A World Full of Santa’s Helpers…

(No, this isn’t a post about Christmas. Just bare with me.)

Almost all us probably knew at least one kid when we were growing up, who continued believing in Santa Claus far longer than their peers. Maybe you were that kid, I dunno. If so, please don’t be offended, but simply try to appreciate the allegory I’m working to build here. For me, it was my younger cousin, whose steadfast belief in Santa extended far beyond that of even her own younger siblings. I don’t remember how old she was before she eventually let it go, but I do remember her fearlessly defending her beliefs in Santa to her younger brother and sister, explaining to them that yes, Santa CAN visit all the children in the world in just one night, and yes, he DOES have a sleigh with reindeer that can fly, because, after all, he is Santa, and Santa has special Christmas magic available to him that we just don’t have…

But what about all the “mall Santas”? Those guys with the fake beards hired to have children sit on his lap and get their picture taken. (which actually really creeps me out, now that I’m an adult and a parent, but nevermind…) As some still tender young age, most kids start to figure this one out too. “They can’t ALL be the real Santa, cuz I just saw three of them in the same afternoon!” But then of course, everybody knows the explanation that we are told as young children, whose parents are still trying to preserve the mythos of Christmas lore in our young yule-time-bedazzled minds. “Why, yes, you’re so smart. They aren’t all the real Santa. But, they are Santa’s helpers, and they work for him like this, because they know he can’t be everywhere at the same time, especially this time of year when he’s so busy getting everyone’s presents ready!”

And so, this little maneuver seems to pacify the curious young mind, at least temporarily, preserving the innocent belief in Santa’s magical altruistic mission for at least one more year.

And the reason I bring up such a random example of psychological reinforcement? Honestly, it’s the best way I can describe what I have been constantly coming up against almost everywhere I turn when it comes to discussions of the Flat Earth question. Virtually everyone I talk to about this, who is skeptical, or even downright aggressively hostile, to the FE questioning, seems to be in this weird “Santa’s many helpers” phase of their intellectual relationship with NASA, or all the “proof” that they and other space agencies have allegedly produced for the reality of space travel, or even “space” itself.

I hear things like “Well, I totally understand that NASA has faked photographs, and have misled the public”, etc., and often times they may even completely agree that we never went to the moon at all, yet they’ll still insist, “..but that doesn’t mean that everything is fake”.

Well okay, I’ll grant you that. But now that you’ve gone so far as to recognize the ruse, to admit the existence of fraudulence, then how exactly do you KNOW where the fakery ends, and the reliable data begins? How do you KNOW, unless you go back to the beginning, and retrace through all of it, questioning everything….?

It seems that in lieu of even entertaining the possibility of the Earth being a plane, many conspiracy folks would rather just lean even harder in the opposite direction. They admit NASA is lying, but then are far more drawn to the idea that this is only because NASA’s fakery is due to the fact that they are hiding the REAL “secret space program”, and that in fact right now there are military bases on the moon and Mars who knows how many other planets, and they’re using satellite-based space weapons against various Earthly targets already, and the “Elite” are all getting ready to leave the planet altogether once the SHTF, etc…


But, ok. I don’t dismiss such possibilities altogether. Could be. But… Hmmmm. Does that seem like something that we would really have much of a realistic chance of ever really knowing, barring the event that it was all “disclosed” at some point? (presumably around the same time that the “bad E.T.’s” showed up, and the intergalactic war began in earnest..?) It’s the “Land of Rampant Unprovable Speculation”, and part of me suspects that a lot of “conspiracy folks” really prefer those kinds of “safer” environs. The thing about this Flat Earth stuff, in contrast, is that sooner or later, it WILL be either decisively debunked, or decisively proven. And not by NWO-owned institutions or governmental agencies, but by average Joes, doing experiments, testing data, repeating said experiments, etc. If the curvature of the Earth exists, well then it can be measured. Period. If the surface of the Earth is a plane, then it can be measured and shown to be so as well. We are not living in the days of the Bedford level experiment after all, with nothing but looking glasses and flags and such. We have lazers, rockets, balloons, digital cameras (even ones without fish-eye lenses!) And these things are being put to use, and experimentation is being done, and collected in various online forums and compendiums. People are taking this inquiry very seriously, and doing very real science!

When I first started digging into the Flat Earth question, I was really blown away by the kinds of in-depth questioning and cooperation that is going on surrounding this investigation. It is so far beyond what almost every snarky skeptic assumes, as they rifle off some regurgitated response or another about ship’s hulls disappearing over the horizon, or Erotosthenes “proved” the spherical Earth around 170 B.C. These are knee-jerk reactions. Manifestations of the internal programming that we have ALL had to experience to some degree, and eventually get past, just as we have to in order to learn the Truth about all KINDS of things going on in the world today….

But the Santa’s Helpers crowd? I don’t get that one. I get how people who are still 100% bought into the whole system, and the whole narrative, can scoff and smirk, but for those people who already understand that the world isn’t simply everything they say it is on CNN?? The people who understand that the “Illuminati” isn’t just some corny plot device that Dan Brown came up with? 😉 Those people who can sit there and say, “Yeah, I know that NASA has lied, and faked pictures of planets, and moon landings, and the Earth itself, but…..” I don’t get that. I don’t get why people would go out of their way to make excuses for why they should just continue on swallowing the nonsense we have been fed by NASA and others, instead of doing the (admittedly) more difficult work of examining the evidence for oneself and seeing if it really holds water. Are we too afraid to lose our precious beliefs that filled our heads with visions of “interstellar sugarplums” in the nostalgic days of our youth…?


What do we really know? What images, and information, is truly reliable? That which we have been spoon-fed since toddler-hood, or that which we can observe and test with our own two eyes….?

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