Spirits, Wheels and Wings: My Take on UFO’s…

So here is a brief synopsis of the progression of my thinking regarding unidentified flying objects and the broader subject of aliens, abductions, etc.:

When I was about 19, I read a book by Dave Hunt which detailed the various commonalities between typical UFO encounters and sightings, and demonic experiences. I don’t remember which book it was exactly (since I read many of his books) but overall it did a good job in convincing me that, a.) The vast amounts of eye-witness testimony points to the fact that the phenomenon is real and should not be dismissed as imagination, hallucination, or false testimony, and b.) The phenomenon is of a spiritual nature, and comes from the dark side.

That was basically intellectual construct through which I filtered UFO reports (and basically all “paranormal” sightings) for many years. Lights in the sky, “abduction” experiences, sightings of discs/saucers, and so on were all presumed to be “ethereal” in nature, ghostly and intangible demonic spirits zooming around the sky and wigging people out with unexplainable light movements. Abductions were demonic “visions” being achieved through a spiritual mind-hack, an exploitation of the dream state, or hi-jacking of the pineal gland, or something. All in all, I believed it was real, and a demonic deception, but nowhere was there room in my paradigm for any sort of “nuts and bolts” hardware. It was all spiritual smoke and mirrors from how I looked at it.

Then, my theories on the paranormal were all given a serious shaking when suddenly I was brought face to face with the “Genesis 6 paradigm”. The realization that the Bible in fact very plainly says that in the early ante-diluvian era, fallen angels did indeed come down and breed with human women, creating the Nephilim, hybrid angelic/human offspring, and bestowing the intellectual and technological know-how needed to kick-start the first human civilizations (most likely with the fallen angels functioning as regional “gods” over this first city/state/empire). Under this new perspective, it almost instantly became clear that many of my long-held assumptions about the distinctions and divisions between the “spiritual realm” and the physical world were perhaps not as clear cut as I had thought. UFO’s were among the list of things now undergoing a re-evaluation, and this topic has been one that has been more or less filed under “open for further investigation” for the last few years.

In these last few years, there have been a number of people who have challenged me to consider all kinds of possibilities, like L.A. Marzulli, Gonz Shimura, Josh Peck and Jim Wilhelmsen. As I learned more about the underground histories of occultism in Nazi Germany, I started to trace the connections between the first wave of modern UFO phenomenon in WWII Germany, and how their occult/ufo tamperings were in many ways imported here to the U.S. as a part of the broader “Operation Paperclip” effort involving rocket scientists like Werner Von Braun. I learned about how Roswell, New Mexico was first the sight of a very insidious ritual performed by American rocket scientist Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard called the “Babylon working”, before it became the famed site of the “crashed flying saucer”.

In a Canary Cry interview with Wilhemsen, who lived in Roswell for several years, he spoke about a vision or a dream he received from God one day which basically showed a flying saucer, and a living “being” with flesh and veins and such, and it kept flashing back and forth between the metallic, mechanical craft and the flesh-and-blood “ship”. When I listened to Jim tell this piece of his testimony, I got some serious “Holy Spirit goosebumps” and I very much felt like God was telling ME to pay attention to this, there was definitely something important to what I was hearing. So, “Okay Lord, filing that away. Don’t know what it means right now, but it’s filed…”

ezekielsvisionAround that same time, I believe it was Josh Peck who first exposed me to the proposal that perhaps Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 1 of that prophetic book was indeed describing something relating to UFOs or ancient flying “things”. Verses 19 and 20 are particularly interesting: “When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.” Once again, filed away, f.f.r.

Then quite recently, Chris Putnam wrote a post about the death of Bob Bushman, who was an employee at Area 51 who claims to have seen real flying saucers being reverse-engineered at the base, and that there are two different types of aliens living and working at Area 51. The video included in the source article has now been taken down due to “copyright complaints”, (though I’m sure the interview can possibly still be found elsewhere) but in the interview with Bushman before he died, he shows a variety of photographs he claims are of the craft and one of the aliens, which were interesting to me, but the thing that most caught my interest was a segment where he was speaking about the nature of Boyd-Bushman-ET-photo-1the technology employed by the flying saucer himself. He spoke of how there was something involving “crystals” being combined with a particular metallic alloy which, when combined, the original weight of the metal suddenly became only a tiny fraction of what it weighed by itself. In other words, the “crystals” were a part of what made the craft almost weightless…

Somehow, watching this little segment began to trigger a confluence of these “filed” bits of info which rapidly coalesced into a singular concept that surprisingly made a whole lot of sense to me.

Perhaps it was simply the addition of this element of “crystals” which instantly brought to mind the ubiquitous use of crystals in New Age mysticism, meditative practices etc., which sparked this final realization. Many people joke about “vibrations” and “frequencies” and other such hippie-dippy lingo, but the fact is I would say that crystals are so often used in such occult practices because for whatever reason they lend themselves to being made into what Christians would call “demonized objects”.

