The Order of the All-Mocking Tongue…


So much is going on globally right now, so many pieces moving forward in the broader agenda intended via the “war on terror”, I almost find myself apathetic towards continuing to keep writing about it, dissecting it, urging people to wake up and recognize the pervasive use of false-flag attacks and the consistent message being put forth day in and day out through the mass media. 17 deaths in Paris. Political leaders marching arm in arm with scores of people in “solidarity” against terror. Now Boko Haram is once again making headlines as well, using children to carry bombs. France is deploying thousands of troops and policemen to patrol their street. Netanyahu is beckoning French Jews to come find safety in Israel. The stories of “hacking” and “cyber threats” run constantly. As many expected, we all took a nice little Christmas break from all the turmoil, and now we are back in session, seeing the Agenda move right along. My goodness is it ever moving along…

If you see it, you see it everywhere, because it is everywhere. If you don’t, it is because you won’t. You can’t. To believe such a thing transgresses a psychological line which most people still are unprepared to cross. A fellow I occasionally interact with recently encapsulated this mindset quite succinctly by saying, “Would individuals possibly kill others to consolidate and expand power money, power, and control. Sure, I’m sure it has happened. But I don’t believe that there is a vast government conspiracy to that end or that there is some secret fraternal organization of the rich and powerful that is pulling everyone’s strings.” Not trying to pick on anyone here, I hear this sort of sentiment all the time.

Do people for the most part believe in “conspiracy”? Well, yes, technically they certainly do. After all, the entire premise of the “war on terror” itself hinges upon the very belief in people organizing and plotting to carry out extremely nefarious plans. Remember the “Axis of Evil”..? We might be tempted to remember that as nothing but a Saturday Night Live parody, yet George Dubbya was quite serious that it was a real thing! But it goes even farther. Would such a thing as war in general even be possible if there was no pervasive belief in the concept that rich, powerful people over in some other part of the world were conspiring to possibly attack at any moment? Isn’t that very idea what spurred on the Cold War for decades? Doesn’t everyone already implicitly agree on the fact that Hitler and his chiefs “conspired” to take over Europe, and eradicate millions of Jews and political prisoners, before they acted? Isn’t the notion of “malicious conspiracy” by the leaders of nations such as North Korea and Iran and Russia the very reason that we are constantly told to regard them as potential dangers to our “national security”..?

Well, “Sure”, people will say, “but that is totally different from the idea of people in robes sitting in “smoke-filled rooms” decided the fate of millions, making secret, sinister oaths, and deceiving the public who believe them to be nothing more than upstanding citizens, civil servants and titans of industry…”

Simpsons_-_6x12_-_Homer_The_Great.rl 008 (1)It’s a joke to be laughed at, and has been at least since the death of JFK over fifty years ago, the “weaponization” of the term “conspiracy theory” having taken deep effect.

So essentially, we believe in the concept quite pervasively, yet only when it is being applied towards those we are told are the enemy. To believe such a thing about our own politicians, bankers, policy-makers, media moguls? Ludicrous! After all, the media outlets owned by those moguls consistently remind us of this impossibility… While the dust from the Twin Towers was still settling over Manhattan, Dubbya was reminding us not to tolerate “outrageous conspiracy theories”. How interesting. Anecdotally, I’ll just mention that when I began to learn the truth about things like “Building 7” and the rest, Bush’s comment there was one of the pieces that absolutely SCREAMED towards the sickening reality that I was suddenly being forced to digest.

But the veil of absurdity is a far more convincing ploy than many will acknowledge. Speaking of personal anecdotes, there was a time when I was struggling to let go of smoking, and I would quite regularly sneak cigarettes behind the back of my spouse, who was also trying to quit. Rather than own up to my faltering, and be forced to undergo closer daily scrutiny, I am ashamed to say that when my wife would catch a whiff of smoke on my breath, and ask if I had smoked that day, I’d scoff, and scrunch up my eyebrows as though laughing at the very idea, and lie my ass off. My little secret dug itself in deeper and deeper over time, and I quickly learned that feigning amusement at any accusations or questions was typically much more convincing that staunchly denying it directly. We all understand the principal of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”, and I’d say that we all at some point learn the deceptive tactic of projecting dismissal and indifference to allegations, rather than granting them serious consideration. Mockery is a fundamental tool of denial, something quite rooted in our fallen human nature…lodge

