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It’s Just Another Day…

It’s just another day

Another unsuspecting town

Where another crazy gunman

Mowed another workplace down…

Just another routine story

Another headline to remind

Why police must be soldiers

In these perilous of times…

It’s just another exercise

Please stay inside your homes,

Another lock-down protocol

While through your streets they roam…

It’s just another press release

Another open and shut case,

Another reason why more gun laws

We must all quickly embrace…

Just another sleeping psycho

Who without warning finally snapped,

Another radicalized citizen

Unforeseen until they cracked…

Just another grave reminder

To report “suspicious” acts,

If we all suspect each other

We might prevent more attacks…

It’s just another tragedy

another tale of woe,

Another baby step in pushing us

Towards N, double-U, O…

5 Reasons That Snowden Is Probably A PsyOp…

1. If he were a real whistleblower, leaking super-secret classified documents and agendas that posed an existential threat to the tyrannical powers, he would simply be dead.

Typically, honest-to-goodness whistleblowers have a tendency of suddenly committing “suicide”, (often inflicting damage upon themselves that would be quite difficult for a person to do themselves, such as multiple shots to the head). If you think Western intelligence agencies wouldn’t have been able to get to him in a Hong Kong airport, or even “hiding” in Russia, then I hate to burst your bubble…

2. The mainstream media is completely controlled by the very powers that Snowden is purportedly unmasking.

How many people know such names as Gary Webb or Bill Cooper? Yet Snowden is a household name, on the cover of Time magazine, WIRED, etc., a veritable celebrity, receiving interviews and coverage from all kinds of conglomerate news agencies. These networks simply do not report on stories/people without it being a part of the designed narrative. If persons/topics are not a part of that narrative, they are simply ignored and quickly slip away from the short-term memory of the general public. Instead of doing this, we see Snowden being cleared kept in the forefront of the American psyche.

3. Snowden is known to have worked for the CIA.

This fact alone is enough to warrant serious skepticism, since it means that even if his actions have been in “good faith” on his own behalf, he could still very will be unknowingly being used as a asset by his former employers, who, let’s face it, tend to tabs on basically anyone they’ve dealt with at any given time as a potential intelligence asset down the road.

4. The NSA “panopticon” is ultimately a much more effective tool if everyone knows they are being “watched”.

Many people that the main purpose of domestic spying would be to simply find out who is “speaking out” against the deep state forces continually taking away liberties, and this is most certainly true in part, yet at present the reality is that there is simply SO much data going back and forth every day, it is not realistic for them to try and process all of it. (at least not yet, we think…) But, if people are afraid to say things, read things, share things, which might get them put on some kind of government watch list, then the “panopticon” indeed becomes an effective psychological weapon for shutting down open discuss and the free exchange of ideas amongst the citizenry. Thus, the motive for having a “controlled release” such as Snowden is not that difficult to surmise.

5. There are always multiple layers of control.

The more you learn about the true history of this nation, the Western World, and the machinations of the “cabal” in the midst of all of it, the more you realize that there are really far fewer things to have happened purely of their own accord than we are lead to believe. Things like the “counter-culture” and drug explosion of the 60’s which was followed by the “War on Drugs”, or the “color revolutions” of the Middle East which are credited to groundswells of youth activist uprisings using social media, are ultimately all “movements” which were in fact instigated and promoted by the military-industrial-intelligence-complex which saw them as means to their ultimate end. It is the same complex which has inexplicably not only let Snowden avoid “suicide” for several years now, but is instead constantly shoving microphones in his face.

wired_2209_coverOverall, I believe it’s more or less a simple matter of common sense. The controlled media is all about handing us prefabricated heroes. If you don’t like this guy on the “Right”, here’s someone from the “Left”. If you don’t like anyone from the Right OR the Left, and think the whole thing is rotten, well then here, here’s a prefabricated modern-day Pancho Villa complete with requisite glasses-wearing, computer-hactivist appearance. Pin your hopes on Snowden and the idea that a 20-somethingc420b978364bf16816825422d28dbe70 ex-CIA, ex-NSA guy, being made into an international figurehead through mainstream media, it going to the be key to bringing the whole corrupt system down. And look, now you can get on board and help spread the word by tweeting pics of the Snowden bust that was covertly erected in an act of “artistic protest” before those goons of the government took it down. Boo goons.

