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Sometimes, this is how I worship….

There are a lot of ways by which we can express our feelings and thoughts towards our Creator and Redeemer, beyond the usual forms of corporate worship (which is a great thing, don’t get me wrong) Gardening can be worship. Writing poetry can be worship. Lending yourself towards helping out others who are in need or hurting, that is probably one of God’s favorite forms of worship of them all.

For me, as a drummer, you’re used to typically playing along with other musicians or tracks, serving as the “backbone” of the rhythm section, the rhythm itself being fairly dictated by how the song was written, and wanting to be played by the rest of the group (tempo, etc.) Anyhow, something I’ve been getting more into over the last couple of years, (instead of just playing along to pre-existing drum parts in songs that I love) has been the exploration of more “fluid” approaches to playing along to music. So far my favorite thing to play along to in this way is the album “Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow” by a group called “Hammock”. What I find so compelling about playing along to this, is that every track on the album has such an ethereal, very dream-like quality. There are no drums, guitars, nothing. Just sort of pure ambient feeling. Half the time it’s almost impossible to discern any rhythm/tempo at all, even though they’re in there, buried deep inside the swells of sound.

What this makes for is almost limitless possibilities when it comes to adding drumbeats to such music as this. I could play along to the same song 20 times, and probably never play the same beat, even if I tried. The beauty of it is that it allows me to just “let go”, and let the feeling of the music sort of take over, lead you where it wants to go. There’s a crazy freedom to it. Sure, there are lots of spots in here where I “mess up” the beat, or might even just suddenly switch over from one rhythm or tempo to another, but it’s ok. The goal isn’t to try and be some human replacement for a drum machine, the point is that we as human beings have been created with innate senses of creativity, passion, even unpredictability, and so when I am “tapping into that”, I very much do feel like I am worshipping my Maker in a way that is quite unique from the rest of my earthly experiences….

What kinds of things do you perhaps do, as “alternative forms of worship”…??