And that is essentially how I might describe my view of UFOs at this point, if in fact there really are actual physical craft out there, whether being used/built/reverse-engineered by the government, or by other “beings, or some combination of both. “Demonized technology”. Mechanisms constructed with the intention of being “powered” by supernatural forces on the other side of the veil, using materials and technologies which allow the physical “chariot” to be hitched up to a spiritual “horse”. I think of the analogy of these play tables I’ve seen in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices, where the top of the table features little cars or figures encased in glass, and the child plays by reaching underneath the table and moving around a little magnetic knob which pulls the car. The two pieces are separated by a barrier, yet linked, making the cars appear to magically move around the table.explorersorb

Another analogy is from the 1985 film “Explorers” (classic!) where a young inventor (played by River Phoenix) invents this computer-controlled, electric “orb” thing (hey, it was the Eighties, computers could do anything…) He and two other friends build a spaceship by constructing a crude capsule out of stuff from the junkyard, and then simply program the “energy orb” to engulf the capsule, allowing them to maneuver in directions and speeds that would be completely impossible using traditional fossil-fuel propulsion systems.

I find this concept very interesting also if we go back and take a look at that “Nazi-UFO connection”. Anyone who has looked into UFOs and Nazis has heard of the “Vril Society”, which was an alleged esoteric group in Germany before and after WWII which was devoted to discovering the true existence of an energy force called “Vril”, a concept which was perhaps created, or at least popularized by, a sci fi novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton called “The Power of the Coming Race”, which 146047502_jK9HtIOx_BlackSun1described an underground race of superhuman angel-like creatures and their mysterious energy force, Vril, an “all-permeating fluid” of limitless power.

Anyhow, in 1935, a German rocket scientist named Willy Ley came to the United States from pre-war Germany, and in an article two years later, he mentions that there was this group called Wahrheitsgesellschaft (“Society for Truth”) that formed to look for the real existence of Vril in order to build a perpetual motion machine, among other aims.

My point in mentioning all of these fragments of ideas and information is not to put forth some all-encompassing theory on UFOs, government cover-ups, “alien greys” and all the rest. I don’t have one. As far as I stand, who knows, perhaps right this very moment there actually are massive underground complexes with different species of “beings” walking around, building weird ships, creating hybrid babies, preparing for some massive “unveiling” event. Maybe flying_saucers1there isn’t, and maybe something like that will never happen, and there won’t be any “alien deception” component to the rise of the anti-Christ’s global kingdom whatsoever. I remain fully open to the entire spectrum of possibilities involving both scenarios. The takeaway point in this examination I think is simply to be adequately mentally prepared for anything, and be able to operate in a broader cosmological paradigm which looks at things like Ezekiel’s vision, and in the very least recognizes that it speaks to the fact that the universe we live in involves creatures and technologies and combinations thereof which are as of yet still immensely beyond our everyday experience. In our 20th-century mode of thinking, we have culturally tended to think in terms of technology/”science”/hardware as being over on one side of reality, while spirits/beings/”entities”/paranormal are quite removed and off on their own side of things.

This conceptual gulf I would suggest is rapidly shrinking in the culture at large, and as students of Biblical prophecy and the developing globalist world we live in, I think we need to recognize it as well, and be open to investigating just how much these two seemingly disparate fields might actually be much more integrated, or able to be integrated, than we may have ever imagined, whether we are looking at the UFO phenomenon, questions pertaining to AI research, smart grids and the “internet of everything”, or whatever else…

“Todos Somos Americanos”….

NAU-ContinentI just listened to Obama announce his new direction for relations with Cuba.  Now, Sen. Rubio of Florida is currently speaking out against these announcements, calling them nothing but “concessions for oppression”.   I can’t argue with him, and think his words about the rights afforded us by the founding documents were quite stirring.  Like so many others, his family came to the United States in order to flee the harsh rule of the Castro regime, and many Cuban Americans who have a grasp of what life was like under communism are understandably not going to be too happy about the fact that suddenly it seems like U.S. is dismissing all the years of fighting and resisting that system.

Overall, I think this represents a watershed moment for sure, but perhaps not the type of one that many people might think.  I believe in the end this move was inevitable, and really only a single step in the larger push towards creating a “unified” North America, which of course is itself only a step towards creating a one-world governmental system.

It was Obama’s attempt to “connect with the audience” by speaking the phrase in Spanish, “Todos Somos Americanos” that most caught my attention.

The POTUS, who let’s remember has been leaving the southern border of the country wide open and inviting immigrants to come on in, today faces the people of Cuba and the rest of the western hemisphere and says, “We are all Americans”.  Now what do you think is being implied there….