Sorry folks, but if something seems just a little too good to be true, then it usually is…

Leonard Ulrich and Rob Skiba Discuss 9/11 and the War on Terror…

Find the podcast here.

Fantastic, epic-length conversation between one of my favorite pairings, Skiba and Ulrich, starting with their own stories of waking up to 9/11 Truth and then tying it all into everything going on right now. If you have heard about this whole “9/11 Truth” thing but never actually looked into it yourself, or even if you have and are following current events with a deeper understanding of false flag events and Deep State shenanigans, this podcast episode is well worth your time.

The Truth is stranger than Radio…. (project in the works…)

truthradioOk, so I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some kind of podcast / radio project / “radio” sort of thang / for quite some time now, but still haven’t quite got there, although I am constantly playing around with sounds/music for “intros”, as that seems to be fun to do just for it’s own sake, and so perhaps that is even half my motive for wanting to do such a thing in the first place.  🙂  But anyhow, I’m still in the “brainstorming” phase really, (I suppose I more or less live in the that phase, but no matter…) and really I don’t know exactly where it might go, but all I think I do know at this point is that I’d want it to be something different, something very free and open in it’s format, and honestly I don’t think I’m looking to do another “let’s sit and interview this author/speaker/person” show, not because I don’t like those types of podcasts, because I love em, it’s just that I don’t necessarily think that’s either my “strength” or my cup o’ tea necessarily…

I think I’m more envisioning something more compilation-oriented, in the vein of say, NPR radio-shows such as “This American Life”, or “Radiolab”, if you’re familiar with those. Just more like little collections of “sound vignettes” and more like just random recorded conversations with people, about, well, all the fun/weird/crazy/prophetic stuff that typically finds it’s way onto the blog here, only I think I’d actually be hoping to collaborate with a lot of my fellow YOUs out there, in a project like this, my friends (and just anybody really) out there in the ‘sphere who might want to talk about, well, anything… How’s that sound? I’d love to just get recordings of stuff like, people’s testimonies, views on what’s going on in the world, governments, pop culture, music, art, the Bible, “spirituality”, conspiracies, NWO, movies, books, and of course, TRUTH!

I already have several of you specifically in mind, so be prepared to start getting some emails peeps, and please, do take the time to let me know what kinds of things YOU’D be interested in talking about, listening to, and just seeing tried overall. It’s not intended to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard in terms of “production value” or anything, nor is it hoped to be something that would garner some massive audience. It’s just, like this blog, another small outlet, a way of hopefully being able connect in a slightly “deeper” way with lots of other people out there, collaborate, get creative, and actually be able to hear the tones in each other’s voices…. Here’s one of the “intros” I’ve come up with:

Outrageous Coincidence Theories…

bcc8bdf6d269f237c278a2e85bdb5623“Coincidence theory”. Oh, how I wish I had come up with that one… I didn’t of course, but was simply enthralled by the term and the inference behind it when reading a recent repost from Orwelliana. I could have just reposted the article once again, for it itself is quite good, focusing mainly on this idea in the context of Charlie Hebdo, but I suppose I simply wanted to ruminate on the rather profound implications of just how much “coincidence theory” is actually promoted and preferred to such an overwhelming degree.

Lots of people have already put forth a good deal of thought-provoking content dealing with this, and I suppose I might just put together a little collage of sorts here centering around the “Coincidence Theory” theme.

glass_pyramidDave Hodges has a rather pithy but intriguing article called “Conspiracy Theorists vs. Coincidence Theorists” in in which he elucidates nine examples of “coincidences” which beleaguer the mind…

All the way back in 2004, Jeff Wells wrote a piece called “The Coincidence Theorist’s Guide to 9/11”, an absolutely fantastic compilation of factoids and links surrounding, of course, the litany of bizarre “coincidences” attached to 9/11.

Much more recently Bernie Suarez wrote “How Coincidence Theorists (Non-Conspiracy) Are Playing Key Role In Destruction Of America”, which does a fairly nice job of describing how the system is undergirded by a basic mentality whereby: “They believe that politicians, government bodies, agencies, and committees accept the end results of daily political 6849817403_1f5a563739events as all due to happenstance. They believe chaos and spoof coincidence is the norm…”

Another fascinating little tidbit I came across whilst searching for “conspiracy-or-coincidence-related stuff”, was the story of the “Deadly Double Dice Game“, which was advertised for in the New Yorker a few weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor, bearing all kinds of rather telling occult symbolism and numerology that seems to predict the attack.

