistleblower Wednesday: Paul Bonacci

I was not aware of Bonacci until quite recently, and be forewarned, what he shares is not the easiest sort of thing to listen to, yet I feel it is an important testimony in that it pulls together several different elements of the almost unimaginable underbelly of Amerika. His experiences provide a direct link between the likes of Bohemian Grove and the Franklin Cover-up, as well as speaks to the reality of MK Ultra mind control, and even names the participation of well known figures such as George (H.W.) Bush himself.

Perhaps we are well served to be reminded of the reality of these things, especially in light of how yesterday I heard someone talking about how this whole recent episode in Paris has served to effectively nullify the entire discourse and investigation into pedophile rings in Britain. This stuff is still going on. Right now. Even as we rail on about free speech and which group is responsible for what attack, countless victims are suffering in our midst, and all too often at the hands of those who claim they are working to serve the citizenry…

How Great is that Darkness….

steps-leading-from-dark-to-lightQuite often, I find myself feeling a tad guilty or embarrassed, because I engaged with someone either in person or online, and wound up launching into some massive tirade about something like what really happened to Building 7, or how ISIS is a creation of American/Israeli intelligence forces, or how you can’t believe any of the tripe being droned into your head through the mainstream media, and so on…

Around the time of the 9/11 anniversary a week ago, it got especially bad, and there were a couple of bloggers who I regularly frequent their writings who were subjected to having me essentially completely take over their comment sections and dive into heated debate with a bunch of people I’ve never met over why the official 9/11 story is patently and provably false. I honestly felt quite embarrassed about it afterwards. After all, I should know better by now. I should at this point be able to appreciate just how unrealistic a thing it is for me to expect that I can go and write a few blog comments somewhere and cause someone to instantly do a complete 180 on a subject that goes to the very core of what they’ve been indoctrinated into believing for the entirety of their lives. I start thinking about it, later in the day, and just kicking myself, feeling like a real jacka** for once again, getting sucked into trying to beat someone else over the head with my 9/11 truth stick. Am I really just that arrogant? Drawn to the idea of “crazy conspiracy theories” because in some backwards, twisted way, they “empower” me with a type of insider knowledge that the majority of the “sleeping public” can’t or won’t open their eyes too?

Do I seriously just have some kind of psychological or emotional issue going on, and in fact suffer from being “obsessed” with talking about “conspiracies”, as many people in my extended family have asserted…?

Well… Like I said, I wrestle with these kinds of thoughts on a fairly regular basis. I start letting the accusations of “you’re just crazy” get to me, without even realizing it, and then the guilt and self doubt start to set in. But then, I come across something like this article on Nicole Kidman’s recently deceased father, which I read yesterday, and I am reminded of really what all is “at stake” here:
Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Suddenly Amid Pedophile, Child Murder Ring Allegations.

1410508130648_wps_13_Nicole_and_dad_Antony_KidBy wkchild on September 17, 2014
Source: Before Its News

Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. The family has refused to comment and Singapore police opened an investigation on what they termed as an unnatural death.

Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman’s death,” The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child,” she continued. “He failed.”

News of Kidman’s death impacted me, someone who has undergone intense treatment. I know that there are other victims of Kidman’s crimes out there who are perhaps not as far along the healing path as I am. I anticipate that news of Kidman’s death may have a serious impact on these victims. A perpetrator’s death can even trigger suicidal ideation.
“My complaints last month to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission detailed two incidents in which Kidman subjected me to horrific physical and sexual assault” Barnett said. “But there are even more serious crimes against children that I witnessed Kidman commit as a member of the elite Sydney pedophile ring. Those complaints have gone to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.”

Five years ago, if I had managed to even come across a story like this at all, I suppose I would’ve just understood it as the simple death of a celebrity’s father who was being accused of sexual abuse.