Examining the Eschatological Concept of “Sheep and Goat Nations”…

sheepgoatworldmapFirst I want to say that I think Dan Duval is cool guy. I first came across him over a year ago now as my podcast-addict tendencies brought me to his original online radio show called “Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval“. He talks about a lot of things, almost all of which I have found absolutely fascinating and very much in line with a lot of the topics/perspectives I have come to spend a lot of time investigating in the realm of “eschatology”, such as Genesis 6/Nephilim, mind control programming, the New World Order, spiritual realms/dimensions, water spirits and so on. His interview of former “Illumined One” Carol Hamlett is still one of my all-time favorite interviews/testimonies. Ever. It’s hard to listen to Dan Duval and not find yourself getting pumped up about Bible Prophecy. He has a gift for speaking and exhortation for sure.

One of the things I’ve heard him speak about which grabbed my attention from the beginning was the mention of this idea of “Sheep Nations”, although until quite recently I never was able to get a very clear grasp of just what it was all about. He’s written a book called “Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations“, and after meeting guys like Basil and Gonz at a recent prophecy forum conference, has just been a guest on both Canary Cry Radio and Derek Gilbert’s “View from the Bunker” podcasts (both of which I listen to pretty regularly). This interview with Derek I found especially helpful in expounding upon what Dan is putting forth in his “Sheep Nations” teaching, (the Canary Cry interview is also great, but covered more of a variety of topics) and since it’s been something I’ve been meaning to look into myself for sometime now, it really helped push me to examine it closer. This is what I have basically found…

The eschatological teaching of “Sheep Nations” is for the most part based upon a specific interpretation of Jesus’s words in Matthew 25:31-46. Verses 32/33 say: “All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.   He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left”, and so the claim is that because it says “all the nations will be gathered”, this means that it is actually the nations that will in fact be judged at this time, as some form of collective national or ethnic groupings, and not individuals being judged in the context of personal Salvation. Duval makes the statement that nowhere in this section does Jesus use the term “Salvation by grace through faith”, so this must mean that Jesus isn’t referring to Salvation at all, but in fact a totally different instance/type of future judgment. Hearing this particular interpretation of Matthew 25 was what first raised some serious red flags for me about this Sheep Nation thing…

The claim made by Duval, and other proponents of this teaching I found online, is that what Jesus is describing is not a judgment of faith, but of works, so then what they conclude is that the people being judged as the “Sheep” in verses 34-40 are actually nations who “fed/clothed/served Jesus” by physically showing compassion and giving aid to true Christians during the Tribulation, while not actually being Christians themselves. I find this whole idea so problematic it’s almost hard to know where to even begin!

First of all, the assertion that Jesus is describing a “works based judgment” and not judging based on faith, is first and foremost a false conclusion, and when you clear this away the rest of the argument really has nothing left to stand on anyway. Just because Jesus doesn’t use the term “grace through faith” doesn’t mean He isn’t still speaking to it, since we could probably look through the entirety of all four gospels and never see that actual phrase used by Christ ever. Does that mean that Jesus never taught such a thing, and that Paul only came up with it later? Of course not. You could use this type of reasoning and use it go back through everything Jesus said and twist it around to make everything a proclamation of a “works-based gospel”, but that would be totally inaccurate. What about the verses in James which talk about how faith without deeds is dead..?

In this interpretation, it is claimed that the “Sheep Nations” are not being judged in regard to Salvation, and thus are not actually being sentenced to heaven or hell, but their reward is to actually be able to go on as the living, reproducing mortal “citizens” of the Millennial reign of Christ which follows. Now, this is where the internal contradictions really start to become even more obvious, because to the alleged “Sheep nations” Jesus says, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world”, and to the “Goat Nations” he says, “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels”. The claim is that these judgments are not “salvific” or eternal in nature, but how could you seriously try and defend such a thing? So, the “Kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world” is a “citizenship” in the Millennial reign of Christ for people who aren’t actually Saved…? And conversely, you would have to then logically assume that the people in the “goat nations” (who apparently are judged so because they didn’t feed/clothe/shelter Christians in the Tribulation) would be punished by not being “citizens” in the millennial kingdom, but have to be “outside” of it as mortals, except, they’re punished to eternal fires of hell…(!?)

This is really bizarre and self-contradictory, and ultimately is further proved to be incompatible with Jesus intended meaning when we read the last verse of the chapter, which simply and clearly says, “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Boom. There it is. If the righteous are going on to “eternal life”, then you can’t try and say that the “righteous” in this instance are merely going on to mortal life as “citizens” in the earthly, Millennial reign of Christ, who can still die, and even eventually go on to follow Satan in his one last rebellion against Jesus in the Gog/Magog war at the end of the thousand years, and then get to hell with him. That’s really quite the exact opposite of “eternal life”!

But the Gog/Magog thing is really very much to the whole point, and after hearing Duval speak about this, the underlying motivations for holding to such a bizarre interpretation of Matthew 25 finally started to come into better focus. For the longest time, I really couldn’t figure it out. When I started looking into the origins of this “Sheep Nations” teaching, it seems to have been originated from 18th century Calvinist theologian John Gill, though it could have merely been popularized by him. In any case, the concept of sheep nations historically does seem to be an idea which lends itself to dispensationalism, premillennialism, and a pre-trib perspective on prophecy.