Also, these two vids seemed worthy of inclusion on this topic. The first is “9/11 Coincidence Theory”, an excerpt from a speech by David Ray Griffin:
And here is Alan Watt on Conspiracy vs. Coincidence Theory:

(I certainly don’t necessarily agree with every little thing the guy has to say, but I think he at least creates plenty of decent conversation-kickstarters, and really the last minute of the video is the best part)

The World Is Your Holographic Oyster…

I’m sure everyone has already heard of this by now, but it was just something I couldn’t write but write a little something on. It fits so chillingly perfect into previous treatments of the broader discussion on transhumanism, taking things to a level that even though I had sort of already imagined, even takes it to a level I had not totally conceived…

I can just see people totally embracing this whole concept, especially once this technology and computing capability eventually is merged with a viable form of digital contact lens technology, as has been under development by the likes of Babak Parviz, who has worked for the University of Washington, Google, and now has recently joined up with Amazon.

Let’s face it, once the cumbersome aspect of having to wear a big headset thing is gone, then what’s to stop the entire world from jumping on board the bandwagon of being able to “personalize” your entire world the way you decorate your computer’s desktop, or configure your smart phone. Is the weather outside looking gloomy and grey? Well just pick a nice tropical beach scene to play in the frame of your windowsill instead. Remember how amazed we all were to hear about Bill Gate’s techno-mansion when it was first built, and how he had them install digital picture frames that would show different artwork based on who was in the room? Well, that’s not just the stuff of eugenicist billionaires anymore, no! Now we can ALL enjoy such freedom of expression and artistic appreciation in our own humble little domiciles. What about things like skype and video conferencing? Instead of staring at a video screen of the person you’re talking to, perhaps a whole wall turns into a hologram that shows the other person in the room they’re sitting in, making it appear as if you’re both sitting face to face in the same building…

As the guy doing the presentation says, it’s the kind of thing where you have to admit that there’s probably all sorts of applications that will be thought of that we can’t even imagine just yet, and that, of course, is where the downfalls lie as well. When you start thinking of what this level of processing power and three-dimensional mapping, (essentially software that is able to constantly analyze the environment it is viewing, in a complex way, including people) in the context of say, government surveillance?

It’s one thing to imagine the “panopticon” having access to all computers and smart devices as they presently exist, with their built-in cameras and microphones that can be turned on remotely with or without any noticeable sign, but if people at some point are being “upgraded” to having their own “smart lenses”, which both project digital info and holograms all over the physical 3-D world, but are also constantly taking in and processing what they are looking at..? That is the point friends, when we truly have reached the point of “life imitating art”, as the scene in the Matrix becomes reality, when Morpheus is explaining to Neo,

If you are not one of us, you are one of Them.” (Neo) “What are They?” ”
“Sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven’t unplugged, is potentially an agent. Inside the matrix, they are everyone, and they are no one

If you haven’t yet seen Gonzo Shimura’s documentary: Age of Deceit 2 – Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image, then seriously DO watch it. The more we see all this technology coming together in ways that the transhumanists proclaim will make all of our lives so incredibly awesome, the more we see the technology which will in actuality be that which allows the image of the Beast to finally manifest, not just in screens we look at, but in holograms which will seak to weave themselves into the natural world, blurring the lines between physical and digital realities, until the line disappears altoghether, and the “sentient beings” which police this all-encompassing matrix invade the very minds of those who have willingly embedded themselves in that system….

The Order of the All-Mocking Tongue…


So much is going on globally right now, so many pieces moving forward in the broader agenda intended via the “war on terror”, I almost find myself apathetic towards continuing to keep writing about it, dissecting it, urging people to wake up and recognize the pervasive use of false-flag attacks and the consistent message being put forth day in and day out through the mass media. 17 deaths in Paris. Political leaders marching arm in arm with scores of people in “solidarity” against terror. Now Boko Haram is once again making headlines as well, using children to carry bombs. France is deploying thousands of troops and policemen to patrol their street. Netanyahu is beckoning French Jews to come find safety in Israel. The stories of “hacking” and “cyber threats” run constantly. As many expected, we all took a nice little Christmas break from all the turmoil, and now we are back in session, seeing the Agenda move right along. My goodness is it ever moving along…

If you see it, you see it everywhere, because it is everywhere. If you don’t, it is because you won’t. You can’t. To believe such a thing transgresses a psychological line which most people still are unprepared to cross. A fellow I occasionally interact with recently encapsulated this mindset quite succinctly by saying, “Would individuals possibly kill others to consolidate and expand power money, power, and control. Sure, I’m sure it has happened. But I don’t believe that there is a vast government conspiracy to that end or that there is some secret fraternal organization of the rich and powerful that is pulling everyone’s strings.” Not trying to pick on anyone here, I hear this sort of sentiment all the time.

