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The Truth is stranger than Radio…. (project in the works…)

truthradioOk, so I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some kind of podcast / radio project / “radio” sort of thang / for quite some time now, but still haven’t quite got there, although I am constantly playing around with sounds/music for “intros”, as that seems to be fun to do just for it’s own sake, and so perhaps that is even half my motive for wanting to do such a thing in the first place.  🙂  But anyhow, I’m still in the “brainstorming” phase really, (I suppose I more or less live in the that phase, but no matter…) and really I don’t know exactly where it might go, but all I think I do know at this point is that I’d want it to be something different, something very free and open in it’s format, and honestly I don’t think I’m looking to do another “let’s sit and interview this author/speaker/person” show, not because I don’t like those types of podcasts, because I love em, it’s just that I don’t necessarily think that’s either my “strength” or my cup o’ tea necessarily…

I think I’m more envisioning something more compilation-oriented, in the vein of say, NPR radio-shows such as “This American Life”, or “Radiolab”, if you’re familiar with those. Just more like little collections of “sound vignettes” and more like just random recorded conversations with people, about, well, all the fun/weird/crazy/prophetic stuff that typically finds it’s way onto the blog here, only I think I’d actually be hoping to collaborate with a lot of my fellow YOUs out there, in a project like this, my friends (and just anybody really) out there in the ‘sphere who might want to talk about, well, anything… How’s that sound? I’d love to just get recordings of stuff like, people’s testimonies, views on what’s going on in the world, governments, pop culture, music, art, the Bible, “spirituality”, conspiracies, NWO, movies, books, and of course, TRUTH!

I already have several of you specifically in mind, so be prepared to start getting some emails peeps, and please, do take the time to let me know what kinds of things YOU’D be interested in talking about, listening to, and just seeing tried overall. It’s not intended to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard in terms of “production value” or anything, nor is it hoped to be something that would garner some massive audience. It’s just, like this blog, another small outlet, a way of hopefully being able connect in a slightly “deeper” way with lots of other people out there, collaborate, get creative, and actually be able to hear the tones in each other’s voices…. Here’s one of the “intros” I’ve come up with:

Megalithic structures under the Black Sea…

A recent commenter on Canary Cry Radio’s episode 70: Homo Capensis mentioned the work of James Nienhuis, pointing out his work involving the “ice age maps” mentioned by Dr. Ed Spencer in the episode. While perusing Neinhuis’s blog, Dancing from Genesis, I came across this extraordinary post featuring a video about a recently discovered set of underwater ruins in the Black Sea. The video is absolutely incredible, you really can make out some astonishing features, like the cut-to-fit stones like the ones we see in Peru, slabs, pillars, and a very interesting looking relief carving that looks like some kind of pyramid/eye or something… It is indeed an archeological discovery that instantly ranks right up there with the underwater ruins off the coast of Japan, and the ones in the Mediterranean off of Crete and Malta etc., as Nienhuis points out. I have always found these sorts of topics/discoveries fascinating, and while I personally do not believe in an “Ice Age” at all, I find such archeological sites to be undeniable evidence of a global flood, and the rather advanced “Watcher-propelled” civilization of the ante-diluvian world…

The video is in Russian, but Neinhuis’s blogpost provides an English transcript of what is said:

TV personality: Close to the banks of the Small Untrish River, Anapa region, Russia, a group of divers found an ancient city, located 40 meters underwater. While exploring the seafloor, they found stonework that look like walls of an ancient city.

Local expert: We have received many reports from divers about rocky overhangs they find underwater close to the Shingari river channel. Some say they saw pavements, some report seeing bas-reliefs and high reliefs. We arranged a diving expedition in the area, and found stone walls of stone blocks, traces of cement and pavements covered with layers of algae.

TV personality: The site is located more than a kilometer from the coastline, forty meters underwater, in the area of the Barbarian Crack (picture taken by sonar). There is no doubt that these are remnants of an ancient city. The architecture and stonework remind us of a number of archaeological finds, such as at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and an ancient city submerged off Okinawa, Japan, and even Macchu Picchu. The submerged city could be older than previous archaeological finds because it carries features of different cultures.

When you consider that discoveries like this can occur, and it garners virtually zero attention from the Western scientific community or the media, it really makes you think about just how many of these sorts of underwater mega-structures are still out there…  I am guessing that there are far, far more than we would expect.  I can’t remember who it was now, perhaps Aaron Judkins, or some other researcher, who turned me on to this idea that in the pre-flood world, sea-level was significantly lower, meaning that areas like the Mediterranean Sea (and the Black Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico, and so many others) were originally these vast river valley areas, full of lakes and rivers and lush vegetation, and so logically these would’ve been many of the prime regions where all the descendants of Adam would’ve chose to build the first cities…  This is why we see places like the ancient temple sites on the island of Malta, with well-worn wagon trails that have grooves deep into the bedrock, yet the wagon trails lead straight into the ocean… (!)  What it means is that those islands were originally hilltops and moutaintops, where the ancients chose to build their pagan temples (the “high places” as referred to in the Bible).  Anyhow, fascinating stuff.