The Scofield reference Bible, the veritable primogenitor of Dispensationalism overall, says about Matthew 25, “This judgment is to be distinguished from the great white throne. Here there is no resurrection; the persons judged are living nations; no books are opened; three classes are present, sheep, goats, and brethren; the time is at the return of Christ; and the scene is on the earth. All these particulars are in contrast with Revelation 20:11-15.”

Now, this is where it gets really interesting, because Duval, (like myself) is actually solidly pre-Wrath, believing that the Church in it’s entirety (not just some handful of “left behind saints”) will experience persecution by the anti-Christ during the Tribulation, so in many ways, he is applying the sheep nation idea in what appears to be a newly adapted way. But, as was now made quite clear to me by listening to the interview with Derek Gilbert, Duval, despite being pre-wrath, is still very much locked into a Dispensational framework, and almost alarmingly so. At one point he actually says, “In the Old Testament days, salvation was through the Law, and then from the cross onward, it was through grace.” (paraphrasing) WHOA THERE! Not so fast… I actually yelled out so loud that people in the other room could here me when I listened to that. That is a serious misunderstanding, and really goes to show what is at the heart of Dispensationalism, and how it can actually work as a type of theological building block on top which all kinds of other false ideas can be placed.

Allegations of parallels with Dominionism have not surprisingly arisen, and have been summarily dismissed by Duval in several interviews, since to be fair, what he is describing can truly be said to be distinct from Dominionist theology, in the sense that it is not calling for a total conquest of the entire world by the Church in order to usher in Christ’s return. However… I would have to challenge anyone to explain to me how it couldn’t still be regarded as being akin to some type of “limited” or “partial Dominionism”, because, okay, even if you aren’t trying to infiltrate the “7 pillars of influence” in every country on Earth, aren’t you still basically talking about seeing the same happen on an individual nationalistic or ethnic basis…? Duval speaks of a “Goshen principle”, referring to how when the Israelites were in Egypt as it suffered the plagues, God spared them from his judgments upon Pharaoh, as if this demonstrates a convincing analogy of how God would then of course have to use individual nations, or people groups, or something, in order to take care of all the running, persecuted Christians in the Tribulation. Unfortunately, that analogy doesn’t work at all, because Goshen wasn’t actually a people group or city whose inhabitants protected the Israelites, it was simply the name of the “neighborhood” as it were where the Israelites lived in Egypt! It WAS in fact God’s pure, miraculous intervention which kept them safe from the boils, the darkness, the frogs, the bloody water, etc., safe from the angel who took the first born of the households without the blood on the doorpost… So instead of bolstering the argument that Christians in the End Times couldn’t survive the anti-Christ by pure Heavenly intervention, but would need some kind of earthly assistance (and this is really one of the core elements of his whole premise) I’d say it actually quite plainly refutes it.

I hope that most Christians wouldn’t need to have it spelled out for them why the concept of “Sheep and Goat nations” itself should be instantly recognized as dangerous, simply because of how such a thing can so easily and almost inevitably slide into the promotion of very unhealthy and extreme Nationalistic thinking. Unfortunately, in a country like the United States, merging zealous nationalism and pseudo-Christianity is pretty much the dominant religious reality, and so it really comes as no surprise to see that the teaching of “Sheep Nations” is commonly associated not only with Dispensationalism, but also closely with Christian Zionism

Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world”, but when you start trying to insert a concept like “sheep nations”, in which entire countries/ethnicities are somehow judged en masse, NOT according to faith but somehow by their collective works towards those who DO have faith, then I would argue that whether you realize it or not, you’re actually opening quite a nasty little Pandora’s box, where realistically, Christians are given a dualistic lens through which they are able to regard the world, in a manner that the Bible simply does not. I could probably write another post just as long as this one simply speculating on all the various ways this kind of teaching could be exploited by the Enemy towards deceiving the Faithful into putting their trust worldly governments, systems and people instead of God Himself, being falsely secure in the thought that they have managed to be part of a “sheep nation”, whether that was an entire nation/state somewhere, or just some small hidden enclave somewhere, some little “independent community” of people trying to hide and/or resist the anti-Christ’s New World Order.

Overall, I think the main point is that when you look at all the prophecy in scripture regarding the Last Days, in reality there is actually only a very tiny portion of it devoted to millennium whatsoever, and where it does mention it, there is nothing said which should compel us to feel the need to speculate on it’s nature to the degree that we start developing contrived eschatological theories about them which even run the risk of being contrary to the heart of the Gospel itself, simply to make something like the Millennium “make sense” in our own minds right now, especially from a skewed Dispensationalist mindset. The Bible doesn’t seem too concerned with us figuring out how the Millennium is going to “work”, or being able to identify who the people are who will be deceived by Satan on final time when he’s released from his prison after the thousand years is ended. In the chapter before Matthew 25, Jesus warns very explicitly about not being deceived in the time before His coming. I believe God absolutely CAN take care of His people, His bride, in the midst of any and all persecution, troubling times, chaotic natural disasters, etc., without relying whatsoever on human institutions, resources, or ingenuity.