Do people for the most part believe in “conspiracy”? Well, yes, technically they certainly do. After all, the entire premise of the “war on terror” itself hinges upon the very belief in people organizing and plotting to carry out extremely nefarious plans. Remember the “Axis of Evil”..? We might be tempted to remember that as nothing but a Saturday Night Live parody, yet George Dubbya was quite serious that it was a real thing! But it goes even farther. Would such a thing as war in general even be possible if there was no pervasive belief in the concept that rich, powerful people over in some other part of the world were conspiring to possibly attack at any moment? Isn’t that very idea what spurred on the Cold War for decades? Doesn’t everyone already implicitly agree on the fact that Hitler and his chiefs “conspired” to take over Europe, and eradicate millions of Jews and political prisoners, before they acted? Isn’t the notion of “malicious conspiracy” by the leaders of nations such as North Korea and Iran and Russia the very reason that we are constantly told to regard them as potential dangers to our “national security”..?

Well, “Sure”, people will say, “but that is totally different from the idea of people in robes sitting in “smoke-filled rooms” decided the fate of millions, making secret, sinister oaths, and deceiving the public who believe them to be nothing more than upstanding citizens, civil servants and titans of industry…”

Simpsons_-_6x12_-_Homer_The_Great.rl 008 (1)It’s a joke to be laughed at, and has been at least since the death of JFK over fifty years ago, the “weaponization” of the term “conspiracy theory” having taken deep effect.

So essentially, we believe in the concept quite pervasively, yet only when it is being applied towards those we are told are the enemy. To believe such a thing about our own politicians, bankers, policy-makers, media moguls? Ludicrous! After all, the media outlets owned by those moguls consistently remind us of this impossibility… While the dust from the Twin Towers was still settling over Manhattan, Dubbya was reminding us not to tolerate “outrageous conspiracy theories”. How interesting. Anecdotally, I’ll just mention that when I began to learn the truth about things like “Building 7” and the rest, Bush’s comment there was one of the pieces that absolutely SCREAMED towards the sickening reality that I was suddenly being forced to digest.

But the veil of absurdity is a far more convincing ploy than many will acknowledge. Speaking of personal anecdotes, there was a time when I was struggling to let go of smoking, and I would quite regularly sneak cigarettes behind the back of my spouse, who was also trying to quit. Rather than own up to my faltering, and be forced to undergo closer daily scrutiny, I am ashamed to say that when my wife would catch a whiff of smoke on my breath, and ask if I had smoked that day, I’d scoff, and scrunch up my eyebrows as though laughing at the very idea, and lie my ass off. My little secret dug itself in deeper and deeper over time, and I quickly learned that feigning amusement at any accusations or questions was typically much more convincing that staunchly denying it directly. We all understand the principal of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”, and I’d say that we all at some point learn the deceptive tactic of projecting dismissal and indifference to allegations, rather than granting them serious consideration. Mockery is a fundamental tool of denial, something quite rooted in our fallen human nature…lodge

And so how amusing indeed has it been, to see so many instances in pop culture where the reality of the Luciferian globalist conspiracy is mocked and parodied, and increasingly so, eird-al-yankovic-tin-foil-hatas if to try and keep in step with the growing amount of awareness that steadily increases as alternative media and the internet in general allows. The Simpsons spoofs the role of Freemasonry. Weird Al Yankovic pokes fun at tin foil hat wearers. Jim Carrey goes on Jimmy Kimmel and Saturday Night Live, mocking the concept of the Illuminati (calling it the “Illumi-nutty”) and pretending to prod Kimmel about “As if you don’t know what this symbol means”… q
“It’s the order of the All-Mocking Tongue”, he continues, making a reference to the Masonic “All-seeing Eye of Lucifer”. Everyone laughs. The interview continues, on to promoting his latest piece of Hollywood crap…

Yes, the audience keep laughing, yet the agenda rolls on. This morning I actually just sat at let CNN play, while I wrote this, made breakfast, got on with the day. I let it play, listening to the almost painful barrage of press-release-readers go ON and ON and ON about France, Nigeria, Did the U.S. make a mistake by not sending Obama to the rally in Paris, wewillkeeptalkingandtalkingtopoundthemessageofsolidarityagainstterrorismintoyourheadswhilepretendingtodebatemattersofnoultimateconsequence.