But now, I read something like this, and understand that these sorts of allegations such as the ones being put forth by Fiona Barnett are really just tiny glimpses of the underlying, horrific underground whose existence is possibly one of the most horrific things a typical person might ever imagine. And as I do so, I am reminded why I get so worked up sometimes.

Right now, the mainstream media is in a full-on campaign of debating the topics of domestic violence and child abuse in the wake of there being now three separate NFL players whose conduct has been brought into the national spotlight, and yet, when you compare any of these incidents with the gravity and scale of the proposition that there are actually untold number of secret groups of people, powerful people, involved in things like Satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia rings, human trafficking, and actually sacrificing innocent children in occult rituals, it is so beyond the pale that most folks just can’t even begin to let themselves think that such a thing could be possible, and going on all over the place, right under our collective noses.

satantic_ritual_abuseI am reminded of the fact that when I myself was first introduced to these claims, I absolutely and categorically did not want to believe them either. Such an idea is so repulsive, so contrary to the conception of the kind of world we thought we lived in, that it staggers the mind. I fully confess that I was a hard and fast skeptic of the entire notion of “SRA” (satanic ritual abuse) and the accompanying phenomena commonly referred to as MPD/DID (multiple personality disorder / dissociative identity disorder), otherwise known as “mind-control programming”.

The whole thing just seemed like way too much, way too disturbing, too hard for me to understand, and too hard to “prove” anyhow. After all, with 9/11, every time I started to wonder if maybe I was just “obsessed” with the idea of a conspiracy that didn’t exist, I could always go back to the footage of building 7, and sure enough, there it was, still unmistakably falling as a clear-cut and obvious controlled demolition… But SRA? There was no “smoking gun” evidence, no video I could go and watch to crystalize it into my mind in the same sort of way. And so, it was a much slower, longer process of coming to believe that it was in fact just as real, and something I was in fact very reluctant to admit my belief in.

In many places, the Bible talks about “the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses” (John 8:17, Deut 19:15). So what about when you are faced with the testimonies of dozens upon dozens of individuals…?

After almost five years now having gone by since I was first introduced to this idea in earnest (and by that I mean, a clear and educated explanation of what SRA is, how it works, and where it comes from, not just distorted caricatures portrayed in movies or tv) I have now heard enough testimonies, from enough people, coming from separate trajectories, which all ultimately serve to underscore the fact that satanic ritual abuse is a very real thing, happening today, and as such should be something which sickens and motivates the believers in Christ, indeed all people who care about the innocence and lives of children and victims, to do something about it, and stop pretending that such a thing isn’t even real…

There are far too many names and resources attached to this study for me to list them all in a single blog post, but here are a few that have been central to my own journey of coming to understanding this dark reality:


Russ Dizdar – Former pastor, evangelist, counselor of victims of SRA/DID, former consultant to police departments on occult crimes. Author of the book “The Black Awakening”.
Doug Riggs – Pastor and counselor of victims of SRA/DID
Patricia Baird Clark – author and counselor of victims of SRA/DID and demon possession. Teaches on spiritual warfare.
Dr. Preston Baily – counselor and author of “SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Defeating the Forces of Darkness”. Also assisted law enforcement agencies in occult crimes.

All four of the above sites contain a great deal of information on the topic as a whole, including videos, audio files, written articles, and many testimonies of victims who have witnessed experienced these horrible acts firsthand.

Other victims/testimonies:

Carolyn Hamlett – Grew up in a generational occult family, survivor of SRA/mind control, born-again Christian.
“Meadow Rain” – 2 part interview of a Christian woman who talks about her experience of SRA in an elementary school. (part 1 / part 2)
Nancy Dunn – SRA survivor
Jenny Hill – SRA survivor whose story is told in the book “22 Faces” by Judy Byington

PDF article on The Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Survivorship – An organization which supports the survivors of extreme child abuse, including sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture. Lots of information to be found here as well.