After all, we remember that He took care of roughly a million people, for forty years in a barren DESERT, feeding them with food that came straight out of the SKY, and water that flowed straight out of a rock….



It’s a bit of an unavoidable necessity.

So now as we watch the “Ferguson situation” turning out to be what looks like only the first phase of a much larger unfolding dynamic, I find myself increasingly unable to avoid reacting emotionally to what is taking place. If you can watch the video of Eric Garner being choked to death, and not feel disturbed on some deep, instinctual level, then maybe the “salute our heroes” propaganda really has done it’s it job in brainwashing you into complete subservience, or maybe you are really just a racist. Who knows. If it doesn’t disturb you, then I find that in itself to be disturbing…

I have been writing about issues of martial law for a few years now (off and on), and yet lately, I admit it has been a somewhat difficult and surreal experience to be in that place of feeling like “Man…. Now that I’m seeing it, I really do wish I had been wrong about all this…”

The whole matter of martial law and “crowd control” and military style policing is a rather complex one, and one that I personally got to get a small taste of back in 1999. When I was going to art school in Seattle, a little thing called the “World Trade Organization” came to town, and a bunch of people were apparently very unhappy with those business leaders and politicians who claimed they were only trying to assist the “global economy”, and the protestors were intent on storming the convention center and shutting the whole thing down. Being a young, naïve student at the time, what else was there to do but go to where all the action was and “check it out”…?

I stood in front of the line of armored soldiers policemen and took pictures.  I listened to the protesters chant and sing and watched them cement their arms together in a circle.  I saw the windows broken and cop cars spray painted with Anarchy symbols.  I stumbled into an intersection with a few dozen other people, blocking traffic, as we choked on the tear gas and tried to blink the foul substance out of our eyes…

All this was nothing, however, compared to what another student at the same art school would go through, a student and friend of mine who would later become my wife. 🙂 She walked out of her apartment one afternoon, about five days into all the protests, only to find herself being rounded up with a group of protesters who had been corralled down her street. She was forced to sit down on the pavement and have her hands zip-tied, and then spent 12 hours on a bus filled with people all sharing one bucket for a bathroom, before they finally decided where to take them all for processing. She spent 6 days in jail, for walking down the street, in her own neighborhood, but hey, there were Starbuck’s getting their windows smashed, so desperate times call for desperate measures…

The most telling anecdote from that particular “adventure” I’d say, was actually in noting how everyone I knew (who lived over in peaceful suburbia, far from the hubbub and chaos) refused to believe that the police would actually have arrested people without just cause. They’d say things like, “Well, she shouldn’t have been in that area at the time”. It’s almost funny to see how easily modern people can turn a blind eye to excessive force and find a way to rationalize martial law when their lattes are in jeopardy.

And it was martial law, it really was, at least for a few, brief days before the WTO conference was finally over. After my wife had been arrested, I was driving a couple of us around in the city, trying to figure out which jail she had been booked into, and a curfew had been put into effect by that point. The National Guard had been brought it, and as I drove down the streets of Seattle that night, it was one of the eeriest moments in my life. The streets were completely deserted, except for every other street corner where Humvee’s were parked, and 2 or 3 Guardsmen stood milling around, guns in hand. It was a foggy night, and in the orange haze of the streetlights, it felt like something straight out of some dark dystopian movie, but it was absolutely real.

Anyways, if I hadn’t gone through all of that years back, I don’t know if I would have quite the same perspective as I do now. It’s hard to explain in words what it feels like to actually be in the situation of being forced to submit, ordered to disperse, commanded to obey, simply because the other human is wearing a uniform, and you are not. Some people say this whole thing isn’t about race, and that’s true, to a degree, in that this militarized police presence is being effected on every one of us. But at the same time, if you aren’t white-skinned, then you are a lot more likely to have first hand knowledge of what I just described. Black people and minorities get targeted and harassed and arrested disproportionately than whites. It’s a fact. The rage and angst isn’t imagined. The video of Garner choking and dying as a mob of cops jump on him is truly sickening.

We live in a country where you can hardly go five minutes without hearing some commercial or propaganda piece egging us on to thank the “troops” for going overseas and “fightin’ for our freedom”. Yet somehow we look at the ever-increasing amount of “troops” being pointed directly at us, and don’t seem to think there’s reason for alarm!