Sometimes I find it somewhat therapeutic to do this. It helps remind me of just how real and constant and unrelenting the brainwashing really is. Sometimes watching hours of CNN itself does more to convince me of the “Conspiracy” than anything else. It really takes all the effort out of trying to “put the pieces together” and figure out what the “officially-sanctioned narrative” is. It’s almost no fun anymore. (as if it’s ever “fun” to watch reports of more innocent people being killed for the sake of furthering the globalist agendas of more surveillance, more police, more war…)

Ok, I’m turning it off now…. 🙂

Never have I been prouder to be a “Futurian”…

supremecourtpyramidDr. Michael Bennett, “Doctor Future” of the much beloved Futurequake show, has recently emerged from the confines of his hobbit hole to do two interviews, the first with Tim Kilkenny on Revelations Radio News, and the second with Derek Gilbert on his show, a View from the Bunker, discussing the progress on his series of books he has been working on for some time now.  What was originally intended to be a single book exploring the “War on Terror” from a Christian/prophetic perspective has now expanded to a seven volume series, called “The Holy War Chronicles”, which now, as Bennett’s recent discussion with Derek on “Jewish Magic” shows, stands poised to be a veritable boat rocker in the realm of Christian prophetic research.

What I find so thrilling about all of this, is how Doc himself admits that the rabbit holes he eventually found himself exploring, involving things such as the modern state of Israel and the centrality of Kabbalistic occultism in the inner circles of rabbinic Judaism, were not at all a part of his original outline for the book/s, but were something he felt unable to exclude the more he followed the breadcrumbs, as it were, eventually comprising enough material to warrant an entire volume their own, after learning about things such as the prevalence of Israeli rabbis openly conducting magic and death hexes against those perceived to be their political enemies. Bennett openly speaks about how until very recently, he was very much in the conventional vein of Christian prophetic teaching which largely without question tows the line of being “pro Israel” and pro-Zionism, heralding God’s mandate that we should fully give Israel financial, political and military support, lest we find ourselves guilty of touching the “apple of His eye” etc…

I was already greatly indebted to the person of “Dr. Future” (and Tom Bionic, lest we forget, love you too Tom…) and the legacy of Futurequake, for the invaluable role they all played in my own life, providing a much needed venue for both intellectual and spiritual grounding when I found myself in the midst of a very confusing and rather vulnerable time in my life and faith. Futurequake, in many ways, blazed the trail for so many podcasters and researchers who followed, and as Bennett himself describes, now in it’s archived state also stands as a sort of testament to the progression of Mike’s thinking, a journey of discussions and interviews which over the years piece together a vast array of leads and investigations. Now, “The Holy War Chronicles” promises to lean heavily on that foundation provided by years of riveting Futurequake interviews, and charge forward into a new chapter, providing what I foresee will be an indispensable resource for other researchers, authors, teachers and students for years to come.

Having myself gone through a very similar unexpected “paradigm shift” in regards to my perspective on the broaderchaldeanmagic topic of occultism within Judaism and it’s ramifications towards the nation/state of modern Israel and Zionism less than a year ago, learning about this kind of research being done by someone like Doctor Future was truly exhilarating, not merely because I know the level of scholarship and scope of research he brings to the table, but almost more importantly, the degree of humility and softness of heart that he brings to the entire issue, putting it all in the context and framework that the topic should always be kept in, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Standing up and being willing to challenge the status quo on a topic like Israel or Judaism in Christian circles today is one that is bound to be fraught with opposition, and even derision, as the conditioned hair-trigger accusations of “anti-Semitism” are levied, or appeals to “touch not the Lord’s anointed!” are bellowed. But this is why I see the Lord’s providential hand at work here, knowing the controversial nature of merely asking these kinds of questions, but then also knowing how well respected a figure like Dr. Bennett is, especially within the “RRN Community”, and I have to say, it will be quite interesting to see how things start to shake out, once these books are finally published and the Doc sets out to engage in discussing these matters with the many brothers and sisters who have listened to him over the years and know he is anything but motivated by racism or antipathy for his neighbor, whatever their nationality or religious upbringing might be, but rather, a sincere desire to see Christ be preached and glorified, and to see lost people found in the Light of His Love.



