Enoch’s “Six Portals of the Sun” Explained..?

Not long ago I wrote a post called “Pondering the Six/Solar Question”, where I shared my perplexity with the portion of the Book of Enoch which talks about the “six portals of the sun”. Well, yesterday I listened to this interview with Rob Skiba and Zen Garcia, where they talked in a lot of detail about this very topic. I found it very interesting, and it really makes me want to get my hands on Garcia’s new book “Flat Earth as Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch”.


3 thoughts on “Enoch’s “Six Portals of the Sun” Explained..?”

  1. Oh do get Zen’s book! It is fantastic! Write to him at zengarcia2010.com. Zen is one of the most humble men of God you’d ever want to know. So thrilled you have found his work. I do enjoy your blog. God bless!!! Cathy

    1. Thx Cathy. Yeah, I had actually come across Zen’s stuff before, with his whole Cain/serpent seed stuff, but wasn’t really jiving with all of it. But I had heard a few weeks ago that he was into the FE thing too now, and I really liked everything he had to say in this interview, so I’m giving him a second look. Have a great Thanksgiving (if you’re in the U.S. that is, guess I don’t really know…) 😉

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