Apparently “freedom” doesn’t necessarily include the Right to Breathe. You would think that it would…

North American Colossi…

Typically I find my gag reflex being activated whenever I bother to stop and watch anything being put out on the “History” channel these days, but I must say that this new mini-series they’ve been doing called “Search for the Lost Giants” featuring Jim Vieira and his brother has actually been fairly decent. They manage to avoid the temptation to go into any weird ancient-alien type theories as to the origins of these beings, and stick to the matter of the thousands of reports of findings of skeletal remains, earthen mounds, and why/how these archeological findings have been almost completely covered up from modern history. Mound expert Ross Hamilton was brought onto the recent episode yesterday, and talks about how there was in fact a major civilization of these giant people which covered at least half of the continent of North America:

Here is another, longer interview including both Ross and Jim on Red Ice Radio talking about the topic in much more detail:

For those who accept the Bible as the Word of God, and understand that the Nephilim of Genesis 6 were a literal race of giant beings, who somehow managed to crop up again after the Flood (as in the tale of David & Goliath), it’s not that difficult to have one’s mind opened to the prospect of giant beings existing in complex civilizations all over the globe, including North America.

What I find so interesting/bizarre about the matter as it pertains to North America, is just how much of the history of the place in which we live has quite clearly been suppressed and rewritten. Can you imagine if England tried to basically sweep the existence of Stone Henge under the rug? But here we are not talking about a single locale, but thousands of mounds, edifices, “ruins” basically, AND thousands of reports of people in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s who found giant skeletal remains all across North America, and every time they would call up “the authorities” to come check it out (as most people are more or less conditioned to do) they would inevitably be whisked away by officials from the Smithsonian.

When all of this is looked at through the lens of America possibly being very much the “New Atlantis” of Francis Bacon’s description, at least in the minds of the esoterics who were pivotal in the creation of this Federalist Republic, you have to start wondering of how significant this connection might all be. In the occult realm, it would almost impossible to overstate the significance of things like astrological alignment in buildings/monuments, ley lines, “vortexes”, charged places/temples, and so on. If you haven’t yet listened to the interview Rob Skiba did with Tim Bence called “Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve“, then man, I couldn’t recommend it more highly, cuz it will blow you away with an account of a man who has extensive experience destroying demonized altars in the Middle East used by ancient Nephilim tribes, who then is led by God to Jekyll Island of all places, where he learns there lived a tribe of cannabilistic giants, and where there actually lies a stone altar, directly under the floor of the Rockefeller vacation house in which the plans were hatched to bring about the Federal Reserve Bank. L.A. Marzulli has been talking about being on the “Trail of the Nephilim” lately and I think is really zeroing in on a very fascinating idea, the concept of a “exodus” of sorts of the Nephilim, from the area of Canaan to the rest of the planet, after the Israelites basically defeated them and drove them out. In this mindset, a very significant percentage of what are often called “megalithic sites” around the globe are quite likely to in fact be examples of “Nephilim architecture”. In the Red Ice interview above, they mention Stonehenge itself was called “the dance of the giants”.

Anywhere you go where there is a piece of alleged giant stone-working, you see that the occult realm ascribes spiritual significance to the place. Indeed, even in the animistic traditions of the Native Americans, they also seem to treat as sacred the remains of these beings who weren’t even necessarily a part of their own lineage. We tend to think of “Indian burial grounds” as simply involving the buried remains of native human ancestors, but the more you start to research these things involving the “mounds” and all the rest, the more we see that there is much more to it all than just that…

What I wonder about is, how much did the dudes who put so much occult symbolism into things like the street layouts of Washington D.C. understand about various “sacred sites” involving mounds and nephilim bones and possible “charged demonic locations” as well…? Was the choosing of the location of the nation’s capitol based off such information? What about other significant buildings and sites? I remember reading somewhere that the Philadelphia Museum of Art was actually built on top of an ancient “Native American mound”. It’s greek-revival style architecture and other similarities to the types of geometric symbolism found in D.C. sure makes me wonder. (How many “Illuminati temples” do you think there might be, all around us, cleverly disguised as museums and churches and civic centers during the daytime…)

Anyhow, overall my interest in the Nephilim isn’t so much in the possibility of there being some kind of “return ofserpentmound-02 the giants” in some Last Days scenario. (although anything’s possible, but I’d say if there are “modern Nephilim” they almost certainly won’t be giants…) For me, it’s more of a question of just exactly why the PTB have felt compelled to cover up the existence of giants in the first place. Is it just because it would’ve somehow presented a hiccup to the theory of Darwinian evolution? Did they think it would give credence to the Bible? Or was it Serpent-Moundsmore about wanting to get their hands on as many of these prized relics as they could themselves, for whatever occult power they perhaps believed they contained, or could bestow?

And why is the History Channel, which is undeniably a tool of the Elites used to espouse all sorts of gnostic-themed propaganda, from Ancient Aliens, to UFO’s to attacking the historicity of Jesus and the Bible, deciding to now shine light on this topic of giants in North America? Is yet another part of Bailey’s “externalization“…?