It’s a bit of an unavoidable necessity.

So now as we watch the “Ferguson situation” turning out to be what looks like only the first phase of a much larger unfolding dynamic, I find myself increasingly unable to avoid reacting emotionally to what is taking place. If you can watch the video of Eric Garner being choked to death, and not feel disturbed on some deep, instinctual level, then maybe the “salute our heroes” propaganda really has done it’s it job in brainwashing you into complete subservience, or maybe you are really just a racist. Who knows. If it doesn’t disturb you, then I find that in itself to be disturbing…

I have been writing about issues of martial law for a few years now (off and on), and yet lately, I admit it has been a somewhat difficult and surreal experience to be in that place of feeling like “Man…. Now that I’m seeing it, I really do wish I had been wrong about all this…”

The whole matter of martial law and “crowd control” and military style policing is a rather complex one, and one that I personally got to get a small taste of back in 1999. When I was going to art school in Seattle, a little thing called the “World Trade Organization” came to town, and a bunch of people were apparently very unhappy with those business leaders and politicians who claimed they were only trying to assist the “global economy”, and the protestors were intent on storming the convention center and shutting the whole thing down. Being a young, naïve student at the time, what else was there to do but go to where all the action was and “check it out”…?

I stood in front of the line of armored soldiers policemen and took pictures.  I listened to the protesters chant and sing and watched them cement their arms together in a circle.  I saw the windows broken and cop cars spray painted with Anarchy symbols.  I stumbled into an intersection with a few dozen other people, blocking traffic, as we choked on the tear gas and tried to blink the foul substance out of our eyes…

All this was nothing, however, compared to what another student at the same art school would go through, a student and friend of mine who would later become my wife. 🙂 She walked out of her apartment one afternoon, about five days into all the protests, only to find herself being rounded up with a group of protesters who had been corralled down her street. She was forced to sit down on the pavement and have her hands zip-tied, and then spent 12 hours on a bus filled with people all sharing one bucket for a bathroom, before they finally decided where to take them all for processing. She spent 6 days in jail, for walking down the street, in her own neighborhood, but hey, there were Starbuck’s getting their windows smashed, so desperate times call for desperate measures…

The most telling anecdote from that particular “adventure” I’d say, was actually in noting how everyone I knew (who lived over in peaceful suburbia, far from the hubbub and chaos) refused to believe that the police would actually have arrested people without just cause. They’d say things like, “Well, she shouldn’t have been in that area at the time”. It’s almost funny to see how easily modern people can turn a blind eye to excessive force and find a way to rationalize martial law when their lattes are in jeopardy.

And it was martial law, it really was, at least for a few, brief days before the WTO conference was finally over. After my wife had been arrested, I was driving a couple of us around in the city, trying to figure out which jail she had been booked into, and a curfew had been put into effect by that point. The National Guard had been brought it, and as I drove down the streets of Seattle that night, it was one of the eeriest moments in my life. The streets were completely deserted, except for every other street corner where Humvee’s were parked, and 2 or 3 Guardsmen stood milling around, guns in hand. It was a foggy night, and in the orange haze of the streetlights, it felt like something straight out of some dark dystopian movie, but it was absolutely real.

Anyways, if I hadn’t gone through all of that years back, I don’t know if I would have quite the same perspective as I do now. It’s hard to explain in words what it feels like to actually be in the situation of being forced to submit, ordered to disperse, commanded to obey, simply because the other human is wearing a uniform, and you are not. Some people say this whole thing isn’t about race, and that’s true, to a degree, in that this militarized police presence is being effected on every one of us. But at the same time, if you aren’t white-skinned, then you are a lot more likely to have first hand knowledge of what I just described. Black people and minorities get targeted and harassed and arrested disproportionately than whites. It’s a fact. The rage and angst isn’t imagined. The video of Garner choking and dying as a mob of cops jump on him is truly sickening.

We live in a country where you can hardly go five minutes without hearing some commercial or propaganda piece egging us on to thank the “troops” for going overseas and “fightin’ for our freedom”. Yet somehow we look at the ever-increasing amount of “troops” being pointed directly at us, and don’t seem to think there’s reason for alarm!

Apparently “freedom” doesn’t necessarily include the Right to Breathe. You would think that it would…

Tin Foil Closets…


I had a pretty decent thanksgiving weekend. Good food. Relaxation. Time with the wife and kids. Typical fare.