The bottom line is, I am convinced this stuff is all too real, and impacting the lives of men and women, boys and girls, all around us. It is when you start to listen to the testimonies, and understand just how widespread and devious the secrecy surrounding it all is, that you begin to really appreciate just how important it is for us to be educated about the reality and presence of dark spiritual forces in our world, our country, and our neighborhoods. It is one thing to feel somewhat removed from the plottings and schemings of the nefarious “banksters” and cabal members fomenting their plans for world domination in smoky boardrooms or lavish private mansions somewhere. It is quite another thing to think about the fact that people all around us, children, are being used and abused in such a way that I know kindles the wrath of God like nothing almost nothing else.

They need to hear about and experience the pure, freeing, life-giving love of Jesus probably more than anyone, and we have to first be willing to accept the reality that such forms of radical evil actually exist in the world, if we are going to be of any help to the millions of people who have been directly affected by it…

Dissociation, of a nation…


A few days ago, I listened to an episode of the End Times Matrix News podcast, where the host Tim Clark talks about “Mind Control programming and the occult illumination process being conducted on all of society” (amongst some other topics including current events).  I’m really digging the podcast overall, and ever since listening to that particular episode, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about this whole issue of dissociation / thought-programming / societal manipulation / compartmentalization and so on…

I know it’s not really a new revelation or concept to anyone who has any understanding of the “NWO agenda” on any level, because of course, that’s what we mean when we talk about being “freed from the Matrix”, or, “having your paradigm shattered”, or whatever other metaphors we might use.  We are talking about that old schemata of beliefs about the world around us, that previous way we used to regard our reality, which was in so many a lot more pleasant and fluffy than the one we have come to accept as the truth…

Even the most mainstream definitions of “dissociation” within psychology readily admit that this is something that yellow-brick-road-the-wiz-5occurs on a whole spectrum of varying degrees of intensity, the most extreme examples being of course the kind we find in SRA victims and individuals subjected to MK Ultra / Monarch programming, and other such forms of demonically inspired mind-control programs.  Trauma is the underlying factor is this most extreme form.  Intentionally inflicted, this causes the victims, (usually children to start with) to actually “split” their core person, in order that their might be one “person” (or alter) who can be present during the abuse/torture, allowing the other “core” person to go “down”, dormant, to find a “safe place” to hunker down until the trauma is over and it feels ok enough to re-emerge to the surface, while the newly created “alter” then goes “down”, taking with them all the painful memories associated with that horrific experience.  In the parlance of the “Wizard of Oz” programming so often used with monarch/MK Ultra, that act of splitting, of finding the “safe place”, is referred to as “going over the rainbow”…

Okay, so anybody whose researched mind control or MK Ultra stuff probably knows all that.  I guess I’ve just been thinking about how, in a much broader sense, and also indeed in my own life and testimony, how this urge to just “go over the rainbow” is just so dang ubiquitous, whether you were the victim of something as real and psychotic as satanic ritual abuse, or just the more “generic” types of physical, psychological or sexual abuse so many people undergo during childhood/adolescence, or… (like myself), you experienced virtually nothing that could honestly be described as “traumatic” in your personal life, aside from the exposure to the same societal memes and messages coming from pop culture and the mass media propaganda machine as the rest of the population…

Even as a kid, I was all about “escaping” in my head.  I would sit in my room and just draw, for hours, while other kids would be outside playing, imagining worlds of treehouse cities, or massive futuristic submarines, or mansions with their own miniature train sets in them like the one Ricky Schroder got to live in on the 80’s sitcom “Silver Spoons”.  I wasn’t escaping some abused childhood or anything, I just preferred my imagination, inspired by movies and television and books, to the “boring” reality that was around me as a child.  Church was a dry, smelly place to me, full of gray-haired people singing hymns and wanting you to sing in a choir at the Christmas service.  School wasn’t much better.  How said is that.  I basically had the middle-class suburban childhood that so many people strive to be able to give to their children, and I honestly couldn’t (and still really can’t) remember most of it, because I was “living in my own head” so much of the time.  (It’s actually sort of a running joke in my immediate family, how I somehow can’t remember all sorts of details about various camping trips or holidays or whatever…)