I Won’t Take Your Blood Ponies…


Somtimes, I find encouragement and inspiration coming from the most unexpected of places. Yesterday it was little Lisa Simpson, sticking it to the man, Mr. Burns, and holding to her convictions of resisting the tide of his monopolistic control over the media in Springfield. I wish I could’ve found a video clip of this episode, but searched to no avail. Sigh… Oh well.

Lisa: I’m sorry, Mr. Burns, but my paper is not for sale.
Burns: Maybe a little gift will change your mind. Send in Sugarbell.
Lisa: She’s very pretty. But the answer is still no.
Burns: Honeysuckle, Dewdrop.
Lisa: Oh, no! (NICKERING) They’re so beautiful.
And their breath smells like peppermint.
No! No! I won’t take your blood ponies! Go on, sweeties. Go on. Shoo.
Burns: (HISSING) Very well. You had your chance. I am going to shred you like a Christmas card! Now get out!
Lisa: I can’t! My mom’s not picking me up for an hour!
Burns:(SIGHS) So, what do you think of today’s popular music scene?
Lisa: I think it distracts people from more important social issues.
Burns: My God, are you always on?

It’s kinda hard to explain why I thought this was so profound. It’s kinda corny. But maybe I’m just rather tired, or maybe I just thought the term “Blood Ponies” was itself incredibly catchy. It would make spectacular band name. Oh dear, it appears some bizarre Scandinavian rocker(?) chick already thought it would make a great name for a song. Wouldn’t want to be associated with that production. Yikes…

Anyhow. What are my “blood ponies”? What are yours? What are the things so near and dear to our hearts that they would entice us away from conviction and speaking the Truth?

How often do stop and examine the Faustian chinks in my own armor of God in the midst of my own miniscule crusade against the Enemy of the Kingdom?

I suppose it depends on the time of day you ask! Try me before I’ve had at least two cups of coffee in the morning, and any form of black caffeinated sludge will probably top the list. I really need to get past that. Being dependent on regular doses of any given chemical in order to subsidize my mood isn’t exactly living in freedom from the Flesh. I know that from experience.

I dunno, maybe this topic seems slightly more pertinent than usual just because the “Christ-mass” is rolling around again. Don’t fret, I’m not on any x-mas-is-pagan soapboxes here. Not anymore anyhow. Not because it doesn’t have plenty of pagan elements in it, but it’s just that I don’t feel like the big “danger” of Christmas really has so much to do with unwittingly partaking in some modified ritual rooted somewhere in the foggy pagan histories of ancient Europe. I think the danger is more to do with the “witting” participation, in the obvious, almost year-round onslaught of simply appeasing our collective Flesh with the endless smorgasbord of pretty, shiny things. The Turkish Delight. The Bread and Circuses. The parade of blood ponies.

The thing is, my family and I have been through quite a bit over the last few years. We’ve experienced the surreal comfort of a six-figure salary, and the taste of almost-expired groceries from the local food bank. We’ve gone from having “everything we thought we wanted”, to selling most of what we owned, moving over a thousand miles away, and having to more or less totally start over. We’ve had the Father show us just how much we had come to take for granted, how much we had got comfy and cozy with the world. We had a nice little corral of blood ponies, and the Lord in His wisdom saw fit to have most of them taken out behind the barn and shot.

And this is the thing I desperately don’t want to lose, to let slowly slip away, as we see Him answer our prayers and provide, and we start to slowly get comfortable again. A year ago we were sweating bullets, praying that God would miraculously provide a way for us to pay the rent, and now I’m already finding myself wishing, Gee, I wish we had a bigger, nicer house, a newer car, maybe a swimming pool for next summer… The blood ponies are so very beautiful, aren’t they, and their breath does smell like peppermint…

But no. I want to remember those hard-learned lessons. I want to remember that my treasure is supposed to be in Heaven. I want to be like little Lisa Simpson, only for Jesus, and shoo away those beautiful blood ponies, every time the Tempter trots them in front of my little eyes. And yes, I even want to be that confounding voice who drives people crazy, the precocious little kid who is “always on”, reminding people that popular music, (and popular everything else) is really just there to distract us from more important social issues… 🙂

Whistleblower Wednesday: Kevin Annet

I actually just had this pop up in my reader this morning, and I had never heard of Kevin Annet until today. He speaks about the vast and horrific levels of corruption in the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, and broader government positions around the globe, involving everything from child trafficking, secret rituals in the Vatican, human hunting parties, and much more…

By the way, Sean Anthony’s show “Flow of Wisdom” is pretty solid overall. Been listening to it a fair amount lately. Check it out if you’re looking for a new podcast looking into the various things going on in the world today from an informed, prophetic perspective.

Kevin Annet is a part of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at http://itccs.org/

“Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality”…

More and more often these days, I find myself stumbling across commercials which really do seem a lot more like mini sermons for New Age spirituality and Luciferian philosophy than actual advertisements for whatever product or company they are allegedly created for. Saw this one today, and it instantly hit me as having such a clearly spiritual message, so much so that I actually refrained from hitting the “skip ad now” button on Youtube just to finish watching the whole thing. Curious as to what any of your reactions might be….