Of course, one of the things that goes along with Thanksgiving is the prerequisite phone calls and interactions with the grandparents/extended family. That’s another piece of the fine print related to parenting that nobody bothers to point out when you’re expecting your first child, the way that it will inevitably altar the dynamics of how your own parents relate to you, and reveal expectations you never would have anticipated.

For me, the semi-annual interactions with my parents, the obligatory reports of “yep, the kids are doing well”, discussions/comparisons of the weather in our separate locations, the attempts to explain just exactly what my wife does at her new job in terms that my parents can understand, all of it, eventually only serves to remind me of just how disconnected I am from them in the things I really think about and wrestle with on a regular basis. Especially when I turn around and engage with something like this little ol’ blog I got going here. Worlds apart. And that, I suppose, is largely a reason why I started this cathartic endeavor in the first place, and if I’m honest with myself, a good measure of the reason why I still blog anonymously (although there are others too…)

Currently my kids are pretty much obsessed with this video game called “Minecraft”. The gameplay cycles through periods of day and night, and so during the day, the player roams around the digital world mining for materials and building their houses and so on. During the night, however, the “mobs” come out, which are various digital monsters like zombies and arrow-shooting skeletons and giant spiders, all of which of course, are trying to get you. As the player is busily going about their world collecting and mining and building, after a while, you start to notice a subtle change in the hue of the digital sky, and you can look over and actually see the digital sun starting to set over the digital horizon. This lets you know that you better hurry and finish up whatever you’re doing pretty quick, and start thinking about hustling it over to wherever your safe haven is. Getting caught out in the middle of the forest, when the darkness descends, is not ideal…

Anyhow, this quirky aspect of a popular game sometimes feels like the perfect analogy for where I feel as though I have now spent a good portion of my adult life. A more or less permanent state of feeling like I’m stuck in the twilight moments, peering over at the vanishing sun, wondering just how much time is left before it slips out of view altogether. My parents, my siblings, the various people I knew growing up and going to church and school, by enlarge, cannot relate. I have ventured to attempt a conversation or two about 9/11 or the New World Order, but in hindsight, they were horribly ill-timed, and feebly transitioned into, and, yeah. Only wound up making me feel foolish in the end, as though I had only served to make the whole thing sound every bit as insane as they were already predisposed to think.

Overall, I have to admit that I think I carry a lot of internal guilt over the whole thing with my family. For the most part, they are all Christians, and it’s not that they don’t technically believe in a literal second-coming of Christ, or a literal anti-Christ, etc., it’s just… I don’t know. I don’t know if a lot of it has to do with the indifference that stems from the pre-Trib attitude that thinks “Well, we’re gonna get whisked away before anything seriously bad starts to happen anyway”, or if it comes from being embedded in the “corporate church culture”, or just a deeply-ingrained faith in the concept that overall America is “Blessed by God” and that despite all the stuff going wrong, we nevertheless are very privileged to be born into this country that is still so much better than the rest of the world…

In any case, there is a definite barrier there, in the minds of those who knew me as a young child, that despite all the “research” I have done into various issues and current events, despite all the digging into the scriptures to see for myself what God has to say about things, despite all the amazing conversations and insights I have gleaned from interacting with other like-minded folks who do see and understand what is happening in the world today, despite it all, I am still at a loss when it comes to even mustering the courage anymore to try and speak about any of the stuff I write about here, to the people I have known my whole life. I hate that feeling. I could more openly and boldly talk about all things eschatological and diabolical with a thousand different strangers, than I could with my own father, mother, sister, or brother.

The hardest part about it all, is that I struggle with wondering how much of their difficulty in hearing such things from me, connects to the ways in which I know my own life was not much of a good witness or testimony for Christ at all for a number of years.

Well… I really don’t want to sound too negative, or griping like I don’t have a massive amount of things to be thankful and praise God for, because I absolutely do. HE is the one who has been amazingly faithful, throughout all of my faithlessness and failings. HE is the one who reveals all mysteries, and shines light in the dark places. HE is the One who I know will ultimately show us the way to safe havens and “clefts in the rock” as the twilight eventually gives way to the fullness of night.

Thank you Jesus for your love, your Light, your sacrifice. Help me find the courage to reach out to and speak boldly to those in my own family who feel both so close, and at the same time still so far away…