Eschaton Designs

eschaton2Eschaton Designs is the moniker for my Graphic Design project, through which I hope to simply offer design help to anyone who may be endeavoring to reach the world for Jesus in these turbulent times.  If you would like to peruse my portfolio, feel free to click on the logo/link above.  There is a contact form available just below the “home” link, for anyone wanting to contact me to inquire about design work, or just to say hi.  Please respect the copyrights of my work, but if you would like to use any of the images you see there don’t hesitate to ask either.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Eschaton Designs”

  1. I love the collaborative idea of “reaching the world for Jesus in these turbulent times.” That is exactly my heart for many of my blogs. I’m a mom and a grandmother with a passion for Jesus and for helping parents raise healthy children in our misinformation FULL society. I tried to write a series of blogs 30 ways in 30 days of Encouraging Faith in Jesus. I don’t think I was wildly successful. But I persevere and keep trying! I’d love any constructive input.…faith-in-jesus/

    I also just made another attempt to help “wake up” Christians. My primary hope is to get them to question routine medical recommendations, but I attempted to be subtle.

    My 30 Ways in 30 Days to Explore Vaccines was much more successful and widely shared.

    There are so few Christians to have truth discussion with and so few Truthers to have Christian discussions with. And very few Truther/Christians that I can discuss effectively blogging to win souls for Jesus with!

  2. Hi – I appreciate your sharing. Your designs look highly Masonic and heliocentric. How does this relate to Jesus Christ? It seems there is a luciferian influence here. i’m not saying that to be critical but in my experience those influences get in us even as our heart is with Jesus until we work it out. my old artwork looked like that too.

    1. Hi. Yes, well a lot of these designs are from many years ago, when I was into a lot of design elements that I simply thought “looked cool”, though I didn’t appreciate many of their esoteric/Masonic connotations to the degree that I do today. It’s weird looking back at them now, some of them I drew almost 20 years ago now…

      1. Hey I just re-found your website and was surprised to see my comment and your response. I’m glad to see and good like to invite you to come to my channel at sensitives finding the True Christ on YouTube. And please write me and let me know where you are located. I am in the process of designing some T-shirts to glorify Jesus Christ. God bless you. Jennifer

  3. You are one of the most interesting people I’ve seen online. I thought I was the only one into biblical prophecy and science.

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