Walter Veith: The Secret Behind Secret Societies…

This guys is apparently a pretty prominent dude in the SDA church, but this presentation actually contains a lot of really solid info, and I really liked the way he puts it all together. The task of creating any synopsis of the broader New World Order/masonic/Luciferian system is no small feat, and each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses. This one actually touched upon several connections that were new to me, I recommend it to anyone, whether you’re brand new to learning about the NWO, or have known about it for some time…

Tin Foil Closets…


I had a pretty decent thanksgiving weekend. Good food. Relaxation. Time with the wife and kids. Typical fare.

Of course, one of the things that goes along with Thanksgiving is the prerequisite phone calls and interactions with the grandparents/extended family. That’s another piece of the fine print related to parenting that nobody bothers to point out when you’re expecting your first child, the way that it will inevitably altar the dynamics of how your own parents relate to you, and reveal expectations you never would have anticipated.

For me, the semi-annual interactions with my parents, the obligatory reports of “yep, the kids are doing well”, discussions/comparisons of the weather in our separate locations, the attempts to explain just exactly what my wife does at her new job in terms that my parents can understand, all of it, eventually only serves to remind me of just how disconnected I am from them in the things I really think about and wrestle with on a regular basis. Especially when I turn around and engage with something like this little ol’ blog I got going here. Worlds apart. And that, I suppose, is largely a reason why I started this cathartic endeavor in the first place, and if I’m honest with myself, a good measure of the reason why I still blog anonymously (although there are others too…)

Currently my kids are pretty much obsessed with this video game called “Minecraft”. The gameplay cycles through periods of day and night, and so during the day, the player roams around the digital world mining for materials and building their houses and so on. During the night, however, the “mobs” come out, which are various digital monsters like zombies and arrow-shooting skeletons and giant spiders, all of which of course, are trying to get you. As the player is busily going about their world collecting and mining and building, after a while, you start to notice a subtle change in the hue of the digital sky, and you can look over and actually see the digital sun starting to set over the digital horizon. This lets you know that you better hurry and finish up whatever you’re doing pretty quick, and start thinking about hustling it over to wherever your safe haven is. Getting caught out in the middle of the forest, when the darkness descends, is not ideal…

Anyhow, this quirky aspect of a popular game sometimes feels like the perfect analogy for where I feel as though I have now spent a good portion of my adult life. A more or less permanent state of feeling like I’m stuck in the twilight moments, peering over at the vanishing sun, wondering just how much time is left before it slips out of view altogether. My parents, my siblings, the various people I knew growing up and going to church and school, by enlarge, cannot relate. I have ventured to attempt a conversation or two about 9/11 or the New World Order, but in hindsight, they were horribly ill-timed, and feebly transitioned into, and, yeah. Only wound up making me feel foolish in the end, as though I had only served to make the whole thing sound every bit as insane as they were already predisposed to think.

Overall, I have to admit that I think I carry a lot of internal guilt over the whole thing with my family. For the most part, they are all Christians, and it’s not that they don’t technically believe in a literal second-coming of Christ, or a literal anti-Christ, etc., it’s just… I don’t know. I don’t know if a lot of it has to do with the indifference that stems from the pre-Trib attitude that thinks “Well, we’re gonna get whisked away before anything seriously bad starts to happen anyway”, or if it comes from being embedded in the “corporate church culture”, or just a deeply-ingrained faith in the concept that overall America is “Blessed by God” and that despite all the stuff going wrong, we nevertheless are very privileged to be born into this country that is still so much better than the rest of the world…

In any case, there is a definite barrier there, in the minds of those who knew me as a young child, that despite all the “research” I have done into various issues and current events, despite all the digging into the scriptures to see for myself what God has to say about things, despite all the amazing conversations and insights I have gleaned from interacting with other like-minded folks who do see and understand what is happening in the world today, despite it all, I am still at a loss when it comes to even mustering the courage anymore to try and speak about any of the stuff I write about here, to the people I have known my whole life. I hate that feeling. I could more openly and boldly talk about all things eschatological and diabolical with a thousand different strangers, than I could with my own father, mother, sister, or brother.

The hardest part about it all, is that I struggle with wondering how much of their difficulty in hearing such things from me, connects to the ways in which I know my own life was not much of a good witness or testimony for Christ at all for a number of years.

Well… I really don’t want to sound too negative, or griping like I don’t have a massive amount of things to be thankful and praise God for, because I absolutely do. HE is the one who has been amazingly faithful, throughout all of my faithlessness and failings. HE is the one who reveals all mysteries, and shines light in the dark places. HE is the One who I know will ultimately show us the way to safe havens and “clefts in the rock” as the twilight eventually gives way to the fullness of night.

Thank you Jesus for your love, your Light, your sacrifice. Help me find the courage to reach out to and speak boldly to those in my own family who feel both so close, and at the same time still so far away…