vaderAnyhow….  This is a kid, born in the late 70’s, growing up through the 80’s we’re talking about.  We didn’t have computers or internet or dvd players.  We didn’t even have cable, or a VCR until I was like ten years old or something.  It was such a far cry from today, from the environment in which my own kids are now growing up in, and yet even then, I was a full-on, sucked-in, pop-culture disciple.  I was a part of that “Star Wars generation”, who played the original black-and-green screened arcade game and like everyone else thought that having your very own lightsaber would be something worth cutting off more than a couple toes for…

But then, you “grow up” and get “serious” about the World…  You go to college, or start to listen to what all the adults in your church circles are saying is how the world is (that is, if you even grew up in a church, like I did…)  You exchange the old fantasies, for new ones.  More sophisticated, more complex, but ones that are nonetheless infused with all kinds of nostalgic, dopamine-inducing morsels, designed to hearken you back to some idyllic perspective on the modern world…  Your opinions on America, and it’s history, and how it’s “shaped the world” are still riddled with visions of Norman Rockwell-esque scenes, and Coca-Cola commercials, and everything else that the Madison Ave folks have been throwing at you since birth.

And the thing is, we like it.

Even as someone who has read the very words of GOD, and come to an understanding that this world, this life, and everything in it, is but a blade of grass to be blown away with the wind, a mere breath before the expanse of eternity, it is still, so very easy, to “dissociate”, by choice, and try to bounce back and forth between realities, depending on what I am feeling in any given moment…

This is just how we live, as a society today, flipping channels, using the web, checking our phones, texting our tweets, tweeting our pics, TiVo-ing this, and streaming that.  The vast amounts of “programming” we are constantly being subjected to via tv, movies, the internet, is mind-blowing.  Can you imagine someone from even a century ago suddenly being immersed in our ocean of digitally-defused vomit?

I suppose I’m sounding like just another tirade against the moral bankruptcy present in popular culture here, but what I was intending to get at is really more than that.  I suppose now that when I look at something like the “mainstream Christian church” here in America (and other countries, don’t feel left out), we can honestly say that “dissociation-by-choice” is the rule rather than the exception.  Francis Schaeffer described it as being like a two-story house, where the upper story is where the eternal/spiritual realities were allowed exist, and the lower story was the realm of the practical/physical.  In the metaphor, it becomes a case of hopping into whichever story is most convenient at the time, whichever one fits the personal agenda I might have going on.  This “split” is a really a theme that runs through so much of the history of this country, in a number of varying applications, in terms of people holding their faith in Christ in one hand, and attempting to reconcile it with their faith in a human government in the other.  We are time and again exhorted to recall the “Protestant roots” of this country, and think about how each of the original 13 colonies was associated with a particular Protestant denomination, etc., filled with Europeans who were fleeing persecution by the hands of both governments and the Catholic church.  So, even though they had centuries of European history filled with failed attempts at merging the Gospel of Christ with nation’s government, the colonists, I suppose, became convinced that “democracy” or “Federalism”, or some carefully crafted version thereof, could overturn that history, and create what the Bible never calls us to do? compartmentalized-lifeOkay I’m probably really rambling here, but the point at the end of all this is simply to recognize just how deep and pervasive the natural, sinful desire is to CHOOSE an alternative to God’s reality.  Victims of SRA and other forms of intentional abuse had absolutely no choice in the matter.  The rest of us, do, and yet what do we usually choose?  We split ourselves, time and time again, not as an internal mechanism of psychological survival and self-defense, but as a rebellious act, a deliberate choosing of the World and it’s narratives, because they offer alternative realities which ultimately do nothing but feed our basest desires, of exalting ourselves, of trusting in our own ingenuity and intelligence, of indulging our lusts and desires, and of promising us security and prosperity in the here-and-now, rather than in the reality that is to come…