And so how amusing indeed has it been, to see so many instances in pop culture where the reality of the Luciferian globalist conspiracy is mocked and parodied, and increasingly so, eird-al-yankovic-tin-foil-hatas if to try and keep in step with the growing amount of awareness that steadily increases as alternative media and the internet in general allows. The Simpsons spoofs the role of Freemasonry. Weird Al Yankovic pokes fun at tin foil hat wearers. Jim Carrey goes on Jimmy Kimmel and Saturday Night Live, mocking the concept of the Illuminati (calling it the “Illumi-nutty”) and pretending to prod Kimmel about “As if you don’t know what this symbol means”… q
“It’s the order of the All-Mocking Tongue”, he continues, making a reference to the Masonic “All-seeing Eye of Lucifer”. Everyone laughs. The interview continues, on to promoting his latest piece of Hollywood crap…

Yes, the audience keep laughing, yet the agenda rolls on. This morning I actually just sat at let CNN play, while I wrote this, made breakfast, got on with the day. I let it play, listening to the almost painful barrage of press-release-readers go ON and ON and ON about France, Nigeria, Did the U.S. make a mistake by not sending Obama to the rally in Paris, wewillkeeptalkingandtalkingtopoundthemessageofsolidarityagainstterrorismintoyourheadswhilepretendingtodebatemattersofnoultimateconsequence.

Sometimes I find it somewhat therapeutic to do this. It helps remind me of just how real and constant and unrelenting the brainwashing really is. Sometimes watching hours of CNN itself does more to convince me of the “Conspiracy” than anything else. It really takes all the effort out of trying to “put the pieces together” and figure out what the “officially-sanctioned narrative” is. It’s almost no fun anymore. (as if it’s ever “fun” to watch reports of more innocent people being killed for the sake of furthering the globalist agendas of more surveillance, more police, more war…)

Ok, I’m turning it off now…. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Order of the All-Mocking Tongue…”

  1. This mocking tongue is all around us. The closer you get to the LORD the more evident it will be, even within your own home! To fight this fight, one must ‘not engage’. To engage is to get in the water with a million sharks. The dialectic or dragon speak is not something one can engage in. Either people get it or they don’t. (That includes this writer!) Enoch walked out of this world and I cannot tell you, how READY I am!

    1. True that. If we look at how JESUS taught it was didactic. Straight up truth: take it or leave it. Bam! No ‘discussions’ or ‘committees’ …”oh we had a meeting and we decided….’ There are many shades of grey in the adulterous whore of Babylon!

  2. Everything you say is true D. Especially the more you have a relationship with GOD the more you sense the evil machine. One thing though, There are people like me who are salty,once driven by pure hate and carried many snarling demons. Always knowing God existed but was targeted by the devil for torment. And became his machine. I finally surrendered to God but I knew the devil first.
    I the Lord provides me the ability to walk and talk amongst the dragons. They either flee or they respectfully listen and start to open their minds to the possibility of God’s Light!
    The snakes know not to F around because I speak their language with the steel and strength of The Holy Spirit in my spine!
    Came from hell but I am accepted in Heaven. Thank You Father For Jesus Amen!

    1. oh my Good Glorious God you are my brother I see you, I knew the devil before I knew God as well and when I came to God I was repeatedly attacked and tortured by Satan and led to believe I was insane and actually was in the psychiatric ward for 10 days where they were giving me schizophrenic meds. I finally got out and now as I have grown closer to my Lord Jesus Christ I am ever so aware of evil demons such as pride or greed or lust or selfishness, etc, when I see this in other people it is obviously the enemy and I pray for them immediately but it is too often to count the amount of lies we are told both from the enemy as well as the eletists…I can only pray to My Father in Heaven for his blessings and hope for th home I can walk amongst the dragon and for this reason I am charged to bring people out of the darkness and It IS possible WE NEED TO RISE UP EVERYBODY

      1. So *back to what you said j.d,* i can walk amongst the dragon as well and speak the language I have never met or heard of anyone else who can do this as well tho

  3. I’m so glad I have brothers and sisters that have the acknowledgement and wisdom of God! Because it gets discouraging to only see so many lost souls. But you are GOD’s elect!

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